Saturday, 2006-12-16

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tpb* [email protected] works on xslt from protocol.xml to html02:38
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * libtpproto2-py/ (protocol.dtd protocol.dtd protocol.dtd):02:42
tpb<[email protected]> Fixed dtd:02:42
tpb<[email protected]>  ATTLIST, not ATTRLIST02:42
tpb<[email protected]>  Need brackets around element sequences, with commas between them02:42
tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto2-py/ (65 files in 2 dirs): Getting the library working again.02:54
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tpb<[email protected]> [email protected] * libtpproto2-py/ (7 files): Changed the lt/gt around.09:40
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * web/ (5 files in 2 dirs):10:29
tpb<[email protected]> Process the protocol.xml file to a webpage:10:29
tpb<[email protected]>  Uses xsltproc to convert the protocol.xml doc in libtpproto2-py10:29
tpb<[email protected]>  using the protocol2html.xsl in dev/documents to produce10:29
tpb<[email protected]> which is included in dec/documents/protocolxml.php10:30
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tpb<[email protected]> hi JLP10:42
tpb<[email protected]> hi all10:47
tpb<[email protected]> Lee, mithro: are you registered at ?10:48
tpb<[email protected]> nope10:48
tpb<[email protected]> i was thinking we could draw some attantion by posting the news about new version of wxPython client there10:49
tpb<[email protected]> good idea10:51
tpb<[email protected]> so, i can post the new storry, but it would be great if you could both create an account so you could than quickly digg the story10:52
tpb<[email protected]> how about this:11:01
tpb<[email protected]> title: Thousand Parsec wxPython Client 0.2.0 released11:01
tpb<[email protected]> body: Thousand Parsec is a framework for turn-based space empire building games similar to Stars!. There have been massive changes to the wxPython client. Some off the highlights are: request pipelining, automatic media downloading, animated planet graphics, account creation support, design support, message reference support and better caching.11:02
tpb<[email protected]> yeah, that's cool11:02
tpb<[email protected]> ok when you finish creating the account and are ready to digg tell mo sthat i submit the news11:03
tpb<[email protected]> account created11:11
tpb<[email protected]> ok, let me submit the story11:11
tpb<[email protected]> btw: what is your username there11:11
tpb<[email protected]>
tpb<[email protected]> jrepin11:12
tpb<[email protected]> <> (at
tpb<[email protected]> dugg11:13
tpb<[email protected]> great, too bad mithro isn't arround to help11:14
tpb<[email protected]> maybe we could also add the link to this digg story to the news article on TB11:15
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: did you know there is a digg link at the bottom of every news item in the rss feed?11:20
tpb<[email protected]> oh yeah, i know this, and delicious11:20
tpb<[email protected]> but i was thinking right in the news on the web11:20
tpb<[email protected]> oh btw, a couple od days ago I've also writen a bit about TP on my blog -
tpb<[email protected]> i know, i get your rss feed :-)11:25
tpb<[email protected]> Title: JLP s Blog (at
tpb<[email protected]> oh, cool11:26
tpb<[email protected]> Lee Begg <[email protected]> * web/dev/documents/ (6 files): Formating and validation fixes for protocolxml handling11:27
tpb<[email protected]> i get 90 rss feeds11:27
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tpb<[email protected]> hrm CIA seems stuck too13:42
tpb* [email protected] rebuilds the release13:48
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: did you see earlier messages from Lee and mee about story?14:01
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: can you redownload the tarball and give it another go?14:01
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: will do right away14:01
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: starts just fine now14:04
tpb<[email protected]> cool14:04
tpb<[email protected]> I dug the digg thing14:13
tpb<[email protected]> cool, maybe someone new sees the news and gets attracted, and if we get very luck maybe we even get to the front page14:14
tpb<[email protected]> i've also asked some friends that have accounts to help digg this :)14:14
tpb<[email protected]> he he okay14:15
