Saturday, 2008-01-26

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mithrogreywhind: any luck with the sorting?00:40
greywhindmithro: kind of00:40
mithrodoes the server browser do sorting?00:40
greywhindmithro: it's predictable now, but still wrong00:41
greywhindmithro; before it seemed to be random, now it actually reverses correctly... it's just not sorted00:41
mithrobtw, a good thing to try is to print out the left and right bits in the comparison operator00:43
greywhindmithro: figured it out00:47
mithrogreywhind: cool!00:48
greywhindmithro: i was looking up the object by its ID, but the ID i was using was the row in the list, not the ID of the object00:48
mithroahh cool00:49
greywhindmithro: do you want me to commit the change or put it back?00:59
mithrogreywhind: can you change the if so it does not enter that statement if it's on a mac?00:59
greywhindmithro: sure00:59
mithrogreywhind: and make sure they are seperate commits01:02
greywhindmithro: i did.01:02
mithrogreywhind: cool :)01:02
CIA-13noegnud tpclient-pywx-development * r180f019beda0 /windows/ (main/ xrc/winIdleFinder.xrc): IdleFinder: sorting capability added, fixed sizing bug.01:03
CIA-13noegnud tpclient-pywx-development * r6a4a26becf47 / Work-around for localization to allow Mac version to function.01:03
mithrogreywhind: I also need you to test the packaging stuff01:03
mithroI'm assuming you only have one mac?01:04
greywhindmithro: well, i have multiple macs, but only one with the necessary stuff installed01:04
mithrowhat version of OS X are you running?01:04
greywhindmithro: 10.4.1101:04
mithrogreywhind: well that is good - as when you build the packaging it should run on any mac01:04
greywhindmithro: i'll check it on two01:04
greywhindmithro: the other one is 10.3.901:04
mithroall intel, or are the older ones PPC?01:05
greywhindmithro: older one is PPC01:05
mithrookay that is good too01:05
greywhindmithro: i've updated all of them past 10.2, so i'm afraid i can't check anything before 10.3.901:06
mithronothing older then 10.3.9 will work01:06
greywhindmost Mac users have at least 10.3.9 though01:06
greywhindmithro: do i need to do this tonight, or could i wait for tomorrow?01:07
mithrogreywhind: well, it would be preferable to do it tonight01:07
greywhindmithro: alright... what do i need to do?01:07
mithrogo to the tpclient directory01:07
mithroand type "python py2app"01:08
greywhind (7 lines)01:08
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: hrm... can you figure out where os.copy may have gone?01:09
mithroseems shutils01:09
mithrocopy(src, dst)01:10
mithro    Copy data and mode bits ("cp src dst").01:10
mithrobtw you will need py2app installed01:10
greywhindmithro: hmm... do i not have it already?01:11
mithrogreywhind: dunno - it's not required to run the client01:11
mithroonly to package it01:11
greywhindmithro: so... what about the os.copy thing?01:12
mithro(make sure you import it)01:13
greywhindmithro: got it... so i change setup.py01:13
greywhindmithro: should i commit that?01:14
mithrogreywhind: yeah01:14
greywhindmithro: will do01:15
greywhindseems to be working now01:15
greywhindi did install py2app01:15
mithroi'm not sure, but I seem to remeber you needing some disk tool too01:16
greywhindmithro: so far, it's going well01:16
greywhindmithro: i may have installed the disk tool, since i've used command-line DMG creation before...01:17
mithrogreywhind: sounds good01:17
greywhindmithro: it's done... no visible errors01:17
mithrodid it create a dmg file?01:17
greywhindmithro: yeah01:17
greywhindmithro: hmm01:18
mithrogreywhind: well, time to find out if the dmg work :P01:18
greywhindmithro: the app in the dist folder claims i don't have the right version of python01:19
greywhindmithro: err wxpython01:19
mithrothis is where things get a little tricky :(01:19
greywhindmithro: checking the one on the disk image01:19
greywhindmithro: may be damaged or incomplete01:20
greywhindmithro: :(01:20
mithrocan you try it on a different computer?01:20
greywhindmithro: no, never mind... seems to work01:20
greywhindmithro: but same thing01:20
mithroon the console?01:20
greywhindmithro: no, a popup01:21
mithrocan you run Mac apps on the console?01:21
greywhindmithro: yes... probably01:21
mithrogreywhind: can you get me a screenshot?01:21
greywhindmithro: yes01:21
greywhindmithro: running from console gives the same popup01:22
