Saturday, 2008-07-19

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greywhindlooks nice00:01
greywhindthough rather empty in the photos00:01
mithroI have no furniture yet00:18
mithrowell I have a sofa bed and book case which arrived from ikea this morning00:18
greywhindi see00:18
greywhindit looks like an interesting building00:18
mithroit's an old converted warehouse00:19
greywhindkind of cool architecture00:19
mithromy walk to work00:19
tpb<> (at
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CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r6051326b936a / (src/ windows/system.layout): Modify message window to use a two-pane layout instead08:11
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r613ddff9c867 /windows/system.layout: Expand the "Turns" box to fit 4-5 digit turn counts08:11
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r185f7305e15d / (media/starmap/star.particle src/ Space background changed to sphere, so that stars will appear regardless of camera rotation.08:11
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * r1382200f0cab /src/ ( Implement 3d camera rotation, activated by right mouse button08:11
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r4e8d65f63c07 / (media/starmap/star.particle src/ Tweak background stars to be bigger as they have a disappearing issue on linux.08:11
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r5ee9cacf8546 /src/ ( Add a function to account for loadWindowLayout change between cegui 0.5 and 0.608:11
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * r197978efbdca /src/ Make movement lines unselectable08:11
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * r5dd91a15c44b /src/ ( Shift map rotate and pan functions into starmap module and center the map properly08:12
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * r8ce523441fe6 /src/ Rotate planets on the correct axis08:12
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CIA-31verhoevenv daneel-ai * rf2a0c7ad4974 / (daneel-ai Parameterized verbosity11:47
CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r3ff70480a43e /doc/index.html:12:30
CIA-31Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
CIA-31 doc/index.html12:30
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