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: do you know how to register for tp/tps tphttp and tphttps links under KDE or Gnome?14:17
tpb<[email protected]> hm could be that there is some trick with the *.desktop files14:17
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: for KDE they mention adding a *.protocol file into $KDEDIR/share/services/14:22
tpb* [email protected] looks up freedesktop.org14:22
tpb* [email protected] pokes CIA-115:08
tpb<[email protected]> i think we need to start opening and closing bugs :P15:22
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tpb<[email protected]> hello everyone ;)15:44
tpb<[email protected]> perhaps i'm too silly but i can't get the inplace version of thousand parsec to work15:45
tpb<[email protected]> The following requirements where not met : ['wxPython > 2.6.0'] BUT it is installed15:46
tpb<[email protected]> btw its a gentoo15:46
tpb<[email protected]> hey rotaticus15:47
tpb<[email protected]> okay15:47
tpb<[email protected]> try the following15:47
tpb<[email protected]> python15:47
tpb<[email protected]> >>> import wx15:47
tpb<[email protected]> what does that give you?15:47
tpb<[email protected]> 6 lines errors, shall i paste them here?15:48
tpb<[email protected]> yeah15:49
tpb<[email protected]> it's only a small channel so we don't mind so much15:49
tpb<[email protected]> ok15:49
tpb<[email protected]> ,--8<-15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |>>> import wx15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |Traceback (most recent call last):15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-ansi/wx/", line 42, in ?15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |    from wx._core import *15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/wx-2.6-gtk2-ansi/wx/", line 4, in ?15:50
tpb<[email protected]> |    import _core_15:50
tpb<[email protected]> `-->8-15:50
tpb<[email protected]> you are missing the part after that15:50
tpb<[email protected]> ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: caca_end15:51
tpb<[email protected]> sorry15:51
tpb<[email protected]> hrm, thats a new one15:51
tpb<[email protected]> it would appear you don't have libcaca installed15:51
tpb<[email protected]> I have no idea what libcaca does however :P15:52
tpb<[email protected]> libSDL is 1.2.11-r115:52
tpb<[email protected]> caca does movies on console etc ;)15:52
tpb<[email protected]> ahh15:52
tpb<[email protected]> well I'm a bit unsure why wx is even requiring SDL15:52
tpb<[email protected]> are there any lines between the import __core__ and the ImportError?15:53
tpb<[email protected]> no not even an empty line15:54
tpb<[email protected]> well, somewhere along the lines you have made wx depend on libSDL depend on libcaca15:55
tpb<[email protected]> and for some reason libSDL can't find all parts of libcaca15:56
tpb<[email protected]> hm maybe running revdep-rebuild can help15:56
tpb<[email protected]> it looks like some library was updated and some other library still links to old version15:57
tpb<[email protected]> whats revdep-rebuild?15:57
tpb<[email protected]> reverse dependancy rebuilder15:57
tpb<[email protected]> ok its a slow system ... i'm looking for the useflags ... when they appear15:58
tpb<[email protected]> reverse dependancy rebuilder, it examines installed binaries and libraries on gentoo, finds ones that link to libraries that don't exist anymore and then rebuilds the matching packages so that all is relinked against latest versions15:58
tpb<[email protected]> the joys of building your own system ;)16:00
tpb<[email protected]> :)16:01
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: we should put the bug tracker in the FAQ16:02
tpb<[email protected]> libcacaok i'll rebuild libsdl without libcaca support ... and hope for the best ... i'll report if it gets better/worse ;) *hoping*16:02
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: yeah that would be nice16:03
tpb<[email protected]> the pics on the web look real promising -- i'm so exited to see it running16:05
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: rebulding libsd should do the trick yeah, with or without libcaca support16:05
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: sure? ok i'll try that because i like libcaca16:06
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: not 100% sure, but it usually just needs to update for the new structures of addresses in new version of libcaca16:08
tpb<[email protected]> so that libsdl knows where to look for the function again16:08
