Monday, 2008-07-28

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mithroanyone running ubuntu or debian?00:01
* JLafont raises his hand.00:02
nashmithro: You know my answer... 4 times over ;-)00:03
nashWell 3 times + an ubuntu00:03
tpb<> (at
mithropython-ogre for Ubuntu (dapper, gusty and hardy) and Debian - etch00:09
mithrooh - it looks like the Debian - etch ones are still borked00:11
mithroI really need some help testing with amd6400:12
nashmithro: What's the issue?00:16
mithroshenki says it just segfaults for him00:17
mithroso I need to figure out if it's just for his setup - or for all amd64 users00:17
nashHave a repo?00:22
mithronot at the moment00:23
mithrowill import them there when I get them working00:23
mithropackages can be found at -
tpb<> (at
nashholy cow00:26
nashis that a useful repo?00:26
jsmillerno change in metaserver status, so I guess I should pack it in for the evening.00:26
nashmithro: ?00:27
jsmiller(or morning, at the center of mass)00:27
mithronash: kind of00:27
mithroit would be it apt handled 302 redirects00:27
nashSo - what do I need to get?00:29
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JLafontit installed. but when I tried to run tpclient-pyogre I got that it was missing the requirements: 'python-ogre'00:30
JLafontDidn't do that on the 0.0.0-2 though00:31
mithrowhich ubuntu version is this?00:35
JLafonthardy amd6400:36
mithrollnz_work: hrm?00:37
mithroJLafont: anything on the console?00:38
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JLafontfor tpclient-pyogre: just that its missing python-ogre00:39
mithrodo you have the demos?00:39
mithroJLafont: did you install the libogre package too?00:42
DevPlayernice to see you on mithro.00:42
llnz_workmithro: i will restart demo1 tomorrow morning00:42
mithrollnz_work: okay00:43
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mithro( JLafont which should hopefully fix your blank screen problem )00:43
DevPlayerdemo1 server down i take it.00:44
mithroDevPlayer: yes it appears so00:45
DevPlayerwas looking for help on getting started but i see the url link on joining channel, just scanning through it now.00:46
DevPlayerwhen trying to connect to server with the tpclient-wx.. and fails to find the server the client grabs control of my winxp system pretty heavily. fyi,00:47
mithroDevPlayer: can you define that a little better?00:48
mithrollnz_work: btw - where do you work now?00:49
llnz_workMediaLab (NZ)00:50
llnz_workin no way related to MIT Media Lab00:50
DevPlayerrunning the client asks for the log on to a tp server. i choose the demo1 server. being that the demo server is down the client keeps trying to connect or something. this almost appears to "hang" the tpclient. I alt-tab out to kill the tpclient while it still hogs cpu time or something - it's not bad really,00:50
JLafontmithro: Its segfaulting for me as well. The only text I got before it was an empty list '[]'00:51
mithroJLafont: :(00:51
mithrodid it segfault previously?00:52
JLafontjust "hung"00:53
mithrothis was a amd64 machine before too?00:54
DevPlayercan the irc logs be put into the forums so i can search them?00:54
DevPlayer- easier?00:55
mithroDevPlayer: they are very easy to search00:56
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
mithrojust type the query into the top corner00:56
DevPlayerack sorry missed that00:57
mithrowhat are you searching for?00:57
DevPlayerdev starter info on windows platform - checking the getting starter url too.00:58
mithrowe don't really support windows as a development platform for the tpserver-cpp00:59
DevPlayeri was drawn by the python elements.01:00
mithroin theory the Python server should run on windows01:00
mithrobut it has not been tested for a long time01:00
DevPlayereven in it's old version format.01:00
DevPlayerhear of the python 3 version release forthcoming?01:01
mithroit will be years before 2.x goes away01:01
DevPlayerbut i'm still on latest release and just a tinkerer.01:01
DevPlayer2.x is what i'm playing with.01:02
mithroI'm happy to accept patches which add python 3.x support01:02
DevPlayerbtw what caught my interest too was your ruleset concepts.01:02
DevPlayer- have you been looking for python pros?01:03
mithroJLafont has just been working on DroneSec, a ruleset for tpserver-py01:03
