Saturday, 2007-01-27

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* llnz ponders01:58
llnzother than the avahi poll api, is there anything more do to before tp04?02:26
mithrohey llnz03:41
mithroso whats up?03:52
mithroany chance you could fix your random generation so it fits the AI specs?03:53
llnzworking on getting avahi to play nice with the rest of tpserver-cpp03:53
mithrouploading the last of the video's now03:55
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (net.cpp net.cpp):05:17
CIA-11Get the active read set of fd's after processing the timers:05:17
CIA-11 This was causing strange things for the MetaserverConnection after it had been05:17
CIA-11 added to the read set in a TimerCallback, causing it to wait until the select loop05:17
CIA-11 after the one just entered. With long TimerCallback Intervals, this meant problems.05:17
mithroso llnz, what you working on?05:49
llnzmaking avahi work well with tpserver-cpp05:50
llnzjust checking that it is stable05:50
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* mithro ponders what to do06:06
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (16 files):06:43
CIA-11Much better Avahi support, implemented own AvahiPoll API:06:43
CIA-11 By using the Poll API, tpserver-cpp only wakes up when it needs to. The06:43
CIA-11 API required a set of timers, taken care of by the new TimerCallback, and06:43
CIA-11 the watches using Connections and the Network main select loop.06:43
mithrouploading rusty's AI talk now07:35
llnzwhere are you uploading them to?07:36
mithroI'm uploading a cut version of rusty's talk to verbal to link to from the comp page07:37
mithrothe full proceedings should be up on the lca website soonish07:40
mithronow the question is, do I run a seperate torrent for each of the high quality files, or a single torrent?07:45
llnzdoes each part individually make sense and standalone?08:01
llnzthen a seperate one for each08:01
mithrookay here is the question, how do I do this :P08:01
llnzdo you have the tracker anounce url?08:02
llnzonce you do, you can use btcompletedir to create a torrent file for each (in one go), and then upload the torrent files08:04
llnzthen use btlaunchmany (or btlaunchmanycurses) to seed them all08:06
llnzi have to go, be back sunday night or monday08:07
* llnz wanders off08:07
llnzlater all08:07
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tpbTitle: BitTorrent download info (at
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tpbTitle: Index of /~bittorrent (at
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CIA-11[email protected] * metaserver-lite/index.php : Dump the request.14:13
mithrohey Demitar14:20
mithroyou see the Programming Competition?14:20
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