Sunday, 2007-07-01

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mithroDystopicFro: ping?00:04
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mithrohey xdotx, how is your weekend going?01:06
xdotxhey mithro. not too bad, how 'bout you?01:10
mithronot much tp work has I have to finish up this contract work01:10
mithroxdotx: how goes your progress? Did you see DystopicFro's blog about this ruleset editor?01:20
xdotxmithro: haven't gotten much done this week (gonna be working tonight and tomorrow)01:21
xdotxand no, i'll check it out in a min.01:21
tpbTitle: FroSpace - Now in 2D! (at
xdotxjust read it, looks cool01:36
mithroxdotx: could be useful for you02:00
mithroDystopicFro: ping ping!?02:04

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