Sunday, 2007-08-19

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llnzxdotx: cool00:21
* xdotx talked a room mate in to play testing a game00:31
CIA-23jlp web * raece753f6e71 /dev/documents/parsek/index.php: Moved Parsek development documentation to Thousand Parsec Wiki.00:33
* llnz forces an update to test.thousandparsec.net00:38
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CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r44e16654f0a2 /modules/games/rfts/ (bombard.cpp bombard.h):02:58
CIA-23removing direct population dmg (social and planetary are dmged, this hurts02:58
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r58bde9b8755d /modules/games/rfts/rfts.cpp: alphabetized star system creation02:58
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * rfa38217f6d20 /modules/games/rfts/map.cpp: tweak: starting planets closer to their star system02:58
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r0e6d6020d248 /modules/games/rfts/ (planet.cpp productionorder.cpp):02:58
CIA-23tweaks: planet RP calc fixed (pop. over max ignored)02:58
CIA-23production: can't order ship tech over 10002:58
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * rf7d5d970615c /modules/games/rfts/ (bombard.cpp bombard.h): added PDB dmg and attack during bombard02:58
xdotxanybody know if the win32 build of the pywx client is up to date at all? because there's a few things that are pretty off about it03:03
xdotxllnz: so do you see a newline in the welcome msg?03:35
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mithrohowdy people03:51
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llnzxdotx: nope04:08
xdotxllnz: k. pywx is 'bout to get a few bug reports then04:08
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CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r2ed8a82d3acb /modules/games/rfts/ (productionorder.cpp productionorder.h): tweak: adding detailed production result msg04:54
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r2ead455be804 /modules/games/rfts/rfts.cpp: added RFTS welcome msg with rules briefing04:54
xdotxtakin' a break04:54
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mithrohowyd people06:17
mithroall back home now06:17
xdotxmithro: wb, i have 4 bugs for you :)06:30
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mithrohey xdotx06:54
mithroxdotx: I need more info on those bugs06:55
xdotxmithro: sure06:55
xdotxmithro: like what?07:00
mithrowhere version are you using?07:00
xdotxmithro: 0.2.2? whatever's on the downloads page07:01
mithrookay, using the prebuilt binary?07:03
mithroon windows it should be using a MDI interface07:04
xdotxhmm, it is07:08
* xdotx keeps reading "GSoC finishing!" as "Gone fishing!"07:10
mithroxdotx: you can move the windows via the config dialog07:14
mithroxdotx: the welcome message you are sending is really weirld formatted07:14
xdotxah, i bet that's right07:14
mithroxdotx: for now, just send html?07:15
xdotxmithro: really now?07:15
xdotxmithro: oh, easy enough07:16
mithroxdotx: tp04 will have structured text07:17
xdotxmithro: i was just using a C '\n' so that should be a LF07:17
mithrowhich I'm currently guessing it will be a cut back version of html07:18
mithroFormatted Strings are exactly like normal strings but use the structured text method for formatting their contents. For a complete description of structured text please see the following document. This allows display of color, underline, super/subscript and much more. It is also easy to convert to plain text or HTML.07:20
mithrothe problem is that the "following document" doesn't link anywhere :P07:21
mithroxdotx: the client currently uses a HTML widget to display the message07:22
mithrowe never had that complicated messages :P07:23
mithroxdotx: it would be good if you put a link in the message to a HTML doco somewhere07:24
xdotxmithro: ah yeah, i forgot i had html-ability07:24
mithroxdotx: you don't actually explain "how" to play07:26
xdotxmithro: that's boring ;P07:26
xdotxmithro: and too complicated for an intro msg. i figured that should go on a site, which will soon be linked to07:26
mithroxdotx: good :P07:27
mithrosome screenshots of tpclient-pywx would be good too07:27
xdotxmithro: the win32 version?07:31
