Monday, 2014-03-24

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jasvirmadrazr: So now what should be the next step? Start discussion on mailing list?00:01
jasvirmadrazr: Or start updating?00:01
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madrazrjasvir: you can just update it00:06
madrazrand see if it builds correctly00:07
madrazrvisit pages that renders the tinyMCE widget00:07
madrazrand see if it works Ok00:07
madrazrby manually testing it00:07
madrazrif it works00:07
madrazrthen send it for review00:07
madrazrjasvir: I don't think we need to have a discussion for this on the mailing list00:07
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. I'll do it.00:08
madrazrif we are changing the text editor itself00:08
madrazrthen that needs a discussion00:08
madrazrversion upgrade00:08
madrazrwe should just try it and show it that we have already done it00:08
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madrazrjasvir: ^00:08
madrazrjasvir: awesome!00:08
jasvirmadrazr: for what?00:09
jasvirmadrazr: We all working on open source. So thanks is not required at all. You can say "good" when I'll complete updation :D. That'll increase my confidence too :)00:11
madrazrjasvir: Ok give back my thanks now ;-)00:11
madrazrjasvir: it is Ok to say thanks when you have even committed to do something00:12
jasvirmadrazr: I'll give it back with patch for updation ;)00:12
madrazrI think we should be grateful for even jumping right into make changes happen too00:13
madrazrjasvir: tinyMCE update is something that we have been pushing from a long time00:13
madrazrand has not happened yet00:13
jasvirmadrazr: It'll also put a zipper on lips of my friends who were keep on commenting on editor while submitting proposals :P00:15
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madrazrjasvir: ha ha indeed00:15
madrazrand then you can brag that you made their lives better (for next year :P)00:15
jasvirmadrazr: yeah :D00:16
madrazrjasvir: whoa!00:17
madrazrI am looking at this thing called redactor00:17
madrazrlooks pretty neat00:17
madrazrwhen we evaluate (if at all we have to) alternatives for text editing00:18
madrazrwe should consider redactor too00:18
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jasvirmadrazr: Sure. We can put it into scene if we evaluate alternatives.00:22
jasvirmadrazr: But00:22
jasvirmadrazr: You mean this
tpbTitle: Redactor WYSIWYG html editor (at
madrazrjasvir: yeah00:23
jasvirmadrazr: What is this, a 'buy' button?00:23
tpbTitle: Buy a license (at
jasvirmadrazr: Licence00:26
tpbTitle: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported CC BY-NC 3.0 (at
madrazrjasvir: I know00:27
madrazrwhich is why I suggested it even, in the first place00:27
madrazralso it is open source00:27
tpbTitle: redactor-js/ at master · dybskiy/redactor-js · GitHub (at
madrazrjasvir: ^00:27
jasvirmadrazr: I thought that we should go for FOSS.00:28
madrazrjasvir: read above00:28
madrazrit is open source00:28
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah. I know.00:28
jasvirmadrazr: But not FOSS.00:28
madrazrthen what are you thinking?00:28
madrazrjasvir: wait, what?00:28
madrazrwhat does that mean?00:28
jasvirmadrazr: Free and Open Source Software.00:29
madrazrjasvir: heh00:29
madrazrthen why is this not FOSS?00:29
jasvirmadrazr: They said "NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. "00:29
madrazrjasvir: so?00:29
jasvirmadrazr: What does that mean?00:29
madrazrjasvir: that means it is dual-licensed00:30
madrazrjasvir: for non commercial versions you can use the FOSS version00:30
madrazrjasvir: and for commercial purposes you need to buy a different license00:30
madrazrjasvir: much like how Qt works00:31
madrazror how Qt used to work00:31
madrazrnot sure if Qt still has dual-licensing under its new owners00:31
jasvirmadrazr: madrazr Oh really? I didn't knew that Qt is having dual licence.00:31
jasvirmadrazr: Ok00:31
ThomasWaldmann ah, life on the chan00:32
ThomasWaldmannanyone having feedback to my forms issue from some hours ago?00:33
madrazrThomasWaldmann: link to the thread please?00:33
madrazrI have days behind catching up on Melange ML discussions00:33
madrazr*I am days00:33
ThomasWaldmann19:35  ThomasWaldmann$ i just wrote some feedback to a student's proposal in melange. wanted to click middle mouse button, but hit left  one. clicked on "back" in browser. All the feedback I already had written is GONE. :(00:34
ThomasWaldmann19:36  ThomasWaldmann$ (clicked on a link in the proposal)00:34
