Wednesday, 2007-06-13

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mithrohey llnz03:00
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CIA-3niphree /tmp/sAQYEHjAbK/JzMenp8gQe-rewrite * r23e2f4b44ee7 / (class/Backend.php class/Games.php language/Language.php):07:02
CIA-3extracted db responsible classes, + language class07:02
CIA-3new classes: language - class responsible for language/dictionary07:02
CIA-3backend - responsible for all database function07:02
CIA-3all classes in seperate files and in class directory (except for language class)07:02
CIA-3via git-CVS emulator07:02
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mithrohey niphree07:09
mithroniphree: cool to see your commit07:09
niphreebrb - phone call07:11
mithroniphree: tell me when you get back07:15
* llnz is back07:26
mithrohey llnz07:27
mithrolong second07:27
llnzhi mithro07:27
llnzbbs == be back shortly07:28
llnzand yes, it was a short "short"07:28
llnzwasn't a short "shortly"07:28
niphreemithro: I'm back07:29
mithroniphree: you get my private messages?07:39
JLPahoy all07:55
mithrohey JLP07:57
tpb<> (at
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JLPnice to see another report08:00
JLPniphree: did you add your blog to planetsoc ?08:02
mithroJLP: getting her to do it now :)08:02
niphreeJLP: I'm doing it now :P08:03
JLPcool :)08:03
JLPniphree: btw, i think you have one spam comment on your latest post on blog08:13
mithrollnz: didn't like the way you forward that message - still readable but a little mangled08:17
mithroI think it's because you also tried to sign it08:23
llnzdo you want me to send it again with the signing?08:23
mithrollnz: nah, it's fine08:23
niphreeI removed this spam .. :]08:28
mithroniphree: cool08:28
* mithro is heading out08:33
mithrohave a good night08:33
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JLPspx2: welcome back09:07
spx2JLP,  :( thx09:19
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llnznight all09:24
* llnz wanders off09:24
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JLPbrb, kernel upgrade09:36
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mithrohey nash19:02
nashheyo mithro19:03
niphreegood night all19:20
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mithrohowdy people23:49
mithrohow is everyone today?23:57

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