Friday, 2014-08-15

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* Robert_S looks for the switch to disable closure.21:07
madrazrRobert_S: disable closure?21:30
madrazrRobert_S: disable where?21:31
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Robert_Smadrazr: in paver.  i figured out how to do that.  have a patch coming shortly.  Next step is figuring out for a local version of interactive.py22:14
madrazrRobert_S: ah Ok. Isn't it just passing --skip-closure to bin/paver?22:15
Robert_Smadrazr: possibly, but i didn't want to re-run the entire build process.22:15
madrazrRobert_S: what do you want to figure out for a local version of
Robert_Smadrazr: I want a local python interpreter where s = works and accesses the store shared by my dev_appserver.22:16
madrazrRobert_S: that is easy, just run bin/stats dev~your-app-name localhost:800022:17
madrazrRobert_S: one caveat is, to use bin/stats (aka scripts/ you will have to switch to madhusudancs/stats-fix branch22:18
madrazrRobert_S: Nathaniel and I had quite some discussion about this22:18
Robert_Smadrazr: bin/stats doesn't work because it's not updates for ndb.22:18
madrazrRobert_S: it is22:18
Robert_SOk, any chance of getting that merged?22:18
madrazrif you use madhusudancs/stats-fix22:18
madrazrRobert_S: there is a reason why it is not merged22:18
madrazrRobert_S: Nathaniel and I had discussions about this. Nathaniel had concerns about 800 or so lines of code having no tests at all and he had said that it would bother him to have that code checked in and being updated often22:20
madrazrRobert_S: I, on the other hand, did not see (and still don't see) a value in writing tests for stats.py22:20
madrazrRobert_S: it is supposed to be a bunch of adhoc scripts22:20
madrazrRobert_S: so we decided to keep it out of master where I could keep updating it22:21
madrazrRobert_S: I update it once in a while22:21
madrazrRobert_S: and that once in a while is generally when I desperately need it22:21
Robert_SSo, is a subset of
Robert_SAt this point, I'd rather a working without tests to a non-working without tests.22:22
madrazrRobert_S: sort of. Or I would say is + some imports/names in the namespace + some small adhoc functions22:23
madrazrRobert_S: fair point22:23
madrazrI would be happy to merge it to master if that is the stand we are going to take22:23
Robert_SI would find that useful.  We can't fix everything all at once, and no reason to suffer.22:25
madrazrRobert_S: I agree22:25
Robert_SIf you rebase it and send a review request, I'll review it.  It should be straightforward.22:26
Robert_SIn other news, bin/stats dev~robert-melange localhost:8000 results in a 404 error.22:28
Robert_S+1's inbound.22:30
madrazrRobert_S: Oh! Thanks! That was quick22:31
madrazrRobert_S: let me take a look at 40422:31
Robert_SI can also get a 401 if I use the app port.22:32
Robert_SIf I use the API port, I get an AttributeError.  I'm sure I'm doing something stupid.22:33
madrazrRobert_S: Oh oops, sorry. This was my bad. App Engine folks changed what they serve on different ports22:33
madrazrRobert_S: your command line should be localhost:8080 instead of localhost:800022:33
madrazror more specifically it should be the port on which your app is configured to run22:33
Robert_SAnd which auth does it use?22:33
madrazrRobert_S: it does not matter. It takes arbit values.22:34
madrazrRobert_S: I give [email protected] as username22:34
Robert_SInvalid username or password.22:34
Robert_SUsername:[email protected]22:34
Robert_SInvalid username or password.22:34
madrazrand use blank as the password22:34
madrazrRobert_S: may be try to sign in on the web ui with [email protected] and see what happens?22:35
madrazrRobert_S: what is surprising is, it works for me even if I type22:36
madrazrUsername:[email protected]22:36
madrazrthose are some random characters I typed22:36
Robert_Sseems to work fine, although i have an empty db, so hard to tell.22:36
madrazrRobert_S: easy test is to run /seed_db on the Web UI22:37
Robert_SI also noticed /site/edit, which is also broken.22:37
madrazrand to try to look up for that22:37
Robert_SThere we go.22:37
Robert_SThis solves my short term issue.22:37
madrazrRobert_S: cool!22:40
Robert_SOk, I now have a dev instance running on my desktop with uncompiled javascript and in theory, google analytics.22:40
madrazrRobert_S: /site/edit is broken? What is the error?22:40
Robert_S/site/edit is broken before you run seed_db22:40
Robert_SI still don't have stats or interactive that runs locally.22:40
madrazrRobert_S: Oh! I assume by broken you see a login error or something related to auth? Not exactly an exception/HTTP 500?22:41
madrazrRobert_S: what happened to stats that you could run just now? Doesn't it work?22:42
Robert_SEr, no.22:42
Robert_SLet me re-state everything:22:42
