Monday, 2014-12-01

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maths22Arc: I thought you might like to see the system BRL-CAD has developed for managing bulk tasks14:21
tpbTitle: CakePHP: the rapid development php framework: Tasks (at
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ArcI like our system better,
tpbTitle: Copyleft Games Group | Google Code-In 2014 (at
Arcedit tasks in Mercurial-managed XML files.16:13
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bshahisn't it odd that we are allowed to add mentors but not remove them..17:01
bshah(From tasks)17:01
gevaertsbshah: maybe if you add the mentor INT_MAX times it will overflow and remove it? ;)17:02
bshahto much work...17:03
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maths22Arc: yours definitely looks cooler17:37
Arcmaths22: we've had a few years to refine it17:38
maths22Ours was created this year over a few days17:39
maths22It was designed to tap into the new import features you added17:39
Arcmaths22: yay17:40
Arcive already gotten heavy use out of the bulk updater myself17:40
ArcSO worth the time invested in it17:40
maths22We now just manage our tasks with this interface, which lets us divide tasks into the sections we use and randomly assign mentors (sort-of round robin)17:41
maths22Then we can just export the data and import it17:42
maths22It works well17:42
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maths22Reasonbly high priority issue:
tpbTitle: Issue 2445 - soc - Notifications Email does not work - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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madrazrmaths22: I have submitted the fix22:31
madrazrmaths22: I am going to bed now. I don't want to deploy a release before going to bed22:32
madrazrI will deploy a release first thing tomorrow22:32
maths22madrazr: thanks22:35
madrazrmaths22: np22:35
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