DevPlayerHi JLafont. anything i could look at?01:04
mithroDevPlayer: all our code is public01:05
mithrosee git.thousandparsec.net01:05
* llnz_work wanders off01:05
llnz_worklater all01:05
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DevPlayerdoes git work on win3201:07
mithroDevPlayer: you can also use the cvs gateway01:08
DevPlayeri was poking around in those but was finding it hard to "grab" sources. didn't know what i was doing.01:09
JLafontDevPlayer:  <-- msysGit is what I use on my windows box. Git Gui has most of the basic commands working as well01:12
tpbTitle: Git - Fast Version Control System (at
DevPlayerthanks, d/l'ng now.01:14
DevPlayerhow do i pull the repository into my local git repository?01:27
DevPlayeri'm getting a clone failed. cannot fetch branches and objects. error.01:33
JLafontIf you are using git gui clone a repository from git://<project-name>.git to a directory of your choosing01:33
DevPlayerso cloneing the full project will error. must use specific projects? do you put the local repository into the .git folder that is created or no?01:34
JLafontyou clone each project individually. local repository can be anywhere you like01:36
DevPlayerty JLafont. cloning now. what git project folders are needed for the project mithro mentioned you were working on? - as i'm interested in the python server.01:39
JLafonttpserver-py and libtpproto-py should be what you need01:41
JLafonttpserver hasn't been tested on windows so it might not even run01:41
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mithroJLafont: ping?02:18
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mithroJLafont: ping?02:40
mithroguess he is probably asleep02:45
JLafontmithro: pong02:49
JLafontsleep soon though02:50
mithroyour table doesn't make sense02:54
mithroon the wiki page02:58
mithroI think it's the first column name that is confusing02:59
mithromaybe leave that cell empty and make the first colum italics?02:59
mithroI'm assuming cell 1,1 is for "Default Number of Planets"02:59
mithrodid you push a change fix fixed the exception I was having?03:02
mithroJLafont: I also think that one way sync from csv/xml -> database is fine03:02
shenki$ apt-cache policy libceguiogre1403:03
shenkilibceguiogre14: Installed: 1.4.5-3build103:03
shenki$ ./tpclient-pyogre03:03
shenkiThe following requirements where not met03:03
shenki['python-ogre', 'python-ogre/cegui']03:03
shenki['python-ogre', 'python-ogre/cegui']03:03
mithroshenki: you need to install libceguiogre and libogre from that url too03:04
JLafontahh alright. I think I see what you mean03:04
JLafontmithro: and yeah I pushed a fix in03:04
mithrookay will test again later tonight03:05
mithroactually have to get some work done first :P03:05
shenki>>> import ogre.renderer.OGRE03:10
shenkiTraceback (most recent call last):03:10
shenki  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>03:10
shenki  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ogre/renderer/OGRE/", line 10, in <module>03:10
shenki    from _ogre_ import *03:10
shenkiImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: Py_InitModule403:10
shenkihrm indeed, it's got me stumped03:12
* shenki goes to find fuic, bbl03:12
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mithro[email protected]:~/Desktop# objdump -T /usr/lib/  | grep Py_InitModule403:15
mithro000c6740 g    DF .text00000328  Base        Py_InitModule403:15
* shenki wonders why mithro is root03:19
shenki$ objdump -T /usr/lib64/|grep Py_InitMod03:20
shenki00000000000e17b0 g    DF .text0000000000000341  Base        Py_InitModule4_6403:20
shenkithat's interesting03:20
shenkilittle mr _6403:20
shenkimithro: fuic = farmers union iced coffee, you eastern state deserter03:21
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mithroshenki: can you do an obj dump on the /usr/lib/ file?03:54
mithrothat is boost - so it's a bit weird that you get that error03:56
mithrocan you also dump03:56
mithrodpkg --list | grep boost03:57
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shenkimithro: objdump -T?04:06
mithroyes thanks04:06
mithrooh - wait04:06
mithroactually ignore that04:07
shenkimithro: are you still interested in the dpkg output?04:07