mithroany output to the console?01:22
greywhindgreywhind (11:26 PM):/Applications > ./
greywhindMy information:01:22
greywhindMy version My version 0.2.9901:22
greywhindRunning from  /Applications/
greywhindChecking requirements:01:22
mithroany after the Checking requirements?01:23
greywhindmithro: that's it01:23
mithroquick hack01:24
mithrochange to not check the wx version01:24
tpb<> (at
mithrothen repackage and try again01:24
greywhindmithro: ok01:24
mithroany luck?01:30
greywhindmithro: creating disk image now01:30
mithrookay cool01:30
greywhindmithro: i took a minute to change the sorting bug to closed01:31
greywhindmithro: we've managed to get both of my processors to 100% for the first time in a while :)01:32
mithrooh? :P01:34
greywhindmithro: i'm trying to figure out why this package might be giving a "damaged or incomplete" error01:34
greywhindeven though it works when i run it from command line01:34
greywhindmithro: here's what we get now:01:35
greywhind (68 lines)01:35
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: try this01:39
tpbTitle: Nopaste - patch (at
mithrowe have tried packaging under mac/windows since we converted to XRC01:39
mithroor did the move around01:39
greywhind (6 lines)01:41
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: you could try manually doing that diff01:42
greywhindmithro: i will01:42
greywhindmithro: then rebuild?01:44
mithropackaging is one of the most frustrating parts of developing for Mac/Windows01:49
greywhindmithro: i know01:49
greywhindmithro: here's the output:01:49
greywhind (68 lines)01:49
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: seems that it really can't find wx01:50
greywhindmithro: or at least... anything inside wx01:51
mithromaybe we need to force py2app to include wx01:52
mithrowhat is the output of
mithroit prints all the packages it thinks your application needs01:53
mithroalso make sure you have the latest py2app01:53
greywhind (11 lines)01:53
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhind>>> py2app01:54
greywhind<module 'py2app' from '/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/lib/python2.5/site-packages/py2app-0.3.6-py2.5.egg/py2app/__init__.pyc'>01:54
mithrogreywhind: oh, I mean the output of "python py2app"01:56
greywhindmithro: here you go:01:57
greywhind (755 lines)01:57
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrocan you cd into the application01:58
mithroand do a find to01:58
greywhind"find to"01:59
greywhindgreywhind (12:03 AM):/Applications/ > find to01:59
greywhindfind: to: No such file or directory01:59
mithrojust type "find ."02:00
mithroshould list all the files in the application02:00
greywhindmithro: here:02:01
greywhind (2229 lines)02:01
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrohrm, does look like it is including wx doesn't it?02:02
greywhindmithro: it does?02:04
greywhindmithro: i don't see wx...02:04
greywhindmithro: ah. i see.02:05
mithrobut may it isn't including the wx python files02:06
greywhindmithro: that's what it seems like... the client finds wx itself, but not any packages/files inside wx02:06
mithroo btw02:07
mithrochange the following line02:07
mithrobase = os.path.join("dist", "", "Contents", "Resources", "lib", "python2.4") to02:07
mithrobase = os.path.join("dist", "", "Contents", "Resources", "lib", "python2.5")02:07
mithro(probably should detect that path based in the python version02:07
greywhindmithro: that might make a difference02:07
mithrothat is just cleanup however02:07
mithrochange line 17102:08
mithroto be02:08
mithro"includes": ['wx'],02:08
greywhindmithro: ok... anything else?02:08
mithrodo a02:08
mithro>>> import wx02:08
mithro>>> print wx.__file__02:09
greywhind>>> print wx.__file__02:09
greywhindfor some reason it wouldn't send that line... until i put quotes around it02:10
greywhindmithro: build again?02:10
mithrookay I think I know the problem02:11
mithrogreywhind: by default IRC commands start with a / :)02:11
mithronot quite yet02:11
greywhindmithro: good point02:11
mithroI know what the problem is02:11
mithrobut I'm not sure how to fix it02:11
mithrocan you try extracting the following file02:14
mithroand seeing what is in it02:14
greywhind (61 lines)02:16
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: can you do a find rather then an ls?02:17
greywhind (568 lines)02:17
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrogreywhind: okay try regerenerating again?02:18
