Sunday, 2008-11-16

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JLPgood evening everyone14:25
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mithro~seen gau_veldt18:44
tpbmithro: gau_veldt was last seen in #tp 23 hours, 58 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <gau_veldt> hmm the people don't seem to be around much when I am :(18:44
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gau_veldt~seen mithro19:01
tpbgau_veldt: mithro was last seen in #tp 16 minutes and 40 seconds ago: <mithro> ~seen gau_veldt19:01
gau_veldtwell I was here then he disconned19:01
JLafonthe'll come back19:02
gau_veldthopefully before my ride shows up19:02
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mithro_gau_veldt: hey19:12
mithro_just been reading the logs19:12
mithro_a couple of things19:12
JLafonthi mithro19:13
gau_veldtyou have a ruleset anatomy chart somewhere?19:13
mithro_feel free to create one :)19:14
mithro_hey JLafont19:14
mithro_saw you where answering some of gau_veldt questions19:14
gau_veldtI need to find a suitable dissection first19:14
JLafontI drift in and out as time permits19:14
mithro_we only support the "simulatenous turn" system19:15
mithro_IE Player all issue their others at the same time, then during turn generation they all occur19:15
gau_veldtcan others be supported?19:15
gau_veldtotherwise web games might be kinda hard19:16
mithro_possibly but it would be very hard19:16
gau_veldtsince games like Earth 2025 don't use simultaneous turns19:16
gau_veldtor games like battleship/risk where turns are when players complete actions19:16
mithro_we have a version of risk adapted to the simulatenous turns19:17
mithro_it seems to work pretty well19:17
mithro_JLafont: so where is that tpserver-py release :P19:17
gau_veldtand by simultaneous do you mean "asynchonrous"?19:17
gau_veldtlike a cron job hitting tpserver-tool with the turn command?19:18
JLafontheh, hopefully when I have enough time to work out how debian packaging works.19:18
JLafontgau_veldt: have you played Civ 4  in a multiplayer game?19:18
gau_veldtalpha centarui is closest thing I've played19:18
mithro_JLafont: if you can install on linux into as root /usr/local and then run as a non-root player19:19
gau_veldtor star wars reballion19:19
mithro_then don't worry about the debian packages19:19
mithro_I can get them sorted19:19
JLafontmithro_: ahh ok I'll see when I can do that19:19
gau_veldtand one way to do turns on completion would be the have the ruleset implement a button for that and drop a exec to run tpserver-tool with the turn command19:20
JLafontgau_veldt: Ok, I didn't play those, but basically its that every sets what they will do in a turn. When the turn ends: time/requests. The whole turn processes19:20
gau_veldtor if you color turns in the ruleset you could even support both19:21
gau_veldton seoncd though maybe not... forgot simultaneous is asynchronous19:22
gau_veldtit can end up out of order19:22
gau_veldtI'm guessing also the "turns" in earth 2025 could be done as a resource that's replenished by rules in the ruleset when real turns happen19:24
gau_veldtthe ruleset would basically need to be quite complicated though since it would be doing its own database access19:24
mithro_gau_veldt: tpserver-tool is automatically called when all players submit "I have finished my turn"19:26
gau_veldtokay what about games where it's only based on time and players shouldn't be able to preempt the turn?  can it be disabled?19:27
mithro_gau_veldt: other strategies are also in the plan (such as when 80% of players submit "I have finished" end of turn happens in 1 minute) etc19:27
mithro_gau_veldt: in tpserver-cpp it can definately be disabled -  not quite sure about tpserver-py19:27
mithro_JLafont: should know (if he can remeber)19:27
mithro_should be trivial to add if needed19:27
gau_veldtpart of the strategy in star wars rebellion lies in the fact that the clock is always running19:30
gau_veldttalk later my ride's here gtg19:31
JLafontIts not currently implemented but yes, they would be trivial to add. I think turns all act the same regardless of ruleset, but again, adding that feature shouldn't be very hard either.19:43
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