tpb<[email protected]> if it works here i'll bring some players to the game ;)16:09
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: i'm keeping the fingers crossed16:10
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: we are all for helping out our users16:12
tpb<[email protected]> if you can think of things to make it easier, please post to the mailing lists or log a bug report16:13
tpb<[email protected]> i'll do my best :)16:16
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: how did you find about thousand parsec16:18
tpb<[email protected]> it was on my newsticker happypenguin rss feed16:20
tpb<[email protected]> and i had seeen 0.1.0 already but it had a problem here too16:21
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: i really wish you had reported any problems16:22
tpb<[email protected]> being developers we tend not to see the problems that occur :P16:22
tpb<[email protected]> ok take this: the inplace verion wants libtpproto and libtpclient installed not as announced inplace just runs whitout further installing16:24
tpb<[email protected]> but i was able to fix this by myself with the help of the .noarch.rpm's16:25
tpb<[email protected]> sorry that i had to ask here for my local errors16:26
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: when did you download?16:26
tpb<[email protected]> can you re-download the inplace package and try again?16:27
tpb<[email protected]> 30mins ago16:27
tpb<[email protected]> sure16:27
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: but keep in mind that the browser can use the download from cache, so you still can get old version16:27
tpb<[email protected]> that's what happened here16:27
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: do you still have the error on the screen somewhere?16:31
tpb<[email protected]> from the old file ?16:31
tpb<[email protected]> where did u upload to? SF or TP-Homepage?16:32
tpb<[email protected]> No module named pkg_resources16:32
tpb<[email protected]> No module named pkg_resources16:32
tpb<[email protected]> The following requirements where not met16:32
tpb<[email protected]> ['tp.netlib', 'tp.client']16:32
tpb<[email protected]> ['tp.netlib', 'tp.client']16:32
tpb<[email protected]> then tried redownloading, but firefox still used the old file from the cache, so i just used wget to mak sure the new version is downloaded and all was fine then16:33
tpb<[email protected]> I used TP Homepage to download16:33
tpb<[email protected]> ok i'll try that too16:34
tpb<[email protected]> ok thats fixednow but i got still the libsdl error16:36
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: can you try redownloading from sf ?16:36
tpb<[email protected]> The following requirements where not met16:37
tpb<[email protected]> ['wxPython > 2.6.0']16:37
tpb<[email protected]> BUT it's installed 4 sure16:37
tpb<[email protected]> [I] dev-python/wxpython16:37
tpb<[email protected]>      Available versions:16:37
tpb<[email protected]> (2.4)[0m16:37
tpb<[email protected]> (2.6)[0m (~)[0m16:37
tpb<[email protected]>      Installed versions: 31.10.2006)(-opengl -unicode)16:37
tpb<[email protected]>      Homepage:  
tpb<[email protected]>      Description:         A blending of the wxWindows C++ class library with Python16:37
tpb<[email protected]> * dev-python/wxpython-docs16:37
tpb<[email protected]>      Available versions:16:37
tpb<[email protected]> (2.4)[0m16:38
tpb<[email protected]> (2.6)(~)[0m16:38
tpb<[email protected]> Title: wxPython (at
tpb<[email protected]>      Homepage:            http://www.wxpython.org16:38
tpb<[email protected]> Title: wxPython (at
tpb<[email protected]>      Description:         wxPython documentation16:38
tpb<[email protected]> Found 2 matches.16:38
tpb<[email protected]> oh SORRY i forgot -c16:38
tpb<[email protected]>  ~/TP/tpclient-pywx-0.2.0/tp/ RuntimeWarning: No module named pkg_resources16:40
tpb<[email protected]> ,--8<-16:40
tpb<[email protected]> |/home/mad/TP/tpclient-pywx-0.2.0/tp/ RuntimeWarning: No module named pkg_resources warnings.warn(e, RuntimeWarning)16:40
tpb<[email protected]> |<class '__main__.GUI'> <class '__main__.Network'> <class 'tp.client.threads.MediaThread'>16:40
tpb<[email protected]> |Speicherzugriffsfehler16:40
tpb<[email protected]> `-->8-16:40
tpb<[email protected]> New news from Updated inplace version of tpclient-pywx 0.2.016:41
tpb<[email protected]> is it running?16:42
tpb<[email protected]> YES16:43
tpb<[email protected]> yay!16:43
