Monday, 2014-04-21

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rusnicExperiencing heights of tension :|10:53
nodemanrusnic: same here11:02
rusnicnodeman: any suggestion to keep oneself occupied?11:05
nodemanrusnic: Sleep, talk to friends maybe? Stay away from the computer/smartphone :P11:06
rusnicthe later seems to be the harder part :D11:07
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rajulhey....i have got new links in my dashboard or GSoC' my todos and project...15:34
rajuland the result is not out yet...15:34
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rajulwhat does that mean15:34
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chad_joomla_I appear to be having an issue with Melange and accepting a student after another student withdrew. Is there anyone who can help me sort this?15:34
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emaste_I seem to have no orgs or proposals listed in melange at the moment -- anyone else?15:35
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chad_joomla_@lennie - any ideas with this issue?15:38
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rvraghav93dash board change indicates selected ?15:46
rvraghav93Lennie: ?15:46
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nathanielmanistachad_joomla_: Investigating.15:46
rvraghav93nathanielmanista: Does a change in the dash board indicate that the student is selected ??15:47
nathanielmanistarvraghav93: Not necessarily, no.15:47
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rvraghav93nathanielmanista: ohh :/15:48
rajataggarwalnathanielmanista, because some of them are having and some are not15:48
amtkhdkrwhat does the change mean then? I don't see any.. I know I should just wait, but just curious :)15:48
rajulis everyone's dashboard showing change....or is there someone whose dashboard is not showing a change??15:48
rajulamtkhdkr: which org??15:49
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emaste_nathanielmanista: is it "expected" (i.e., not a concern) that my org's proposal list has become empty in my view?15:49
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nathanielmanistaI'd like to remind everyone that according to, accepted proposal announcement is still several hours away. :-)15:49
mihaiVargarajataggarwal: & rajul, even if that meant that you were accepted, don't spoil it for everyone :P15:50
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rajulmihaiVarga: sure.....15:50
chad_joomla_@nathanielmanista thanks for checking. if you need any more info from me please ask. Happy to try to help15:51
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nathanielmanistaFurthermore, it's more important that the announcement be correct than that it be on time, so if we see any problems or issues, we reserve the privilege to fix them instead of having mistakes in the announcement. :-)15:52
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dirkhhas org admin... I notice that I suddenly don't see any proposals anymore in my dashboard and that it shows "0 of <number> slots used" (not posting the number here, but it shows the correct number)16:05
dirkhhis this normal or is this a bad sign that something went wrong?16:05
carolsdirkhh: i believe nathanielmanista is still around here somewhere.16:06
nathanielmanistadirkhh: It's probably a cosmetic bug having to do with the change from pre-accepted to accepted proposal status. But I also don't like it.16:06
dirkhhthanks, carols16:06
dirkhhbut at least it doesn't indicate that I somehow messed up and all is lost, nathanielmanista?16:07
chad_joomla_@dirkhh mine shows the same, I have the same concerns too but when I look in proposals most of mine show as accepted properly still16:08
dirkhhchad_joomla_: except that I can't see any proposals at all. 0 show up16:08
chad_joomla_you tried changing the filter in proposals list?16:09
olasddirkhh: change the filter from "reviewable" to "all"16:09
dirkhholasd: \o/  -- thanks16:09
dirkhhnow I feel even better16:09
dirkhhthe correct proposals show 'accepted' status... awesome16:10
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rajataggarwalnathanielmanista, will it change for everyone or only for accepted students16:14
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nathanielmanistachad_joomla_: responded to your mail thread.16:15
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rajataggarwalnathanielmanista, plz answer :/16:16
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itachiDoes the dashboard change for everyone on the melange site ?16:17
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nathanielmanistarajataggarwal: What's your question? What's the "it" in your above remark?16:18
nathanielmanistaitachi: I don't yet know if the dashboard changes for everyone or only some subset of users.16:19
aka_007nathanielmanista, Can you please confirm it, if at all possible?16:20
abhgangwaryes, my dashboard too is showing "My todos"16:21
abhgangwaron opening that I get an error message: "Active profile is required to access this page"16:21
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SHMDSame here abhgangwar.16:23
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itachiSO is the dashboard changing for everyone in here ?16:24
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knowing42itachi, it did for me. I dont know what does that mean.16:24