mithrodoing the "how to play"07:31
mithroI segfaulted the tpserver-cpp07:31
xdotxon rfts?07:32
mithrodunno how I did it07:51
mithrotrying to clean up the dev client a little07:51
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * racf8158cfe4d /windows/ Fix orders for changes in libtpproto-py.07:58
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r9ae0bec4a491 /windows/ Make winMessage look in the graphicdir to find media.07:58
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r5881055a3050 /windows/ Make the font sizes slightly larger..07:58
mithroxdotx: if you put up some instructions on how to play - I'll probably start improving the client :P08:00
mithroso it's actually playable08:00
xdotxthat may have to wait until my morning. i'm gonna need some sleep soon.08:01
xdotxbut i do plan on spending most of tomorrow play-testing with my room mates so there will be a good reason to write a how-to-play08:01
mithroxdotx: the way you are doing move orders means that I can't easily draw the destination stuff08:02
mithroxdotx: well, make sure you log all the problems with the clients08:02
mithroxdotx: specially the problems you room mates have08:03
* mithro has a job interview yesterday tomorrow :/08:03
xdotxmithro: ah, i'll probably change how move works - so the fleets update position in the universe and have velocity08:04
mithroxdotx: maybe I should add support for "intercept" type order08:04
xdotxand i'll be sure to log whatever problems we run in to with details whenever possible08:04
mithroxdotx: okay08:05
mithroxdotx: btw you told nash?08:06
mithroxdotx: actually put a link to the RFTS manual in the wiki08:06
xdotxmithro: no, hadn't seen him08:06
xdotxmithro: already did ;)08:06
xdotxmithro: er, nvm08:07
xdotxmithro: misread that. i put a link to the wiki in the rfts welcome msg08:08
xdotxmithro: do you mean -the- RFTS manual or a TP RFTS manual?08:08
mithroxdotx: both?08:09
mithroxdotx: not seeing the link?08:21
* llnz wanders off08:26
llnzlater all08:26
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xdotxmithro: sec08:27
xdotxmithro: added08:29
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r4c7ac38abe20 /modules/games/rfts/ (mergefleet.cpp playerinfo.cpp productionorder.cpp rfts.cpp): htmlified messages08:29
mithroohh! found a segfault08:34
mithroin RFTS code too08:34
* xdotx not surprised08:35
xdotxmithro: where at?08:35
tpbBug #1777186: tpserver-cpp: rfts, Bug in getVictoryPointsStr08:37
xdotxmithro: you didn't log in multiple times did you?08:43
xdotx(as the same user)08:43
mithrodisconnected and reconnected08:45
xdotxah. i'm thinking that was the cause. i can get rid of that kind of assumption08:47
mithroxdotx: that would be good08:48
mithroxdotx: now to write an AI ;)08:55
xdotxmithro: if only i could say that'd be done by end of day tomorrow ;P08:57
* xdotx dreams08:57
mithroxdotx: have a good night :P09:00
xdotxmithro: heh. 'night (sun's about to come up here)09:02
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * raf494216a7d9 /modules/games/rfts/playerinfo.cpp:09:09
CIA-23use PlayerManager list of players instead of internal list. (closes bug09:09
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r545b7f9b3303 /modules/games/rfts/ (buildfleet.cpp productionorder.cpp): tweaking some messages09:09
mithrothat link opens in the message window :P09:20
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * rdabf885130f4 / (extra/ windows/ Open links in the Message window in the default browser.10:23
CIA-23mithro tpclient-pywx-development * r0586a3627560 / (extra/ Fixed the updates to AUI interface.10:28
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CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r8a318a40992a /modules/games/rfts/ (mergefleet.cpp playerinfo.cpp productionorder.cpp): tweak: message html linebreaks18:26
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r45d17b884a81 /modules/games/rfts/ (planet.cpp productioninfo.cpp productioninfo.h rfts.cpp): making initial planet stats more like original RFTS18:26
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nashDystopicFro: *poke*18:39
nashmithro: You around?  This early?18:39
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CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * r23f1573e7ad8 /modules/games/rfts/playerinfo.cpp: bugfix!18:57
