Friday, 2008-01-04

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mithronash: no galaxie work recently?00:06
nashmithro: Nope, swe work instead00:07
mithronash: so apart from move support, what is the tpclient-pywx bug/feature you most want fixed00:13
llnzbbs, making dinner00:13
nashmithro: Anything but minisec I think00:17
mithronash: that is not a specific feature really00:19
nashmithro: TP04 and MTSec then00:20
nashOtherwise... nothing i cna htink of at the moment00:20
mithronash: again not a tpclient-pywx feature00:20
nashI've been testing with tpserver-cpp recentlly00:20
mithroI'm after UI problems00:20
mithroand similar00:20
* nash keeps reading client instead of serer00:20
nashmithro: I haven't touched it for months00:21
mithroyou mean server instead of client?00:21
nashSo I couldn't tell you at the moment00:21
mithrocould you give it a try in the near future?00:21
nashYes, but I'm getting them mixed too ;-000:21
nashmithro: Shall do early next week then00:21
mithroI'm sure you will find plenty of grips :)00:21
nashmithro: I do graphics for a living... more then you can imagine ;-)00:22
mithronash: try and be nice ;)00:23
mithroI have 1 feature left to impliment before we enter release mode00:23
mithroand that is the waypoint stuff00:23
mithrohence I want the "this is horribly broken" type feedback nowish00:25
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llnzlater all08:04
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remaximdoes anybody else believe that mithro is hidding from me? ;)14:42
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