Saturday, 2007-05-26

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llnznot much00:09
mithrollnz: working on tpserver-cpp?00:12
llnznot at the moment00:12
mithroit's probably getting close to a time for a new release?00:13
llnznot really00:14
llnzNeed to finish playerview (or re-write it) and fix persistence00:14
mithrollnz: it's been a long time since your last release00:17
llnzi know00:18
mithroguess it's been longer since the last client release too :/00:18
mithroI think we should probably soon start to do an effort to do a new release of everything00:19
llnzi hope this is the last time I break persistence00:19
mithrollnz: that would be good00:40
mithrollnz: maybe it's time (after the next release) to start maintaining stable/development branches?00:42
llnzi would rather not until tpserver-cpp is actually stable00:43
mithrowell, how far away is that?00:44
mithrobreaking persistence across major versions isn't a bad thing00:45
* llnz notes tpserver-cpp is still in it's first major number, 000:50
mithrollnz: yes, we need to start making things stable00:54
llnzbut it's hard when not everything is in yet00:55
mithrowell, tp03 with a few extra tp04 frames makes a pretty playable games00:57
llnztrue, but no diplomcy01:00
mithrollnz: I think we need to not worry about what we don't have01:12
mithroand start promoting what we do have01:12
mithrollnz: we need to get ourselves some users :P01:27
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mithrowb llnz01:36
mithroyou have email01:36
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mithrollnz: internet a bit unstable today?01:45
mithrodmpayton: ping?02:03
mithrodmpayton: you may find this intresting
tpbTitle: - the javascript based window manager / AJAX framework (at
mithrollnz: is it ~7:00pm where you are?03:00
mithroo so quiet03:47
mithro~seen nas03:48
tpbmithro: I have not seen nas.03:48
mithro~seen nash03:48
tpbmithro: nash was last seen in #tp 1 day, 1 hour, 41 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <nash> nfi03:48
mithrojotham: ping?03:55
mithrollnz: ping?04:06
mithrollnz: does the website have a autogenerated version of the ruleset book?04:07
llnznot currently04:12
mithrollnz: can we setup one?04:13
mithroit's just latex right?04:16
mithrollnz: do you think you could upload the latest version to your public_html on
llnzwhat version?04:17
llnzthere wasn't really anything much up there04:17
mithrolast time I look the ruleset book was pretty good04:20
mithros/good/good start/04:20
llnzoh, upload the ruleset book to my public_html04:22
llnzwill do04:23
mithrollnz: could you do it soonish - I want to email it to someone04:29
tpb<> (at
llnzmithro: ping04:37
mithrollnz: thanks!04:45
llnzno prob04:53
* llnz will do some work on tpserver-cpp and/or ruleset-dev-book shortly05:22
mithrollnz: how goes the xml document?05:27
mithroI would like to get back to working on libtpproto2-py sometime05:28
mithrohrm... no nash05:33
mithrois rulesets one word?05:36
llnzdepends on the context05:38
llnzmost of the time, it's ruleset05:38
llnzthe xml doc is ok, the interface stuff isn't done yet05:41
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JLPahoy all06:21
mithrohey JLP06:31
mithrohow goes everything?06:31
JLPi'm just reading how to use branches with cogito06:32
JLPand so far i'm not sure if it is completely clear to me06:34
mithroit's a lot easier then it first seems06:34
mithrojust do a cg-branch-add <name>06:35
mithrothen use cg-switch to change between branches06:35
JLPcg-branch-add adds a remote branch if i understand (on TP git server), and then i should use cg-switch to create a local branch06:37
mithrocg-branch-add adds a local branch06:38
mithroor atleast that is my understanding06:38
mithroi have 3 local branches of tpserver-py here06:39
mithrothe "master branch", one where I'm adding metaserver support, one where I'm adding account email registration support06:39
JLPhm as far as i understood the man page cg-switch is used to create local branches06:40
mithroI've been using git commands not cg commands06:41
mithroIE git-branch06:41
mithrobranching is really, really cheap06:42
JLPif you know how to do it properly :)06:44
JLPso for example if i want to add new branch for new feature for parsek I should first use cg-switch to create a local branch06:45
llnzmithro: did you get email from verbal?06:47
JLPthen i'm not sure if i need to separately create a remote branch and how to connect it with local branch or if cg-push also creates remote branch that is connected automatically with local branch06:48