shenkican you recommend a command line pastebin sender?04:08
shenkiin the mean time:
tpb<> (at
mithroshenki: what version of ubuntu are you running?04:11
mithroas it seems to be behind04:11
mithroii  libboost-python1.34.1               1.34.1-4ubuntu3                     Boost.Python Library04:11
mithrocan you upgrade that and try again?04:12
shenki$ apt-cache policy libboost-python1.34.104:12
shenki  Installed: 1.34.1-11ubuntu104:12
shenki  Candidate: 1.34.1-11ubuntu104:12
shenki  Version table:04:12
shenki *** 1.34.1-11ubuntu1 004:12
shenki        500 intrepid/main Packages04:12
tpbTitle: Internode :: Residential :: Tech Space :: Download Mirror (at
shenki        500 intrepid/main Packages04:12
tpbTitle: Index of / (at
shenki        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status04:12
shenkistfu tpb04:12
shenkimithro: so, that's the latest04:13
shenkiyou're behind :)04:14
shenkiby 7 debian versions04:14
mithroso have you install it from intrepid?04:15
shenkii'm running intrepid, yes04:18
mithrocan you downgrade that to hardy then?04:18
shenkiif it doesn't try to break anything else...04:19
shenkithat's not cool04:22
shenki$ ./tpclient-pyogre04:22
shenkiNo module named avahi_disabled04:22
shenkiNo module named bonjour04:22
shenkiUsing pyZeroConf ZeroConf implimentation...04:22
shenki<class '__main__.GUI'> <class '__main__.Network'> <class 'tp.client.threads.MediaThread'> <class 'tp.client.threads.FinderThread'>04:22
shenkimetaserver_browse <RemoteBrowser(RemoteBrowser, started)>04:22
shenkiSegmentation fault04:22
shenkiso mr tim, thoughts?04:25
mithrobut at least it is reproducable now04:30
shenkioh well. i'll play later04:30
mithrodo you have any of the demos?04:30
mithrocan you try and run some of them?04:30
* shenki gets the svns04:34
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nashAnyone active?05:24
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nashAnyone active?06:04
nashzzorn_laptop: ?06:04
zzorn_laptophello nash06:17
* zzorn_laptop is just lurking in tp, doesn't know that much details06:17
nashThat's okay06:33
nashzzorn_laptop: you still there?06:33
nashIf so can you see my private message?06:33
mithroshenki: ping?06:45
mithrohey nash06:45
nashheyo mithro06:45
mithroyour not normally around at this hour06:46
zzorn_laptopnash, yep, got your privmsg06:46
zzorn_laptophi mithro06:46
nashmithro: Trying to find someone06:46
nashNeed some advice06:46
zzorn_laptopmithro, congrats for the job at Google btw :)06:46
zzorn_laptopmithro, are you working on the map stuff?06:46
shenkimithro: pong07:08
mithroshenki: any luck with the demos?07:10
shenkimithro: i downloaded them at work, i'll have a play now07:10
shenkipython-ogre/demos/ogre$ python Demo_Transparency.py07:13
shenkiTraceback (most recent call last):07:13
shenki  File "", line 16, in <module>07:13
shenki    import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre07:13
shenki  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ogre/renderer/OGRE/", line 10, in <module>07:13
shenki    from _ogre_ import *07:13
shenkiImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: Py_InitModule407:13
shenkifail, still07:13
shenkiwhy is Mr Libboost_python linked against the not-64bit version of that symbol07:13
shenkithat is the question07:13
mithroshenki: I thought you had stop getting that and got the segfaults?07:17
shenkimithro: ah, yes, but i ran a distupgrade when i got home ;)07:18
* shenki downgrades boost-python again07:18
shenkibooting up windows vista with microsoft narrator enabled is an entertaining experience07:22
shenkievery program that autostarts causes a focus change, which causes the narrator to announce the new window07:22
shenkiand the focus change07:22
mithrodamn, I don't know if to try and return the microsoft wireless keyboard07:23
mithroit's really nice feel and stuff to it07:23
shenkiwhy do you want to return it?07:23
mithrobut a number of the keys seem to stop working every now and then07:23
shenkimicrosoft are a great hardware company!07:23
mithroI really like the keyboard - but the keys randomly not working is a problem07:24
shenkiyes, it is07:24
mithroI wonder what is causing it, a) Noisy wireless environment, b) the computer it's connected to, c) the keyboard itself07:25
