Tuesday, 2007-06-05

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mithro~seen dmpayton00:37
tpbmithro: dmpayton was last seen in #tp 3 days, 23 hours, 22 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <dmpayton> catch ya later mithro, llnz00:37
mithro~seen niphree00:37
tpbmithro: niphree was last seen in #tp 2 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <niphree> mithro: ... heh - I almost forgot about this.00:37
mithrodmpayton: you about at all?00:39
* dmpayton abouts00:40
mithrodmpayton: how was your weekend?00:41
dmpaytonmithro: Saturday was tons of fun, Sunday was mostly spent stuck in the car.00:41
CIA-3mithro web * r2fccf74b08d1 /news/2007-06-05-1406.news: News about Donata (approved by Google).00:42
CIA-3mithro web * r0579da3d2474 /dev/index.php: Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/git/web.git00:42
mithrodmpayton: so, when will you post the first progress report?00:43
dmpaytonmithro: This week00:53
dmpaytonI'll be getting into the swing of things tomorrow00:59
dmpaytonIn the mean time...00:59
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tpb<[email protected]> New news from http://www.thousandparsec.net/tp/rss.php: More good news!01:00
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mithrohowdy people02:33
EpyonYo, mithro :)02:38
mithrohey Epyon02:38
mithrodo you know if niphree is back yet?02:39
Epyonno idea :/02:40
mithroif you see her, tell her to check out the website02:41
Epyonthat wont be happening anytime soon, she's angry with me :/02:41
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mithrohey llnz03:11
llnzhi mithro03:11
mithrowell I think I'm going to head home03:18
mithrosee ya!03:18
mithrollnz: ping?03:37
mithrollnz: are you going to LCA 2008?03:37
llnzmithro: pong03:37
llnzmithro: almost certainly03:37
mithrollnz: if you are, would you be interested in helping run the Gaming Miniconf?03:38
llnzmegan says we are going to lca0903:38
llnzshe want's to go shopping03:39
llnzerrr,, lca0803:39
mithrollnz: okay - I'm currently thinking of trying for a two day miniconf03:40
mithroso it could be a bit of work03:42
jothami need to get this image layout sorted out03:49
mithrojotham: feeling a bit better today?03:50
jothamwent to work03:50
jothamanyoen used googles map api?03:50
mithrojotham: so I can start pestering you about the battleviewer and not feel guilty now? :P03:51
jothamyeah i'm working on it right now03:51
mithrojotham: dmpayton did some investigation of it03:51
jothamof what03:51
mithrofor the web-based client's starmap03:51
jothami am looking at the docs now03:52
JLPahoy all03:54
Epyonmithro, in the sf todo-list theres a fleet name generator and planet name/desc generator -- what language should does be coded in?03:57
mithroEpyon: I would prefer python personally :)03:58
mithrobut if it can output to a file - any language would be fine03:58
Epyonthey'd be part of the server or client?03:58
EpyonI'd guess rather client o.O03:59
mithroEpyon: "server"03:59
mithroEpyon: if the utility can dump stuff to a file, the server can use it as it generates the universe03:59
llnzok, both04:00
Epyonisn't the idea that the server sends a seed number and the client generates the name from it? o.O04:00
llnzweeee... status report from xdotx04:03
mithroEpyon: no04:06
mithroEpyon: otherwise every client would need to have each random generation method04:07
EpyonWhat's an example fleet name?04:07
jothamcan't use google maps for personal data04:07
mithroEpyon: what ever you want :)04:08
jothamwell, can't use it to store private data about people04:08
Epyon"Strikeforce Shantipole"? xP04:08
mithroEpyon: sounds fine to me04:10
mithroanyway I'm heading home04:10
mithrosee ya!04:10
mithro(for real this time04:10
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mithrohowdy people05:04
llnzwb mithro05:19
mithrollnz: going to forward xdotx's status report to me?05:19
llnzyes, just a minute05:20
llnzhumm.... silly email client05:23
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llnzmithro: dns problems for tp?05:55
mithrollnz: ?05:55
mithroI can ping both primary dns servers and they are responding05:55
llnzi'm getting "lame server resolving 'git.thousandparsec.net' (in 'thousandparsec.NET'?):"05:56
llnzboth and
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llnzmithro: thousandparsec.net has 4 dns servers listed06:07
mithrollnz: yes, 2 primary, 2 backups?06:08