mithrocg-push <location>06:50
mithrocg-branch-add creates a local reference to a remote branch06:50
mithroit doesn't actually create a remote branch06:51
mithrollnz: what do you mean?06:51
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * ra485a147e649 /tpserver/game.cpp:07:16
CIA-3Added metaserver_key_unsafe setting for Lee to publish games07:16
CIA-3while running without persistence and without having to rename the game07:16
CIA-3every restart. Setting is undocumented because game admins really shouldn't07:16
CIA-3use it.07:16
mithrollnz: The line in the email " Do assume that people will only need to access the metaserver to start/join a game." should have started with "Do not"07:41
llnzi know07:43
* mithro ponders if he should go get a movie or not08:02
mithroJLP: ping?08:10
CIA-3mithro web * r606d52b64671 /dev/bits/ Added wiki link.08:10
CIA-3mithro web * rd2cfe0fa11c7 /news/ Added wiki announcement.08:10
JLPmithro: pong08:11
mithroJLP: feel free to make that news announcement validate and longer :)08:11
JLPmithro: ok will check it out08:13
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CIA-3jlp web * r9c0bbcd97348 /news/ Fixed typo.08:18
mithrohey niphree!08:20
mithroniphree: what is the time for you, my clock is saying ~2:30pm on a Saturday08:20
niphreehi mithro :]08:21
mithroniphree: any luck with the code checkout?08:22
mithroniphree: I would love to get you to make your first commit today08:23
niphreesorry - I had telephone.08:25
niphreemithro: I still can't connect :/08:26
mithroniphree: hrm...08:28
mithrookay so what error do you get?08:28
niphreeconnect to failed08:29
niphreeError, CVS operation failed08:29
mithrocan you fire up a command prompt08:30
mithroand try typing the following08:30
mithro"telnet 2401"08:30
* llnz wanders off08:31
llnzlater all08:31
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tpbNew news from New Wiki!08:31
mithrollnz: have a good night08:31
mithroif the screen goes to a blank showing a cursor08:32
mithrojust type some random text and hit enter08:32
mithroshould get something like08:33
mithro - expecting BEGIN AUTH REQUEST08:33
niphreeI can't connect :/08:34
mithrohrm that is weird08:35
mithrocan you try the following08:35
mithro"telnet 22"08:35
niphreehmm - now I'm connected08:35
mithroniphree: do you have zone alarm or other firewall software on the computer?08:36
niphreeI hate working not on my computer ...08:36
mithroniphree: i know, my laptop goes everywhere with me08:37
mithroniphree: if you can get to the 22 port, you can checkout using your username08:38
mithroniphree: you'll probably have to generate a new key for me however08:39
niphreehmm - I turn windows firewall off08:39
niphreebut still can't connect on port 240108:39
mithroniphree: maybe your ISP block it, you can't commit using anonymous anyway08:40
mithroif you send me another key, I'll upload it to the server (and you'll be able to login with both keys)08:41
mithroniphree: if it's easier, you can just message me the pubkey over irc08:42
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mithrohey pschulz0109:26
mithrohow goes everyting?09:26
CIA-3niphree /tmp/gsxWRjI7NF/gbEbAec9xi-rewrite * r5a03368ce21d /index.php:09:38
CIA-3via git-CVS emulator09:38
mithrojotham: ping?10:04
pschulz01What 'version' is the tpclient-ccptext10:08
pschulz01What 'version' is the tpclient-cpptext10:09
mithropschulz01: 0.0.0 i think :)10:09
mithroit's just a test for libtpproto-cpp i believe10:09
pschulz01mithro: I'll see if that works10:09
mithropschulz01: I don't think it's been officially released10:10
mithroTBBle: ping?10:10
tpbTitle: MOTU/Packages/New - Ubuntu Wiki (at
mithropschulz01: should I be doing something on that page?10:28
pschulz01mithro: No.. just letting you know that I'm about to start the process.10:29
mithrookay cool10:29
pschulz01mithro: I'm building tpclient-cpptext against the libraries installed via the libtpproto(1|-deb) packages .. success!10:43
jothamhey mithro10:45
jothamheh pinging me at 2am?10:46
jothamyou're keen10:46
mithrojotham: he he10:46
jothamso it turns out even example1.xml isn't valid =)10:46
jothamsorry was at my friends house10:46
mithroI should get a xml validator10:46
jothamwell i'll have a .py file that does it soon10:46
jothamwell i have one, but i mean in a presentable format10:46
jothami am using PyXML10:46
mithrojotham: my clock is saying it's 2:50am where you are10:46
jothamjust got home10:47
jothammy timestamp says you pinged me at 2:0610:47