shenkiis this work hardware, or your own?07:26
mithrowork hardware (kinda)07:26
shenkidon't you have minions who sort out your hardware issues then? :)07:27
mithrothat (kinda) is the sticking point07:28
shenkinow i'm confused. was that a pun?07:28
mithrowork paid for it, but it's not their "ushal" hardware07:29
shenkiah i see07:29
shenkimithro is "special"07:29
mithroif I was in MTV I could just get one from a Hardware Depot07:30
mithrobut here in Australia the range is a little more limited07:30
shenkius poor Australians :(07:31
shenkimy bios doesn't like this logitech wireless keyboard07:32
shenkiso i got my happy hacker keyboard out07:33
shenkiand it doesn't like that either!07:33
mithrohappy hacker keyboard?07:33
shenkifussy gigabyte bios07:33
shenkibut without the arrorw keys07:33
shenkiboost-python shitfight:
tpb<> (at
shenkimt == multi threaded?07:38
shenkiok, so our is a symlink to the python2.4 version. my guess is that's the issue; hardy doesn't ship with python2.4 unless some retarded program decides it's a builddep07:39
mithroso once you had down-graded do any of the demos work?07:41
shenkii didn't like the downgraded hacks07:41
shenki(and no; they segfualt)07:41
shenkibut i do like the symlink-the-python2.5 method, which gets the demo much further thru than before07:41
shenkiwho is andy?07:43
shenkimithro: there's some config file i need to copy or some such?07:44
shenkiwhat was that called again/07:44
* shenki goes afk to watch stargate with impatient mandy07:45
mithrorm plugins.cfg (i think)07:49
mithrothen link the one from /etc/OGRE/07:49
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nashAnyway - off to bed - early morning tomorrow08:05
nashnight all08:05
*** nash has quit IRC08:05
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shenkimithro: doesn't segfault!08:34
shenkidoesn't run either08:34
shenkibut perhaps that's my opengl hardware?08:34
shenkiopps, tpclient-pyogre still segfaults08:36
shenkibut the demos don't08:36
tpb<> (at
shenkimithro: there's another few logs in there, demo-fresnel* using the the three different "RTT Preffered Mode"s08:42
mithro404 man08:51
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mithroshenki: can you try the shadow one?08:54
mithroor the fish one?08:54
mithroglxgears works right08:55
shenkimithro: the others give similar results08:57
shenkiand ut works08:57
shenkiand glxgears08:57
mithrout works?09:04
shenkiunreal tournament09:04
mithrookay - run the following demo09:05
mithroand send me the log09:05
shenki$ python Demo_Bezier.py09:07
shenkiFailed to initialize TTM buffer manager.  Falling back to classic.09:07
shenkipython: shader/slang/slang_codegen.c:2365: _slang_gen_swizzle: Assertion `child' failed.09:07
shenkithat's the log :)09:07
shenkiyou can igore the TTM message safely09:09
mithrohrm there is something wrong there09:17
mithrothat assert is in the i9xx driver09:18
shenkiit's a driver bug?09:19
mithrohow about "python "09:19
tpb<> (at
shenkisame thing as the others09:21
shenkithere's a dropdown in the options menu ogre provides when starting09:22
shenkifbo, pbuffer, copy09:22
shenkii was just making note of which i used09:22
mithrookay first problem09:24
mithroCannot compile GLSL high-level shader : Ogre/HardwareSkinningTwoWeightsGLSL Error: Invalid array index for vector type09:24
mithroError: Invalid array index for vector type09:24
mithroHigh-level program Ogre/HardwareSkinningTwoWeightsGLSL encountered an error during loading and is thus not supported.09:25
mithroOGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): Cannot compile GLSL high-level shader : Ogre/HardwareSkinningTwoWeightsGLSL Cannot compile GLSL high-level shader : Ogre/HardwareSkinningTwoWeightsGLSL Error: Invalid array index for vector type09:25
mithroError: Invalid array index for vector type09:25
mithro in GLSLProgram::loadFromSource at OgreGLSLExtSupport.cpp (line 66)09:25
mithrocan you un-upgrade your mesa?09:25
shenkithe x server doesn't like loading with old mesa09:26
mithroit is advertising that "GLSL support detected" but your card obviously doesn't09:26
shenkiyes it does09:27
shenkiperhaps it's broken, or incomplete09:27
shenkibut the 965 supports glsl, i think09:27
mithrocan you also run the SkyDome demo09:29