ThomasWaldmann19:36  ThomasWaldmann$ why is that? usually the form contents are still there if one goes back - does melange actively kill them?00:34
ThomasWaldmann19:38  ThomasWaldmann$ (I use a touchpad with no real buttons, one finger = left click, two fingers = middle click, 3 fingers = right  click)00:34
madrazrThomasWaldmann: we don't "actively" kill the form content00:35
jasvirmadrazr: Now I have to go and have a look at some exam stuff (eak) ,two hours left :P00:35
madrazrThomasWaldmann: how there might be an unintended CSS rule that is killing the content00:35
jasvirmadrazr: Catch you later :)00:35
madrazrThomasWaldmann: I hate when such a thing happens too00:35
ThomasWaldmannmadrazr: but the default behaviour of browsers is that form content is still there, right?00:36
madrazrThomasWaldmann: please file an issue for that00:36
madrazrThomasWaldmann: there is no solution for it at the moment though00:36
madrazrThomasWaldmann: depends on the browser/version etc.00:36
madrazrThomasWaldmann: I can't speak for all browsers00:36
ThomasWaldmannfirefox here, on ubuntu00:36
madrazrGoogle  Chrome tries to retain the content when it can00:36
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madrazrThomasWaldmann: not sure00:37
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madrazrThomasWaldmann: I tried on Firefox 28 on Ubuntu00:46
madrazrworks fine for me00:46
madrazrnavigating back to the proposal review page00:46
madrazrstill retains the unsubmitted review comment00:46
madrazrThomasWaldmann: please try this once again? If it happens again, please file an issue with browser version, OS/Distro version etc. details so that we can try to reproduce the issue00:48
ThomasWaldmannissue 214400:51
ThomasWaldmannand i reproduced the bug00:53
ThomasWaldmannadded a commend to that issue, very strange...01:07
ollyThomasWaldmann: i think i've seen that too01:09
ThomasWaldmannseems to be heisenbug somehow01:09
ollyyeah, I just tested and it didn't happen01:10
ThomasWaldmannonly happens if you put a lot of work into the form contents :P01:11
ollyperhaps that's just when you really notice01:11
* ThomasWaldmann remembers some PSF election or questionaire with same issue01:12
ThomasWaldmannone wrong click and it nukes all the work (and in that case, one could not easily just use some external editor and c&p)01:13
ollyI've had it at sourceforge before01:13
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rusnichi.. anybody there?04:45
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rusnicAny gsoc applicant for melange here?04:52
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madrazrThomasWaldmann: thanks for filing the issue06:40
madrazrThomasWaldmann: is this unpredictable for the same proposal, same link that you click?06:40
madrazrThomasWaldmann: also I wonder if this has something to do with the amount of time you take to go back?06:41
madrazrrusnic: one of the mentors here06:48
madrazrrusnic: what's up?06:48
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rusnicmadrazr: Hi. I am applicant for gsoc and i am looking forward to redsign the melange UI with infographic styled flat UI and also make it responsive.08:11
rusnicmadrazr: i have not had a chance to get a feedback from any of the melange mentors yet. I am curious to get a feedback and work on what ever it takes to make it to gsoc this time.08:12
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rusnicmadrazr: this is my first cut design mock up for the gsoc landing page (which i want to work on and make it even better) -
tpbTitle: Gsoc - Mockup (at
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madrazrrusnic: the first look mockup looks really cool08:24
madrazrrusnic: we are processing applications08:24
madrazrreading them08:24
madrazrif we need any additional information we will leave a comment on your proposal08:25
rusnicoh im so glad to hear that :)08:25
madrazrbut in general, things you need to do in the meantime is to start contributing to Melange08:25
madrazrone of our requirements is to have contributed some code08:26
rusniccontribute as in ?08:26
madrazrrusnic: submit some patch(es)08:26
rusnici dont have any prior experience contributing code to open source community. but i am really looking forward to it.08:26
rusnicmadrazr: can you give me pointers on how i can do that?08:27
madrazrrusnic: pick one of the issues from our issue tracker08:27
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazranything that interests you08:28
madrazrtalk to us about it08:28
madrazrabout how you want to go about fixing it08:28