tpb<[email protected]> the last error was because i forgot to export display16:43
tpb<[email protected]> my heroes ;)16:43
tpb<[email protected]> yipii16:45
tpb<[email protected]> hmmm16:46
tpb<[email protected]> where do i connect to? must i setup a local server?16:47
tpb<[email protected]> it says "Connection Refused"(translated (i hope correctly))16:47
tpb<[email protected]> i see shortly a 5row connection window and than a connection refused pops up ... am i to silly?16:49
tpb<[email protected]> hm yeah, i get the same error now on demo1 server16:49
tpb<[email protected]> looks like it doesn't run anymore16:49
tpb<[email protected]> deom2 also doesn't work16:50
tpb<[email protected]> ok so its not me *pew*16:50
tpb<[email protected]> nope, server is down16:51
tpb<[email protected]> if i'm not mistaken Lee runs the servers, but he's not here at the moment16:52
tpb<[email protected]> hrm...16:53
tpb<[email protected]> looks like something killed the server :/16:54
tpb<[email protected]> it wasn't me *crying* :(16:56
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: on gentoo it should be pretty trivial to build your own server16:58
tpb<[email protected]> yeah, it shouldn't be a problem, ill try right after i finish updating world on my system16:59
tpb<[email protected]> i'm on cable here and the system is almost always up since it hosts my blog so I will try to also run the server for TP here17:00
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: THAT will take a week or something like that here .... so i stop the update and try building a server17:00
tpb<[email protected]> well AMD Athlon 64 3000+ still does the job quite quickly17:02
tpb<[email protected]> my sister has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ on the network, but she runs mandriva on it17:02
tpb<[email protected]> wouldn't be bad to set up distributed compiling :)17:02
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: do you have a static IP address?17:03
tpb<[email protected]> yes17:03
tpb<[email protected]> which server do you recommend? py or c++?17:05
tpb<[email protected]> c++17:06
tpb<[email protected]> C++17:06
tpb<[email protected]> ok thx ;)17:07
tpb<[email protected]> tpserver-py is better but it's a little in flux atm17:09
tpb<[email protected]> hopefully before the new year tpclient-pywx will get a "new game" button17:30
tpb<[email protected]> well I have URL handlers for gnome now17:33
tpb<[email protected]> well i first have to finish reading about MVC/QGraphicsView in Qt4 and after that I'll have to think how to program universe downloading/displaying for Parsek17:38
tpb<[email protected]> btw are there any documents that would in general way give some tips on how to implment universe downloading and stuff for client makers17:39
tpb<[email protected]> no17:41
tpb<[email protected]> however the libtpclient-py is a good start17:41
tpb<[email protected]rge> I dunno how far libtpproto-cpp goes17:41
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: any luck?17:42
tpb<[email protected]> not really ... tpserver-cpp fails due missing libtprl. libtprl fails bad17:43
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: i don't use KDE so could you find out how to register a protocol handler?17:43
tpb<[email protected]> libtprl fails bad?17:44
tpb<[email protected]> Lee is the developer of libtprl and I'm sure he would love bug reports with it17:44
tpb<[email protected]> well in kde it looks like you need to install a *.protocol file into /usr/kde/3.5/share/services/ folder17:46
tpb<[email protected]> i'm still trying to find the error on my side17:46
tpb<[email protected]> http.protocol looks like this17:47
tpb<[email protected]> [Protocol]17:47
tpb<[email protected]> exec=kio_http17:47
tpb<[email protected]> protocol=http17:47
tpb<[email protected]> input=none17:47
tpb<[email protected]> output=filesystem17:47
tpb<[email protected]> reading=true17:47
tpb<[email protected]> defaultMimetype=application/octet-stream17:47
tpb<[email protected]> determineMimetypeFromExtension=false17:47
tpb<[email protected]> Icon=www17:47
tpb<[email protected]> maxInstances=317:47
tpb<[email protected]> DocPath=kioslave/http.html17:47
tpb<[email protected]> Class=:internet17:47
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: maybe do up some for tpclient-pywx and parsek?17:47
tpb<[email protected]> yeah i will try17:49
tpb<[email protected]> and i will also ask on kde-devel channel about this17:50
tpb<[email protected]> the protocols are17:51
