Wednesday, 2014-04-09

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jasvirmadrazr: ping06:03
madrazrjasvir: pong06:03
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jasvirmadrazr: I am trying to register myself in GCI at my testing instance but on submit form at gci/profile/org_admin/google/gci2013, it shows error ""06:05
jasvirThis page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time.06:05
jasvirmadrazr: I have to make profile at GSoC  first?06:06
madrazrwhat are you doing with GCI?06:08
madrazrI have told you before that GCI might be broken06:08
jasvirmadrazr: Actually I want to implement in my college event.06:10
jasvirmadrazr: We have to give tasks to various students.06:10
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madrazrjasvir: you have lots of work to do then06:11
madrazrto get GCI up and running06:11
jasvirmadrazr: Ohk. I prefer to drop this idea :P06:12
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madrazrjasvir: :P06:21
jasvirmadrazr: Can we continue our discussion now?06:23
madrazrjasvir: sure06:23
jasvirmadrazr: I guess garlic using seperate JS of defining localstorage06:26
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tpbTitle: localstorageshim/localstorageshim.js at master · mattpowell/localstorageshim · GitHub (at
madrazrjasvir: please read the README file first06:27
madrazrthe shim is used only for those ancient browsers that do not support localStorage06:27
jasvirmadrazr: Oh!06:29
jasvirmadrazr: how can we define our own storage?06:31
madrazrjasvir: did you read the garlic.js code that I linked you the other day?06:32
madrazrit was pretty simple06:32
madrazrlike 400 lines of JS code06:32
madrazrI even linked you to storage object definition06:32
madrazrwait let me get the links06:32
jasvirmadrazr: It's only one function.06:32
madrazrjasvir: yes!06:33
madrazrthat's all you need to replace on JS side!06:33
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah I know that.06:33
madrazrjasvir: then what else?06:33
madrazrget it done!06:33
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. I'll do that. But first make me clear, what will be function of python in all this process? Get call will direct towards toward a callback function on success.06:37
jasvirwhat will be the motive of that function?06:38
madrazrjasvir: but what will GET call?06:39
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madrazrjasvir: basically GET will call a URL06:40
madrazrfor which there exists a Python view06:40
madrazrrather a RequestHandler subclass06:40
madrazrwith a post() method06:40
madrazrwhen JS makes the POST call06:41
madrazrthis server is called on the server side06:41
madrazrthis post() method in the RequestHandler subclass will receive the data sent by JS POST call06:41
madrazrthe post() method processes the data06:41
madrazrand stores it in the datastore06:41
madrazrjasvir: makes any sense at all?06:41
madrazror was that confusing/too fast06:42
jasvirmadrazr: This data will be stored in same fields where actual data is stored ?06:43
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jasvirmadrazr: I got it upto this point. But I am worried about storing data. Can we store empty fileds in datastore?06:50
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jasvirmadrazr: Please clear this too. Why we are defining storage in JS? Garlic defines storage because it is the final destination of data. But in our case, storage is to be done in datastore and it is handeled by python.07:05
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madrazrjasvir: assuming you will read the logs when you are back07:33
madrazrjasvir: how do we handle storage of data in the datastore is open for discussion07:33
madrazrthis, IMO, is the only tricky part in this whole thing07:33
madrazrwe need to have design discussion about this07:34
madrazrabout how to store intermediate (incomplete) data07:34
madrazrbecause we cannot store it as regular model entities of the destination model class because of validation rules07:35
madrazrApp Engine datastore won't allow us to do it07:35
madrazrwe need to build a small temporary store for this data07:35
madrazrStorage object in garlic.js is just an abstraction07:35
madrazrits methods' implementation calls either localStorage on modern browsers that support localStorage07:36
madrazrand the storage shim otherwise07:36
madrazrwhat we need to build is another abstraction that can also handle server side storage07:36
madrazrand replace garlic.js's storage object with our storage07:37
madrazrlike they replace their storage with the shim for the browsers that don't support localStorage07:37
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shikhermadrazr: hey07:54
madrazrshikher: Hi07:55
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shikhermadrazr: 3 days without internet. finally fixed. realized the web is more of a need than a want.07:58
shikhermadrazr: nathaniel said u had a very bsy last week.07:59
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madrazrshikher: yeah08:00
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shikhermadrazr: 2 major commits are pending review from u. please have a look maybe this week, if u get time. thnx.08:01
madrazrshikher: of course, yeah08:01
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jasvirmadrazr: Thanks. I have gone through the logs :)17:31
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