madrazrthen work on it08:28
rusnicalright :) .. i check it out and will get started08:28
madrazrfollow the guidelines here to submit your work
tpb<$P> (at
rusniccan i know the best time of the day to catch up on IRC08:29
madrazralso are you on our mailing list?08:29
rusnici joined today08:29
madrazrrusnic: cool08:30
madrazrrusnic: I will be on IRC and active when you see me here08:30
madrazrI am not sure if I can commit to any schedule08:30
madrazrbut generally I will be around during Californian day time08:30
rusnicOkay cool.08:31
rusnicBroadly i wanted to know if melange would be interested in the project i have proposed. Is it something which you can enlighten me about?08:32
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madrazrrusnic: I have to look at your proposal08:41
madrazrrusnic: I can't say much if I haven't looked at the proposal08:41
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jasvirmadrazr: hello. Have you reviewed my proposal? Lennard commented there. I don't know that my reply is right or not. If you have some spare time, please review it.08:50
madrazrjasvir: Lennard is reviewing the proposals08:51
madrazrjasvir: we are all jumping in08:51
madrazrbut he is far ahead08:51
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jasvirmadrazr: decision is to be made by single person?08:51
madrazrjasvir: no?08:52
jasvirmadrazr: Ok.08:52
rusnicmadrazr: Alright! i wait for your feedback :)08:53
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jasvirrusnic: nice mockup (y)09:21
rusnicjasvir: Thank you!09:23
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akanshhello guys, I am akansh gulati11:22
akanshI have applied for GSOC and it`s my first attempt. Since I have applied for Student Flow project, I want to know what should I do best now11:24
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akanshhey guys anybody active here?11:39
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arizhello, i've applied to melange for gsoc this year.whats the best thing I could do now to improve my chances this year.i am a complete newbie.12:46
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arizhello, i submitted a project to melange for gsoc this year. can anybody please suggest how to contact the mentors? I tried but I think I made a mistake by sending them personal emails before applying.13:29
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rusnicariz: The best thing you can do is to stay in close touch with melange on irc, contribute code to melange and so on.13:43
arizI think my proposal was very vague. I am new to open-source and don't have much idea how things go here. Do you think I can improve my chances of getting selected, even though my proposal was not upto the mark?13:45
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rusnicariz: Yeah! of course you can. participate in mailing list and try to catch up with mentors promptly. I myself am an applicant only. good luck.14:36
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Uli-hey there.16:30
Uli-i just spent the last 20 minutes populating a custom field for all our ~100 proposals only to notice after reloading the list of proposals, that only the first one got persisted.16:31
Uli-what prevented the others from being saved?16:32
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jasvirshikher: hello17:09
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jasvirolly: ping17:14
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shikhermadrazr: hey19:00
madrazrshikher: Hi19:00
chitrankHello @madrazr19:00
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madrazrchitrank: HI19:00
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chitrankmadrazr: I have submitted my application on the Responsive UI here is the application
tpb<> (at
chitrankI also submitted the application for review from any mentor before the student application deadline but I was unable to get review from any person19:02
chitrankI would just like to know How is my application and what should I do to justify it19:03
madrazrchitrank: we are reading through the proposals19:03
madrazrchitrank: if there is no comment on it yet, we still don't have anything to say at this point19:03
chitrankmadrazr: okay19:04
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shikhermadrazr: I was writing test cases for a feature I worked on. When I run same code locally the data.ndb_profile is not None. While in test case, when I do logging.error(data.ndb_profile) , it is coming as None.
