Tuesday, 2014-08-26

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t4nk540Hello sir...i am new and i want to contribute...Pls guide me hoe to start17:05
carolst4nk540: have you checked out the getting started guide?17:07
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yoz> (at code.google.com)17:07
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downeyIn case y'all didn't know, the final notification queue seems to be re-running and emails resending :)19:05
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Robert_Sdowney: I clicked the wrong button.19:10
meflinsnicker :)19:11
downeyBetter safe than sorry! At least it wasn't the "fail all students" button :)19:12
Robert_SI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such a button.19:12
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Robert_Smadrazr: I should have let you do this :)19:42
madrazrRobert_S: hah!19:43
madrazrRobert_S: for the accidental button press?19:43
Robert_Smadrazr: Yeah, and fixing the missing record by hand is a real pain.19:43
madrazrRobert_S: it seriously is19:43
Robert_Smadrazr: It looks like fixing the UI would be easier though.19:43
madrazrRobert_S: you now see where my invectives come from at times :P19:44
madrazrRobert_S: Generally yes, I agree19:44
Robert_SOh yes.  :)19:44
Robert_Smadrazr: Not having the list of what's NDB and what's DB is totally tripping me up.19:45
madrazrRobert_S: I had not started with the evaluation thing. I will take over?19:45
madrazrRobert_S: Sorry, I had to be away for last 45 or so mins19:45
Robert_SIf you can do it easily, that would be expedient.19:45
Robert_Smadrazr: I think if it gets done today, Carol will be happy.19:45
madrazrRobert_S: I will do it now19:46
Robert_SPlease take notes.  :)19:46
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madrazrRobert_S: sure, but I am going to follow the exact same steps as the last time. If anything changes, I will post it on the thread19:46
Robert_SIsn't it more complicated because a new record has to be created?19:47
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madrazrRobert_S: I don't think I will create mentor evaluation record19:49
madrazrRobert_S: we will just the evaluation to pass on the list that Carol sees19:49
madrazrRobert_S: so there are these two separate entities right? One where mentors tell us that the student has passed or failed19:49
madrazrI forget the long names, GSoCGradingProjectSurveyRecord19:50
madrazrand the other entity GSoCGradingRecord which tells Carol which students have passed19:50
madrazrwe are missing the former19:50
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Robert_SI thought we were missing both.19:50
madrazrRobert_S: are we!?19:50
madrazrThat will be surprising now19:50
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madrazrRobert_S: I think there should be GSoCGradingRecord entity for a project for Carol to see any status at all in her list19:53
madrazri.e. even for that project to be on that list19:53
madrazrRobert_S: anyway, data knows better. Checking ...19:53
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madrazrRobert_S: it looks like the grade decision is already set to pass19:59
madrazrRobert_S: was that you?19:59
Robert_SNot intentionally.20:00
Robert_S(So, no.)20:00
madrazrRobert_S: interesting20:00
madrazrRobert_S: Oh wait20:01
Robert_SI'm still having trouble getting the right object.20:01
madrazrRobert_S: This was my stupidity. I was looking at the midterm evals :P20:02
madrazrRobert_S: which object are you trying for?20:02
madrazrGSoCGradingProjectSurveyRecord or GSoCGradingRecord?20:02
madrazrthe former does not exist20:02
Robert_SThe latter.20:02
madrazrhere is my query20:03
madrazrgrading_record = GSoCGradingRecord.all().ancestor(proj_ent.key.to_old_key()).fetch(2)20:03
madrazrand grading_record[1] is the entity for final eval20:03
Robert_SI think I'm making the mistake of going straight the the GradingRecord.20:04
Robert_SGSoCGradingRecord.get_by_key_name(<string from key column>)20:04
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madrazrRobert_S: it is very very tricky to fetch this entity by key20:09
madrazrRobert_S: which was also the reason why I couldn't find a sensible way to tell Carol to construct the URL20:09
madrazrRobert_S: I have changed the decision now20:10
madrazrRobert_S: I still need some minor adjustments to be done20:11
madrazrRobert_S: I will do that once I am back from lunch and send an update email20:11
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Robert_SI need to beat my head against DB/NDB some more.  Because clearly I don't get it yet.20:12
madrazrRobert_S: I will try to reply to that thread20:12
madrazrRobert_S: the shortest answer is20:12
madrazrRobert_S: if you see a model in app/soc/models or app/soc/modules/.../models20:13
madrazrthey are DB API models20:13
Robert_SI need to train myself to look in the new directories.20:13
madrazrRobert_S: if you see a model file in app/melange/models or app/summerofcode|codein/models20:13
madrazrthey are NDB models20:13
madrazrRobert_S: yeah, that is there20:14
madrazrand that is a tricky part too :P20:14
Robert_SThanks for your help.20:15
Robert_SI will get the hang of this eventually.20:15
madrazrRobert_S: yeah20:17
madrazroff to lunch20:17
Robert_Sgood idea20:17
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