tpb<[email protected]> tp, tps, tphttp and tphttps17:51
tpb<[email protected]> is libtprl needet? --without-libtrl wont work .... please excuse if i ask too many questions17:56
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: it's fine, we are here to help :P17:58
tpb<[email protected]> libtprl is needed17:58
tpb<[email protected]> Lee should be on in about 6 hours17:58
tpb<[email protected]> what time is it in your timezone if i may ask -- here its 190017:59
tpb<[email protected]> 4:35am18:00
tpb<[email protected]> i'm in Adelaide, Australia18:00
tpb<[email protected]> Lee is in New Zealand18:00
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: i would recommend posting to the mailing lists if you are having trouble18:00
tpb<[email protected]> (or the forums if you prefer that method - they are both connected)18:01
tpb<[email protected]> i'm near duesseldorf germany18:03
tpb<[email protected]> i'm in the same timezone as rotaticus, Slovenia btw18:03
tpb* [email protected] passes vbeer for everyone supporting18:03
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: cool, I thought you were in the USA :P18:04
tpb<[email protected]> havn't been to dueseeldorf, been to plenty of other germany cities18:04
tpb<[email protected]> anyway I'm heading to bed18:04
tpb<[email protected]> so i need libtprl in the first place right?18:04
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: yes18:04
tpb<[email protected]> ok mithro have a good sleep18:04
tpb<[email protected]> get libtprl installed then install tpserver-cpp18:05
tpb<[email protected]> mithro: good night18:05
tpb<[email protected]> you could give tpserver-py a go, but I guarrantee nothing :P18:05
tpb<[email protected]> more than not work cannot happen18:05
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: it could delete all your files? :P18:06
tpb<[email protected]> s/more/less18:06
tpb<[email protected]> well it can format your harddrive :)18:06
tpb<[email protected]> anyway i'm really disappearing now18:06
tpb<[email protected]> see ya all!18:06
tpb<[email protected]> as user in a linux box?18:06
tpb<[email protected]> cu mithro and thx 4 ur support18:06
tpb<[email protected]> rotaticus: just kidding :)18:08
tpb<[email protected]> yay, emerge -auvDN world complete, let's try to compile the server now18:10
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: are you using the "~" keyword as i do? what gcc version do u have? is that the mistake?18:12
tpb<[email protected]> yeah i'm using ~, gcc is 4.1.118:12
tpb<[email protected]> same here18:13
tpb<[email protected]> oh gcc 4.1.1-r318:13
tpb<[email protected]> same revision here18:14
tpb<[email protected]>  ./configure hurls a lot of errors depending row 10881 here18:14
tpb<[email protected]> i'm still checking if I have all the required libs installed18:15
tpb<[email protected]> hm mzscheme is masked here18:15
tpb<[email protected]> aha, there is drscheme which has newer version and includes mzscheme and is not masked, lets emerge this18:17
tpb<[email protected]> both NOT here ... so reading is my problem sorry18:17
tpb<[email protected]> btw rotaticus, do you have account on digg.com18:20
tpb<[email protected]> no not yet18:20
tpb<[email protected]> well if you get one you can help TP by digging this story -
tpb<[email protected]> <> (at
tpb<[email protected]> drscheme and realine emerged, now let's try to compile the server18:33
tpb<[email protected]> i'll try mzscheme its 10meg smaller18:35
tpb<[email protected]> i wonder if libmysql-client is part of mysql installation18:36
tpb<[email protected]> it's optional so let's try compiling anyway18:37
tpb<[email protected]> hm it can't find libtprl, but i have it installed18:39
tpb<[email protected]> ok sounds good to me ... so i haven't made the mistake18:40
tpb<[email protected]> oh no, i don't have it installed18:41
tpb<[email protected]> mzscheme fails here18:41
tpb<[email protected]> so i'll try drscheme18:41
tpb<[email protected]> yeah that's probably why mzscheme is masked18:41
tpb<[email protected]> i guess drscheme has replaced it18:41
tpb<[email protected]> i didn't see it masked ... my sync is from about 6h old18:42
tpb<[email protected]> maybe it is only masked on amd6418:42
tpb<[email protected]> possible18:43
tpb<[email protected]> ok now trying to compile libtprl first18:44
tpb<[email protected]> it fails18:45
tpb<[email protected]> hm i better report a bug18:45
tpb<[email protected]> bug 1617108 reported18:52
