Tuesday, 2008-02-12

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* mithro pokes jotham 02:27
mithrowell, I'm heading home02:32
mithrosee ya all in a bit02:32
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jothami don't believe i am gonna miss lee again02:54
jothamit's like a running comedy02:54
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mithromorning people18:44
mithrohey nash18:44
mithrojotham: ping?18:47
mithrojotham: I saw your post on the pyglet list, WTF was up with the responses?18:51
jothamthe one that said 'Yes'?18:51
jothamoh i haven't checked today18:52
* jotham reads18:53
nashheyo mithro18:55
nashheyo j18:55
nashheyo jotham18:55
nashdamn non-unique completions18:55
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jothamhey nash18:58
jothami wonder if the whole pyglet community is like this18:58
mithrojotham: that is the first time I have ever seen something like that on the list18:58
mithroand there have been some very stupid questions asked18:59
jothami didn't think my question was very stupid, but clearly i have a lot to learn18:59
nashA less then warm reception I take it?18:59
jothamit's probably someone i've pissed off on IRC exacting revenge18:59
tpb<http://ln-s.net/1XLi> (at groups.google.com)19:00
peresjotham: they really have a soft spot for you19:01
nashAhh... the correct response is then; "Thank you for your response, I have worked out the correct solution.  I just installed <another toolkit> and am using that."19:02
peresjotham: i coded some opengl code for a 3d model viewer of mine (using quake 3 models). maybe i can help with basic api, though i know nil about python19:03
nashActually your response was quite good at the end19:03
jothamnaah that wasn't really my issue peres19:03
jothami wanted to USE pyglets api19:03
jothamrather than just using ogl19:03
jothamthat was teh whole point19:03
jothamand i'ev read the pyglet manual cover to cover19:03
jothambut clearly they don't want people to use their api19:03
mithrojotham: none of the people who responded are pyglet developers19:04
nashFor the record, it smells like a perfectly fine question... the answer should have been "look that the PygletFooGleDraw class" or just draw19:04
mithrojotham: I think the next version of pyglet will help with your problem - for the moment I believe you do have to use those gl calls19:06
jothamit must be really hard for new open source projects when they get a bunch of abusive know it alls attached to it19:06
jothamlike #pygame =)19:06
mithrojotham: #pygame has more of the "clueless newbies who don't learn" problem19:07
jothamyeah the number of people we get in there that don't know any python19:07
jothamis quite extreme19:07
jothamgo to a library channel to learn about the host language19:07
nash#e is famous for the "dumb question" -> "kick & ban"19:08
jothamoh well, hopefully battleviewer will be something nice for them to show on their site page19:09
nashjotham: indeed19:10
nashWith a link thanking the two posters for their help ;-)19:10
mithroI think they might actually not understand the sarcasm in that19:11
mithrojotham: http://www.partiallydisassembled.net/blog/?item=16219:12
tpb<http://ln-s.net/1XLv> (at www.partiallydisassembled.net)19:12
mithrothat is one of the pyglet developers19:14
jothami've had pretty positive experiences with the pyglet developers19:14
jothammind you that was just finding and fixing a bug19:14
jothami guess people are positive about that kind of thing19:14
jothamrather than questions19:14
mithrojotham: I think it's just a select few people on that list19:16
tpbTitle: Lost Garden (at lostgarden.com)19:19
jothamthat's really neat19:19
jothami want to have a play with that now19:23
jothami missed seeing lee yesterday19:23
jothamwe had a delivery at 10am today19:23
jothami am exhausted19:23
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mithrohey Appleman123419:42
mithrogot any positive news for me?19:42
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Appleman1234mithro: not yet, but by the end of today I will19:50
mithroAppleman1234: okay cool19:50
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Appleman1234mithro: remainder of screenshots in published manual taken23:22
Appleman1234now taking some screenshots to replace ones only in manual source23:22
Appleman1234any particular images you wanted trimmed or just for me to go through all of them and trim them ?23:23
mithroAppleman1234: well I think you need to trim the windows decorations23:31
mithro(on the panel bits)23:32
mithrobut what ever looks good23:33
mithrowhere you able to load the scribus file?23:36
Appleman1234I will trim the panel pits23:40
Appleman1234I can load the old scribus file23:40
Appleman1234so I will trim the screenshots23:40
Appleman1234and then update them23:40
Appleman1234and add some instructions on issuing orders to a planet to create a fleet23:41
Appleman1234and issuing orders to a fleet23:41
mithrookay cool23:41
mithroprobably a page with "Keyboard shortcuts" would be good too23:41
mithroAppleman1234: do you want to store this in a seperate git repository?23:42
mithroAppleman1234: then I can clone and give you hints23:42
mithrowould be good if we had a table of contents23:43
Appleman1234I can create hotkeys page as well23:44
Appleman1234I don't mind storing either in the dev git repository for tp23:45
Appleman1234or making a different git repo23:45
Appleman1234but I would like to finish a significant portion of work on it when I should have done by end of today before doing either23:45
mithroif you just create a seperate git repository then I can figure out where I'm going to put it at a later date23:47
mithrogreywhind_: ping?23:49
*** greywhind_ is now known as greywhind23:49
greywhindmithro: pong23:49
greywhindmithro: i added the "step into" button and did some work on the panelOrder layout issue23:49
mithrohey greywhind23:50
mithrogreywhind: your binary has your forward/back buttons in it23:50
greywhindmithro: hmm... that's odd23:50
mithrogreywhind: atleast that was a friend found23:50
greywhindmithro: hmm... so it does...23:52
mithroohloh is having a crap with the branch reorgs23:57
greywhindmithro: yep - forgot to cg-reset...23:58
greywhindafter the cg-admin-uncommits23:58

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