*** bddebian has joined #tp09:30
shenkisame result09:31
shenkiParsing script Examples.program09:31
shenkiCannot compile GLSL high-level shader : Ogre/HardwareSkinningTwoWeightsGLSL Error: Invalid array index for vector type09:31
shenkiError: Invalid array index for vector type09:31
mithrohow about Lighting?09:31
shenkimithro: same09:32
mithro(this was SkyDome not SkyBox or SkyPlane?)09:32
shenki -  my card is a X310009:34
tpbTitle: Intel GMA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
mithroonly thing I see mentioned there is09:37
mithroNote that Windows drivers currently have no GLSL support.09:37
shenkibut windows is very directx happy09:38
shenkiso perhaps their opengl drivers are underdeveloped in general09:38
shenki'their' == the windows ones09:38
mithrocan you run it on your multimedia box?09:38
shenkinot atm09:38
mithro(the one with the ati card?)09:38
shenkii'll play tomorrow09:38
mithroshenki: it also has problems detecting your CPU09:40
mithro *   CPU ID: Unknown09:40
shenkiyeah, noticed that. strange09:40
mithrowhat happens if you just make Examples.program empty?09:43
mithro(ie remove it and then touch the file)09:44
mithroits in the media directory09:44
mithroshenki: poke poke09:49
mithrooh well09:57
mithroI'm heading home09:57
shenkithat didn't fix it09:58
shenki(sorry, preoocupied, will test some things tomorrow)09:58
mithrocan you send me the log09:58
mithrowith the Examples.program empty09:58
tpb<> (at
shenkisleep time now, cya09:59
mithroshenki: more GLSL errors10:01
mithroi'm not quite sure why your demo is loading totally different files...10:01
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CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd4cc69a1389f / (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed typo in config file12:59
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CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd4cc69a1389f / (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed typo in config file14:19
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf33ad27fbb80 /modules/games/risk/ ( risk.cpp risk.h): Applied mithro's wormhole patch14:19
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CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd4cc69a1389f / (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed typo in config file16:12
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf33ad27fbb80 /modules/games/risk/ ( risk.cpp risk.h): Applied mithro's wormhole patch16:12
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r0f2edf50e1be /modules/games/risk/ (wormhole.cpp wormhole.h): Forget to add wormhile class from mithro patch16:12
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llnz_workmorning all17:16
llnz_workdemo1 restarted17:16
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd4cc69a1389f / (3 files in 2 dirs): fixed typo in config file18:02
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf33ad27fbb80 /modules/games/risk/ ( risk.cpp risk.h): Applied mithro's wormhole patch18:02
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r0f2edf50e1be /modules/games/risk/ (wormhole.cpp wormhole.h): Forget to add wormhile class from mithro patch18:02
CIA-32jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rce33cdaa1216 /modules/games/risk/ (6 files): extracted createWormhole to map helper file18:02
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jphranyone familiar with a DescriptionError in tpclient-pywx?18:18
CIA-32nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r2f4c1e0147bd /modules/games/tae/taeturn.cpp:18:34
CIA-32Loosing combatants are now removed and points are now awarded at the18:34
CIA-32end of external combat.18:34
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llnz_workcool nuleren18:41
nulerenllnz: thanks... I'm getting very close to a fully playable game18:41
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CIA-32verhoevenv daneel-ai * rdb2eb259e923 / Added multiple turn types in RFTS20:00
CIA-32verhoevenv daneel-ai * r5b641a234702 /README: Small clarification to the README20:00
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jsmiller0300Z, hello all23:00
llnz_workhi jsmiller23:41

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