mithrothousandparsec.%(ext)s. IN      NS      ns1.mithis.com.06:09
mithrothousandparsec.%(ext)s. IN      NS      ns2.mithis.com.06:09
mithrothousandparsec.%(ext)s. IN      NS      ns1.rollernet.us.06:09
mithrothousandparsec.%(ext)s. IN      NS      ns2.rollernet.us.06:09
llnzns1.mithis.com doesn't resolve for me, or ns206:09
llnzor from verbal.....06:12
mithro[email protected]:~$ nslookup06:14
mithro> server verbal.mithis.com06:14
mithroDefault server: verbal.mithis.com06:14
mithro> thousandparsec.net06:14
mithroServer:         verbal.mithis.com06:14
mithroName:   thousandparsec.net06:14
llnztry looking up git.tp.net, demo1.tp.net, code.tp.net, demo2.tp.net06:15
llnzoh, try looking up ns1.mithis.com06:15
mithroit appears I somehow removed ns1/ns206:21
mithroit seems to have been when I consolidated the mithis.* domains06:24
mithrollnz: should be fixed06:30
mithroI also updated the glue info06:30
mithrowhich will take 24-48 hours to update06:30
* llnz giggles06:33
llnzDemo2 server06:33
llnzRunning on tpserver-cpp (Version: 0.4.1) playing MTSec (Version: 0.0) - Demo2 test server, running MTSec without persitence and reset often06:33
llnzhave a look at the metaserver06:33
llnz*three* servers06:33
llnzi've been meaning to start demo206:36
llnzread the screen manual tonight so i could06:36
mithrollnz: can you resolve the metaserver?06:37
llnzonly the metaserver and www, i think06:37
mithrocan you resolve demo1?06:38
mithrodemo2 seems to have a few more objects?06:40
llnznope, can't resolve demo1 or demo2 currently06:42
llnzif ns[12].mithis.com are back, then it should go back to normal tomorrow06:43
mithroI wonders what up06:43
llnzcould be that my dns cache server is caching negative results06:45
llnzyeah, that was it06:46
llnzcool, you can login and see the MTSec universe06:51
mithrowhats in a MTSec universe?06:52
llnznot a whole lot06:53
llnz50+ systems, most without planets06:54
llnzsome with two planets06:55
mithroI can't seem to issue orders to my planet?06:56
llnzi will fix that sometime06:56
mithroand it's going to take 352 turns to move a small distance!?06:58
llnzhehe, saw that too06:59
mithrollnz: and orders don't seem to "stick"?07:00
mithrowhen I reconnect all my orders are gone07:02
llnzmy order is still there...07:05
mithrothey are there now....07:20
mithrollnz: are you updating the order count?07:20
tpb<http://ln-s.net/_mb> (at www.dnsstuff.com)07:20
llnzit should be07:27
mithrosomething strange is definately going on07:28
llnzorders seem to be working fine for me07:44
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mithrollnz: ping?08:38
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* llnz wanders off08:58
llnzlater all08:58
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JLPgreywhind: hi17:53
JLPgreywhind: new here?17:53
JLP~seen greywhind17:54
tpbJLP: I have not seen greywhind.17:54
greywhindhi - still there?18:20
JLPgreywhind: yup18:21
greywhindi'm new, yes.18:21
JLPwhat brings you here18:22
greywhindi'm talking with Mithro about a possible internship w/ TP18:22
JLPgreywhind: great to hear this18:23
JLPhave you talked about any specifc part of TP or do you still have to choose something18:24
greywhindstill have to choose18:24
greywhindbut i'm thinking maybe either something to do with AI, Diplomacy, or Macs18:25
JLPcool, whatever you choose it will be great to have you onboard18:27
greywhindyeah - i'm certainly looking forward to it18:27
JLPnash already works on an AI, it is part of his galaxie client18:28
JLPnovody works on Diplomacy as far as I know18:28
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JLPllnz: hi18:28
greywhindi contacted Nash first, actually, and he directed me to Mithro.18:29
greywhindso what's your main focus?18:29
JLPgreywhind: i work on a kde 4 client - parsek18:29
greywhindi see18:29
llnzhi JLP18:30
greywhindi'm dual-booting Linux + Mac, but Gnome, not KDE.18:30
JLPMac testers and packager always come in handy too18:32
JLPso yeah, just take a look around and see what would ineterest you the most18:33
JLPand if you have any questions just ask, we'll try to help as much as possible18:34
greywhindonce i know what paperwork is required (i should know next monday), i'll look into things more thoroughly18:34
JLPbtw, llnz is one of the founding developers18:34
greywhindah - hi llnz. nice to meet you.18:35
llnzhi greywhind18:35