jothamthere should be a simple website like googlemaps/frapper that lets you define a group of individuals and assigns clocks to their locations showing their local time10:47
jothamit'd be useful for projects10:48
mithrojotham: you where alive in #pygame, I thought you might still be alive :)10:49
mithrojotham: yeah10:49
jothaminfact i'm surprised there isn't one10:50
jothamman now i have to learn the syntax for writing DTDs10:55
jothamlearning never ends10:55
mithrojotham: yeah!10:57
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* mithro ponders11:45
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mithrowb Epyon12:49
Epyonyo mithro ;)13:21
JLPmithro: ping13:22
mithroJLP: pong!13:26
JLPmithro: I just tried to push some changes into a new branch and I got this:13:26
JLPfatal: bad object 000000000000000000000000000000000000000013:26
mithrowhat command did you try and run?13:27
JLPi localy had logging branch and i added remote branch r-logging -> git+ssh://[email protected]/git/parsek.git#logging13:28
JLPthen i have run cg-push r-logging13:28
mithrowhat does cg-status show?13:35
JLP    >logging    8ccef63b2fad7e0823078f398bfd085907e8476513:35
JLP     master     b2f8773094283f435b19c7de9338cac3c8b702d013:35
JLP   R origin     b2f8773094283f435b19c7de9338cac3c8b702d013:35
JLP   R r-logging  8ccef63b2fad7e0823078f398bfd085907e8476513:35
JLP? build/13:35
mithroJLP: it kind of looks like the push worked13:37
tpbTitle: Git - parsek.git/commit (at
mithrohad to created the remote branch before the first push?13:38
mithro(as in the branch on the remote side?)13:38
JLPhm i'm not sure how13:38
mithrogit-remote I believe13:39
mithrohold on13:39
mithrohrm - looks like what you did was correct13:40
tpbTitle: Sunday, 2007-05-06 (at
mithroJLP: can you try pushing a test change to that branch?13:41
mithroJLP: ping?13:44
CIA-3jlp parsek-logging * r144cac576453 /src/loggerwidget.ui: Added a tooltip13:45
mithroJLP: did that work?13:46
JLPmithro: yup, no error this time13:46
mithroJLP: can you log a bug report - it appears that the post-update script doesn't like newly created branches13:47
JLPmithro: with git/cogito13:47
mithrono, with us13:48
mithrowe have a custom script13:48
JLPmithro: so bad object error came from this script13:48
mithroas you created a new branch, it didn't like it :/13:49
JLPmithro: ok glad to know it wasn't me doinf silly things13:49
JLPmithro: website category is right?13:52
mithropretty much13:54
mithrowe probably need a different13:54
JLPmithro: reported -
tpb<> (at
mithrookay cool13:59
mithroJLP: ping?14:22
JLPmithro: pong14:22
mithroJLP: everything else working fine?14:22
mithroJLP: can you also bug me about fixing up the media stuff?14:23
JLPmithro: well so far everything i need works fine14:24
mithrookay cool14:25
CIA-3mithro libtpproto-py * r5919cf6ddf81 /tp/netlib/discover/ Import the correct server.14:25
CIA-3mithro libtpproto-py * r5f82d575e362 /tp/netlib/discover/ (7 files): Converted to using tp+http(s) format.14:25
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mithrohrm, wonder what happened to niphree14:58
mithrooh well, i'm heading to bed15:12
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llnzhi all19:42
xdotxhey llnz19:47
llnzhi xdotx19:48
llnzhow is it going?19:51
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llnzdamn playerview is hard20:10
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * re1f2291f765e /tpserver/ (object.cpp object.h objectdata.cpp objectdata.h):20:53
CIA-3Added Dirty Flag to ObjectData and IGObject to tell if they are modified.20:53
CIA-3Should make persistence a little bit more reliable.20:53
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llnzhi nash21:09
nashheyo llnz21:14
nashhow is life?21:14
llnznot bad21:14
nashcould be better21:15
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * r9535a14e6945 /tpserver/ (objectmanager.cpp objectmanager.h): Use isDirty instead of modtimes to know when object changes.21:18
nashwhere is mithro when you want to poke him...21:50
nashllnz: Think I found a bug in tpserver-cpp22:01
nashWhen you send the selected and count arguments for a list count, I think you swap the list and count arguments.22:01
nashNo wait - my bug...22:02
CIA-3nash galaxie * r900704398cdd /tpe_orders.c: Full handling of order type 6.22:15
CIA-3nash galaxie * re0874954ffe7 /tpe_orders.c:22:33
CIA-3tpe_orders.c: Add support for most of the orders.22:33
CIA-3Have not done the reference ones yet.22:33

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