Wednesday, 2008-09-24

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* llnz wander off to the NZ open source awards01:14
llnzlater all01:14
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mithrohey Alklomion01:32
mithrohow goes everything?01:32
Alklomionhey mithro01:32
Alklomionnot good :(01:32
Alklomioni've been ill since saturday, i'm still stuck on the pipelinedconnection, but it's now a different issue01:33
mithrohave you proved that it's pipelinedconnection?01:34
AlklomionI'm not sure on that01:34
mithrohave you tried just using the simple connection and making sure that works with what you want01:34
AlklomionFrom the output from the debugging I've attempted: when I request the boards, it is returning a sequence01:36
Alklomionthe sequence isn't put into the queue to be returned, rather the frames that come after that01:36
Alklomionbut when I do the same with messages, it's putting everything in there (sequence frames, fail frames, okay frames etc)01:37
mithrowell of course you will need to log the size of the sequence somewhere so that you know how many goes in there01:37
Alklomionand this causes errors, as it should only be expecting message frames01:38
mithrosounds like you are not routing by sequence number01:45
AlklomionI'm not sure what you mean?01:47
mithrowell responses which come back have a sequence number01:49
mithrowhich matches to the sequence number that was sent01:49
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Alklomionthis may tie in to the other issue, where things that aren't a sequence aren't going too well in the pipelinedconnection01:54
AlklomionI think the program is thinking frames are ready when they're not01:57
AlklomionTruly stumped02:02
CIA-18bmar_beam libtpproto-java-midp * rdeaa9ae560e9 /src/net/thousandparsec/ (6 files in 3 dirs):02:29
CIA-18Latest Versions of classes during debugging of pipelinedconnection. Currently,02:29
CIA-18there exists an issue, where using a pipelinedconnection that if a response only02:29
CIA-18consists of one frame, then it stops responding. This is occuring when02:29
CIA-18PipelinedConnection:260 is called. It seems to be returning fine, but debugging02:29
CIA-18is showing that it is not going past this point.02:29
CIA-18There also exists a second issue where fail okay and sequence frames are wrongfully being put in to the queue. this may relate to the 'race' condition comment pipelinedconnection:15402:29
mithroAlklomion: have you tried to use the SimpleConnection and make sure that works?02:37
AlklomionSeems to be working fine02:50
Alklomionactually, not it may not be02:50
AlklomionOk, i'm sending getboards, i've attached one id (1, personal board)02:53
Alklomionit says it returns, but it isn't advancing further in the program02:54
Alklomionbut, if I send getboards, attach two ids (1 and -1), it'll continue through the program and get the first one only02:54
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AlklomionSeems as if I just send it to the underlying connection that the same things happen. It must be blocking somewhere, but i'm not sure where03:07
AlklomionSome more testing using SimpleSequentialConnection: it doesn't work if the sequence length is one, that is, only one frame is received and no sequence frame is received. Causing an earlier fail is doing weird things to later execution, and i'm not too sure why.03:25
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Alklomioni'm quite sure it's frames being returned from the connection before they're totally ready somehow03:39
Alklomionhow to fix it? not sure. anyway catch you later mithro03:39
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