Thursday, 2007-05-24

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mithrohey nash01:42
nashheyo... sems I was booted, and am now back01:43
nashGot your email by the way... I'll start looking into things hopefully tonight01:43
mithro~seen niphree02:07
tpbmithro: niphree was last seen in #tp 2 days, 16 hours, 56 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <niphree> mithro: brb - another project meeting :]. I'll be back in few hours02:07
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mithronash: i have no idea if orders actually work02:26
mithroI want to first get other things working02:26
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mithrohey dmpayton03:17
dmpaytonHey mithro03:17
dmpaytonHow's it goin'?03:18
dmpaytonIt's nearly 1am, and I gotta be up at 7 for the funeral.03:48
dmpaytonSee ya in a day or so.03:48
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* llnz ponders04:53
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mithro_hey llnz04:55
mithro_what are you pondering?04:55
llnzhi mithro_04:55
llnzwhat to do, etc04:55
mithro_llnz: work on tpserver-py? :P04:56
llnztpserver-cpp or leviathan04:57
mithro_what leviathan?04:57
mithro_s/what/what is/04:57
llnzsomething not related to tp04:57
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mithro_llnz: then obviously tpserver-cpp05:07
llnzI think i'm going to split PlayerView from Player05:08
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jothamtalk about being stalled lamely05:30
jothammithros parser confuses me, even after reading all the elementtree stuff05:30
jothamand i can't make a good spaceship graphic to save myself05:31
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llnzhi nash06:15
nashheyo llnz06:16
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* llnz starts on creating the PlayerView class in tpserver-cpp07:30
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jothamhey mithro if you are around, looking at those example xml files you gave me...they don't match the DTD you gave me07:30
jothamno wonder your parser was flipping :p07:30
jothami learned how elementtree works and learned wtf your code was doing07:31
jothambut that's why it wasn't working07:31
jothamso i dunno if you want to follow your DTD and reoutput that data, or change your DTD07:31
jothambut the DTD looks cleaner07:31
jotham(btw: the files are battle.dtd, battle?.xml, ...)07:31
jothambrb, bath07:31
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llnzhi pschulz0108:05
pschulz01llnz: Howdy.08:05
pschulz01llnz: Do you want to pull the changes for tpserver-cpp?08:05
CIA-3jlp parsek * rb2f877309428 /src/connecttoserverdialog.ui:08:05
CIA-3Builds with latest kdelibs again08:05
CIA-3KHistoryCombo -> KHistoryComboBox08:05
CIA-3kcombobox.h -> khistorycombobox.h08:05
llnzJLP: cool, parsek changes!08:06
llnzpschulz01: i could do08:06
JLPllnz: yeah, at last08:06
JLPnow i have to start getting up to speed and working on starmap08:06
* llnz works on tp04 difference support in tpserver-cpp08:11
pschulz01llnz: Details here:
tpb<> (at
llnzpschulz01: i saw08:13
pschulz01llnz: :-) Pull from git://
pschulz01What's next on the list?08:15
pschulz01libtpproto-cpp ?08:15
llnzlibtpproto-cpp should already have a debian dir and some of the works08:16
llnzbut have a look to see if there are any problems08:16
pschulz01Is demo1 down?08:17
pschulz01llnz: Ok.08:17
llnzhave just restarted demo108:18
pschulz01llnz: Is it 'persistant'?08:18
pschulz01Rats.. I'l take me another gazillion turns to build my fleet of 100 Battleships.08:19
llnz400 turns08:20
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llnz4000 minutes == 66 hours == 2.7 days08:21
pschulz01.. maybe if I colonise some planets I can do it faster..08:21
pschulz01.. there should be a AI to do this..08:21
pschulz01.. maybe I should write one.08:21
llnznash: you around?08:22
nashllnz: Only briefly08:22
llnzall: when history support is available, what do you want history of? and what can just have the latest info?08:22
nashllnz: I hadn't even considered it08:24
llnzobviously objects should have it08:24
llnzdoes anything else need them?08:24
llnzmessages boards, designs, components....08:24
nashdesigns/components yes08:25
nashmessage boards... Personally I think deletign them makes no sesen... so yes08:25
