Monday, 2008-04-07

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* llnz wanders home00:59
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llnzwb mithro04:39
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mithroseems my internet is having issues04:48
JLPahoy people04:50
llnzhi JLP04:50
* JLP checks the gsoc timetable04:51
llnzabout 15 hours04:51
JLPah i see, it's 00:00 on 8th, not 7th04:53
tpbTitle: Customized counter (at
mithrostill have not passed last years count :(04:54
JLPmithro: yeah :( but i think this time they are of better quality, although i haven't read the new ones from the last couple of days while i was gone04:56
mithroJLP: hopefully we will still get more slots04:58
JLPmithro: i've read some post somewhere how it is done, and if i go by that one we should definitely have about 5 of them if not more04:59
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mithroJLP: any progress on the movies?08:29
* llnz wanders off08:37
llnzlater all08:37
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JLPmithro: /j #kde-bugs08:40
JLPmithro: no time yet08:40
JLPmithro: for the videos08:42
mithroi mean the /j #kde-bugs08:42
JLPmithro: aaah, just me trying to do too many things at the same time08:42
JLPmithro: btw, did you see this -
tpb<> (at
JLPmithro: could be usefull to fill out the template linked from this post for clients08:49
mithroguess so08:49
mithrowell i need to head to bed08:54
JLPmithro: good night08:55
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accAgonHi, I have a question under which license is tb released?10:35
JLPaccAgon: mostly gpl10:38
accAgonthanks, and the libtpproto-cpp library, too?10:39
JLPaccAgon: yes10:39
accAgonand Parsek?10:39
accAgon(The KDE 4 client)10:40
JLPaccAgon: same10:41
accAgonThank you.10:43
JLPaccAgon: no problem10:44
JLPaccAgon: btw are you interested in helping out10:44
accAgonhm, I don't like C++10:45
JLPaccAgon: ah i see :)10:46
accAgonBut currently I try to make some rpm packages for Parsek and this library10:46
JLPaccAgon: ah, well this is still helping :)10:46
JLPaccAgon: then you probably need more precise gpl versions for the rpm10:48
JLPaccAgon: libtpproto-cpp is gplv2+, parsek is gplv310:48
JLPf0ster: ahoy10:48
accAgonI will take a look if I really need to specify the licenses10:49
JLPaccAgon: yeah, some distros are more strict about this some less, in mandriva i had to specify the version10:51
accAgonHm, I don't need to specify the license. GPL is enough.10:53
accAgonI'm getting an config error: configure: error: libtpproto-cpp requires pthread library10:54
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JLPaccAgon: isn't this part of glibc or something10:56
JLPahoy karol10:57
accAgonThink so10:57
accAgonBut glibc is installed10:58
accAgonversion glibc-2.6.1-1810:58
JLPmaybe it wants the -devel package10:58
accAgoninstalled: glibc-devel-2.6.1-1810:59
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karolJLP: hi11:09
accAgonThe crazy thing is that it configures on my local computer without problems... But on the build service it stops at ptthread library check11:10
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accAgonJLP: If I want to do cmake I get this error:12:05
accAgonCMake Error: Error in cmake code at12:05
accAgonUnknown CMake command "kde4_add_ui_files".12:05
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JLPaccAgon: sorry, had some friends over for my birthday12:39
JLPaccAgon: are kdelibs properly installed, that's where this macro is12:40
accAgonkdelibs4 are installed12:44
accAgonand kde4 works, but currently I'm under kde312:44
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accAgonDo I need to run cmake under kde4 ?12:45
JLPhm, i'm not sure realy how this cmake stuff works, i have kde4 under a special account and i guess some variables specific to kde4 need to be set before12:47
JLPi just followed some tutorials from techbase12:48
accAgonWhy not using simple ./configure and then make, make install?12:49
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accAgonAbout the pthread error: and are under /lib6412:51
accAgonon a x64 distro12:51
JLPaccAgon: i'm not sure myself, they chose it because it was supposedly simplier to maintain and more portable if i remember correctly12:51
JLPyup, i also have amd64 system here, in fact all of them :)12:53
accAgonWhy can't configure found pthread, if it is installed under /lib64 ?12:55
JLPaccAgon: maybe it is looking in /lib and there is no /lib which is a symlink to /lib64 here12:56
accAgonAnd on a I386 it has the same error12:57
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JLPhm strange, maybe llnz knows more about this configure blackmagic12:59
accAgonJLP: How can I contact him?13:31
JLPaccAgon: i think the best way is through mailing list tp-devel13:38
tpb<> (at
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karol~seen mithro13:58