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itachiIf it does not change does that mean that our proposal has been rejected ?16:25
abhgangwaryeah, other than that Dashboard is also showing "Projects" and some new info in 'Important Documents' and also16:25
knowing42itachi, not sure :/16:26
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crucerucalinwhat doest "School name selected from autocomplete" mean in the TODO list?16:29
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abhgangwarcrucerucalin: is your dashboard also showing new some options ?16:30
abhgangwarcrucerucalin: btw, same with me16:30
crucerucalinabhgangwar: yes16:31
SHMDnathanielmanista: Can you please update on this "School name selected from autocomplete" thing ?16:31
ice[9]_same with me!16:31
ice[9]_it says NO.16:32
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ice[9]_vijay13 are you here for the same problem?16:32
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vijay13ice[9]_: sorry ???16:33
crucerucalinI saw now that it says "Also, please try to select your school's name from the dropdown. If your school is not listed, just enter it manually."16:33
crucerucalinbut there is no dropdown menu16:33
ice[9]_oh sorry.. you don't know the latest discussion .. its what crucerucalin just posted ^^16:34
ice[9]_anyway.. here's a question for all .. Does everyone goes to a school NOT in US?16:34
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vijay13ice[9]_: autocomplete is not showing any school16:35
crucerucalinvijay13: exactly16:36
ice[9]_YES.. i know.. So, everyone from India I suppose then?16:36
*** ashishk has joined #melange16:36
vijay13crucerucalin: what is wrong in filling it manually ???16:36
crucerucalinvijay13: I don't know.. However, nothing to worry about I guess.16:36
vijay13oh on filling it manually task frm todo is not getting removed16:37
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itachiPeople on same project did you get your dashboard changed ?16:38
abhgangwarvijay13: I think we have also filled our school name at the time of registration16:38
nathanielmanistaSHMD: There's likely to be a lot about the UI that changes, but all of it means nothing (or it just indicates that we're working behind the scenes). :-) The official announcement (still hours away) is what will actually count. Good luck!16:39
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gsocbotamoghbl1: I don't recognize you.16:40
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ice[9]_nathanielmanista how long till shipping address is editable16:46
*** knowing42 has joined #melange16:48
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nathanielmanistaice[9]_: On what page? It's probably a design flaw that we ever have shipping address be not-editable - can't users up and move house any time that they please?16:50
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ice[9]_ah... awesome.. that's exactly the situation with me, I will be in addr A till 1st week of June then move to addr B (although I will continue to have access to both addr)16:55
ice[9]_maybe i16:55
ice[9]_maybe i'll get back to this with carols and you after final results ..16:55
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ice[9]_nathanielmanista just a suggestion, but I think it would be great if the address blocks also had a row for contact no... many courier services (atleast in my country) contact the recipients before initiating the delivery or for address clarification !!17:09
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nathanielmanistaGood call - submit a feature request at
tpbTitle: Sign in - Google Accounts (at
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mhlzi'm trying to post on #gsoc but there is a bug17:37
mhlzit says "cannot send: gsoc"17:37
pchr8mhlz: it's set to +m17:37
samgtrmhlz: the #gsoc channel is muted right now17:37
pchr8not sure how intentional17:37
carolsmhlz: that’s because the channel is currently muted17:37
mhlzcarols: oh. how do i unmute it?17:37
pchr8why +m, carols? Just curious17:38
gevaertsmhlz: easy. You convince carols it shouldn't be muted :)17:38
pchr8it's almost surreal there, like the quietness before the storm17:38
knowing42u can't only carol can do that :P17:38
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carolspchr8: because it’s too noisy and people are asking questions that they should be asking in here anyway.17:38
gsocbotmhlz: "next" is Community Bonding Period: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.17:38
pchr8makes sense17:38
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mhlz1 hour and 19 minutes remaining. anyone else nervous?17:40
SHMDThe dashboard is now back to the 3 options....17:40
gevaertsmhlz: that sort of thing is exactly why #gsoc is muted. Let's keep this one usable17:41
samgtrmhlz: no. not at all.17:41
mhlzgevaerts: k.17:41
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mhlzis it possible to receive half the money upfront so I can buy some stuff?17:43
carolsmhlz: no17:43
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Aj91there is no change in my dashboard. Does it mean that my proposal get rejected?18:17
Aj91please answer me18:17
varunAj91: just wait for 40 more minutes18:18
ice[9]_why doesn't anyone like surprises and want's to know EVERYTHING..18:20
