Monday, 2007-11-19

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mithroJLP: those commits have died down a little :P00:50
JLPmithro: yeah i've also died up a bit, it's already 7 in the morning here, should be sleeping00:59
CIA-10jlp parsek-objectsmodel * r594fa74646f7 /src/ (CMakeLists.txt objectsitem.cpp objectsitem.h):01:00
CIA-10Compile ObjectsItem01:00
CIA-10Added it to the list of sources and sorted the list by alphabet.01:00
CIA-10Fixed some errors so that it at least compiles.01:00
CIA-10jlp parsek-objectsmodel * r0d99351b8431 /src/ (CMakeLists.txt importobject.cpp importobject.h):01:00
CIA-10Compile object import functions01:00
CIA-10Added it to the list of sources.01:00
CIA-10Fixed some errors so that it at least compiles.01:00
mithroJLP: have a good night - nice to see some progress01:02
JLPmithro: 'night, yeah i'm also glad i can work on thi again01:04
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mithrowb nash01:05
mithroyour link seems a little unstable today01:05
mithronash: ping?01:05
nashmithro: Nah - my keyboard has a 'zoom' key which crashes my x server... happy days01:06
mithronash: the zoom key crashes your x server?01:08
mithronash: had any luck contacting those gamedev friends?01:09
nashContact yes... useful reply no...01:09
nashTrying someone else01:09
nashToo much outsourced to india01:09
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mithronash: ahh :(01:21
CIA-10llnz tpserver-cpp * r395fc466a3ef /modules/games/minisec/minisec.cpp:01:22
CIA-10Made Galaxy and universe 10 times larger to cover all possible system positions.01:22
CIA-10Seems that some randomly generated systems could have been outside the galaxy.01:22
mithrollnz is able to push while offline :P01:25
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nashmithro:  Try this01:42
tpbTitle: LinkedIn: Simon Hayes (at
mithronash: he he - Microforte is already sending someone :)01:44
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mithrocurrently trying to get someone from BigWorld along too01:44
nashmithro: Then the person I spoke to is a dick ;-)01:45
mithronash: TBBle works for Microforte :)01:45
nashThat I didn't know.01:46
nashAlso I was speaking to someone who _was_ at bondi boys or whatever the hell they are called01:46
mithroBondi Boys?01:48
nashSmaller game dev compaony here.01:48
mithrocurrently poking the Game devs in melbourne01:48
nashSmaller then MF/BW anyway01:48
mithrodon't really have "small" game development companys these days - unless you count the "other games" such as web and casual01:50
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nashheyo llnz02:02
llnzhi nash02:02
nashI'm about to bail...02:02
mithrollnz: I saw that bug on llnz :P02:03
nashBut if you want to install galaxie - seriously just use easy_e17.sh02:03
llnznash: I'll look into it02:03
nashYou'll need to make sure you have things like xdev libs installed, and the like02:04
nashAlso when you first install it will be a bit painful installing deps02:04
nashBut after that it's pretty much as easy as updating other debian packages02:04
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mithrollnz: so how long are the tpsai-py taking at the moment?02:08
llnzbiggest ai is taking 1-2 minutes02:09
llnzactually, more like 2-4 minutes02:09
llnzobject ids now in the 11,000's02:12
mithrowhy did you bump it up to 15 minute turns?02:14
llnzbecause it was taking about 7 minutes of a 10 minute turn to get through all the AI processing, and i was going out02:15
llnzthat and i'm running out of hard disk space for the logs02:16
mithroshould pipe it to gz then to disk02:16
llnztakes about 20 turns to generate 3GB02:16
llnzinfact, currently it's about 500MB per turn02:23
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llnz4 minutes of CPU time for the largest ai (currently)02:43
mithrothat isn't too bad02:48
llnzwith the other ai's running and random fetch delay, thats about 6-8 minutes02:49
llnzi should set up some of my spare computers as AI servers02:50
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llnz24 seconds to process a turn03:30
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llnz24 seconds to process a turn04:09
llnzjust a few little issues then persistence will be working again04:12
mithrollnz: hrm?04:15
CIA-10llnz tpserver-cpp * rca81f6fa90d8 /modules/persistence/mysql/ (mysqlpersistence.cpp mysqlpersistence.h):04:16
CIA-10Mysql Persistence, WIP, just about done but still doesn't compile.04:16
CIA-10There are a few changes yet, around the player view designs, components,04:16
CIA-10and objects, and object history.04:16
mithrollnz: I don't seem to be able to connect to llnz.dyndns.org04:17
llnzsays "Login ok by guest"04:18
mithrohrm... just taking a long time04:18
llnzreading objects and everything a little slow04:18
mithrogetting the object id list takes a long while04:19
llnz2800 objects04:20
llnzEOT started04:20
mithrothere is a huge number of fleets :P04:20
llnzEOT finished04:20
llnzone ai only has 5 frigates left04:23