greywhindmithro: greywhind (12:29 AM):/Applications/ > ./tpclient-pywx02:25
greywhindMy information:02:25
greywhindMy version My version 0.2.9902:25
greywhindRunning from  /Applications/
greywhindChecking requirements:02:25
greywhindNo module named psyco02:25
greywhindNo module named pyOpenSSL02:25
greywhindNo module named OpenSSL02:25
greywhindNo module named pygame02:25
greywhindThousand Parsec Protocol Library Version (0, 2, 2)02:25
greywhind    (installed at /Applications/
greywhindThousand Parsec Client Library Version (0, 2, 99)02:25
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greywhind (71 lines)02:26
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: looks like the same thing02:26
mithrocan you put at the very top of requirements.py02:28
mithroimport wx02:28
mithroprint wx02:28
mithroprint dir(wx)02:28
greywhindmithro: rebuild again?02:28
mithroafraid so02:28
greywhind (71 lines)02:33
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithroyeah I know what is happening now02:34
mithroyou need to fix the following file02:35
mithroto not need the "from wx import *"02:35
mithro(could be as easy as removing that line)02:36
greywhindmithro: well, as it turns out, it didn't need it02:36
mithrogreywhind: okay, so rebuild after doing that02:36
mithro(btw a "from x import *" is generally considered bad practice02:37
greywhindmithro: in the process02:37
mithroI should stop using it myself :P02:38
mithroany luck?02:39
greywhindmithro: yes!02:39
mithrogreywhind: cool02:40
mithrobtw, it would be cool is you installed python-pygame02:40
greywhindmithro: only thing left02:40
greywhindmithro: is why it won't let me open the version from the disk image by double-click, only from command line02:41
greywhindmithro: although the app in the dist folder works from double-click02:41
mithrogreywhind: can you try on a different computer02:41
mithroI seem to remeber something to do with caching of stuff02:41
greywhindmithro: yes... do you want me to try bringing the disk image over or just the app from the folder?02:42
mithrothe .dmg file02:43
greywhindmithro: ok02:43
mithrobtw, are the icons and background showing up correctly?02:43
greywhindmithro: the background is02:43
mithro(I'm not sure they work on 10.3.9)02:43
mithroI'm pretty sure the icon won't work locally unless you restart your computer (some type of caching thing)02:44
greywhindmithro: and on the second opening of the disk image, the icon shows up02:44
mithrogreywhind: what size is the disk image? about 38 mb?02:44
mithro(btw you should remove wx from the "includes")02:44
greywhindmithro: 41 mb02:44
mithrocan you also do a find in the app directory and I will update the cleanup and excludes to try and get that down a bit in size02:45
greywhindmithro: give me a minute to test this first02:45
mithrookay sure02:46
mithrothanks for doing all this02:46
greywhindmithro: no problem... it's only sleep :P02:47
mithrogreywhind: did you ever send me your postal address?02:48
greywhindmithro: i don't think so... i don't remember you asking for it?02:49
mithromay I didn't02:49
mithroI'm probably getting confused with the Summer of Code students02:49
mithroanyway, it would be a good idea to give me a postal address :P02:49
greywhindmithro: ok. i'll send an e-mail.02:49
mithroand your tshirt size02:49
greywhindmithro: on 10.3.9:02:54
greywhind (89 lines)02:54
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: i have the feeling you'll need a separate 10.3.9 package if you want to support < version 10.402:55
mithrooh dang, you'll have to build the package on 10.3.9 :(02:55
mithrobtw don't forget to revert requirements.py02:55
greywhindmithro: will do02:56
greywhindmithro: what do you want me to do about the wxPython check?03:01
mithrogreywhind: can you put it back and see if it still works?03:01
greywhindmithro: it doesn't03:02
mithrowell, we need to disable that when run from the package03:03
mithrocan you tell me what is in __boot__.py03:04
mithroin the package?03:04
greywhind (159 lines)03:05
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrocan you also do that find for me?03:06
greywhindmithro: just the general find?03:06
mithrogreywhind: yeah03:06
mithrotry putting the following around the wxversion check03:06
mithroif not hasattr(sys, "frozen") or sys.frozen != 'macosx_app':03:07
greywhind (1724 lines)03:07
