Wednesday, 2008-05-14

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CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rb40b87aff42d / (4 files in 2 dirs): Preliminary display of fleet objects04:53
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rec58fbeb4fe9 /src/ Made fleets and planets appear closer to stars04:53
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r556a96e4fc78 /src/ ( tpclient-pyogre): Basic updating of fleet locations after end of turn04:53
CIA-29jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * ref46176b1de2 /src/ Change mouse bindings to use mousewheel for zoom and middle button for panning04:53
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llnzhi all05:11
llnz~seen jotham05:11
tpbllnz: jotham was last seen in #tp 2 weeks, 1 day, 23 hours, 2 minutes, and 15 seconds ago: <jotham> i think i want to convert coordinates from one space to another05:11
llnz~seen notjotham05:12
tpbllnz: notjotham was last seen in #tp 1 day, 9 hours, 27 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <notjotham> cool05:12
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* llnz catches up on all the blog posts!06:07
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JLPahoy all06:44
llnzhi JLP07:03
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Alklomionmithro: are you still on for the meeting tomorrow, at the coffee shop?07:11
mithroAlklomion: yeah07:46
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mithroAlklomion: where are you at?08:16
Alklomioni'm here08:17
mithroAlklomion: I mean in the code08:19
mithrodoes it compile now?08:19
Alklomionaah, not much further than yesterday. Krystoff mentioned some sort of merge in the mail list, how do i accomplish that?08:20
mithroit's not something you can do using the cvs interface08:21
mithroyou need to use git to merge the master branch into your MIDP branch08:22
AlklomionMaps should change in to Hashtables with some effort, Hashmaps the same thing08:24
Alklomioni have to download a git client?08:24
mithroI can probably give the merge a go08:25
mithroI'm unsure how messy it will be08:25
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llnzhi Marcel-08:47
Marcel-hi llnz08:48
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* llnz wanders off09:59
llnzlater all09:59
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CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r002df20a3d67 /modules/games/ Modified modules/games/ to include Risk folder to be commited shortly12:14
CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r6a38d603da7d /modules/games/risk/ ( risk.cpp risk.h): Added basic shell of risk ruleset.12:14
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * re6c7e34fbdaf /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add some documentation to the Generator's main class.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r90d88c19599b /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add some @see's to Generator's javadocs.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r6c807a143bc9 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Initial javadocs for OutputGenerator interface.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r018d0643645f /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Make the javadocs for OutputGenerator#getIntegerTypeName more complete.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r0ac453c2ecc6 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/
CIA-29Rename "level" parameters to "nestingLevel", which is a bit more meaningful.12:23
CIA-29At least I didn't name it "indent"...12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r77afc757a626 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add a TODO to use description element to generate packet's comments.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r01aaccfbfc12 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ OutputGenerator#startProtocol and #startPacket javadocs.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * rf52b571ad5ab /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ OutputGenerator#startPacketType javadocs.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r4b80feb023ab /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ OutputGenerator#endPacket javadoc.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * rd004a83809f4 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ OutputGenerator#startParameterSet and #startParameterSetType javadocs.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r7c710f9310d1 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add javadocs for parameter, structure and desc-structure event methods to OutputGenerator.12:23
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r20e1fa252d3f /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ ( (log message trimmed)12:23
CIA-29Generate deserializer for *Desc classes only for parameters that have a descstruct.12:23
CIA-29This was untested, because no parameter had a descstruct until now. Previously12:24
CIA-29it added new parameters "speculatively" to a list of descstruct-having12:24
CIA-29parameters and generated deserializer for all of them if any had a descstruct,12:24
CIA-29which was obviously wrong. And, by the way, changed the protocol of12:24
CIA-29communication between ParametersetHandler and ParameterHandler: the latter no12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * reea8f8db4b02 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Fold the hasDescStruct condition to enclosing if and clear the current parameter handler when it quits.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r9f44ed8a0ac0 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add OutputGenerator#endParameterSet javadoc.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * rfccaf0f7fbd2 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ (3 files): Remove unused targetDir parameter from OutputGenerator#endParameterSet.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r82f3384c1815 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add OutputGenerator#endProtocol javadoc.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r74d5a14b6b05 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Oh, and a throws declaration, just to be consistent...12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r0f49a8007d80 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add OutputGenerator#*Comment javadocs.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r96ce8a49cb93 /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ (8 files): Remove useless correction parameter from OutputGenerator#*Comment methods.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * r9c992b1129bf /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ (3 files):12:24
CIA-29Fold printProperty{Def,Getter,Setter} into one generatePropertyDefinition in OutputGenerator.12:24
CIA-29They're called in tandem anyway. And it's better not to assume that languages other than Java even have the concept of getters and setters.12:24
CIA-29jezuch libtpproto-java-midp * rd45be3bb982d /src-generator/net/thousandparsec/netlib/generator/ Add OutputGenerator#generatePropertyDefinition javadoc.12:24
CIA-29(12 lines omitted)12:24
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CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r196d2b8c1096 / Accidentally left out changes made to configure.ac14:11
CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * re480c4ad5081 / Fixed a commented out line in configure.ac14:25
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CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r3403bc2029d8 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Fixed syntax errors in risk.cpp, risk.h14:53
CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rbe5dbecb6b06 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: More syntax errors.14:53
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CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r75bf14f5bddb /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: included objectmanager.h instead of objectdatamanager.h15:10
CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rda88c72dc0d9 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Some discrepencies existed when comparing risk to minisec. Corrected the required extern "C" section in risk.cpp and moved "public:" up in risk.h15:14
CIA-29jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r78aad53179a5 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Renamed namespace from Risk to RiskRuleset. Figured this may be causing me problems (its also more clear)15:21
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jphranyone have an opinion on this? I go to make install my tpserver-cpp with my shell risk ruleset. It calls /usr/bin/install -c .libs/ /opt/tpserver-cpp/lib/tpserver/ruleset /  I mean it looks like it should be the right place, but I realized there is an extra space in that command between ruleset and /librisk...17:43
jphrPrevious calls for the other rulesets don't have the space there17:43
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