Monday, 2008-02-04

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JLPmithro: quite busy, preparing some workshops and presentations about Linux and FLOSS for the week when primary school here has holidays00:01
JLPI also got "a little" part time job at our largest Slovenian computer company, mainly helping with documentation and QA00:03
JLPmithro: and it looks like something like Python will be more suited to help me for the job at work than c++, so i plan to start learning it soon00:11
JLPany recommendations on good book or website?00:12
mithrodive into python00:12
mithrohow to think like a python programmer?00:12
JLPmithro: thanks, noted00:14
mithroJLP: you could also hack on tp :)00:14
JLPmithro: yeah, it will also be good for TP, but i should first get my poor parsek into usable state, i'm already way behind my plans with it, damn this real life00:16
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mithrohey jotham00:23
mithrojotham: you decided to leave #pygame permanently?00:24
jothami only go there to chat to matthew and piman, and i don't think it's apropriate to socialise in a on-topic channel as much as we do00:29
jothamso as much as i like them, i will avoid it mostly00:29
jothami think it's to the detriment of the pygame project00:29
mithroahh well00:35
mithroso how goes the battleviewer :P00:35
jothamam working on it atm00:36
jothamlooks like pyglet has a better way of dealing with animations00:36
CIA-12nash galaxie * re53bc461b611 / (server.c tpe_obj.c): Connect to a TP04 server00:51
CIA-12nash galaxie * ra59613dfeaca /server.c: Throw an error the second someone sends a dodgy packet00:51
nashmithro: Enjoy00:51
mithronash: yay :)00:57
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mithro~seen Epyon02:49
tpbmithro: Epyon was last seen in #tp 5 days, 18 hours, 24 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <Epyon> I plan to seriously jump at my game this year02:49
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jothamwe might have to rearrange the data in these xml's a bit06:06
jothamright now you can get damage events before anyone has apparently fired, which means i have to hack it to figure out who fired at it06:06
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mithrohey greywhind!18:58
greywhindhey mithro18:58
mithroany luck building the 10.3.9 binaries?18:59
greywhindmithro: haven't tried... i really don't want to set TP up on that computer.18:59
mithroat the moment getting a working mac binary is pretty important19:00
greywhindmithro: it's mostly used by my parents, and they probably won't like me sitting there for hours trying to set it up and get it to build...19:00
mithrogreywhind: have access to any 10.3.9 computers?19:02
greywhindmithro: just that one and my sister's...19:02
mithrothe only thing blocking the release announcement are binaries for Mac and Windows19:03
greywhindmithro: are there really that many people still using 10.3.9?19:03
greywhindmithro: i'll ask my parents if i can build TP on their computer. you'll have to tell me how to set it up again19:05
mithrogreywhind: the type of people who would play tp, 10.3.9 would be pretty common19:07
greywhindmithro: k then19:07
greywhindmithro: alright. i can build it. let me switch over there...19:11
mithrookay, thanks19:12
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greywhindmithro: so what do i do first?19:16
mithrojust follow the mac os x developer instructions?19:16
greywhindmithro: by the way, development branch is gone, correct?19:22
greywhindmithro: what branch should i commit to now?19:25
mithrogreywhind: stable19:26
greywhindmithro: so tpclient-pywx.git#stable?19:26
CIA-12noegnud tpclient-pywx-stable * rf1e8f7136154 / (4 files in 3 dirs):19:30
CIA-12Added forward and backward buttons to Systems panel.19:30
CIA-12Supporting code is in StateTracker.19:30
CIA-12noegnud tpclient-pywx-stable * rcc94aa32e5b2 / (6 files in 4 dirs): Merge with stable.19:30
greywhindmithro: see if that operates like you want it to19:31
mithrookay will doo19:31
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greywhindmithro: how necessary is pybonjour?19:33
mithrogreywhind: not really needed at the moment19:33
greywhindmithro: ok19:33
mithrothe pyzeroconf fallback seems to work pretty well19:33
greywhindmithro: well, it's giving me an error when i run setup.py19:33
greywhindTraceback (most recent call last):19:34
greywhind  File "./", line 32, in ?19:34
greywhind    import pybonjour19:34
greywhind  File "/Users/williamp/Desktop/pybonjour-1.1.0/", line 25019:34
greywhind    @classmethod19:34
