Wednesday, 2008-07-30

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llnz_workjsmiller: the images are currently random00:00
mithrollnz_work: not exactly00:00
llnz_workTP04 supports setting which media to use00:01
mithroit's     id % numberofmedia00:01
llnz_workmithro: right00:01
jsmillerCan the client scale animated GIFs?  Or are those pretty much pixel for pixel?00:04
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jsmillerjng and mng versions as well.  Hmm, haven't seen those before.00:08
mithroI wrote a libmng-py :)00:11
mithrobecause I wanted high colour gif's00:11
mithroand there is no movie format which supports transparency00:11
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jsmillerSpinning globes are a slightly higher bar than I had first considered.  A little more serious number crunching than a webapp would want to deal with.00:14
mithrowell once you have a surface00:15
mithroit's trivial to make it a spinning globe00:15
mithroand we need the textures anyway for the 3d client00:15
mithro~seen jmtan00:15
tpbmithro: jmtan was last seen in #tp 15 hours, 5 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <jmtan> hi bddebian00:15
mithro~seen greywhind00:16
tpbmithro: greywhind was last seen in #tp 3 days, 6 hours, 3 minutes, and 31 seconds ago: <greywhind> good luck00:16
jsmillerOK, so there is a sense of a suite of related media for a planet, then.00:16
jsmillera set of canonical renderings00:16
jsmillera 2D spinning globe, a 2D surface texture suitable for 3D mapping.00:19
jsmillerDo you already have the pipeline for turning a surface texture (in some particular format) into a spinning globe?00:21
* jsmiller imagines how cool it would look if the clouds swirled as the globe spun.00:22
jsmillerhmm, and then there's Jupiter, with differential rotation of cloud belts.00:22
mithrojsmiller: well, you can have animated textures :)00:26
mithrojsmiller: no pipeline yet, but I doubt it would be hard to create one00:26
jsmillerOK, I'll have to look around and see what tool chain seems reasonable.00:27
jsmillerMaking textures seems more intuitive -- you're manipulating values in a 2D array of colors (or a stack of 2D arrays, for overlays) and eventually displaying the result.00:29
jsmillerI'm open to suggestions as to tool chain, as long as they don't have deep dependency requirements.  I'm not sure I have the patience for debugging faulty C or C++ builds.00:29
jsmiller(couldn't get Python Imaging Library working on Mac OS X 10.5.4)00:30
jsmillermithro, are there any textures in the repository already?00:31
mithronot sure00:32
mithrothere must be some as we have them in the 3d client00:33
jsmillerok.  Any preferred format the 3d client uses?00:33
jsmillerlet me peek at the web repo interface00:33
jsmillermedia/client/common-3d is empty00:33
jsmillermaybe there's some other repository00:35
mithroIf you publish as png I'm sure we can convert it to the format we need00:38
jsmillerany sense of the aspect ratio that would be most convenient to reproject?00:38
jsmiller3 : 1 cylindrical projection or something?00:39
jsmilleror maybe 3.1416 : 100:40
jsmillerdetails, I guess it's easy to tweak those00:40
jsmillerprobably signing off soon00:41
mithrocool to have you on board00:42
* llnz_work wanders off01:09
llnz_worklater all01:09
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jsmilleron my way out now01:42
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mithrohey shenki03:58
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CIA-32pluskid schemepy * rcdbdb3b47df8 / (6 files in 4 dirs): Added letrec and let* for skime.04:41
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shenkimithro: hello!06:02
shenkiwhat's new?06:02
CIA-32pluskid schemepy * r71c241110a70 / (3 files in 2 dirs): Most of the testcases passed for skime.06:15
JLPahoy everyone06:15
mithroshenki: ping?07:55
shenkimithro: pong08:11
mithrodo you have a partially compiled python-ogre08:11
mithrothere are some theories on the net about what could be causing it to crash08:14
shenkihmm, i don't atm08:16
shenkii can go reboot a machine that does if nows a good time to do some debugging08:17
mithronot that brilliant - but I thought I would throw it out there08:17
shenkisure. tomorrow night i'll play08:18
shenkido you have any links?08:19
tpb<> (at
shenkimithro: but mine doesn't segfault anymore (i didn't think)08:40
shenkiit has those GLSL issues08:40
shenkiand it doesn't display anything08:41
shenkibut there's no segfault08:41
shenkimithro: mesa's software renderer impliments glsl; any idea if it will fall back to that if my driver doesn't support it?08:42
