Sunday, 2007-05-06

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mithrohey xdotx01:53
mithrolong time no see!01:53
mithrohello drdevice01:53
mithro~seen drdevice01:53
tpbmithro: I have not seen drdevice.01:53
mithrodrdevice: your new here I see :P01:53
drdeviceI am!01:53
mithroso what is your primary interest?01:53
xdotxah yes. i'm free! ... (sort of)...!01:54
mithroxdotx: cool, i'm really looking forward to your ruleset01:55
mithroxdotx: it's good to see you around, I was a bit worried that you had dropped of the face of the earth01:55
xdotxmithro:  i practically had, crunch time lasts about the last month of school here, and it completely consumes me01:56
drdevicemithro, I don't know if I really have a primary interest.01:56
drdeviceI found out about the project a while back and I wanted to keep up with it because it sounded very interesting.01:56
drdeviceUnfortunately I doubt I have much of anything to contribute. :)01:57
mithroxdotx: ahh, I understand that - I'm currently got 1 week till I have to hand up my Honours project01:58
mithrodrdevice: well, even just testing is useful01:58
mithrowhat platform are you on?01:58
mithro~seen llnz01:58
tpbmithro: llnz was last seen in #tp 1 day, 16 hours, 31 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <llnz> meh01:58
drdeviceRight now, Windows.01:58
drdeviceBut I have access to Linux and OS X machines.01:58
mithrodrdevice: cool, the primary client should work on all those platforms02:01
mithrodrdevice: what similar games have you played?02:02
drdeviceWell, I'm pretty sure I originally found the project because I was looking for a game like the very old Mac game Pax Imperia.02:02
drdeviceBut, um. Galactic Civilizations, Sword of the Stars, stuff like that.02:03
xdotxafk. reading.02:08
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mithrodrdevice: cool02:14
mithrodrdevice: it's an exciting time at the moment, we have 3 SoC students working on some cool stuff02:15
drdeviceI saw the news, that's very cool.02:18
mithroxdotx is one of them :)02:21
mithrohey nash02:21
nashmithro: Heyo02:21
mithronash: how goes everything?02:32
nashanything from DystopicFro ?02:32
mithro~seen DystopicFro02:37
tpbmithro: DystopicFro was last seen in #tp 5 days, 0 hours, 58 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <DystopicFro> nash: I'll email you the location that you can clone from when I get it up02:37
mithronope :/02:37
mithroxdotx has turned up however02:37
* nash waves to xdotx 02:38
mithroxdotx: did you end up getting RFTS working?02:42
mithronash: i'm finally back on track with my honours project too02:53
nashSounds like today has been a good one for yo02:57
nashback shortly02:58
mithroyay! just made my first phone call!04:49
nashSo unplug it - put it away, and let your supervisor blow it up when he tests it04:56
mithronash: well I need to be able to make 4 simaltenous phone calls05:03
mithroand I have to produce SNR graphs05:03
mithrobut I have two working boards now05:19
mithroand I borrowed a decent power supply from uni which will only output 50mA - hence not toasting everything if something does go wrong05:19
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mithrohey llnz07:02
* mithro points to xdotx :P07:02
llnzhi mithro07:02
mithrollnz: he was around earlier07:15
mithro~seen xdotx07:15
tpbmithro: xdotx was last seen in #tp 5 hours, 7 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <xdotx> afk. reading.07:15
mithrollnz: :P07:16
tpb<> (at
llnzgood to hear your honours is coming along mithro07:18
mithrollnz: yeah it rocks07:19
mithrollnz: did you see the cheap jetstar fairs?07:20
tpbTitle: Jetstar Airways - Cheap Flights, Low Sale Fares all day everyday from Australia's newest Cheap Fare airline (at
mithroSydney - Christchurch07:20
mithro$NZ101 return07:21
llnzsame for melbourn07:23
mithroChristchurch - Gold Coast, NZ$101pp return07:23
mithrowhats the abbreviation for fioncee?07:23
llnz"so" or g/f, both work ok07:24
llnzcan't book those prices for LCA0807:24
mithrotake the gf to the gold coast for week :P07:25
llnzmight just save up and make it to lca0807:26
llnzcurrent prices for that time are $450 pp return07:28
mithrollnz: whats there to see in Christchurch?07:33
llnzdepends on what you are interested in07:34
llnzshopping, gardens, scenic, adventure sports, etc...07:35
mithrocan't really find any dates when I would like to go anyway07:41
mithronash: you see the sale?07:42
nashmithro: Yeah - not sure if I'll be going there... got a wedding the same weekend in christchurch...07:51
mithronash: you mean going to LCA08?07:51
nashYeah - that's what you are refering to I assume07:52
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mithronash: well I was just refering to the Jetstar sale in general08:06
mithronash: take the wife to the Gold Coast for a weekend :P08:14
nashmithro: Could well be a plan actually08:15
nashJust need accomadation08:15
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * rb7617658a0f9 /modules/games/minisec/ (build.cpp colonise.cpp):08:15
CIA-3Small cleanup in Minisec, Build and Colonise.08:15
CIA-3Removed unused include in colonise.h.08:15
CIA-3Added generic type handling for Build Fleet type.08:15
mithronash: a 2 nights shouldn't be to expensive08:15
mithronash: my parents are going to japan - cost them $500 AUD return!08:16
mithrothe normal fairs make it about $1250 minimum08:16
nashwow - that's pretty cool08:16
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mithroyeah they got lucky - they where already planning to go to japan08:19
mithroat first they thought it was $500 one way08:19
nashThat price on the site is two way?08:21
mithronash: <- on that site08:30