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greywhindmithro: never mind19:36
greywhindmithro: i had the old version of python still taking priority over the new one19:36
mithrooh, did you use the python2.4 or python2.5?19:37
mithropython2.4 would have probably been better as you can get a pygame for it19:37
greywhindmithro: now i have 2.519:37
greywhindmithro: old one was 2.319:37
greywhindmithro: now, you want me to build at a specific tag, correct?19:39
mithrogreywhind: yeah19:39
greywhindmithro: how do i get only the commits up to that tag?19:39
mithroarg, I have no idea :(19:39
mithroEpyon: ping?19:39
nashgreywhind: git checkout tagname?19:41
greywhindnash: thanks... will try it as soon as i actually have git installed :P19:42
greywhindforgot that part19:42
nashgreywhind: what are you using?19:43
greywhindnash: my other computer with Mac OS 10.3.919:43
mithronash: trying to build mac binaries19:44
mithrowhat I really need is a Mac OS X 10.3.9 vmware image or something19:44
greywhindmithro: not allowed, unfortunately19:44
mithrogreywhind: yeah - was 10.3.9 before they switch to intel anyway?19:44
greywhindmithro: yes19:45
greywhindmithro: the git installer linked on the wiki doesn't seem to actually do anything...19:47
mithrogreywhind: :(19:47
greywhindmithro: 2008-02-04 17:52:05.927 Installer[1631] Can't open package /Volumes/Git/Git.mpkg (there was an error reading the file
mithroI'm afraid I'm little out of my depth - I don't know much about mac installers19:48
greywhindmithro: hah. it's because there _isn't_ a file in thee19:48
mithromaybe it's a "we don't support 10.3.9 anymore" type thing?19:48
greywhindmithro: git-core cannot be installed on this computer.19:48
greywhindMac OS X 10.4.9 is required for this installation.19:48
mithrogreywhind: dang - maybe just use a network share?19:49
greywhindmithro; i'm trying to find another package19:49
greywhindmithro: and (the place the package is linked from) crashes my browser...19:51
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greywhindmithro: so i'm installing git from MacPorts20:27
mithrogreywhind: sorry for the trouble :(20:28
greywhindmithro: it's worth it20:28
greywhindat least, as long as it works20:28
mithrogreywhind: yeah, hopefully it will20:28
greywhindmithro: i have the feeling this computer is going to take hours to actually make the package20:29
mithrogreywhind: when I last build it on my sisters Ibook (which is now running 10.4) it only took about 10 minutes20:30
greywhindmithro: based on how long it's taking to build pkgconfig20:30
greywhindapparently i didn't have curl... or not a new enough version20:33
greywhindthat's odd20:33
greywhindor maybe MacPorts just doesn't use the standard Mac curl20:33
nashmithro: Do you know when llnz will be back around20:38
mithronash: early next week20:39
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mithrogot more tpserver-cpp patches?20:45
nashNope, got some fundamental bugs20:46
nashBasically tpserver-cpp doesn't follow the protocol for sending stuff20:47
nashAnd being C++ it's essentially impossible to debug20:47
jothamso i need svn or whatever access again i guess20:50
jothamdid my first block of code against pyglet last night20:51
greywhind--->  Verifying checksum(s) for expat20:54
greywhindError: Checksum (md5) mismatch for expat-2.0.1.tar.gz20:54
greywhindError: Checksum (sha1) mismatch for expat-2.0.1.tar.gz20:54
greywhindError: Checksum (rmd160) mismatch for expat-2.0.1.tar.gz20:54
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mithrojotham: you should still have your git access21:03
jothami don't have the computers i was using any more21:05
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mithrojotham: could you send me a new ssh-key then21:10
mithroand I'll replace your old one21:10
mithrojotham: I believe you use to commit to our git repositories before?21:19
jothambut it was like a year ago21:27
mithrookay - so I assume you have totally forgotten how :P21:28
mithrojotham: do you remeber how to generate a ssh key?21:29
mithroBTW Are you on Linux, windows or MacOS X these days?21:29
jothami dev in winxp, i have ubuntu in a virtual machine, and i have an osx laptop21:33
jothamam building a server atm that will be able to virtualise as many linuxes and windows as i need21:33
jothami can generate an ssh key21:33
jothamwhen i get home i'll sort it out21:34
nashmithro: Protocolxml on the website for tp04 is the most recent version right?23:34
nashOkay, second question... I'm the first to try an implement client side object descriptions?23:36
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