Saturday, 2008-10-18

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llnzhi all03:48
JLPahoy everyone06:03
llnzhi JLP06:07
tpb<> (at
JLPand now some promotion thru :)07:15
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* llnz wanders off08:56
llnzlater all08:56
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IwanowitchMight it be that the latest tpserver-cpp from git doesn't build?09:08
IwanowitchOr am I making a mistake?09:08
Iwanowitchmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `console.cpp', needed by `console.o'.  Stop.09:09
ezodIwanowitch: do you have an old makefile sitting around?10:00
ezodconsole.* doesn't exist anymore10:00
ezodmake sure you re-autotools and re-configure it10:01
IwanowitchI dunno. I just git pull'ed, I don't recall changing it.10:01
IwanowitchLet me see.10:01
ezodit would be there if you previously compiled it10:01
IwanowitchAren't those removed with a make clean?10:02
ezodi don't know that make clean removes the makefile itself10:03
Iwanowitchmake distclean seems to remove more though.10:04
ezodtry doing ./, ./configure, make10:04
IwanowitchOkay, it build.10:24
IwanowitchNow how do I connect to my game?10:24
IwanowitchAt least in Risk, the player is not automatically created anymore it seems.10:24
ezodoh, you probably need to pass it "--add_players yes" and/or "--autoadd_players yes"10:36
ezodor use tpadmin-cpp to turn those on10:36
IwanowitchAh, okay.10:41
IwanowitchSeems like the server has changed a bit since SoC :)10:42
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IwanowitchSo, err. The commandline arguments don't work, and I can't seem to build tpadmin-cpp11:17
Iwanowitch/home/vincent/tp/tpadmin-cpp/tpadmin/session.cpp:282: undefined reference to `tprl::CommandAlias::CommandAlias(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&)' is the first error11:17
IwanowitchI think11:17
ezoddo you have libtprl?11:17
IwanowitchDidn't we move away from that one?11:18
IwanowitchAnyway, I suppose not.11:18
ezodtpadmin-cpp still uses it11:18
ezodtpserver-cpp doesn't anymore11:18
IwanowitchAh. Okay.11:18
IwanowitchShouldn't ./configure check for that?11:18
Iwanowitch(I just mailed the ML for something like this with libtpproto-cpp)11:19
IwanowitchAnd it seems I have libtprl.11:20
IwanowitchOr at least, a probably outdated version installed from some debian package.11:20
IwanowitchOkay, sources from git seem to work.11:24
IwanowitchOr not.11:25
IwanowitchHmm, strange.11:27
Iwanowitchtpadmin-cpp: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:27
IwanowitchAlthough I have a /usr/local/lib/
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ezodmaybe /usr/local/lib is not in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH11:28
Iwanowitch< Info  > Setting "autoadd_players" is set to "yes".11:36
Iwanowitch< Info  > Setting "add_players" is set to "yes".11:36
IwanowitchYet I can't connect11:36
Iwanowitch< Info  > [Server] Bad username or password11:37
IwanowitchOr, wait11:37
IwanowitchNope. It's not some problem with evil characters it seems.11:37
IwanowitchHmm, it even states "[Server] Creating new player automatically" before "[Server] Bad username or password"11:38
ezoddid you start the network11:38
ezodi guess you did then..11:38
ezodone thing to note11:39
IwanowitchWell, I can't login is the proper way to describe it I sppose :)11:39
ezodi've noticed some strange behaviour when you have a /etc/tpserver-cpp/tpserver.conf or whatever11:40
ezodit seems to override command line options11:40
ezodadding --configure /dev/null on the command line clears that out11:40
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ezodthe -d switch also gives you logging and non-daemon mode11:42
ezodbut nothing you can't see with tpadmin-cpp11:42
ezodmaybe it's something with how the server is storing the authentication info?11:43
ezodwrite permissions or something11:43
IwanowitchI'll dig through the code then.11:43
ezodalthough i think without persistence it just stores it in memory, not really sure, have to ask lee11:44
ezodfyi, it works here11:45
IwanowitchIt works with minisec11:48
IwanowitchNot with Risk.11:48
IwanowitchMan, and I thought I'd quickly make a small video of some bots playing Risk. :)12:24
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ezod11:48 < Iwanowitch> It works with minisec17:04
ezod11:48 < Iwanowitch> Not with Risk.17:04
ezod11:48 < Iwanowitch> Hrmf.17:04
ezod12:24 < Iwanowitch> Man, and I thought I'd quickly make a small video of some bots playing Risk. :)17:04
ezodno idea how that happened :P17:06
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CIA-20mavrinac gentoo-overlay * re7cbbc8694ac / (7 files in 2 dirs): Bumped libptclient-py and tpclient-pywx to revisions.17:35
CIA-20mavrinac gentoo-overlay * r45356ca914f5 /games-server/ (11 files in 3 dirs): Cleanup of server ebuilds.17:35
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ezodmithro: ping?18:04
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mithroezod: pong20:31
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mithrollnz: ping?23:38
llnzmithro: pong23:56

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