Thursday, 2008-01-24

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mithronash: i'm still not happy with your solution but it is probably a step in the right direction02:06
nashmithro: Still needs work, how the client can generate an ID safely.  Alt, just drop the shared between clients/players part02:07
nashAnyway - heading home02:10
nashTalk to you later02:10
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CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r41bd65a3ba60 /windows/ (main/ xrc/ xrc/panelOrder.xrc):02:13
CIA-12Update the panelOrder to have consistent (and slightly nicer colours).02:13
CIA-12The order details panel will now show a border dependent on the state of the02:13
CIA-12order (Red - removing, Yellow - updating, Blue - Creating) which matches the02:13
CIA-12colors on the order list.02:13
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rfb3e3efd9ff0 /windows/xrc/ (11 files): Update the generate .py files for translation .po building.02:13
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rf8c6d960b9fc / (3 files in 3 dirs):02:13
CIA-12A bunch of bug fixed related to the panelOrder.02:13
CIA-12 - Prevent the changing of orders pending for removal.02:13
CIA-12 - Make sure the order panel updates when things change.02:13
CIA-12 - Fixed the revert button.02:13
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mithrowell i'm off home02:18
mithrosee ya02:18
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mithroanyone alive tonight?06:15
JLPahoy *06:31
mithroJLP: want to translate tp?06:32
JLPmithro: sure, will do it06:33
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CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r8285cee3c0d1 /locale/tpclient-pywx.pot: Updated .pot file.06:35
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mithroJLP: ping?07:25
mithro<CIA-12> mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r8285cee3c0d1 /locale/tpclient-pywx.pot: Updated .pot file.07:25
mithroJLP: that should give you a good starting point07:25
JLPmithro: pong07:26
mithrosee above08:00
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* JLP goes file another bug report08:14
mithroJLP: what is it this time?08:20
JLPtooltips haveproblem with unicode08:23
JLPmithro: try on JLPBugTesting system08:24
tpb<> (at
JLPmithro: oh and entering * into the object search line does some strange thing to the universe tree08:30
mithroJLP: that doesn't seem to be in my code :(08:37
mithroJLP: example?08:46
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r9eb83b6b81e5 /windows/main/overlays/ Work around a bug of FancyText not accepting a unicode object.08:46
JLPmithro: can be closed as fixed right?08:47
tpb<> (at
JLPI also checked for and this one can also be closed08:50
tpb<> (at
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rcac6ef0abccc /windows/main/ Fixed a bug when user enters * into the system filter box.08:51
mithroJLP: fixed that one too08:55
JLPmithro: about the search box, i guess it should not search in the part that shows the number of terms for orders?08:55
mithropossibly, but that could be useful?08:56
mithronot something to worry about08:56
JLPmithro: yeah not a big deal, and it could indeed be usefull08:57
mithrowell I need to head to bed08:58
mithrokeep up the good work08:58
mithro(would be good if we could release with the translation too)08:58
JLP*#* could be another way to see objects without orders08:58
JLPmithro: no worries, will work on it later today08:58
mithroI'm aiming to finish up the last problems on the weekend08:58
mithroand do packaging on Monday at LCA08:58
JLPmithro: by then the translation should definitely be finished08:59
JLPand if Appleman1234 does the packaging for Gentoo, I will probaby try to do it for Mandriva09:00
mithroJLP: okay cool09:23
mithroJLP: keep up the bug reporting - your bugs reports are very good09:24
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mithromorning people17:39
mithrohey greywhind17:39
mithromorning nash17:50
mithroready for another round of "it's a feature not a bug" ? :P17:50
nashI've got $4 on "design limitation"17:51
nash ;-)17:51
nashI saw your commit logs for last night...17:53
nashAre you planning on releasing in teh next 72 hours?17:53
mithrokind of18:17
mithroIt's getting close enough that I'm going to release a "release candidate" on Sunday probably18:17
mithrowhich I hope to build packages ready for Monday18:18
mithroready to announce on Tuesday18:21
mithromy todo list for tpclient-pywx is down to 4 items18:21
mithroand there are probably about 6-7 bugs left on the tracker which I would like to get fixed18:22
mithroI'm happy that you could probably play a game of Minisec of RFTS without too much trouble18:24
mithroas I want us to start eating our own dog food as they say18:26
