Friday, 2007-11-09

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mithrohey llnz04:12
llnzhi mithro04:12
mithrollnz: I pushed some changes to tpsai-py that I would like you to test04:12
tpb<> (at
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CIA-10mithro tpsai-py-incoming * r6edaff3cd875 / ( tpsai-py):04:18
CIA-10Change the way tasks are fulfill. Move them into a seperate file.04:18
CIA-10Added some scripts for testing.04:18
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llnzhummm... my 'g' key isn't workin04:19
mithrohow did you type it then? :P04:19
llnzcopyed it from some other text04:20
mithrollnz: tpserver-cpp doesn't compile04:21
mithro g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../.. -g -Wall -MT rspcombat.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/rspcombat.Tpo -c rspcombat.cpp  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/rspcombat.o04:22
mithrorspcombat.cpp: In member function 'void RSPCombat::doCombat(std::map<unsigned int, std::set<unsigned int, std::less<unsigned int>, std::allocator<unsigned int> >, std::less<unsigned int>, std::allocator<std::pair<const unsigned int, std::set<unsigned int, std::less<unsigned int>, std::allocator<unsigned int> > > > >)':04:22
mithrorspcombat.cpp:105: error: call of overloaded 'getInRange(int, unsigned int)' is ambiguous04:22
mithro../../../tpserver/prng.h:73: note: candidates are: uint32_t Random::getInRange(uint32_t, uint32_t)04:22
mithro../../../tpserver/prng.h:74: note:                 int32_t Random::getInRange(int32_t, int32_t)04:22
mithrorspcombat.cpp:107: error: call of overloaded 'getInRange(int, unsigned int)' is ambiguous04:22
mithro../../../tpserver/prng.h:73: note: candidates are: uint32_t Random::getInRange(uint32_t, uint32_t)04:22
mithro../../../tpserver/prng.h:74: note:                 int32_t Random::getInRange(int32_t, int32_t)04:22
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llnzdo i need to pull the incoming branch of tpsai-py?04:34
mithrocg-branch-add git://
mithrocg-update incoming04:39
llnzok, done04:43
mithrollnz: any idea what is up with tpserver-cpp?04:50
llnzi have no outstandin canes04:52
mithromake clean?04:53
llnzoh, and configure04:54
llnznew files added04:54
mithroI ran and ./configure04:56
llnzthen make clean would be next to try04:57
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llnzthen maybe tell me what the exact problem is04:58
mithroI have already done a makde cleab04:59
mithromaybe you missed my paste with the error?04:59
tpb<> (at
mithromister unstable internet05:09
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llnzsomethin is wron with my computer....05:19
CIA-10llnz tpserver-cpp * r914cc8ed4551 /modules/games/minisec/rspcombat.cpp:05:21
CIA-10Fixed mithro's problem with overloaded sign/unsigned in Random05:21
llnzbrb, Hopefully05:33
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llnzmithro: bug in tpsai-py stops it from running22:19
mithrookay, can you give me a log?22:19
llnzbbl (hopefully)22:20
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mithrohey guitsaru22:42
mithroguitsaru: how goes getting setup?22:45
guitsaruI've got everything good to go22:45
mithrotpsai-py really needs some cleanup :/22:47
guitsaruWhich reminds me, I need to check that out.22:50
guitsarugot it22:50
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bddebianHi folks22:53
bddebianmithro: Are you here?22:54
mithrowell, I am now22:55
mithrobddebian: so you are helpig Baby package the Thousand Parsec stuff?22:57
bddebianmithro: Hi, I'm Barry that Miriam mentioned in her e-mail about packaging your ... ah, yes22:57
bddebianmithro: There are not LICENSE or COPYING files in the libtpproto-py or libtpclient-py 0.2.2 tarballs22:57
mithrobddebian: well, welcome to our little hole in the internet :P22:57
mithrowell, that is a bit of a bummer :/22:58
mithroa huge amount has changed since the those tarballs have been released22:59
bddebianWell get us a new release man.. ;-P23:01
bddebianDoh, sorry, smart-ass mode kicks in immediately23:01
mithrobddebian: we are working furiously towards doing that :)23:01
mithrohopefully within the next couple of months23:01
mithroI was hoping that we could figure out a way to push "pre-release" or something versions23:02
