Sunday, 2007-01-07

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tuna_mithro: yes, I'm new here. used to play stars! a lot and this game seems promising. I got very little programming experience but if anyone has something simple that needs to be done I'm all ears.02:55
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llnzwow! look at everyone!04:57
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mithrollnz: he he05:29
mithrotuna_: ping?05:29
mithrotuna_: there are lots of little things that can be done to help out tp, see the todo list for some ideas05:42
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llnzwow, this is going to be one very big patch....10:05
* llnz wonders if it will actually work...10:06
mithrohe he okay10:30
mithrowhat you working on?10:30
llnzchanging the order in tpserver-cpp to use parameter classes10:43
llnzwhich impacts on the rulesets and persistence10:44
llnzmoment of truth, will it work?10:48
mithrohe he10:48
llnzwell, that bit work, more or less10:51
llnznow to clear the database and seen what happens10:52
mithrois this going to break my persistance? :P10:58
mithrobah :P10:59
llnzjust too complicated to get backward compatable this time11:02
mithrothats okay11:03
mithroi'll just have to conqure the universe first :P11:03
mithroJLP: ping?11:04
llnzmithro: new account in tpclient-pywx-dev is broken for ipv611:07
mithroI didn't think you could even connect using ipv611:07
mithrolibtpproto-py doesn't support ipv6 as far as I know :P11:08
mithrohave you ever had it working?11:09
llnzi think11:10
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/ (4 files in 2 dirs): wxWindows example little bit of improvement to pygame.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/mng/wx/ (15 files): Fixes to the MNGAnimationCtrl.11:11
llnzmaybe only with domain names with ipv6 addresses11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/examples/barren-alpha-full.mng : Added delay between frames.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/mng/ (14 files): Added support for starting and stoping.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/doc/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Updated the examples.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/mng/ ( Add support for seperated alpha + Fixes for large mng files.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/mng/pygame/ ( Fixes for very large images.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/examples/ : Fixed the title.11:11
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/doc/index.html : Fixed examples link.11:11
llnzjust a few more little bugs to work out11:13
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/doc/ (index.html index.html): More websites fixes.11:15
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/ ( TODO mng/ Fixed the MANIFESTs.11:39
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libmng-py/doc/ (8 files in 2 dirs): libmng-py 0.0.3 release.11:39
mithrodemo1 just died?11:46
llnzno, it's working fine11:47
mithroappears it's working11:50
llnzjust found a really big bug11:54
llnzsuprised that persistence for properties works at all after shutdown11:54
mithrothe metaserver seems a little broken11:57
llnzwhy did I get an exception?12:01
llnzi know, but why?12:02
mithroi'm trying to figure out why the metaserver isn't working properly12:02
mithroit appears that it has mangled demo1 and llnz's server together12:03
llnzand demo1 and together as well12:04
mithroFoundRemoteGame <FinderThread(Thread-3, stopped)> <Game 'Lee\'s Dev game'12:04
mithro        tphttps @ ( p 808812:04
mithro        tphttp  @ ( p 808012:04
mithro        tps     @ ( p 692412:04
mithro        tp      @ ( p 6923, ( p 6923>12:04
llnzhave a look at the webpage for the metaserver12:04
mithroI think i know the problem12:04
llnzyay, worked the bug out12:08
llnztime to make patches12:08
llnz41 files changed, 14 to removed12:10
mithrollnz: your IP address sure changes alot12:19
llnzyeah, suck adsl12:19
llnzeverytime it goes down, i get a new ip12:20
llnzand they appear to have at least 3 class C subnets now12:20
JLPhi all12:22
llnzhi JLP12:22
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/ (373 files in 5 dirs):12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Big Change. Orders now use OrderParameters, and Objects use OrderManager to get the order types by name:12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  This is a big change. This break current persistence (and says so). But it is much better architecturely12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  and easier to maintain. It's probably smaller once I remove the unused files. It also means that a game12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  developer doesn't need to write a ordertype persistence class for every persistence and order (p*o classes).12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  Once Objects are moved to a similar parameter system (probably TP04) then the game developer will not have12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  to interact with the persistence method directly at all.12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (designstore.cpp designstore.cpp designstore.cpp):12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Defensive property handling from persistence to avoid a bug with incorrect PropertyIdByName:12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  This shoud have been affecting all mysql persistence backed games, but it wasn't. Just a12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  little more defensive by loading all the properties at init, just to fill the property name12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  to id mapping.12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (stringparameter.cpp stringparameter.cpp):12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Fixed StringParameter frame packing/unpacking:12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  Just silly. I was wondering why the methods were so short.12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/spacecoordparam.cpp :12:36