CIA-23fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp-rfts * rd3e91b394f00 /modules/games/rfts/ (colonise.cpp planet.cpp): minor bug fixes18:57
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CIA-23nash galaxie * rbe8b0bef604f /AUTHORS: Add AUTHORS file.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * raca51ac0b331 /.gitignore: Add an ignore for logs.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * rde994a2392cd /INSTALL: Add inkscape version notes to INSTALL file.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * r801f6d7161b1 /debian/copyright: Add Kathleen to copyright file.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * r6fad84c43f57 /tpe_sequence.c: Use 'H' in sequence handler.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * rbb6716cf71b5 /tpe_gui.c: GUI: Remove message on mouse out19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * r2844402f9913 /tpe_orders.c: Use 'H' for order parsing19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * rd64c160650d1 /tpe_obj.c: Found the cause of the ship corruption bug. Tagged, but not fixed.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * rd4471afe0212 /tpe_util.c:19:49
CIA-23Display a bit more info on an overflow error when searching for message19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * r2ab8bafbec3b / (tpe_comm.c tpe_msg.c):19:49
CIA-23A bit of debug into why logging in causes problems.19:49
CIA-23Seems to be that tpserver-cpp and tpserver-py have different behaviour.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * re0b45ac10955 /tpe_util.c: tpe_util: Add a few more warnings/exit on buffer overflow.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * rb2bb7e42dcbb /tpe_util.c: tpe_util: Bug: Fix overflow when parsing 'S' (ship) fleet data.19:49
CIA-23nash galaxie * r2f833e4546be /.gitignore: Make gitignore a bit more inclusive.19:50
CIA-23nash galaxie * r559722aa4de9 /tpe_gui.c: tpe_gui: Add 'F5' to dump list of objects known to GUI.19:50
CIA-23nash galaxie * r7b646de10a35 / (tpe_obj.c tpe_obj.h):19:50
CIA-23Objects: Phase one of updating objects to fix parent/children issues.19:50
CIA-23Now use a 2 pass approache. Update all objects in the first pass, then in19:50
CIA-23the second pass send all updated objects, including updated children.19:50
CIA-23nash galaxie * r731bea584edc /todo.txt: Update todo file to list my needed finish of object fixing.19:50
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nashxdotx: You there?19:59
xdotxnash: here20:24
nashCool - I have a small fix for tpserver - I have it on the RFTS branch.20:25
nashIt is fix for minisec, just a cut and paste issue with one of the resources20:25
* nash looks specfically20:25
nash--- a/modules/games/minisec/fleet.cpp20:26
nash+++ b/modules/games/minisec/fleet.cpp20:26
nash@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Fleet::Fleet():ObjectData(){20:26
nash   group->addParameter(vel);20:26
nash   size = new SizeObjectParam();20:26
nash   size->setName("Size");20:26
nash-  size->setDescription( "The size of the planet");20:26
nash+  size->setDescription( "The size of the fleet");20:26
nash   size->setSize(2);20:26
nash   group->addParameter(size);20:26
nash   paramgroups.push_back(group);20:26
nashSo fleets now have a fleet size, rather than a planet size20:26
nashSo it's now wrong for those couple of fleets towing planets ;-)20:26
xdotxnash: i'd say you're free to push it, but ionno, i don't really touch mt/mini sec20:33
CIA-23nash tpserver-cpp-rfts * rdb11d3eeb097 /modules/games/minisec/fleet.cpp: minisec: typo/clag-error: Fleets don't have planet size.20:34
CIA-23nash tpserver-cpp-rfts * r8938b95d9718 / (38 files in 4 dirs): Merge with git+ssh://
nashIt's the branch I've been following ;-)20:34
xdotxk :)20:34
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mithronash: no21:07
*** tuna-fish has joined #tp21:10
nashmithro: I believe I21:13
nash've fixed your popup bug21:13
mithronash: cool21:26
mithronash: anything else cool added?21:26
nashMostly bug fixes21:27
nashActually many bug fixes.21:27
mithronash: did you see that xdotx has officially declared that "simple" rfts is complete?21:27