llnzanother has 2 planets, 32 frigates and 29 battleships04:23
llnztotal number of planets: 755 (plus a few currently not owned)04:24
mithrollnz: how many battleships does each AI have?04:33
llnz0, 2189, 1596, 2574, 2904:35
llnzit's only turn 14504:38
llnzhow many database tables does tpserver-py use?04:55
llnzmithro: ping?04:55
mithroprobably about 1505:00
llnzi'm up to 31 currently, and it's only going up05:01
mithrollnz: on your next run, you should use starmapper to make a movie of the universe05:01
mithro26 actually05:03
mithro(just did a quick grep)05:03
mithrogrep -r 'Table' * | grep -v pyc | grep -v from | grep -v isinstance05:04
mithroI probably will need another 6 or so for the playerview stuff05:05
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llnzmithro: how does tpsai-py know the EOT has happened?05:27
mithrollnz: it gets the EOT packet with time==005:27
llnzhumm... i seem to be able to cause them to update without that05:28
llnzany unsolicted Time Remaining frame05:28
llnzeven with time == 60005:28
llnz(ie, in tpserver-cpp console "turn reset", which resets the turn timer)05:29
mithroyou are right05:48
mithrollnz: it needs a non-zero time which is sent once the turn processing is finished05:48
llnzit really needs to see one with time == 0 then time != 0 before doing it's update05:50
llnzie, see *both*05:50
mithroI accept patches05:56
llnzi can see where and what to do, will post one tomorrow05:58
* llnz wanders off06:00
llnzlater all06:00
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mithromorning people17:43
nashheyo mithro17:48
mithrohow goes everything?17:48
nashPretty cool17:49
nashgetting close to order entry.. done17:49
nashUI is mostly there17:49
nashNeed some tweaks, and then to fill options17:49
nashThen just need to send back17:49
nashI'm pleasantly surprised how complete galaxie is getting for stuff like this17:49
CIA-10nash galaxie * r693f7e2d98ab /tpe_comm.c: Re-enable hack to get player name/id on login.17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * r52251672a894 /tpe_obj.c:17:57
CIA-10Make sure the server is always set on objects.17:57
CIA-10Should make the AIs and other pieces happy.;17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * r2936aebc230f / (tpe_orders.c tpe_orders.h): Add a new probe orders command.17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * rf9c00cd67c6f /tpe_orders.c: Start sending a correct probe frame for orders.17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * r2afeea24aa9a /ewl/gewl_object.c: Send a probe order when an order is selected.17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * r022d039825f7 /Makefile: Add dependancies for gewl_object17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * r6ba7f0b614b2 / (tpe_orders.c tpe_orders.h): Finish probe order implementation.17:57
CIA-10nash galaxie * refdb04a28e73 /ewl/gewl_object.c: Use callback for probe order.17:57
nashmithro: If you can compile galaxie, give it a go... it's starting to take form17:58
mithroif I get some time I will give it a go18:04
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mithronash: still zooming and crashing?19:37
nashNah... screwing around with servers19:37
nashAnd when you screw up things in xchat, I find it easier to quit and restart19:38
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mithrohey jotham20:07
mithrohow goes life?20:07
jothamfucking stressful20:24
jothamthink my gf is gonna leave o ut of neglect =)20:24
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mithrojotham: a =) or a =(21:25
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greywhind_mithro: ping?21:41
mithrogreywhind_: pong21:42
mithrohow goes everything21:42
greywhind_mithro: good, except:21:42
greywhind_Traceback (most recent call last):21:42
greywhind_  File "./tpclient-pywx", line 27, in <module>21:42
greywhind_    from tp.client.threads import NotImportantEvent, Event21:42
greywhind_ImportError: cannot import name Event21:42
mithrobtw did your supervisor ever get the review email - I never got a reply21:42
mithrogreywhind_: you need to update libtpclient-py-dev21:42
greywhind_mithro: he did.21:42
greywhind_mithro: ah.21:43
greywhind_of course21:43
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greywhindmithro: what's an Arc argument?21:51
greywhindAmount's must be a tuple of tuples with first value as numbers and values as Arc arguments21:51
greywhindthat's from PieChart btw21:52
mithrogot no idea :)21:53
greywhindi can't create a pie chart if i don't know what it wants me to pass it! :P21:53
mithrooh I see21:53
mithroArc is wxFloatCanvas primative21:54
greywhindah. ok - so i just need to create arcs and pass those21:54
mithro                for percentage, args in Percentages:21:54
mithro                        total += percentage21:54
mithro                        radians = pi/2-2*pi*total21:54
mithro                        EndXY = CenterXY + (cos(radians)*Diameter, sin(radians)*Diameter)21:54
mithro                        if isinstance(args, dict):21:54