tpbTitle: gist:55f146d955b6fb8e43d7 (at
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tpb<> (at
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shikhermadrazr: ping20:58
madrazrshikher: it is because you are only seeding a User entity but not a Profile entity21:03
shikhermadrazr: thnx. will try tht. :)21:05
madrazrshikher: cool21:05
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shikhermadrazr: its working now. thnx.21:21
*** RaulT has joined #melange21:21
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madrazrshikher: NP21:28
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Uli-olly: thanks, that's exactly what I experienced.21:50
ollyUli-: if you reload after each entry, it's painful but works21:51
*** rvraghav93_ has joined #melange21:52
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Uli-olly: yeah. i'll try again tomorrow, i'm in no mood to go through the 100 proposals again right now ;)21:57
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shikhermadrazr: while testing, I need to check a count of entites. Should I query the ndb datastore or check the number of entries in my list. Does it matter?22:12
madrazrwhat is your list?22:13
shikhermadrazr: A list of program admins.22:14
shikherI am doing a remove query and asserting count22:14
madrazrshikher: I did not mean what does it contains22:14
*** rvraghav93 has joined #melange22:14
madrazrI meant, where does your list come from?22:14
shikhermadrazr: come from? can u elaborate please.22:15
*** rvraghav93_ has quit IRC22:15
madrazrshikher: where do you obtain that list from?22:15
madrazrwhere do you get that list from?22:16
madrazrwhat kind of a list is it?22:16
shikhermadrazr: not helpful.22:16
shikherI have declared my own list, with my own declared fields22:16
shikherIs tht wat u mean?22:16
madrazrIt is still not clear to me what that list is22:17
madrazris it a Python list datastructure you are talking about22:17
madrazrthat you build in your test case22:17
madrazror are you talking about Melange lists22:17
shikherMelange Lists22:17
madrazrwhich the views render22:17
madrazrshikher: Ok22:18
madrazrand why do you want to count?22:18
madrazrexplain your test in detail22:18
madrazrwhat are you trying to do?22:18
shikherto assert count of admins after removal22:18
madrazrwhat is your assertion?22:19
madrazralso, it will save us all sometime if you explain your test in a bit more detail22:19
madrazrotherwise, we can have this back and forth for ever22:19
madrazrs/sometime/some time/22:20
*** rvraghav93 has quit IRC22:20
shikhermadrazr:  I count the number of admins present for a test program22:20
madrazrshikher: take a step back22:21
madrazrwhat is the goal of your test?22:21
shikherthen I make a POST request to remove a admin22:21
madrazrwhat are you calling the test function?22:21
madrazrif you were to make a one line summary of what you are testing for22:21
madrazrhow would you write that?22:21
shikherTo check working of the list for all program admins, which also has a remove button22:21
madrazrex: docstring for the test function22:21
madrazrshikher: Ok good22:21
madrazrshikher: now22:21
madrazrsteps of your test?22:21
shikhermadrazr: I count the number of admins present for a test program22:22
shikherthen I make a POST request to remove a admin22:22
shikherThen I count again, to assure that it is one less22:22
madrazrshikher: Ok cool22:22
madrazrshikher: it is so much more clear now22:22
madrazronly if you had said this before than giving half-information22:23
madrazrshikher: anyway22:23
*** rvraghav93 has joined #melange22:23
madrazrshikher: so these two counts are what you are asking about now?22:23
shikhermadrazr: while testing, I need to check a count of entites. Should I query the ndb datastore or check the number of entries in my list. Does it matter?22:24
madrazrshikher: it really does not matter as long as list is doing the right thing22:25
madrazrshikher: however, it is better to trust the canonical source22:25
madrazrwhich is the datastore22:25
shikhermadrazr: as for the implementation, where should I do this query?22:27
shikherbtw I am going wid the datastore.22:27
madrazrshikher: in your test22:27
madrazrshikher: two separate queries22:27
madrazrfor two separate counts22:28
madrazrbefore and after22:28
shikherofcourse. wat i mean is, Shoudn't I write a separate function in another module. then import that module and then call this function?22:28
*** RaulT has quit IRC22:29
shikhermadrazr: Following how other tests are written, I think I should write it in profile model.22:33
*** rvraghav93 has quit IRC22:40
madrazrshikher: where do we do that for one-off queries in tests?22:43
madrazrI will be surprised to see that code now22:43
*** carols has quit IRC23:07
*** jasvir has joined #melange23:08
shikhermadrazr: actually, it is not a one off query. I have to check all profile if their host_for contains the program key and return this count.23:11
madrazrshikher: and how is that not a one off query?23:13
madrazrshikher: where else are we going to re-use this?23:13
shikhermadrazr: by one-off I thought u meant, write one line query.23:15
shikhermadrazr: in tht case, it is a one-off query.23:16
shikhermadrazr: also,23:18
shikherI have written a query (not for count, but for list of all program admins) in melange/logic, would it not be better to import tht, and calculate count from it?23:19
*** paradoq has joined #melange23:21
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ashishkmadrazr: hi23:48
madrazrshikher: I am not a fan of that idea23:56
madrazrtechnically you can do that23:56
madrazrbut I would like to have our tests isolated23:57
madrazrso that we are actually testing23:57
shikherok. I can make the function inside the test itself.23:58
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC23:59

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