Robert_S1. If I use /site/edit before /seed_db, there's an exception.  Probably because there's nothing for it to enumerate.  Not a huge deal right now.22:43
Robert_S2. My goal was to update the Google Analytics code.  I can do this with /site/edit now.22:43
Robert_S3. I'm still getting the auth error with stats and interactive.22:43
madrazr1. Oh! New breakage! Don't know when this has happened though. I don't even remember when I remember running it last time before running /seed_db22:44
Robert_SI wonder if it's because I'm running the appserver on non-localhost.22:44
madrazrShould be fixed though. I assume, by your usage of the word enumeration, it is related to the active programs that we set in site settings22:45
Robert_SIt was iterating through something, I didn't pay too much attention to what at the time.22:45
madrazrRobert_S: shouldn't related22:45
madrazrRobert_S: Oh Ok. I think it is "active programs" setting22:45
madrazrRobert_S: That's one of the very few things that has changed there in years22:46
* Robert_S nods.22:47
madrazrRobert_S: about 3. you get auth error with stats/interactive after you see the Python prompt?22:47
madrazror even before you see the prompt?22:47
Robert_SSomething on the server is rejecting it.22:47
madrazrRobert_S: and your second argument is host:app-port (and not host:API/Admin-port)?22:48
madrazrRobert_S: let me think22:49
madrazrRobert_S: is there a way you can share your STDOUT/STDERR containing the auth permission error?22:50
Robert_SThere's nothing of value.22:52
Robert_SINFO     2014-08-15 22:50:07,804] default: "GET /_ah/remote_api HTTP/1.1" 401 5722:52
Robert_SAnd now it works.22:53
Robert_SSomewhere, something is keeping state.22:54
Robert_S- it only works for [email protected] if it's the first thing you authenticate with.22:56
Robert_S- if you fail once, it will always fail.22:56
Robert_S- it only works on localhost, not if i specify a different host (to get a different interface)22:56
Robert_S(network interface)22:57
madrazrRobert_S: that's interesting23:01
madrazrthat is a problem similar to the one that I am aware of. But I hoped, that wouldn't affect the SDK23:01
Robert_Sfun times23:03
madrazrRobert_S: yeah, I would ignore it for now if it runs on localhost23:03
Robert_SYeah, I have several workarounds.23:04
madrazrRobert_S: Oh Ok, cool23:04
Robert_S(see above where they're listed)23:04
Robert_SI *now* have several workarounds.23:04
Robert_SI didn't an hour ago.23:04
madrazrRobert_S: is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P23:08
Robert_SA good thing.23:08
Robert_SNow I can try and make analytics work.23:08
madrazrRobert_S: ah Ok. I still like the idea of building a base-image/container that we can just pull and use. It should have all the workarounds needed for local dev and/or builds23:09
Robert_SI agree.23:09
madrazrat least then we can call those workarounds as configuration :P23:09
Robert_SAlthough right now, at least on ubuntu/debian, there aren't a lot of systematic workarounds.23:10
Robert_SFYI: I've been dumping all my changes into Gerrit for today.  It slows down the review process a little, but lets us play with things in a not-time-sensitive fashion.23:18
madrazrRobert_S: sure!23:26
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #melange23:27
Robert_SI've been enjoying it as a creator, haven't had the opportunity to play with it much as a reviewer.23:27
madrazrRobert_S: I could have pushed my stats-fix branch there I guess23:27
madrazrRobert_S: hopefully I will have some changes for you by Monday23:27
Robert_Smadrazr: Not worth it, didn't have much to say.  :)23:27
madrazrRobert_S: if I make any reasonable progress on the security bug you pinged me on :P23:28
Robert_SThat would be appreciated.  If only because it's a security bug.23:28
madrazrRobert_S: heh, also those changes were sort of trivial :P23:28
madrazrRobert_S: yeah! I really wanted to give Go and App Engine modules a shot23:29
madrazrand this seemed like a perfect opportunity23:29
Robert_Smadrazr: I'm a little concerned about adding new languages right now, I want to do that eventually, but I'm concerned about adding complexity before we remove some.  But lets take a look.23:30
madrazrRobert_S: yeah23:30
madrazrit won't be a giant piece of code23:30
madrazrwe can always throw it away, if we don't like it and write it in Python23:30
* Robert_S nods.23:30
madrazrRobert_S: but it will have to live as a separate module anyway by design23:31
Robert_SThat helps with the logic to do it in Go.23:31
Robert_SMore changes in gerrit.23:47
Robert_SNow where are those emails...23:47
Robert_SOh right, they go into my Sent folder.  :)23:48
*** suranga has quit IRC23:51
madrazrRobert_S: wait, what!? Notificaton emails go to "Sent"?23:56

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