mithroso that when we release, we don't have to wait 6 months because it's the first inclusion23:02
bddebianWe can build packages from svn/cvs/etc23:02
bddebianIt's just a little uglier23:03
mithrowe use git :)23:03
mithrowe almost have the process for building nightly debs from git figured out23:04
bddebianThat's just evil :)23:05
mithrothe only thing we have yet to figure out is dependencies23:06
bddebianIf I understand them correctly debs built from vcs's are bad because there is no way to verify how they were created, where they came from, etc.  But I'm often wrong, so :)23:09
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mithrobddebian: git gives you a MD5 sum which includes all the details about the repository23:12
mithrohey DystopicFro23:12
DystopicFroahoy mithro23:13
mithroDystopicFro: long time no see23:13
mithrobddebian: maybe you should start with the server?23:13
DystopicFroaye, only about two months, eh?23:13
DystopicFroeven more people in the channel now, awesome23:14
bddebianI already have packages for libtpproto-py, libtpclient-py, and tpclient-pywx in the Games team SVN23:14
mithrobddebian: cool23:14
bddebianOh and the C++ lib I think23:15
mithrobddebian: libtpproto-cpp or libtprl?23:15
mithroI think libtprl should be pretty straight forward (it's required by tpserver-cpp)23:15
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mithroDystopicFro: so how has everything been going?23:20
mithrobddebian: we will try and be has helpful as possible in getting tp into debian :)23:21
DystopicFromithro: eh, it's had its ups and downs, currently have absolutely no graduated and has been looking for a job without luck and what I have isn't enough to support us, so it's a tough spot at the moment23:22
DystopicFromithro: hence the lack of any new developments on my part23:22
mithroDystopicFro: that sucks :(23:22
bddebianmithro: Great thanks.  Nice to know that you are here on freenode23:22
bddebianOf course my python skillz suck so...23:23
mithrowe are mostly on an Australian timezone23:23
CIA-10mithro tpsai-py-incoming * ra28d1cc64167 / ( tpsai-py): Tried moving the server constant stuff to a seperate file.23:24
bddebianOK, thx23:26
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* mithro beats tpb with a stick23:31
*** mithro changes topic to "Thousand Parsec - || IRC Logs at || Why not help out? || tpserver-cpp vs tpsai-py, 1 from 1"23:32
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mithroDystopicFro: it also gets pretty empty in here on the weekends23:36
DystopicFromithro: meh...people got too many plans I guess23:38
mithroDystopicFro: something like that23:38
mithroDystopicFro: how goes uni?23:39
DystopicFromithro: it's a different system here, so it's a bit weird...not entirely adjusted still, but slogging through it23:41
DystopicFroI'm having to take a lot of low-level classes since some of mine didn't opportunity to be creative23:41
mithroDystopicFro: dang, haven't found a class where you can work on Thousand Parsec for it yet?23:42
DystopicFromithro: aye, maybe I can get independent study next semester >.<23:43
DystopicFroI miss being able to work on TP though...very few constraints there23:43
mithroDystopicFro: did you hear about greywhind doing an "Internship" with tp?23:44
DystopicFromithro: I think I saw mention of that on the website?23:44
mithroDystopicFro: yeah, so it might be possible to do something like that too :)23:45
mithrowe are happy to fill out paper work and such if needed23:45 know, that's actually an excellent idea. I'll pass that off by my advisor when I meet with him in the coming weeks to see what he thinks of it working as credit for work experience23:46
mithrothe only problem is that there is no Thousand Parsec legal entity in the USA - but we may be able to work around that23:47
DystopicFromithro: yea...since it's a larger uni they're probably concerned about legal paperwork and such...but hopefully they can be pursuaded.23:54
mithroDystopicFro: we are happy to work with them in that regard23:55
mithroand there are some orgs that a probably willing to be proxies for us23:55
DystopicFromithro: you're going to go far...tenacity is in your blood >.<23:57
mithroDystopicFro: I think it's more being to stuborn to give up :)23:57

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