Sunday, 2007-06-03

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xdotxmithro: are turns only limited by time (as in i can't force my end of turn)?00:00
mithroxdotx: you can force an EOT on the tpserver-cpp console00:00
xdotxah right00:01
xdotxmithro: so far i love it :)00:01
mithroxdotx: you should login to demo1 sometime and try and kill Lee :P00:01
xdotxmithro: tp rfts is gonna look so much better than rfts00:01
mithroxdotx: well I don't think that would be that hard ;)00:02
xdotxmithro: well i'm still excited00:02
mithroxdotx: on a side, I would recommed checking out the development branch00:02
mithroits much cooler - but still unusable00:03
xdotxmithro: which?00:03
mithroxdotx: the tpclient-pywx development branch00:03
xdotxi see00:06
mithroxdotx: checked it out?00:37
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xdotxmithro: yep, but also making dinner00:47
mithroxdotx: okay00:47
mithrojust making lunch myself00:47
xdotxmithro: ah, i assume i need libtpclient-py dev as well?00:54
mithrohopefully in the very near future I can retire the stable versions00:55
mithroactually - I'm not sure if the recent metaserver upgrades might have broken the server-browser window00:55
mithrobblr having lunch01:29
xdotxmithro: wb02:49
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mithrohey llnz03:14
llnzhi mithro03:14
mithrohow is everything?03:14
llnzfine thanks03:15
xdotxhey llnz03:18
llnzhi xdotx03:18
mithroxdotx: so going to do some commits? :P03:22
xdotxmithro: the dev client looks good btw03:22
mithroxdotx: cool03:22
mithroI should put some screenshots up03:22
xdotxllnz: so it seems to me i should be working on setting up a universe and creating some basic orders/designs03:25
xdotxis that right, and could you perhaps suggest some places to look for examples or documentation?03:26
llnzyeah, some object types first03:26
xdotxtaking examples from minisec and mtsec?03:33
llnzyeah, and ask me03:34
llnzalso, have a look at protocol4.php03:36
xdotxoo, i like xml03:44
mithroxdotx: i can no longer talk to you ;)03:46
xdotxmithro: oh ouch, really have something against xml huh?03:47
mithroxdotx: it suffers from the "when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"03:48
xdotxmithro: i can see that... but it's an extensible hammer!03:49
llnzxdotx: if there is anything you find useful, or some suggestions to future ruleset developers, let me know04:02
xdotxllnz: definitely will do04:02
xdotxllnz: oh, something that took me a while today - figuring out the exact syntax for the tpserver-cpp console (and order of commands)04:06
llnzi need to document it better04:07
xdotxyeah, it lists the base commands easily enough, and the parameters, and order can be figured out, but it'd be easier to not have to ;)04:09
mithroxdotx / llnz can you fire up tpclient-pywx and connect to demo1 and have a look around?05:28
xdotxooo media05:31
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mithrollnz: took 4 hours to upload05:33
llnzhi JLP05:34
JLPahoy all05:34
mithrothe dev version should also prevent you from downloading the media for ever server you connect too05:34
mithroit's only 340M05:35
mithrollnz: it also supports "packaged" media distributed with the operating system05:35
mithrollnz: yeah, to bad it's unusable :P05:36
tpb<> (at
mithroi would apreciate any feedback05:58
llnzlooks fine to me06:00
llnzi guess that is the difference between tpserver-py and -cpp: py is a front end to an SQL database, cpp uses a database as a last resort06:01
mithrollnz: yeah I guess so06:04
llnzboth have their advantages and disadvantages06:05
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mithronash: ping?07:20
* llnz wanders off07:28
llnzlater all07:28
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nashmithro: pong07:31
mithronash: I would like your thoughts on;a=blob;f=doc/howstuffworks;h=358608678effef0287bbf12b0789e33158a49b82;hb=75acc5e9a567cc41a705556a011ad4b039be4d6907:32
tpb<> (at
nashmithro: urk.. Need to read that one when awake...07:35
* nash mails to himself to read tomorrow morning07:35
mithronash: sure07:35
nashSummary looks fine.  Need to read the views bit a bit more to get a good idea if it makes sense07:35
mithroit won't be implimented for a while07:35
nashI can imagine07:38
nashDoesn't need to be for a while...07:38
nashThere are more fundemental things that shoudl be done first...07:38
mithrowell, it's needed for FoW07:42
nashNo, it' sneed for FoW _And_ history07:43
nashYou can always recalculate visivility on turn by turn basis07:44
mithronash: but you still need to store it somewhere07:49
nashNo, use the same algorithm you did to generate when the player asks the first time07:50
mithrogenerating the FoW is an expensive operation07:50
mithroI'm not even sure how to do it on the fly07:59
nashHow do you it the first time?07:59
mithrogo around to each object a person owns, then look for which objects the person can see08:10
mithroand then there is things like cloaking08:18
mithrohow would you do it?08:22
mithro3d maths is not one of my strong points08:24
mithronash: did you see we fixed up the media repository?08:25
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * ra079b9372491 /tp/server/rules/minisecplus/other/ (7 files in 2 dirs):09:06
CIA-3Start of splitting out the stuff from the init file.09:06
CIA-3Makes it much saner to work with.09:06
CIA-3mithro tpserver-py * r17bce9b650ac /tp/server/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Resources now read from the csv file.09:06
nashmithro: So we can download media from a client?09:13
mithronash: the client with automatically download media09:14
mithrowell the tpclient-pywx will09:14
tpbTitle: Revision 20: /media/client (at
mithromaybe make your client a little prettier :P09:15
mithronot that tpclient-pywx is any spruce moose09:15
nashAnywya - bed time09:17
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CIA-3jlp web * r128ed61ea96a /dev/index.php: Make valid XHTML (<br> -> <br />)16:47
CIA-3jlp web * r2aa226a8d06b / (3 files in 2 dirs): Merge with git+ssh://
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CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * r6383127a4f36 /src/ (loggerwidget.cpp loggerwidget.h): Added destructor (does nothing yet)19:24
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * ra3db41922be0 /src/mainwindow.cpp: Added Log to main window19:24
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * rd4246685aabe /src/mainwindow.cpp: Rename dock to messagesDock and make main window compile19:24
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * r95420d1c3a18 /src/ (loggerwidget.cpp loggerwidget.h): Correct use of QString::vsprintf()19:24
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * r29b595835066 /src/mainwindow.cpp: Setting logger for game19:24
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * r44c69b08bc4f /src/CMakeLists.txt: Added new source files to CMake build system19:24
* nash wavs20:07
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