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: rebuild?03:08
mithrocan you paste the output of the rebuild too03:09
greywhindmithro: will do03:09
greywhindmithro:  that fixed it03:12
mithrogreywhind: cool!03:12
mithrogreywhind: well, I think we are getting close to being done for tonight03:13
greywhind (1207 lines)03:13
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrohow are you feeling, do you think we have time to try and reduce the size of the package - or should we leave that till another day?03:14
greywhindmithro: could we do it tomorrow?03:15
greywhindmithro: it's at 41 MB03:15
mithrosure, we know that we can atleast build a package now03:15
greywhindmithro: to be specific, 42,981,411 bytes03:16
greywhindmithro: shall i commit and push?03:16
mithrowhat changes do you have pending?03:16
greywhind (14 lines)03:16
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhind (58 lines)03:17
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrookay they all look good03:17
greywhind (13 lines)03:20
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindmithro: any ideas?03:23
mithrogreywhind: that worked fine03:24
mithroit appears tha CIA was/is not working03:24
greywhindmithro: oh, ok... that's good03:24
mithroif you do another push03:24
mithroit should say nothing to do03:24
greywhindmithro: yep03:24
greywhindi was confused by the XML-RPC Error:03:24
mithroyeah, that is the CIA script03:24
mithro(it uses XML-RPC to tell the CIA bot about the commit)03:25
greywhindmithro: ok then... i'm going to sleep now, unless there's something else.03:25
mithrono, thanks for all your help!03:25
greywhindmithro: i'm glad it happened to be friday so i could do it03:25
mithrogreywhind: you going to be around much this weekend?03:25
greywhindmithro: i'll try... not sure what if anything i'll have going on03:25
greywhindsee you tomorrow03:26
CIA-13noegnud tpclient-pywx-development * r16ec8aa54e57 / (5 files in 3 dirs):03:29
CIA-13Fixed and to allow correct packaging for Mac.03:29
CIA-13Also made small change to IdleFinder imports to fix packaging bug.03:29
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JLPahoy *05:40
mithrohey JLP06:06
mithroat the moment, it looks like mac users will have to do without translations06:06
mithroJLP: what to the gentoo "ebuilds" do?06:07
mithro~seen Appleman12306:07
tpbmithro: I have not seen Appleman123.06:07
mithro~seen Appleman123406:07
tpbmithro: Appleman1234 was last seen in #tp 2 days, 9 hours, 29 minutes, and 43 seconds ago: <Appleman1234> ok06:07
JLPmithro: too bad about translations :( not many mac users in slovenia though so if it works on Linux it is fine fo06:14
JLPebuilds, well, they are recipes how to build the source into bnary form and then install that and keep inventary of installed stuff and dependencies in portage database06:15
JLPsomething like spec files for RPM06:15
mithrois it worth having them for gentoo users listed somewhere?06:23
mithroJLP: it works fine under Linux, I have no idea how to easily test under windows06:24
mithroI don't have an option for slovenian under windows06:24
JLPmithro: yeah it sux, in windows you have to get a separate slovenian language interface pack, only available for WinXp Pro and you have to pay for it06:28
JLPmithro: i think it wouldn't hurt to have the ebuilds and other packaging recipes somwhere in the repository so that anyone can then come and improve them06:28
mithromaybe we need to do an "Australian" translation06:29
mithroJLP: can you record a list of things which are not being translated (and fixing them breaks something?)06:30
mithrogreywhind should have fixed the idle sorting bug too06:30
JLPyeah i will note this, so far i couldn't find in the source where to translate this Resources overlay options for Home Planet and Ship Part06:31
JLPand the units for planetary resources06:32
mithrounits for planetary resources come from the server06:32
JLPlooks like the names for this come from the server06:32
mithroanything which comes out of the ".cache" is from the server06:33
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mithrohey peres08:07
mithrowhat ever happened to that name generator?08:07
peresit's here on my disk, still in its original version08:14
mithrowhats it's output like these days?08:18
peresa list of strings08:18
mithroperes: I mean the quality :)08:19
peressorry :P the same as you in the list I gave some time ago08:20