mithroand actually start playing games18:26
nashI'd agree with that ;-)18:27
* nash needs to iron out the two issues with galaxie, and I shall as well ;-)18:27
nashOne should be easy... I'm sending bad order frames and the server is telling me to go jump ;-)18:28
mithronash: wow! normally it just crashes ;)18:28
nashThe second is... harder... the change to a MVC model for the tree I'm using upstream18:28
nashmithro: This one actually doesn't.  It's one of the few times I've sent bad packets and haven't got an exception from tpserver-cpp.18:29
nashIt's a complex packet (order set) so it's quite pleasing to see it handles it gracefully18:29
mithronash: probably because I have gotten it wrong in the past too and already crashed the server :P18:30
nashheh heh ;-)18:30
nashmithro: It wouldn't surprise me, the TP03 order packet is a nightmare18:31
nashIt makes sense...but building the damn thing... eek18:31
mithronash: it's actually quite easy for me18:31
mithroI dynamically build a class from the OrderDesc18:31
mithroand then just create the packet using the class like every other packet18:31
nashmithro: I need to do it two stage currently.  Build the packet from the order desc, then put that in the rest of the order18:32
nashI suspect the later has a stupid bug, while the former, although trickier, is right18:32
greywhindmithro: ping18:35
mithrogreywhind: pong!18:35
mithrogreywhind: JLP logged another bug against your idle window :P18:35
greywhindmithro: saw it18:35
mithrogreywhind: cool18:35
mithrogreywhind: I would like you to concentrating on making sure everything works on MacOS X, as that is a platform I don't have easy access too18:36
greywhindmithro: i'll test anything you want me to18:36
mithrogreywhind: well - I don't have any specific guide, just go through and try out everything18:37
mithromake sure buttons look right18:37
mithrothings behave as expected18:37
mithroclick everything and make sure it does something18:37
greywhindmithro: alright18:37
greywhindmithro: in the "Preferences" window from the connect dialog, should the Thousand Parsec tab be empty?18:41
greywhindand the Updating tab as well18:41
mithrogreywhind: well, kind of - they "are empty" - probably shouldn't be displayed18:42
mithrolog a bug :P18:42
mithrohopefully Appleman will do a good job of updating the manual too18:43
greywhindmithro: release is... next monday, correct?18:44
mithrogreywhind: well, I want to get most things finished by the end of Saturday18:44
greywhindmithro: k18:44
mithroso make sure you push your stuff ASAP18:45
greywhindmithro: i'm not sure i'm the best person to resolve the README bug18:45
mithrogreywhind: nope, I'll do that one18:45
mithrodid I accidently assign it to you?18:45
greywhindmithro: yep, but i just assigned it back to you18:45
mithrogreywhind: I also bumpped your privledges on the bug tracker18:45
greywhindmithro: i noticed. thanks.18:46
greywhindmithro: hmm... is there supposed to be a way to change the parameters of an order after clicking 'new' in the Orders panel?18:50
mithrogreywhind: hrm?18:50
greywhindlike, if i click "new" move order for my fleet18:50
greywhindhow would i change where the move is to?18:50
greywhindmithro: or even remove it18:51
mithrogreywhind: you should definately be able to remove it18:51
mithrowhen it is in the process of creating, it should have a blue border18:51
greywhindmithro: but how? is there supposed to be a button or something?18:51
mithroyou select the order then click the delete button18:52
greywhindmithro: when i select the order, the panel doesn't change at all18:52
mithrogreywhind: take a look at JLP's bug reports, that type of information makes debugging these problems much much faster :P18:52
greywhindmithro: i'm just trying to figure out if this is a bug.18:53
mithrogreywhind: if something is happening which you don't expect then it is likely to be a bug18:53
greywhindmithro: i don't really know what _should_ be happening, because i haven't done anything with orders since the very old client18:53
mithroor atleast a "mis feature"18:53
greywhindmithro: could you maybe give me a screenshot of what happens when you create a new move order on your client?18:54
mithrookay uploading now18:56
greywhindmithro: aha18:56
tpbTitle: Index of /~tim (at
greywhindmithro: if i close the picture panel below the orders panel, i then see some position buttons18:57
mithrooh? the bits are off the bottom of the orders panel?18:59
greywhindmithro: it doesn't seem to realize that the buttons and boxes have been added and doesn't expand to show them18:59
mithrothat sounds like a Mac OS X bug :(18:59
greywhindmithro: yeah. it does.18:59
mithronash: where does the winUpdate pop up?19:10
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r325ea87709f5 /windows/ Make sure all download arrows are green on successful download.19:13