* llnz really doesn't want to store turns*players*objects(etc) copies08:26
nashHistory should just be the deltas08:27
llnzi think with components and designs, it doesn't matter that there were parts you couldn't see/understand in the past if you know them now08:27
nashYep - agree08:28
llnzdeltas are hard to store08:28
llnzso therefore components and designs don't need history support08:28
llnzwhich boards are available hardly ever changes, so they are not really necessary either08:29
nashAnd a board which exists with no messages in the past is fine (eg Created turn 7, but even if you look at the history and see an empty board on turn 5.. who cares)08:30
llnzso only objects need history support08:30
llnzi have no intention of supporting history of board contents (ie messages)08:31
llnzgit sucks08:42
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llnzwhy can't i pull in two patches from another branch without having to commit an empty "merge" patch?08:42
jothamis there a built in DTD validator library for python08:43
nashllnz: You don't need to if you don't want to.08:46
nashllnz: but really, you want to08:46
llnzwhy? they look stupid and don't add anything08:46
llnzand the email script doesn't handle them08:47
jothamanyone know what generates these battle xml file things mithro sent me08:47
jothamcause he sent me 6 to test but they are totally different from the first one + dtd i worked with08:47
llnzjotham: possibly tpserver-py08:47
jothamtook me figuring out his parser to realise this08:48
nashllnz: Because they don't really exist.     There is no new change set, so the email script doesn';t need to send them08:48
llnznash: but the script trys08:48
jothamnash do you know anything about
CIA-3paul tpserver-cpp * ra1eadb411580 /debian/ (24 files): Initial dh_make debian step08:49
CIA-3paul tpserver-cpp * rcf75c9c52f46 /debian/ (25 files): Create multiple debian packages08:49
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * r6415700fd1e8 /debian/ (26 files): Merge with git://
nashjotham: nope08:50
pschulz01Wahoo :-)08:50
jothamapropos our rasteriser discussion a couple of weeks ago08:50
jothami found that one, knew you were a man with an opinion so was looking for it =)08:50
jothamsaw there were python bindings for it, should give it a go i guess08:53
nashnever seen it - how fast is it?08:56
jothamdunno having a look now09:01
jothamthe C++ demos are pretty nice, am gonna have to play with the python bindings though09:01
pschulz01llnz: What should the separation of file be between lib*-dev and lib* ?09:13
llnzlib* should have the shared library (lib*.so*) for the library, lib*-dev should have the headers and the static library (lib*.a)09:14
pschulz01llnz: .. particularly for lib*.la, lib*.a and lib*.so (including links)09:14
pschulz01llnz: Ta.. thought so.09:14
pschulz01llnz: There was a stray link in lib*-dev09:15
llnzoh, .la should probably be with the lib*09:15
llnzdamn PlayerView is going to be huge09:16
pschulz01llnz: Um.. .la in lib* ?09:19
pschulz01llnz: Surely it's a lib*-dev?09:20
pschulz01(You don't use them at runtime)09:21
pschulz01Easy the change if it's a problem.09:23
llnzthe modules in tpserver-cpp might need them at runtime09:23
llnzbut the static libraries aren't needed for the modules09:23
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mithrojotham: ping?09:26
pschulz01llnz: libtpproto-cpp has been fixed.09:27
pschulz01llnz: I'm building the packages now, but have to go..09:27
pschulz01llnz: Usual location09:27
jothamhey mithro09:28
mithrohey jotham09:28
jothamsee what i said before?09:28
mithroi saw the stuff before09:28
mithroi'm at work so can't really talk09:28
jothami'm about to go to sleep, write it out later, or another time09:28
jothamand i'll read it09:28
mithrothe battle was generated by tpserver-py so it may be totally wrong :P09:28
jothamyeah it doesn't match the spec you wrote the parser for09:29
* llnz hopes that mithro will read the log later and comment on history support, etc09:29
mithrosome time in the past we split the media/weapon points into a seperate file09:29
mithrojotham: is that the problem?09:29
mithrojotham: so the battle data includes no definition information09:29
mithroouch it's 11pm :/09:30
mithroluckly I get paid per hour09:30