mithrodidn't you have to restart over christmas?08:20
peresi promised to, but i didn't keep my promise08:21
peresbad, isn't it? I just hadn't any time08:21
mithroahh, so you didn't actually get anywhere :(08:22
peresi'm looking at the code right now... i guess i improved it somehow after i gave you the list08:26
peresstill, it is largely unsatisfactory08:27
mithrobad generator is a lot better then no generator :P08:32
peresmithro: what about using classical star names for bodies in tp?08:59
peresmithro: with 250 base names, 20 first-level modifiers and 20 second-level modifiers, we should get 100000 names09:04
mithroperes: sounds good :P09:35
mithroanyway off to bed09:36
mithroshould have been in bed hours ago09:36
pereshave a good night09:44
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mithrohey people17:32
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CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rba311cf3ad55 /
CIA-12Some changes to the for packaging on Mac.18:00
CIA-12 - Clean up some more files on Mac.18:00
CIA-12 - Ignore some parts of numeric which are not needed.18:00
CIA-12 - "Fix" the version.18:00
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * re7cb3a9e2414 / (7 files in 4 dirs): Use "unicode" instead of "str" to make sure localization works.18:00
mithro~seen greywhind18:01
tpbmithro: greywhind was last seen in #tp 14 hours, 34 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <greywhind> see you tomorrow18:01
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mithromorning greywhind18:14
mithroI have to get on a plane in 20 minutes, I'm at the airport using the wireless18:14
greywhindmithro: morning - anything you'd like me to do?18:15
mithroI would like you to go inside the .app18:15
mithroand see how much of the numpy stuff you can remove before tpclient-pywx no longer runs18:15
greywhindmithro: will do18:16
mithromy current guess is the following18:17
mithro                                        'numpy.numarray', 'numpy.oldnumeric',18:17
mithro                                        'numpy.distutils', 'numpy.doc', 'numpy.f2py', 'numpy.fft', 'numpy.lib.tests', 'numpy.testing'18:17
mithroyou could try building the package again first if you wanted18:17
mithroit should be a little more brutal cleaning up the mess py2app makes18:18
mithrohopefully we can get the package down to like 35mb18:18
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * re02397790e05 /windows/main/overlays/ In waypoint mode cycle through the objects in a system.18:22
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r3101031c1c8a /windows/main/ Added shortcut for changing to the waypoint mode.18:22
mithrogreywhind: any luck with the "home system" button?18:22
greywhindmithro: didn't have time to fix it yet18:22
mithroas I would also like to use the code to select an object right after startup18:22
greywhindmithro: if i remove everything you stated, i get this: Possible problems found:18:23
greywhindThe following requirements where not met:18:23
greywhind     python-numpy18:23
greywhind     python-numpy-ext18:23
mithrowell, fixing the home system button is more important at the moment18:24
greywhindmithro: i'll work on that then.18:24
mithrowe may be able to just change the check for numpy above in the same way we did the wxversion thing18:24
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r7ffdb376c195 /windows/main/
CIA-12Don't go into waypoint mode if the object can't move!18:26
CIA-12(Need to fix this properly.)18:26
greywhindmithro: what function is used to move the starmap view?18:31
mithrogreywhind: hrm, none really18:31
mithroyou could use Move i think18:31
mithrocheckout the GUIMove stuff18:31
greywhindmithro:  well, something has to be called when the player drags the canvas...18:32
mithrogreywhind: yeah, see the GUIMove stuff18:32
greywhindmithro: where's that?18:32
mithronot quite sure, do a grep :)18:32
mithrowell my plane is about to board18:39
mithrosee ya!18:39
greywhindmithro: have a nice flight18:39
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rcc8be56c4e6b /tpclient-pywx: Added a precondition to calling an event's handler.18:41
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * ra510a5a475f1 /windows/ ( xrc/winServerBrowser.xrc): Fixed the winServerBrowser and disabled non-functioning bits.18:41
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