tpbTitle: Jetstar Airways - Cheap Flights, Low Sale Fares all day everyday from Australia's newest Cheap Fare airline (at
mithrobut you have to travel in pairs08:31
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * rcd7ed71759a9 /modules/games/mtsec/ (18 files):08:42
CIA-3Reworked MTSec to use the various object types instead of IGObject for settings08:42
CIA-3such as Position, size and velocity. General cleanup, not yet complete.08:42
CIA-3Need to rework MTSecTurn yet.08:42
llnzactually, just check08:43
llnzjust checked, MTSecTurn has ready been updated08:44
mithroanyone know a comment generator like doxygen for ASM?08:46
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llnzmithro: i would think that doxygen might do ASM08:53
llnzhave a look up the website or docs08:53
mithrodoes appear too08:58
mithronash: ping?09:20
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * rcc34ca448bb7 /modules/games/minisec/ (6 files):09:30
CIA-3Minisec cleanup and Merge and Split Fleet work with Fleet Objects09:30
CIA-3for most settings. Merge Fleet no longer tracks to merged object, chooses09:30
CIA-3first fleet at location.09:30
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * ra15ed303dbdc /modules/games/mtsec/ (build.cpp mergefleet.cpp mergefleet.h splitfleet.cpp):09:30
CIA-3MTSec cleanup and Merge and Split Fleet order updated.09:30
CIA-3Merge no longer moves fleet, chooses first available fleet at current09:30
CIA-3location. Other little cleanups.09:30
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * r9d85b1caea10 /tpserver/ (object.cpp object.h objectmanager.cpp objectmanager.h):09:44
CIA-3Clean out of unneeded methods in IGObject, and ObjectManager.09:44
CIA-3This makes IGObject much more general, and smaller. ObjectManager lost09:44
CIA-3getContainersByPos, but had been replaced anyway.09:44
llnzhere endth the cleanup and shift around09:45
mithrollnz: have you thought about the collect and do system I was talking about?09:49
llnzi'm thinking i might add it to TurnProcess to make it available to all rulesets09:50
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llnzI want to get some more of tp04 done this week, and maybe look at that issue09:57
llnzbut right now, i have to go09:58
* llnz wanders off09:58
llnzlater all09:58
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CIA-3llnz ruleset-book * re57ca358d767 /ruleset-dev.tex: Wrote section on building out of tree modules.20:00
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mithromorning people20:25
mithro~seen dmpayton20:25
tpbmithro: dmpayton was last seen in #tp 5 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <dmpayton> mithro: ping?20:25
nashheyo mithro20:32
mithronash: how goes everything?20:32
nashtrying to get various compiler versions to work with different machines20:34
mithronash: did you end up replying to lee's question about setting up a branch?20:43
nashmithro: Can't say I did - I never saw it?20:43
nashAssuming it was a recent one20:43
mithrodid you get the email from lee?20:43
nashAhh - I read it as a process question20:45
nashThe mechanics are easy - he will be working on the same tree20:45
nashHe just needs to push to a new branch - so cg-branch-add git://.../tpserver.git#rfts20:46
nashcg-push rfts20:46
mithronash: wanna send him an email with that info?20:47
nashmithro: Will have to be tonight - ssh is down on my machine20:52
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * rff999c6abdbb /modules/games/minisec/ ( nop.cpp ownedobject.cpp ownedobject.h):21:35
CIA-3Removed unused class OwnedObject from Minisec.21:35
CIA-3Fixed Nop too so it works on Fleets and Planets.21:35
CIA-3llnz tpserver-cpp * r49d2fc03e58a /modules/games/mtsec/ ( nop.cpp ownedobject.cpp ownedobject.h):21:35
CIA-3Removed unused class OwnedObject from MTSec.21:35
CIA-3Also fixed nop like done in Minisec.21:35
* mithro ponders21:57
nashllnz is fairly accurate today...21:58
nashmy mental tab complete is obviouslyu broken today21:59
mithrohe he :P21:59
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llnzhi all22:11
nashhey llnz22:11
llnzhi nash22:11
nashYour question regarding setting up a branch?  Technical side:22:12
nashHe just needs to push to a new branch - so cg-branch-add  rfts git://.../tpserver.git#rfts22:12
nash cg-push rfts22:12
nashor if he likes he can do:22:12
nashcg-branch-chg origin git://.../tpserver.git#rfts22:12
nashThat way it will push to the RFTS branch by default22:13
nashCouldn't be easier22:13
llnzi've saved it as a note to refer to later22:16
CIA-3llnz ruleset-book * r9c3a534648ab /ruleset-dev.tex: Wrote in tree module build system setup, and a bit of intro to the chapter22:17
nashllnz: I'll email it to you later  - just my mailserver was stopped yesterday22:18
nashtimje for lunch22:21
nashback later22:21
* llnz hopes his lunch arrives soon22:21
* mithro ponders his own lunch23:08
* nash has returned from his lunch23:35
CIA-3llnz ruleset-book * rae5e2de5f03a /ruleset-dev.tex:23:42
CIA-3Added filename and codename commands and use them.23:42
CIA-3Also fixed spelling of one word.23:42
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mithrohey dmpayton23:48
mithroyou alive today?23:48
mithrohow is everything?23:48
dmpaytonYeah, I'm alive.23:48
dmpaytonEverything Alright, I spose.23:48
dmpaytonGot your email. Gonna work on blog & email tonight23:49
dmpaytonWell, after I finish something for work23:50
* dmpayton can't wait till this project is teh over23:50
mithrodmpayton: did you solve your python problem?23:56
dmpaytonYeah.23:56 is just picky about where you have classes.23:56
dmpaytonwhich I found out through trial and error23:57

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