JLPwell i have to go sleeping now, see you later all18:38
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greywhindhi mithro19:01
mithrohi greywhind19:01
mithroyou new here?19:01
greywhindi'm [email protected]19:01
mithrogreywhind: i'm afraid that doesn't ring a bell?19:13
greywhindi've been talking to you about the possibility of an internship19:13
mithrogreywhind: ahh! okay19:14
mithrogreywhind: i'm just about to head out, do you have any questions for me before I do?19:14
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greywhindwell, i'd like you to know that my advisor said he'd tell me specifics of what's necessary next monday.19:14
greywhindbut he seemed intrigued as well, so that's a good sign19:15
mithrogreywhind: okay that is cool19:18
mithrogreywhind: so your in the US right?19:23
mithrowell I'm off now19:34
greywhindnice to talk to you19:34
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bokahowdy everybody20:10
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bokamithro, howdy20:11
mithrohi boka20:11
bokamithro, how may I upload j2me code to darcs ?20:11
mithroyou new around here?20:11
mithro~seen greywhind20:11
tpbmithro: greywhind was last seen in #tp 37 minutes and 39 seconds ago: <greywhind> nice to talk to you20:11
mithroboka: you are bokey?20:13
bokamithro, yeah. :)20:13
mithroboka: ahh, long time no see20:13
mithroI just emailed your supervisor last night20:14
mithrobtw I'm a bit lagged at the moment20:14
mithroboka: we no longer use darcs20:15
bokamithro, i have done some 14-15 classes20:15
bokamithro, ported as much as I can from C++ to j2me20:15
bokamithro, so is it svn then ?20:15
bokamithro, still a lot left to go20:16
mithroboka: no, we use a program called "git" which is what the linux kernel uses20:16
mithroboka: do you use Linux of Windows these days?20:16
bokamithro, hmm.. I am Ubuntu20:17
bokaI am on Ubuntu20:17
mithroboka: "apt-get install cogito"20:17
mithroboka: has you been committing your code to your uni CVS?20:17
bokamithro, no.20:17
mithrobecause if so, we can convert that to a git repository and preserve all your history?20:18
bokamithro, but all docs are there.20:18
bokamithro, ok. downloaded cogito.20:18
mithroboka: did you ever end up using darcs?20:19
mithroInstructions on how to use git is found here -> http://www.thousandparsec.net/tp/dev/rcs.php20:19
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec : Source Code (at www.thousandparsec.net)20:19
bokamithro, i did not use darcs to commit. However, i used it for pulling c++ and python protocol library.20:19
bokamithro, ok thanks.20:19
mithroboka: you will need to generate a ssh-key and send me the public part20:20
bokamithro, cool. will do. it's gpg isn't it ?20:20
bokamithro, there are so much so much TODO in the C++ protocol implementation20:21
bokamithro, one I can remember on top of my head is generating random initial sequence number.20:22
mithroboka: setting up the repository which you will push too now20:24
mithroboka: it would be good if we could get all your code into the repository today20:24
bokamithro, cool20:25
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mithrohey nash21:16
bokahi nash. isn't git very complex ?21:23
bokanash, i was drooling over your C++ protocol. i am porting it to j2me. since j2me API is very small. lot of work to do.21:24
bokanash = Lee Begg ?21:24
bokai am confuse21:24
mithroboka: no, llnz == Leg Begg21:26
mithroNash == Brett Nash21:26
bokaah sorry nash. thanks mithro21:27
nashboka: That's cool21:31
nashI'm a bit slow this morning - way under the weather21:31
bokanash, meaning you need coffee ?21:32
nashMany coffees21:32
bokastrong capucino21:32
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bokamithro_, done22:28
*** mithro_ is now known as mithro22:31
mithroboka: it's working?22:33
bokamithro, yes. README is working now22:33
bokamithro, now "git commit ."22:37
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*** mithro has joined #tp22:49
nashhi mithro!  Are you here about thousand parsec?22:50
mithrobah, the internet is a bit shocking today22:56
mithro[12:26] * Ping reply from brown.freenode.net : 309.12 second(s)22:59
nashNot bad23:00
mithroI've had 600 seconds once23:01
nashI didn;t think serves accepted anythign like that... ;-)23:01
* mithro ponders23:02
* mithro nudges boka23:02
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