jothamthe problem is the output data is nothing like the DTD which the parser was designed to work with09:31
CIA-3paul libtpproto-cpp * ra4273c8bf594 /debian/ (7 files): Minor fixes to debian packaging.09:34
CIA-3llnz libtpproto-cpp * re60c1eea9278 /debian/control: Fixed debian package description, only client side, no support for servers09:34
mithrojotham: okay09:35
* llnz wonders if he shouldn't go back to the drawing board for PlayerView09:40
* llnz wanders off to bed instead09:47
llnzlater all09:47
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mithro~seen niphree20:55
tpbmithro: niphree was last seen in #tp 3 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <niphree> mithro: brb - another project meeting :]. I'll be back in few hours20:55
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mithro~seen niphree21:42
tpbmithro: niphree was last seen in #tp 3 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <niphree> mithro: brb - another project meeting :]. I'll be back in few hours21:42
mithro~seen Epyon21:42
tpbmithro: Epyon was last seen in #tp 1 day, 21 hours, 40 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <Epyon> 6 in the morning. High time to get some sleep :)21:42
mithronash: ping?21:42
nash?gnip: orhtim21:45
nashmithro: ?21:47
mithronash: did you have any luck last night?21:48
nashDidn;t touch anything... so no21:48
mithronash: I didn't touch anything either21:58
mithrojotham: ping?21:58
CIA-3mithro battleviewer * rfaea1732f92c / Fixed a typo.21:58
jothamhey mithro22:17
mithrojotham: you have email22:17
jothamdun dun duun22:17
jothami fixed that typo22:18
jothambut you haven't done what i was talking about22:18
jothamat all22:18
jothamexample1 is FINE22:18
jothamthat's the one we always worked with22:18
jothamwhat isn't fine is the 6 or so battle?.xml files (like i said last night) that you wanted me to get working with it22:18
jothamafter figuring out how your parser worked i realised it wasn't the parser, or the DTD file, but that those 6 files were illegally formed according ot the DTD22:19
jothamso i'm gonna add DTD validation to your parser22:19
jothamwhat i wanted YOU to do was fix up whatever generated those battle?.xml files22:19
jothamso that i could run them against the viewer22:19
mithrojotham: i diff example1 against battle1 and they seemed fine22:19
jothamplease look at the DTD22:19
jothamand then at them22:20
jothamparameters are named differently for starters22:20
jothamlet me get an example22:20
jothambattle1:xml L322:20
jotham    <side name="tim">22:20
jothamexample1.xml L422:20
jotham    <side id="mithro">22:21
jothamnow in the DTD it says22:21
jotham<!ATTLIST side id ID #REQUIRED >22:21
mithroso how does the parser work then?22:21
jothamso i'm going to add DTD validation to the parser, but i want whatever is generating all those test XML files to also honor the DTD22:21
mithrojotham: well the plan is that it would honour the dtd22:22
jothamthe parser doesn't work with the battle?.xml files that you supplied me, maybe you have a different version22:22
mithroi have no changes22:22
mithrobe back in 522:22
jothamanyway the reason i'm bothering *you* is because someone has to fix the thing generating the files22:22
jothamand that's your domain, i'm here to do graphics stuff, not mess around with inconsistent data formats22:23
jothamif i make the parser validate the DTD then at least i wont have this problem in the future =)22:24
jothamam gonna do that this evening22:24
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mithrojotham: fixing now23:00
jothamyou sexy man23:11
mithrowas an easy fix23:15
mithrothe file which generates them is actually fairly stand alone23:15
mithroyou can find it here23:15
tpb<> (at
mithrojotham: did you work out how to get elementtree to check output/input against a DTD?23:27
jothamno i said i'd do that tonight23:27
mithrojotham: ahh, so you don't know how to do it yet?23:30
jothamhaven't looked, realised last night when it was broken that that is what i needed to do, and was going to do it tonight23:30
mithrookay cool23:31
mithroi'll look into getting the output xml to do validation too23:31
jothamwell when i find out how i can just drop you a note on waht to do23:33

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