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ragnarockHi guys.I was reading the getting started guide,and I m having problem with the make gives me sme error.I had shown my cncrns before too...01:25
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Robert_Sragnarock: upi01:52
Robert_Sragnarock: you need to isolate what the underlying problem is01:53
ragnarockthanks for the response...01:55
ragnarockerror: Not a recognized archive type: /var/tmp/melange-download-cache-uub/dist/Pillow-2.6.1.zip01:55
Robert_SOk, so what's in that file?01:55
Robert_SHow big is it?01:55
Robert_SAlso, what's above the error?01:56
ragnarockthe /dist/ has mainly the packages mentioned in the file01:58
ragnarocklik coverage.tar.igz mox.tag.gz etc01:59
ragnarockthis is the total output...02:00
ragnarockbin/buildout download-cache=/var/tmp/melange-download-cache-uub02:00
ragnarockDevelop: '/home/uub/PROJECTS/soc/.'02:00
ragnarockUninstalling install_httplib2.02:00
ragnarockUpdating install_appengine.02:00
ragnarockUpdating install_cloudstorage.02:00
ragnarockUpdating install_google_api.02:00
ragnarockInstalling install_httplib2.02:00
ragnarockinstall_httplib2: Excluding 15 file(s) matching the exclusion pattern.02:00
ragnarockinstall_httplib2: Extracting package to /home/uub/PROJECTS/soc/thirdparty02:00
ragnarockUpdating install_enum34.02:00
Robert_SUse instead of pasting it all here.02:00
ragnarockUpdating move_httplib2.02:00
ragnarockInstalling python.02:00
ragnarockGetting distribution for 'pillow'.02:00
ragnarockerror: Not a recognized archive type: /var/tmp/melange-download-cache-uub/dist/Pillow-2.6.1.zip02:00
ragnarockAn error occurred when trying to install Pillow 2.6.1. Look above this message for any errors that were output by easy_install.02:00
ragnarock  Installing python.02:00
ragnarock  Getting distribution for 'pillow'.02:00
ragnarockError: Couldn't install: Pillow 2.6.102:00
ragnarockMakefile:70: recipe for target '.buildout' failed02:00
ragnarockmake: *** [.buildout] Error 102:00
ragnarockOK ,apology...: )02:00
Robert_SWhat's the output of ls -l /var/tmp/melange-download-cache-uub/dist/Pillow-2.6.1.zip02:00
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tpbTitle: soc [master] ls -l /var/tmp/melange-download-cache-uub/dist/ -r - (at
Robert_SThat's not the entire file.02:06
Robert_SWhat happens if you delete the file and re-run make setup?02:06
Robert_SYour file is 286k, but the whole file is 7MB.
tpbTitle: Pillow 2.6.1 : Python Package Index (at
ragnarocksud i manually download it to the dist,vl that wrk02:07
Robert_SDo not do that.02:07
Robert_SAt least not until we know why it's not working first.02:08
Robert_SIt might work if you do that, but that doesn't solve the problem.02:08
ragnarockmost of the thing mentioned in the are for amd64 and win32 I hav a i38602:08
tpbTitle: Pillow 2.6.1 : Python Package Index (at
madrazrRobert_S: it seems you are not registered02:08
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madrazrRobert_S: ah Ok. I swapped the order of nick and chan02:09
Robert_Smadrazr: :)02:09
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ragnarockRobert_S: nyways what are the google group I need to join to know about issues and pull requests ....??02:20
Robert_Sragnarock: Shouldn't we get this fixed first?  If you can't test patches, that's not going to be very useful.02:22
ragnarockRobert_S: yup sure,I am trying to find smthing similar on stackoverflow...sud I post the problem there?02:31
Robert_Sragnarock: You don't seem interested in my help to solve the problem.  We have identified that your computer is having trouble downloading the Pillow source code.  That's what you need to debug.02:31
ragnarockRobert_S:  no no.... I just got excited to test the project..I relly appriciate ur help..I m new to opensourc n a newbie...02:38
ragnarockLets solve the damn issue... then02:38
Robert_SPlease delete the zipfile from the dist directory, then re-run make setup and pastebin the output.02:39
Robert_SYou are probably also a candidate for using our Docker container, but it's not quite ready.02:39
ragnarockwhat is that??ny links02:41
Robert_SUse Google later.02:42
tpbTitle: -> soc [master] make setup virtualenv venv New python executable in venv/bin/p - (at
Robert_SSSLError: [SSL: DECRYPTION_FAILED_OR_BAD_RECORD_MAC] decryption failed or bad record mac (_ssl.c:1750)02:51
Robert_SThere's your problem.02:51
Robert_SSomething is corrupting your network traffic.02:53
Robert_SDo you have a proxy or something between you and the rest of the world?02:56
Robert_SThis is not something I can easily debug from here.02:56
ragnarockwell,how can i check the record...sud I report it smwhere,or is it my own prob02:57
Robert_Sthis is a network issue, likely somewhere close to you.  if it was elsewhere, more people would be noticing.02:59
ragnarockRobert_S: can keeping the packages manually in dist help??03:00
Robert_SIf this is your first opensource project, you might want to consider working on one with less complex dependencies at first.   Melange has automation to install the dependencies because they are so complicated.03:00
Robert_SThe dist directory is just a cache so you don't have to download things multiple times.  You might be able to put some things there and help, but it will take a while and be fragile, and you still might have issues because the automation can be network dependent.03:01
Robert_SYou could also install all the dependencies by hand, but that's also a bad idea.03:01
ragnarockWell,I think I might have a proxy...I was refering from sm proxy tutorial few weeks ago...03:05
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ragnarockRobertdocker _S: thanks for the help ,I relly appriciate the time u gave...:) I will propably look into another proj..and docker is wishes...:)03:15
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