Thursday, 2014-08-21

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nitnelaveHi everyone! I have an issue for my GSoC project where my project admin is unreachable, and the backup was not properly registered, as he didn't have a melange account at the time of the registration...17:01
nitnelaveDo you know if there is a way to register him properly, now that he has an account?17:02
nitnelaveWell, I have to go, but if anyone knows how, please send me an email at [email protected]17:14
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tkamppeterHi, I need urgent help.17:57
tkamppeterI need to pull the plug from a misbehaving mentor.17:57
tkamppeterWhat do I have to do that he is not able to evaluate his student any more (so that I can evaluate him so that he passes).18:00
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Robert_Stkamppeter: Email carols.18:41
carolsRobert_S: i’m sorry?18:41
carolswhat’s the question?18:41
Robert_Scarols: tkamppeter said something about a problematic mentor.  (see scrollback.)18:42
carolsRobert_S: i thought this was resolved tkamppeter?18:42
gevaertscarols: you recommended asking melange people to make sure :)18:42
carolsright. Robert_S will have to do that. i can’t verify what mentors can and can’t do in melange.18:42
carolsis that the question?18:42
carolsor is it resolved?18:43
gevaertscarols: tkamppeter asked, Robert_S saw the question but didn't know the context, so he recommended contacting you18:43
carolsthanks gevaerts18:43
Robert_SSo we need to remove/change a mentor from a project?18:45
carolsRobert_S: i thought tkamppeter had done that. he asked me to verify that the mentor couldn’t submit an eval, but i said i can’t do that for him.18:46
carolsbut again, i don’t know whether this is resolved or not.18:46
Robert_SThere is a check in the code to make sure that people who are not mentors for an organization shouldn't be able to give feedback.18:51
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tkamppeterRobert_S, gevaerts, carols: What I did is to remove mentor status (switch to "no role") from the mentor, then I went to the student's proposal and changed the student's mentor to be me. Is this correct to make it impossible to the original mentor to submit the evaluation for that student?19:10
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Robert_Stkamppeter: I believe that is sufficient.  I won't go so far as to say it's impossible.  If not, it can be fixed after the fact.19:42
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tkamppeterRobert_S, now the mentor is asking us, admins, that he somehow is not able to submit the eval form, so it seems that it works ... Thanks, Robert_S.23:06
madrazrtkamppeter: while it should be sufficient to set the role field to "no role" in the connection page for that mentor to disable them from accessing the student's evaluation23:13
madrazrtkamppeter: if you want to unassign them from the project, you should be doing so on the student's "project" page and not the "proposal" page23:13
madrazrtkamppeter: you can find the project page in question here -
tpbTitle: Accepted projects - Google Summer of Code 2014 (at
madrazrtkamppeter: and if you are signed in as an org admin, you should see all the org admin controls on your student's project page23:15
Robert_Smadrazr: I totally need to flip the program admin bits for my profile.23:15
madrazrRobert_S: Oh why?23:16
Robert_SIt's easier than poking around the datastore.23:16
madrazrRobert_S: is there a page that you cannot access because you are not a program admin?23:16
Robert_SUnclear.  I think some pages don't show me all the content.23:17
madrazrRobert_S: Oh!23:17
madrazrRobert_S: I would be curious to know what pages they are. But anyway, you should flip that bit if you want to.23:19
Robert_SI figured at the very least, flipping it is a good excercise.23:19
madrazrRobert_S: Daniel or Nathaniel or I haven't flipped those bits for ourselves because we never felt the need to23:19
madrazrRobert_S: ah sure23:20
Robert_SAnd I definitely need practice with the db API.23:49

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