mithro                                ObjectList.append(ArcPoint(EndXY, StartXY, CenterXY, **args))21:54
mithro                        elif isinstance(args, (list, tuple)):21:54
mithro                                ObjectList.append(ArcPoint(EndXY, StartXY, CenterXY,  *args))21:54
mithro                        StartXY = EndXY21:54
mithroalso look at the threads I pointed at on the FloatCanvas list21:55
mithrothere might be a better version of Piechart there21:56
greywhindis Arc actually ArcPoint?21:56
mithroyou know as much as I do :P22:00
greywhindmithro: any idea what this means?22:07
greywhind (16 lines)22:07
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithroI believe if you download wxFloatCanvas there is a bunch of tests you can play with22:10
mithrogreywhind: it means that you didn't give it an array which is of size 222:11
greywhindnever said anywhere that there had to be a minimum of two arguments22:12
greywhindhmm... that didn't seem to do it22:13
mithrogreywhind: it means that StartXY wasn't the size of 222:13
greywhindhmm... right22:13
greywhindyou have a line that says this: StartXY  = XY+(0, Diameter)22:17
greywhindXY is a tuple, ex. (3000000000L, 2000000000)22:17
greywhindStartXY ends up as: (3000000000L, 2000000000, 0, 0.0)22:17
greywhindmithro: what should that line be to operate correctly?22:18
mithrowell if you convert XY to a numpy array first adding like that should work correctly22:19
mithroxy = N.array(XY, N.float)22:19
mithroxy.shape = (2,)22:19
greywhindalright. thanks.22:19
mithroor something like that22:19
greywhindalright, seems to be created correctly now22:22
greywhindbut nothing draws22:23
greywhindmithro: also, Demo2 seems to have gone down22:25
greywhindwell, i'll stop there for today22:30
mithrogreywhind: send Lee a message22:40
mithroI would also think about getting a local server22:41
mithrothe above Diameter was zero?22:41
jothami got my google soc tshirt btw22:48
greywhindmithro: hmm... you're right. it did show the diameter as 0...22:49
mithrojotham: you did? wow22:51
jothamhow come wow22:52
mithrojotham: you didn't actually end up mentoring anyone?22:52
jothamyou assigned me to like two people22:53
mithrogreywhind: don't forget to send Lee a message22:53
jothamwho never did anything22:53
jothami don't remember22:53
mithrojotham: why were not accepted into the program :P22:53
greywhindmithro: send Lee a message about Demo2?22:53
mithrogreywhind: yeah22:53
jothamlumping me with losers :(22:53
greywhindmithro: an e-mail message? or IRC pm?22:53
mithrogreywhind: email22:53
greywhindmithro: alright.22:54
mithrojotham: hence why I wondered you got a tshirt22:54
mithrojotham: but hey, free tshirt :P22:54
nashmithro: Pigeon got one too ;-)22:54
mithronash: muhahaha22:54
nashCan anyone explain what the thing on the back is?22:55
mithroit is a tiki22:55
jothami imagine they deem the advertising to be worth more than the accuracy of their morality22:56
mithrosomething like that23:04
mithrojotham: get a working release of the battleviewer and I'll send you a Thousand Parsec shirt :P23:09
mithrothen you can be part of the "in crowd" :P23:10
jothami always wanted in on the clique23:11
nashjotham: Join linkedin ;-)23:12
mithroI'm just waiting to see battles with the new artwork and weapons23:12
mithronash: I found someone who was interested in working on a Thousand Parsec calendar :P23:13
mithroso we should have more tp swag23:13
mithroI will owe you one from the AI competition23:14
nashhopefully ready by 200823:15
mithrothe guy who is doing it is pretty good23:15
mithroI asked him kind jokeningly and he said "Well, I have holidays and nothing to do, why not!"23:16
mithrohrm I have over 110,000 spam emails in my junk folder23:17
mithroI think it is almost time for a cleanout23:17
nashrm Maildir/.spam/* ?23:18
mithronash: something like that23:22
mithronash: the AI llnz was testing last night where producing around 500mb of logs a turn :P23:22
nashThat's nasty23:24
mithrothe AI is fairly verbose in explaining what it is doing23:25
jothamhave you guys seen dwarf fortress?23:25
mithroprobably need a quite version23:26
mithrojotham: nope23:26
tpbTitle: Slaves to Armok II: Dwarf Fortress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at
tpbTitle: Bay 12 Games: Dwarf Fortress (at
tpb<> (at
mithroI don't really have time to play games23:31
mithroI still have to catch up on Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Supreme Commander23:32
mithroI need to get a computer which I can play them on first too23:34
nashOr a console...23:34
mithroSupreme Commander would be really sucky on a console23:36
nashI believe it is coming soon23:37
mithroI guess you can get a mouse / keyboard on consoles these days23:39
nashIf it is designed for a console, it should be playable with a console23:40
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jothamsupcom is a bit of a let down23:45
jothamcompany of heroes is still the best "sport" rts23:46

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