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC18:20
Aj91Varun: i'm just too nervous as dashboard of all my friends changed.these 40 minutes will surely kill me :)18:20
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varunAj91: Take this part as a anxiety test and u'll be fine18:23
*** sidthekid has joined #melange18:24
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makoscafeeAj91:how did the dashboard changed to??18:26
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blake1just received my rejection notice :(19:02
*** blake1 has left #melange19:03
*** thedarki has joined #melange19:05
mishravikasjust got my acceptance mail yay! :)19:05
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downeynathanielmanista: Are org admins not getting copies of the e-mails this year?19:08
*** dblia_ has left #melange19:10
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mancoolgundahi everyone. I got selected for GSoc this time. The Projects link in My Dashboard is showing an empty grid. Why is this happening?19:12
*** bipul has joined #melange19:12
shikherYeah!  :)19:19
mancoolgundaso it is a bug?19:19
shikherThanks to melange for accepting my proposal !19:19
*** Niharika has quit IRC19:21
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parwanashikher: congrats :)19:21
*** aka_007 has left #melange19:21
*** vivekjain has joined #melange19:22
parwanavivekjain: congratulations :D19:23
vivekjainparwana: Thanks :)19:24
vivekjainparwana: same to u :)19:24
vivekjainThank You so much for selecting my project :)19:25
makoscafeeooouch!!!! may b next time19:26
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jasvirshikher and vivekjain Congrats.19:38
*** ionel has quit IRC19:39
shikherjasvir: thanks ! :)19:39
*** ayush1 has left #melange19:40
*** vivekjain has quit IRC19:41
ashishkshikher: congrats ,you deserve it  :)19:42
shikherashishk: thanks ! :)19:42
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vivekjainjasvir: Thanks :)19:49
ashishkvivekjain: congrats :)19:49
*** Ravneet has quit IRC19:50
vivekjainashishk: Thanks :)19:50
madrazrshikher: ping19:53
shikhermadrazr: pong19:54
madrazrshikher: first of all congratulations (check mail)19:54
madrazrshikher: you and I should setup a meeting soon19:54
madrazrshikher: I guess you know that I am your mentor? :P19:55
shikhermadrazr: of course.  yes I know.19:55
madrazrvivekjain: congratulations to you too, you should ping Daniel soon too19:55
vivekjainmadrazr: Thanks :)19:55
shikhermadrazr: If I had to choose a mentor, I wud hve picked u. So I am super happy now ! :)19:56
*** bipul has quit IRC19:57
nathanielmanistadowney: is that something that we've done in previous years?19:57
shikhermadrazr: end sem examinations goin on right now. Is the meeting possible after 26th?19:57
shikhernathanielmanista: madrazr Lennie : thanks for all the guidance and help. I really appreciate it. I hope to be a long term part of the community ! :)19:58
*** skathpalia has quit IRC19:59
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downeynathanielmanista: We always got a copy of all e-mail to students, accept/reject, midterm, etc.20:02
downeynathanielmanista: (org admins)20:02
*** jash4_ has quit IRC20:03
madrazrshikher: you are welcome!20:05
madrazrshikher: sure20:05
*** nkman__ has left #melange20:06
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*** Aj91 has joined #melange20:27
stqismt4nk326 just found 2 cases of students getting accepted to two separate organizations20:28
downeymadrazr: ^20:28
stqism<t4nk326> stqism: there's also and (both have Tonidrac, can't be a coincidence)20:28
tpb<> (at
stqism<t4nk326> stqism: and
tpb<> (at
*** jash4 has joined #melange20:31
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*** nikhatzi has joined #melange20:31
t4nk326stqism: another duplicate user and
tpb<> (at
t4nk326stqism: also i know this guy is the same guy because of similar wording in proposal descriptions20:34
*** ryuuzaki_ has quit IRC20:34
*** mishravikas has quit IRC20:35
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*** mishravikas|afk has joined #melange20:38
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downeynathanielmanista: perhaps you as well ^ :-)20:39
*** umccullough has joined #melange20:39
*** jash4 has quit IRC20:41
stqismt4nk326: Seems like a serious issue with the deduplication script20:42
t4nk326stqism: well they were using a diff acct20:43
stqismt4nk326: Welp, gaming the system20:44
*** dkathayat has quit IRC20:44
t4nk326well only that last one i posted was using a diff account, not the other ones20:44
stqismt4nk326: Still serious20:45
t4nk326yeah definitely, there are some other names i'm not confirmed about which are similar. only melange admins will know. i'm too lazy now to post them.20:45
t4nk326well, here you go stqism another one: and same username.20:48
tpb<> (at
stqismAlso, <guest_____>
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
*** perepujal has joined #melange20:50
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nathanielmanistadowney: yeah, I went looking through my archive for such mail from last year and couldn't find it, that's why I asked you. But my not being able to find it doesn't mean it didn't happen.21:08
downeynathanielmanista: to be honest so many notifications were a bit annoying but reassuring nevertheless. :-)21:09