tpb<[email protected]> and now i remembered that i have already had this problem before, and even solved it18:57
tpb<[email protected]> damn my memory is failing18:57
tpb<[email protected]> lol18:58
tpb<[email protected]> my drscheme is sil compiling ;) so you got time ;P18:59
tpb<[email protected]> it's all here -
tpb<[email protected]> <> (at
tpb<[email protected]> ah nice thx ;)19:01
tpb<[email protected]> ah well it is still good that bug is reported so that it reminds lee that the officially released package still has bug19:01
tpb<[email protected]> and it also looks like the project is more active if the bug gets reported19:02
tpb<[email protected]> JLP: i was just reading your blog and iirc earth isn't a planet anymore ((dwarf planet) or earth hasn't cleaned its orbit entirely -- so not a planet anymore) ;)19:10
tpb<[email protected]> but who cares ;)19:11
tpb<[email protected]> yeah, i have a feeling that even astronomer aren't all sure what to do with this, ah well, at least there was some astronomy news on tv when this happened :)19:11
tpb<[email protected]> drscheme takes long on my uncommon box -- not even really x86 but able to emulate it)19:12
tpb<[email protected]> yes thier definition is strange -- thats what i get from there19:15
tpb<[email protected]> ok litprl is now compiled and installed, let's try with server again19:17
tpb<[email protected]> nice work ;)19:18
tpb<[email protected]> hm still can't find tprl, but this time it is installed for sure19:18
tpb<[email protected]> in which file are the rows with the include please?19:21
tpb<[email protected]>  /me feels really dump19:22
tpb<[email protected]> ...19:22
tpb<[email protected]> tprl/console.cpp19:22
tpb<[email protected]> thx19:22
tpb<[email protected]> aha, I added /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig to PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable and now ./configure finds libtprl just fine19:24
tpb<[email protected]> and nowa new an error when compiling19:25
tpb<[email protected]> about macro swap needing 3 arguments, not more and not less19:27
tpb<[email protected]> i don't have ANY programming skills ... sorry i can do a bit bashscripting and thats it19:29
tpb<[email protected]> well i am beginner at c++ and qt, but don't know any scripting19:30
tpb<[email protected]> just a few | and < or > nothing more i'd be happy with a bit c++ but emerge time doesn't work ;)19:31
tpb<[email protected]> ok libtprl configures longer but not to the end19:32
tpb<[email protected]> /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.1/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output19:33
tpb<[email protected]> drscheme isn't ready yet19:34
tpb<[email protected]> i'll sure have to be more patient .... counting pink elephants19:37
tpb<[email protected]> and i have to google about those swap errors19:38
tpb<[email protected]> hm all this swap error looks like a compiler bug to me19:45
tpb<[email protected]> that doesn't sound good19:46
tpb<[email protected]> yeah :( but then again i'm c++ newbie so i'm probably wrong19:46
tpb<[email protected]> google also doesn't give me anything usefull19:46
tpb<[email protected]> maybe i should try to ssh into my sisters computer and try with compiler c++ in mandriva19:50
tpb<[email protected]> could be something wrong with the one in gentoo19:50
tpb<[email protected]> give it a try - than i know if it is worth trying ;)19:51
tpb<[email protected]> hm it looks like she ssh server isn't running on her computer19:53
tpb<[email protected]> omg ... and webmin? it has a java ssh client ;)19:54
tpb<[email protected]> aha, i'm in now20:03
tpb<[email protected]> i just found out that the router has again switched ip numbers of the two computers on the network20:04
tpb<[email protected]> linksys wrt54gs is a very nice router, but damn i miss fixing ip numbers to mac addresses20:05
tpb<[email protected]> server compiled on mandriva 200720:33
tpb<[email protected]> my drscheme fails too20:34
tpb<[email protected]> but then again it compiled without mysql support (where the problem on gentoo was) since there is no mysql installed there20:34
tpb<[email protected]> i'll try more tomorrow -- i'm out for the night now20:34
tpb<[email protected]> i wish u luck ;) and a nice rest of your day20:35
tpb<[email protected]> thanks, see you sson20:36
tpb<[email protected]> and have a nice time20:36
tpbrotaticus has left on worldforge (bbl)20:37

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