Monday, 2006-12-18

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tpb<[email protected]> ping?08:26
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tpb<[email protected]> Lee, mithro hi11:03
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: i see that server is running now so i will check the preferences problem now11:04
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: okay11:06
tpb<[email protected]> hi JLP11:06
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: yup still have the problem, i'll add the steps that reproduce it here to the bug11:07
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: cool11:10
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: steps added11:12
tpb<[email protected]> url?11:13
tpb<[email protected]>
tpb<[email protected]> Bug #1600374: Can&#039;t close configuration dialog11:14
tpb<[email protected]> that is a weird little case11:33
tpb<[email protected]> yeah, i usually have that luck to find wierd problems like this :)11:36
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx/windows/ ( Fix accidently destruction of windows.11:53
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: give that a go11:53
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: looks like it is working fine now11:58
tpb<[email protected]> cool11:58
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tpb* [email protected] find another problem12:01
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tpb<[email protected]> llnz2: you see that the client registers for tp/tps/tphttp/tphttps under gnome?12:05
tpbnick change by llnz2 to Lee on worldforge12:06
tpb<[email protected]> i saw the email12:06
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: i reported a new bug -
tpb<[email protected]> Bug #1617962: Hidden windows reappear when Main Windows gets focus12:14
tpb<[email protected]> hrm....12:14
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: does the current darcs version of libtprl fix your bug?12:25
tpb<[email protected]> Lee: with the includes order12:26
tpb<[email protected]> Lee: it should, i just did darcs pull, and checked tprl/console.cpp and it has the order that worked for me12:28
tpb<[email protected]> cool12:28
tpb<[email protected]> will release it at 0.1.1 tomorrow or wednesday12:28
tpb<[email protected]> does libtprl get a freshmeat release?12:32
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx/ (10 files): Check the version too.12:32
tpb<[email protected]> Can you guys give that a go and make sure the client still works?12:32
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: not yet, maybe this time though12:33
tpb<[email protected]> i guess it should be a seperate project12:33
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: updated and still works12:38
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: cool12:38
tpb<[email protected]> working for me12:38
tpb<[email protected]> EOT field could be one char wider though12:38
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx/windows/ : Fix bug #1600374.12:44
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: can you give that a go?12:44
tpb<[email protected]> 17 Dec 2006  26912:46
tpb<[email protected]> woot!12:46
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: updated, and i guess i can call it fixed12:46
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: what is wrong?12:46
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: nothing is wrong, looks like it is fixed, windows remain hidden12:47
tpb<[email protected]> cool12:47
tpb<[email protected]> another bug to close as fixed today :)12:47
tpb<[email protected]> yeah :P12:49
tpb* [email protected] wanders off12:51
tpb<[email protected]> later all12:51
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tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/ : Don't die on this weird error.14:36
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * tpclient-pywx/windows/ ( Removed extra ConnectTo.14:36
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpclient-py/tp/client/ (6 files): Fix the pregnet pause, Fixed bug #160106814:36
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto-py/tp/netlib/ ( Still support longs on timestamp.14:36
tpb<[email protected]> yay another bug down14:37
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: what type of connection are you on?14:53
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: when at home (during weekends) i'm on cable modem 5 Mb/ down, 768 kb/s up14:55
tpb<[email protected]> ahh okay :P14:55
tpb<[email protected]> when here in Ljubljana where i study i'm on VDSL with 1 Mb/s down and 128 kb/s up14:55
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tpb<[email protected]> both client packages contain binaries? no source?20:25
tpb<[email protected]> at least the READMEs tell the same20:26
tpb<[email protected]> it just looks strange to me ... i xpected configure somewhere20:27
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