t4nk326nathanielmanista: so are you looking into the dupes? what will happen with the extra slots?21:11
*** Aj91 has quit IRC21:12
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC21:15
nathanielmanistat4nk326: I am looking into the dupes and the orgs involved will hear from me shortly.21:19
*** carols has quit IRC21:24
madrazrt4nk326: stqism: thanks for pointing out the dupes21:29
madrazrnathanielmanista and Daniel are working on it actively as we speak21:29
t4nk326madrazr: thanks. if you could donate any of these extra slots to me, just pm me. would hate for it to go to waste you know.21:29
madrazrt4nk326: slot allocation is up to carols21:30
madrazryou should talk to her if you need slots :)21:30
t4nk326madrazr:  i'm not an organization, i'm a student who didn't apply in time for the deadline. she's too busy and i don't wanna bother her.21:31
madrazrt4nk326: then obviously, you won't get the slot21:31
t4nk326madrazr: lol ok.21:32
*** rishabh has quit IRC21:32
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*** epifanio has joined #melange22:08
epifanioHi :)22:09
epifanioi've a question about melange/gsoc22:09
*** Dragooon has quit IRC22:09
epifanioi guess i should use something like :  Javascript("IPython.this_notebook.selected_cell.metadata['some_md_key'] = value22:09
epifaniosorry, wrong paste ... my idea did not get accepted, i've it exposed as public link, do you know how can i remove the public link ?22:09
*** Dragooon has joined #melange22:09
madrazrepifanio: public link?22:11
madrazrepifanio: where?22:11
epifaniothis the idea :
tpb<> (at
epifaniodod not get accpted so i want remove it or at least have it not public22:11
*** hammad_ has quit IRC22:12
epifaniodo you know how can i do it ?  during the selection period there was a checkbox to "withdraw" idea, but is no more there22:15
madrazrepifanio: unfortunately there is no way to make changes to proposals after announcing accepted/rejected students22:29
madrazrepifanio: in your particular case, if you email me your confirmation that you want this proposal to be made private22:30
madrazrI can turn the switch for you22:30
madrazrepifanio: my email ID is [email protected]22:30
epifaniomadrazr: thanks22:30
*** Dragooon has quit IRC22:31
*** ice[9]_ has quit IRC22:32
epifaniomadrazr: i sent you a mail22:33
epifaniothanks again22:33
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC22:34
*** crucerucalin has quit IRC22:37
*** ashishk has joined #melange22:38
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madrazrepifanio: please be aware that the proposal did not get accepted is not a reason to withdraw the proposal22:51
madrazrepifanio: we want the proposals that did not make the cut to remain on the system22:51
madrazr*remain in the system22:51
madrazrepifanio: for records22:51
madrazrepifanio: all I can do is ensure your proposal is not publicly visible22:52
madrazrto anyone who has the link22:52
madrazryour proposal will still be accessible to your organization, i.e. admins and mentors22:52
madrazrand program admins22:52
madrazrepifanio: it is not in the spirit of GSoC to *delete* proposals that were not accepted22:53
epifaniomadrazr: i see, bear witjh me .. my desire is driven by disappointment. i understand your point, is fear enough that the idea has to be there also if i don't want .. but at least i don't want it to be public22:56
*** carols has joined #melange22:56
madrazrepifanio: yes, working on that22:56
madrazrI will make your proposal private22:56
madrazrso that others cannot read it22:57
madrazrepifanio: np22:57
*** ashishk has quit IRC22:59
*** shikher has quit IRC23:00
madrazrepifanio: done, it should not be public anymore23:00
madrazronly you and your org members should be able to see the proposal23:00
*** carols has quit IRC23:03
*** vivekjain has quit IRC23:07
*** pravj_ has quit IRC23:09
*** thedarki has joined #melange23:11
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*** RichieB has joined #melange23:15
*** shikher has joined #melange23:16
*** andrei__ has joined #melange23:16
andrei__Hello! I'm having a bit of troublewith melange. I was accepted and I want to make myproposal public, I can edit it, but there's no button to make it public. Can someone help? thanks!23:16
*** RichieB has quit IRC23:18
*** rishy has quit IRC23:21
madrazrandrei__: read the logs just before you signed into this channel :)23:30
andrei__madrazr: I just did, thanks. Can you flip the switch the other way too?23:33
madrazrandrei__: if that is what you want, I can. But I would recommend the accepted students to not do that23:33
madrazrbut instead publish all the required details on their project's page23:33
madrazrandrei__: proposal is only until you get accepted23:34
*** Dragooon has quit IRC23:34
andrei__I wanted it to be available to people who continue, like the applicants for next year, other students etc23:34
madrazrandrei__: and if you want to make your proposal public for records so that students in the future programs can use it as a reference23:34
madrazryou are free to publish it outside Melange23:34
madrazras I have published all my GSoC proposals on my personal website23:35
andrei__I will publish it on my org's page, then. Thanks! :)23:35
madrazrandrei__: sure23:35
*** robbyoconnor has joined #melange23:38
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