Saturday, 2014-11-01

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pratapHi, is melange going to participate in gsoc 201512:25
pratapActually I'm a beginner and knows java and python so I was thinking that melange could be a good project to start working with. Please guide me12:26
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pratapIs this channel always this quiet?? I need some help13:05
gevaertsIt often is, yes. You'll need some patience here, unless you happen to catch the right people at the right time13:07
pratapAre you a developer here??13:08
pratapI have checked the logs for the last few weeks and found some links but if someone could help13:10
gevaertsMaybe one of the mailing lists would work better?13:11
pratapdo you have any links as to where I can find the right mailing list for me??13:12
gevaertsgoogle tells me about
tpbTitle: MailingListsGuidelines - soc - Guidelines for Melange mailing lists - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
gevaertsI don't really know more. I'm just a vaguely interested observer13:13
pratapThank you both tbp and gevaerts13:13
pratapHi is there anybody else here who is considering this project for GSOC? I understand that melange maynot want to participate in GSOC this time14:05
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