Monday, 2014-08-18

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mithroCould someone update the IRC log details to
tpbTitle: IRC logs (at
mithroThe will soon be a redirect06:39
*** madrazr changes topic to "Melange powers the Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code site ( - Questions? Ask someone with op or voice or email [email protected] - Logs at"06:51
madrazrmithro: done!06:51
mithromadrazr: thanks!06:51
madrazrmithro: Also, thank you so much for maintaining it!06:51
madrazrmithro: Thank you actually :)06:51
mithromadrazr: I doesn't even register really06:53
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madrazrmithro: lol :D06:59
madrazrmithro: but storage :P06:59
mithro$ du -h -s \#melangedev/ \#melange/07:00
mithro18M     #melangedev/07:00
mithro72M     #melange/07:00
mithro*tiny* :P07:01
madrazrmithro: hah! Win!07:01
mithromadrazr: that's complete logs from all the way back to 2008-10-1307:02
madrazrmithro: Oh Ok!07:07
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downeyHi there ... getting 'Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again' when viewing or ... any ideas?19:20
downey(refreshing the list and/or the whole page doesn't make any of my org's evaluations appear)19:24
Robert_Sdowney: will look in a minute19:27
downeythanks Robert_S19:28
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madrazrdowney: I am taking a look at the logs19:41
madrazrdowney: thanks for reporting!19:41
downeymadrazr: no problem, let me know if there's anything you need from this side19:41
downeymadrazr: was just hoping I wasn't sacked and don't know it :)19:42
madrazrdowney: sure, when we push a fix we may need your help to test it :)19:42
downeymadrazr: sure. will be around for a while still19:43
madrazrdowney: hah, after the program! That would be very clever :P19:43
downeymadrazr: it's not *quite* "after" yet :-) still one more important week to go!19:43
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downeymadrazr: FWIW i guess our mentors can see their individual evaluations19:52
downeyat least 1 can19:52
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madrazrdowney: Oh Ok20:08
madrazrdowney: I am a little surprised that we did not see this bug at mid-term but we are seeing it now. It should have happened both the times or neither20:11
madrazrdowney: and I see why this is happening only for org admins20:12
downeyit will make our job of mentor-herding a bit more difficult :)20:12
madrazrthe bug is in the code path taken for org admins20:12
downeynot to mention the # of org admins who are also mentoring 1 or more projects20:12
madrazrdowney: I agree20:13
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downeymadrazr: we also have an admin+mentor suranga who FWIW was able to see his individual mentored project's evaluation in "my evaluations", just not the entire lists.20:19
madrazrdowney: yeah, the bug is specifically in the code that fetches rows for Mentor Evaluations and Student Evaluations components of Org Admin's lists20:21
downeygot it20:21
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madrazrdowney: Can you please try this URL?
downeyActive profile is required to access this page. -- login? :)21:22
downeymadrazr: looking good21:22
downeymadrazr: I assume I'm not supposed to be able to click on individual Student Evaluations?21:23
madrazrdowney: Ok cool! Thanks21:23
madrazrdowney: correct21:24
madrazrdowney: not until the evaluation ends21:24
downeyok, thanks21:24
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