Monday, 2015-02-16

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cpghey, so how the heck do i find the username of a user — in the prior year, i have a table with Public names and emails of our mentors08:55
cpgnot usernames08:55
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madrazrcpg: relax :)11:09
madrazrcpg: were you an org admin last year?11:09
madrazrthen please go to
tpbTitle: Sign in - Google Accounts (at
madrazrcpg: ^11:09
madrazrcpg: Do you see the list of your mentors in 2014?11:10
cpgthat is the list i was looking at before, after i went hunting around for it. does not have usernames11:11
madrazrcpg: yeah, I am teaching you how to get the usernames on that list :)11:11
madrazrcpg: Click on the "Columns" at the bottom of that table11:11
cpgthe export has something that looks like usernames11:12
madrazrcpg: in the dialog box that appears you will "Key" right side11:12
madrazrcpg: add that key and press Ok11:12
madrazrcpg: you should see the usernames in the list11:12
madrazrcpg: yeah, you can use the export as well11:12
cpgbut again, does not work,11:13
madrazrcpg: the last portion of a key value here is username11:13
madrazrcpg: what doesn't?11:13
cpgyes, i guessed that11:13
madrazrcpg: Ok11:13
cpgand that username is in the list from last year11:14
madrazrcpg: please read the error message carefully!11:15
madrazrcpg: it says "... Please provide usernames of users with profiles only."11:15
madrazrcpg: Do you know if bigfoot65 has created a profile for GSoC 2015?11:16
cpghow the heck would i?11:16
cpgthe others i tried worked11:16
cpgthis one did not11:16
madrazrcpg: please relax11:16
cpgi have no want to know11:16
madrazrcpg: you should ask them if you don't11:16
cpgstop telling me that and stop patronizing me11:16
madrazrcpg: alright11:17
madrazrcpg: please ask them if they have created the profile11:17
cpgi will11:17
madrazrcpg: thanks!11:17
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