tpb<[email protected]> Implemented missing methods:12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  These are required for the big change coming. And it's a little silly for me12:36
tpb<[email protected]>  to declare them and not implement them.12:36
llnz24 files to remove12:39
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed to much length.12:44
mithroyour home server died?12:45
llnzno, just stopped it12:46
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * metaserver-lite/ (index.php index.php index.php index.php): Put the break in the right place.12:46
mithrollnz: found two bugs :P12:47
llnzin what?12:47
mithroone in the metaserver, one in libtpproto-py12:47
llnzah, cool12:48
mithrofixes the problem you where having12:48
mithrocan you start up your server again just to test something?12:48
llnztpserver-cpp  17015 (99%)12:48
llnz17k lines of c++ in tpserver-cpp12:49
llnzfor about 15 minutes :-)12:49
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/ (194 files in 4 dirs):12:50
tpb<[email protected]> Remove unused files after moving to OrderParameters:12:50
tpb<[email protected]>  These files are not needed, and makes things simpler and cleaner.12:50
mithrobtw 8443 is fairly normal as an alternative https support12:51
llnzjust about anything over 1024 will work12:52
mithrowonder whats causing the \'12:52
mithroproxies are more likely to be accessible 844312:52
llnz443 is more likely again12:53
mithroyes, but 433 is below 1024 :/12:53
mithrosomething is going wrong with colonise orders....12:56
mithrollnz: btw with a colonise order do you send a "planet" filter?12:59
llnztpserver-cpp  15982 (99%)13:02
mithroVel: 198777137, 22082788, 013:09
mithrothat doesn't seem right13:10
llnzit is about right13:10
llnzyeah, scout max speed is about 300,000,00013:11
mithrohrm... I wonder why the client is incorrectly drawing it13:14
mithroObject  2  An object's ID number.13:17
mithro    * a UInt32, read write, objects id13:17
mithrowe should add a "mask" field to that which lists which type of objects are valid13:17
llnzmaybe add another order parameter which has that13:25
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp : Fixed typo in tablename for orderparameterstring13:36
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tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/modules/games/minisec/colonise.cpp :13:38
tpb<[email protected]> Make sure the destination exists and is set in Colonise:13:38
tpb<[email protected]>  The bug caused an odd effect of having all fleets on colonise heading13:38
tpb<[email protected]>  for 0,0,0 (centre of universe) after restarting server with persistence on.13:38
llnzmithro: still a bug in metaserver13:44
llnzjust look at
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec : Metaserver Server Listing (at
llnzdemo1 should have a tp port13:44
mithrohrm, weird13:45
llnzand I have another one, but just no quite yet13:46
mithroahh I see the problem13:50
mithronot quite sure how to fix this....13:58
llnzsorry to add another thing to your todo list, but could you make media cached against the place it is downloaded from, not each game?13:59
llnzso if i', playing three games, i don't have to download it three times14:00
mithrollnz: on my todo list :P14:00
llnzare you able to connect to Lee's dev game?14:01
mithrojust about to test14:02
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * metaserver-lite/ (index.php index.php): Fixed the loop to not skip.14:10
mithroarg, there is another bug in the server14:11
llnzi have a question for you, did you have to use metaserver_fake_<foo> settings to get the metaserver to recorgnise your tpserver-cpp?14:13
llnzboth ip and dns, or just one?14:13
llnzboth demo1 and lee's dev game needed both, but they are both a bit special setups14:14
mithroi have about 4 interfaces on that box however14:15
llnzone is a multi-homed multi-host, and the other is behind a firewall14:15
mithrollnz: what are you sending to the server?14:15
mithroIE "Lee\'s ....." ?14:16
llnzsettings get server_name14:16
llnzSetting "server_name" is set to "Lee's Dev game".14:16
llnzyou might be missing a stripslashes somewhere (if you are addslashes'ing)14:17
llnzbetter run, 3:20am here14:18
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tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * metaserver-lite/ (index.php index.php index.php): Encode the end bit of the url.14:53
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/ ( Moved url2bits into this library.14:55
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx-dev/windows/ : Moved url2bits into to libtpproto-py.14:56
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tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx-dev/extra/ (75 files): Development of PyAUI and Maximize button.19:13
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx-dev/extra/ ( Work with AUI in 2.8.x19:25
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx-dev/ (
tpb<[email protected]> Allow person to select which wx version to use.:19:25
tpb<[email protected]>  Needed to allow me to test against 2.6 and 2.819:25
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx-dev/windows/ : Maximize button on the Starmap.19:25
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tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (metaserverconnection.cpp metaserverconnection.cpp): Added missing slash in User-agent field22:32
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