nashNo, I didn't21:27
nashI've been starting to play, need to work out what I need to do to support it properly21:27
nashHopefully get an AI to play the way I used to play the game ;-)21:27
mithronash: did you see that Lee finally fixed the login bug?21:28
nashDIdn't see that either21:28
nashemail has been spotty for me still ;-)21:28
* mithro builds galaxie21:28
nashTell me if fonts work for you21:29
mithronash: got a segfault first run :/21:29
mithrohopefully this will motivate me to get tpclient-pywx usable21:30
nashCan you gdb ./galaxie core21:31
nashfor me21:31
mithronash: loging bug now21:31
tpbBug #1777372: galaxie crash in tpe_obj_data_receive21:31
nashmithro: Can I get you to set your CFLAGS to include either -g or -g321:32
mithronash: why don't you have -g3 on by default at the moment?21:33
nashBecause I don't assume people use gcc21:33
nashI don't set optimisation or warning flags either.21:34
nashIf I set those flags I need to set a compiler too21:34
nashSince certain compilers need certain options I can't21:34
nashThe only ones I use are the ones pkg-config provides -I -L21:35
mithronash: that is why there is the mess that is autoconf :P21:35
mithronash: backtrace updated with a -g3 version21:35
mithronash: did you get pshulz01's message about tagging?21:39
nashmithro: Which one?21:41
mithronash: for the deb packaging21:41
nashmithro: When was it sent?21:43
nashmithro: Since autoconf thinks your compiler doesn't work if you set -Werror in your CFLAGS... no it doesn't solve hte problem21:43
nashAhh... that bug would be me part of the way though doing an update...21:44
nashmithro: Read the code (the one you pasted).  Basically that was when I finished in a hurry on the train21:45
mithronash: the "update-change-log" script needs a tag to work from21:46
CIA-23nash galaxie * r07f5ade647bd /tpe_obj.c:21:47
CIA-23Hmm...check a pointer is NULL, then dereference it. Not the best way for21:47
CIA-23stable code. Bug #1777372 closed.21:47
nashWhere was this post?21:48
nashSo I need to add random tags?  There is the AI comp tag21:48
nashmithro: Back to 0 galaxie bugs.21:49
nashAll good21:49
nashmithro: I haven't done a lot of testing of the stuff I did this morning21:49
nashThe ship one yes... the leaked GUI elements are still in progress.21:49
mithroIE a "release tag"21:52
mithronash: opps! hit an assertion21:52
nashmithro: that's what they are for21:52
mithronash: lousy users, heh? :P21:53
tpbBug #1777385: galaxie asserts parent->type == OBJTYPE_SYSTEM fails.21:53
nashmithro: Just comment it out21:56
nashI can do it for you, but I'll be playing with that code later today21:56
nashmithro: What list was pauls email sent to21:56
nashmithro: comment out 492 of tpe_gui.c21:57
mithrobut his tag comment was only really on IRC21:57
nashWhen was it?21:59
mithrocheck the output of "git-describe"21:59
mithroand make that nice :P21:59
mithroi have a job interview this afternoon22:01
tpbTitle: Australian Semiconductor Technology Company - Home (at
nashxdotx: Are you going to pull from mainline to rfts anytime soon?22:03
nashmithro: Hmm... useless site.  What do they actually do, and what are you applying for?22:04
mithrothey do simulation software for mobile phones22:04
nashAhh... cool22:04
mithrothe low level radio side22:04
nashLet me know when they want FancyPants for a UI that works on both desktops and phones22:04
mithromost of the engineers there are ex-motorola/freescale22:05
nash(And set top boxes)22:05
nashAnd we have a lot of motorola and freescale demos ;-)22:05
nashI assume ex-motorola research from AU?22:05
mithronash: I doubt it, they don't actually design the phones/software - just test it22:05
mithronash: motorola had a group locally here in Adelaide22:07
mithrobut it shut down it's operation a couple of years ago22:07
nashYep - same time as sydney I assume22:08
mithronash: hopefully in the next couple of months I'll have some really cool stuff to show you (thanks to Freeplay) (unrelated to tp)22:08
nashAny luck with that last assert removal?22:10
mithronash: doing other things22:12
mithroug, was still on melbourne time22:25
mithroanyway, heading off now22:27
mithrosee ya!22:27
nashHave fun - good luck!22:31

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