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * re7d1c8e77794 /windows/ Only show a panel in the config window if it isn't empty.19:19
nashIt's in the middle of the main window - It is fine19:19
nashproblem is, it blocks the other windows (the tips window) for instance from being closed19:20
mithronash: hrm... that is weird19:21
mithrothe main window shouldn't be shown19:21
mithrocan you send me a screenshot?19:21
nashSorry, of which?19:22
mithrothe above - the blocking and the pop-up?19:26
nashNot much to show.  The update turn was in the middle of hte main window.19:29
nashThe tips window was on another desktop (at 0,0) and I couldn't kill it19:29
nashAs a bonus it happened just as the main screen was drawing a new turn generated on the server19:30
greywhindmithro: to sort a wxListCtrl... i need to call SetItemData on each item, right? but what data should i put in?19:30
mithrogreywhind: long time since I have delt with that19:32
mithrothere is stuff on the wiki19:32
mithrothe wxPython wiki that is19:39
mithrogreywhind: I think the solution is to give it a comparitor19:55
mithroactually, does the server browser do sorting?19:55
mithrogreywhind: feel free to add some tips to the tips file19:57
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-development * ra503db5db0e7 / (doc/tips.txt windows/ Some updates to the tips.20:01
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mithroheyo, I'm back from lunch21:49
nashYou said you were going on #lca, and said you were back on #tp ;-)21:52
mithroahh well22:03
mithrogreywhind: ping? how goes things?22:16
mithro~seen JLP22:18
tpbmithro: JLP was last seen in #tp 13 hours, 18 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <JLP> and if Appleman1234 does the packaging for Gentoo, I will probaby try to do it for Mandriva22:18
mithroJLP: ping?22:18
mithro~seen Appleman123422:18
tpbmithro: Appleman1234 was last seen in #tp 1 day, 1 hour, 40 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <Appleman1234> ok22:18
mithrothis looks cool
tpbTitle: Gravit - A gravity simulator (at
mithroWe should use this to move the star systems - :P22:34
tpbTitle: Welcome to Starlab (at
nashmithro: How about we have some star systems first ;-)22:40
mithrohe he maybe22:41
* mithro is excited about LCA22:41
nashHoping to snag more then one developer ;-)22:42
nashHave you printed the latest schedule for the TP bitch fest?22:42
mithroi just forgot what I was going to add to it22:50
mithrowhat are your plans for Monday night?22:51
mithrocurrently 10 items under tp0422:53
nashMonday night - no idea22:56
nashProbably finsihing getting ready for tuesday...22:57
mithrowell every other night is pretty much taken22:58
mithroyou don't get in till late right?22:58
mithroI'm thinking orders should be a tp05 thing really22:58
nashsunday is bad22:58
nashalthough I get in at 322:59
mithrohaven't seen llnz around at all22:59
mithro~seen llnz22:59
tpbmithro: llnz was last seen in #tp 3 days, 20 hours, 53 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <llnz> later all22:59
mithrohe said he would probably have internet access in Sydney22:59
nashThere is internet access in Sydney I hear...23:00
mithronash: at like $24 an hour! :P23:00
nashmithro: I can honestly say I've never paid that much for internet access23:01
mithrothat is what they wanted at a hotel I stayed at23:01
mithroit's funny23:01
mithrothe more expensive the hotel, the more expensive the wireless is23:02
mithrobackpackers often have free wireless like 5 star hotels charge $$$ per hour23:02
nashYes, the more expensive the hotel the more expensive the bottled water is too23:18
mithroI guess when you are paying $400 a room, you are not worrying about the $12 bottled water23:19
nashor $50 internet access23:24
nashmithro: I assume cables for the projector will be supplied?23:25
mithronash: I'm pretty sure they will be23:26
mithrobut I'm bringing my own for open day too23:26
nashJust making sure I can avoid as many cables as possible ;-)23:26
nashComputers and random devices are enough23:27
mithroI bag always looks like a rats nest :P23:27
nashHaven't even touched on mobile phone chargers and such things23:28
mithroI'm just wondering if I should pop-up an informative message about loginin as guest23:28
* nash remembers business cards 23:28
* mithro will be bringing tp business cards23:29
nashYou have TP business card?23:29
mithrothey are "generic" tp business cards23:29
mithrothey have the logo on one side23:29
mithroand the URL and space to write stuff on the other23:30
nashI was worried they were full cards for a second there23:34
mithrothey look pretty cool23:35
mithroI think the logo zzorn designed for us is one of our biggest assets :P23:35

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