tpbkarol: mithro was last seen in #tp 5 hours, 3 minutes, and 52 seconds ago: <mithro> gnight13:58
accAgonJLP: I wrote a E-Mail. I found out that on one distribution (Mandriva 2006) it configures completly.14:02
JLPaccAgon: so it's probably just some little thing to change to make it more compatible accross more distros14:03
JLPor maybe they have some little problem in the build system for that distro where it doesn't work14:03
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accAgonJLP: I don't think that they have a problem there because libtpproto-cpp should not be the only application which uses pthread.14:12
accAgonmore a problem with how configure checks if pthread is installed14:15
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karol~seen mithro16:42
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karolhi mithro19:06
karolmithro: about my proposal (persistence module)> I just don't know what to schedule more, until it is finished there is nothing more to do just test 'cos as I see it you need it whole to store even a simple game19:10
karolor am I wrong? :-/19:10
mithrokarol: you would have to chat to llnz about that19:10
AlexEvthi mithro19:10
AlexEvtand others19:10
karolmithro: ok :)19:11
AlexEvtdeadline coming:)19:11
karolmidnight passed19:12
* karol sleepy19:12
AlexEvtit's 2 12AM here19:12
karolgood night (past 1am)19:13
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Epyonmithro, I'm sorry I didn't post the timeline yet, was very busy. I'll do it tommorow, ok?19:16
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llnzhi all20:33
AlexEvtit seems that gsoc deadline was reached, but application is still available for updating20:36
bddebianHello AlexEvt, llnz20:36
mithroAlexEvt: it won't be for long!20:38
AlexEvtof course, i understand that:)20:39
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Alklomionmithro: are you there?21:11
mithroAlklomion: sure am!21:11
Alklomionhey, i'm having some trouble with tortoiseCVS and checking out the code21:12
Alklomion :pserver:[email protected]:/git/libtpproto-java.git is what i'm using and then its asking for a password, what am i doing wrong?21:12
mithroit should work with an empty password21:13
mithrolet me login and see if there is any problems21:14
mithroAlklomion: give it a try now21:19
Alklomionwhat should i be entering as a module name?21:20
mithrothe branch name21:21
mithroIE master21:21
Alklomioncool - that worked21:23
Epyonmithro, I'll post the timeline tommorow, ok? Had been really busy lately.21:24
mithroEpyon: that is okay21:24
Alklomionwhere should I be starting with these source files? the readme wasn't very helpful heh21:25
mithronot quite sure21:26
mithrothe build.xml file looks like an ant build file21:26
mithroif I type "ant" it seems to try and build it21:27
mithroI have no idea how that intergrates with the NetBeans21:28
tpbTitle: ant: : ant (at
bddebianNooo Java is satan..21:29
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AlklomionAnt is another entirely new thing to me21:40
mithroAlklomion: me too :)21:42
mithrowell atleast it compiles21:42
mithroTotal time: 9 seconds21:43
Alklomionwhat IDE are you using?21:43
mithronone! :P21:45
Epyonnotepad xP21:46
bddebianThat's Visual Notepad ;-)21:47
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mithroAlklomion: <- there is the deadlock we where talking about the other day21:51
tpb<> (at
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mithroAlklomion: any luck?22:02
AlklomionOh, i got a successful java build22:02
Alklomioni'm just looking up if there's a way to use the java ant build script to have a crack at building it using JavaME22:03
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Alklomion100 errors three warnings. I made a midp library project, placed all the source files into it22:13
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Alklomioni'm estimating that about 30% of all the errors(maybe more) are generics problems22:31
Alklomionenumerations are a problem too22:31
mithroenumerations should be easy to fix?22:36
mithroAlklomion: okay I'm going to put you in contact with the Java guy to discuss where to go from here...22:36
battousai1373Hey, I submitted a proposal to work with tp through GSoC today. I realize I probably should have done so earlier and gotten in here to talk to you guys, but I've been rather busy refactoring my physics engine. Anyway, I figured I should at least introduce myself.22:38, my name is Ted.22:38
mithroAlklomion: you have email now22:41
mithroAlklomion: I would suggest looking into the generator code too22:41
mithroAlklomion: as that only needs to compile under Java22:41
mithroanyway heading to lunch22:42
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mithrooh - this is really interesting23:56
tpb<> (at
mithrocould be useful for a web client23:57
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