Friday, 2008-04-25

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llnzbbl, maybe02:39
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pereshey thousand parsec '<05:10
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llnzhi all06:50
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* llnz wanders off08:02
llnzlater all08:02
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mithroezod: ping?11:38
mithroezod: you never actually posted a link to your blog so I had missed it until today11:39
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mithrohey greywhind11:39
ezodmithro: pong11:43
mithroezod: see above :)11:43
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ezodmithro: hrm, it's linked on JLP's post and the blogspot blog..11:44
mithroezod: yeah - I found it when re-reading JLP's news post11:44
ezodmithro: ok, also, if you're subscribing to the tp portion of the planet-soc feed, you'll catch it through that11:45
mithroI've subscribed to each blog individually so I can spy on you all ;)11:45
ezodin my case you can use to filter out all my other stuff11:46
tpbTitle: Aaron MavrinacAaron MavrinacOnychohumasia (That s Right)Potential to Kinetic, 1 for 2 (at
ezodunless you're also interested in computer vision and distributed algorithms and house music ;)11:47
ezodand gentoo11:47
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mithroezod: gives me cannon fodder if you don't do enough work on Thousand Parsec ;)11:48
ezodmithro: hehe, i suspected as much11:49
mithroezod: so how go everything?11:51
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mithrohey bddebian11:52
ezodmithro: well.. i've got my master's defense coming up may 511:52
ezodmithro: but ive taken advantage of a lull the past few days11:52
bddebianHowdy folks11:53
bddebianHi mithro11:53
ezodmithro: just running tp stuff locally, figuring out how it all works11:53
mithroezod: working okay?11:54
ezodmithro: for the most part.. ive had one or two weird problems, like a segfault i couldn't reproduce and some kind of mysql persistence error on sparc i haven't looked into yet11:55
ezodmithro: but i was successfully playing some minisec games yesterday11:56
ezodmithro: ive also been looking at how the console/tprl/etc. stuff works, since that's going to be the first action item involving coding11:58
mithrookay cool12:10
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mithrowell - I think I'm off to bed12:38
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CIA-29mithro tpserver-py * rd556aa10f45e / Update the a little.12:53
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CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r13ae6f3a03a9 /tpserver/playerview.cpp:18:40
CIA-29Fixed ObjectIdList condition for entry.18:40
CIA-29Wrong direction, modtime > fromtime. Doesn't need check for -1, because18:40
CIA-29(unsigned) -1 is greater than all modtimes.18:40
CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * ra337a9b5ce22 /tpserver/ (4 files):18:44
CIA-29Fixed all the other getIdList processing to have the correct TP04 behaviour.18:44
CIA-29Reversed less than symbol.18:44
CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r1ccc9eb8b10c /tpserver/playeragent.cpp: Missed CategoryIdList handling, fixed TP04 behaviour.18:57
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llnzhi all20:37
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mithromorning people22:13
greywhindhey mithro22:14
mithrogreywhind: how goes things?22:33
greywhindmithro: good22:33
mithrofiltering almost done?22:34
greywhindmithro: i'm working on the adding/removing filtering stuff22:34
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* mithro nudges JLafont 22:51
mithro~seen llnz22:51
tpbmithro: llnz was last seen in #tp 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <llnz> bbs22:51
JLafonthey mithro22:52
mithroJLafont: ah ha! you responded :)22:52
mithroJLafont: what timezone are you in?22:53
JLafontEST: -5:00 GMT22:53
JLafontI should be on a lot during your normal times, I'm an insomniac22:54
mithroJLafont: where is that again?22:58
JLafontUS. Eastern part22:58
mithroJLafont: city? :)23:00
JLafontDayton, Ohio23:00
JLafontOr its other name, the middle of nowhere23:00
andreiJLafont, Hey hey.. I'm in the middle of nowhere. At least you have a town..23:00
JLafonthaha true23:01
JLafontmithro, all they have going here is "Birthplace of Aviation"23:03
mithroJLafont: currently 23:07 for you?23:04
mithrocool - you are now in my clock :)23:06
JLafontmithro, awesome23:06
mithroso are you exams all over now?23:06
JLafontnext week23:06
JLafontonly 4 left, then I have to pack and move in to my summer housing, and then, DroneSec!23:07
mithroJLafont: so it's next Thursday then?23:09
JLafontthats when exams finally end23:09
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * rb870aa9b0435 /schemepy/guile/ ( Write the guile module from scratch. Now bool convertion works.23:18
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * rbdb41dc498ad / (schemepy/guile/ tests/ tests/ test case for bool passed23:18
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r0eeba14b4d12 / (schemepy/guile/ tests/ convert for int between schem and python implemented.23:18
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r709fde9bf74e / (schemepy/guile/ tests/ test case for float convertion23:18
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r845897a30e30 / (schemepy/guile/ tests/ test case for complex conversion23:18
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * rd3b9bf2baab4 /schemepy/guile/ typo: argtype -> argtypes23:21

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