mithroshenki: it just won't use glsl08:42
shenkiogre wont?08:43
shenkihmm, there's a 965-glsl branch of mesa. i wonder if it has been merged08:43
tpb<> (at
shenkiperhaps it's merged, but broken? so ogre won't fall back, but it won't work either08:44
shenkimmm, the 965 dri driver has glsl support. no idea what version it appeared in, so no idea if my system's version has support08:47
shenkimithro: so the crashing issue was fixed on my system by changing the /usr/lib/ symlink from to
shenki(the difference being the old one is the py24 version, the one i pointed it to is py25)08:51
mithrowell, I'm off08:52
mithrosee ya!08:52
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r6b27e84013ba /gencon/clientLib/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Reverted back to TP03 in client, due to difficulties encountered when attempting to switch to TP04.14:39
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r99728157d973 /gencon/clientLib/ ( RFTS/ Moved ruleset-specific orders to their corresponding 'ClientMethods*' classes.15:06
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vi1985Iwanowitch: hi, you here?16:15
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llnz_workmorning all17:03
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CIA-32nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * rdeb427ca6e04 /modules/games/tae/ (taeturn.cpp taeturn.h):17:32
CIA-32Added final check in the combat turn to see if the next turn is also a17:32
CIA-32combat turn. Added end of turn messages and code to do cleanup after17:32
CIA-32a combat turn.17:32
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CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * rc788b8cadfb5 /gencon/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Bugfixes.18:58
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * re48c8679e98f /gencon/clientLib/ removed relic from ConnectionMethods.18:59
CIA-32victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * ra5356793d779 /gencon/clientLib/ Made the order-probing method public.19:00
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mithromorning people20:04
llnz_workhi mithro20:04
mithrohow goes everything?20:04
llnz_workas always20:04
mithro~seen jphr20:12
tpbmithro: jphr was last seen in #tp 2 days, 1 hour, 54 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <jphr> anyone familiar with a DescriptionError in tpclient-pywx?20:12
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CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r7b6f93c51d6c /modules/games/risk/thisweek.txt: Made a test commit to ensure my (jphr) git is working properly20:46
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jphrmithro: ping?21:14
mithrojphr: pong21:17
mithrolooked like it all worked21:17
jphrmithro: yes, got me fixed up21:17
mithrowhat version of git are you using?21:17
jphr1.5.5.1 i believe21:17
mithrobtw - did you get my feedback on risk?21:17
jphryes I did. Sorry for not replying yet21:18
jphrOne question about colonize order showing up (actually partially a comment). If your game type was "random assignment on" then colonize orders won't be on21:19
jphrof course I could make sure that is put in the message21:19
mithroI guess it makes sense21:20
mithrobut in theory you "colonise" empty systems21:21
mithroas I only got assigned one planet21:21
jphroh really?21:21
jphrwas it on the small test map? and what config did you use?21:22
jphrEither way, I'll take a close look at the code the restricts colonize orders from showing21:25
mithroI'll try and get you a better bug report :)21:30
* mithro laughs evilly, now your on the other side of the fence ;)21:30
jphrmm, thanks. I can appreciate a good bug report now :P21:30
jphras for screencasts, I think they are going well. Its a bit of a foreign experience for me. I can hopefully get one or two of the smaller casts worked out by weeks end.21:34
mithrookay cool21:35
jphrI'll also make sure to reply to your concerns email first thing tomorrow morning. But for now I'm beckoned to watch an episode of stargate:atlantis21:39
mithroevil people who have internet21:40
jphrwhat you moved somewhere without internet :O21:40
mithrointernet is still a week away21:41
shenkimithro is only working for the biggest internet company going around, you expect him to be connected? :P21:41
jphrI bet you get fast internet at work though :P21:41
jphrI worked at an ISP for a co-op and my speed was outrageous21:42
jphrbut a must bid you adieu21:43
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