Monday, 2014-03-10

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nitesh_I am interested in the responsive layout project. I had a small doubt though.15:40
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nitesh_In the project description, which melange pages are being talked about. Is it the melange's own website i.e. or the GSoC website?15:43
tpbTitle: soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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nitesh_It must be the GSoC website. Right?15:59
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MatthewWilkesnitesh_: is the source repository. All projects apply to google-melange.com16:05
nitesh_Thank you!16:06
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ashishkmadrazr: hi18:22
madrazrashishk: Hi18:22
ashishkmadrazr: please have a look at it
tpb<> (at
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thegyromadrazr: Would like to work on Issue 1874. I have set melange locally (I am able to access it ,but I do get some errors when I run the tests).18:33
thegyromadrzr: Can you please help me get started on Issue 1874 ?18:42
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madrazrashishk: what about the issue?18:53
madrazrashishk: Daniel says the patch itself will be futile after some changes18:53
madrazrthegyro: sure, how can I help you18:54
madrazrthegyro: also what do you want to work on for issue 1874?18:55
madrazrthegyro: what specific part right now?18:55
madrazrthegyro: note, it is our entire GSoC project worth idea18:55
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thegyromadrazr: I am really not sure about which part. I just want to start working on it. Would it be possible for you to pick a part where I can get started on ? The part which you feel would be a good one for a beginner to work on?18:57
madrazrthat may help you18:59
tpbTitle: Wednesday, 2014-03-05 (at
thegyromadrazr: Thanks for the link! You had said that program admins should have the feature where they can upload the form and select which category of users it should be visible to.19:05
thegyroCan you explain what form you were talking about ?19:05
ashishkmadrazr:what about the third point he mentioned in the comment19:06
ashishkmadrazr: so should i work on it19:06
*** umccullough has joined #melange19:06
madrazrthegyro: what do you exactly want me to explain about?19:06
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d33tahhi folks19:08
d33tahi just wanted to upload my proposals, but i think that i got lost - i "connected" to an organization and then requested a role, but i still can't see a button to apply. why is that?19:09
thegyroYou said that you had built a basic version in GCI where the program admins will be able to upload forms and users will be able to download it from the download page. Is the objective to add a feature to this existing version so that the program admins can decide which category of users should be able to access it?19:09
thegyromadrazr: sorry if that sounded redundant. I just wanted to get a better picture.19:10
madrazrashishk: first of all, when Lennie filed the issue he did not necessarily intend it to be part of the list column19:10
madrazrashishk: well, as far as I understand he did not even have any UI in mind19:10
madrazrhe just felt it was annoying that, that information was not easily available19:11
madrazrashishk: but even if you want to show it as a list column, you should probably wait until Daniel's changes lands19:11
madrazrashishk: may be ask Daniel in the issue comment if the new way of viewing proposals already on master19:12
madrazrand if so apply your change for that?19:12
ashishkmadrazr: thnks :)19:12
madrazrd33tah: connections is not for students19:13
madrazrit is for mentors to "connect" with organizations to become mentors for that organization19:13
madrazrthegyro: correct19:14
d33tahhm, so did i do anything wrong if i made a connection, but said i don't request a role?19:14
d33tahi couldn't find a "send proposal" button19:14
madrazrd33tah: probably19:14
d33tahmadrazr: could you undo that?19:14
madrazrd33tah: if you have registered as a mentor, you probably shouldn't have19:15
madrazrd33tah: there is no easy way to do it19:15
d33tahnah, didn't register as a mentor19:15
madrazrd33tah: what did you register as?19:15
madrazrd33tah: what link did you use to register?19:15
d33tahmadrazr: just as a student19:15
d33tahjust used the front page i think19:15
d33tahmind checking that?19:15
* umccullough got several "request for connection" from students19:16
d33tah[email protected]19:16
madrazrumccullough: I know :)19:16
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madrazrd33tah: I can't query on your gmail ID19:17
thegyromadrazr: Thanks! I will work on that. But where do I start ? Can you direct to me the code which I should first read to understand where exactly I need to make a change ?19:17
madrazrwhat is your username on Melange?19:17
d33tahmadrazr: d33tah19:17
nikhatzihello ppl :) Is everybody missing the project submit form on 'my dashboard' or is it just me? Thank you in advance :)19:17
tpbTitle: Friday, 2014-03-07 (at
madrazrnikhatzi: it should be on the homepage?19:19
d33tahmadrazr: what does it look like?19:19
madrazrd33tah: what does what look like?19:20
nikhatzilet me check that madrazr, ty :)19:20
d33tahmadrazr: you wanted my nusername. told you it's d33tah, hoped you'd check ;)19:20
madrazrd33tah: I haven't checked yet19:20
d33tahokay, i'd be grateful ^^19:20
d33tahsorry for the problems, i must have hurried too much.19:21
madrazrd33tah: you don't seem to be having a student profile19:24
madrazrd33tah: you either registered as org admin or mentor19:24
d33tahthat sucks. i must have clicked something wrong.19:24
d33tahis this possible to be solved?19:24
madrazrd33tah: you can either go and create a new profile with another Google account if you have one19:25
madrazrd33tah: that is the fastest way to go19:25
d33tahah, i see.19:25
madrazrd33tah: or send us an email to delete your current profile19:25
d33tahi guess i'll do both19:25
madrazrd33tah: this is going to take time though owing to the traffic we are getting on our ML19:25
madrazrd33tah: if you do the first one, please don't send us an email19:26
madrazrd33tah: you don't want to waste others time19:26
d33tahokay. so there won't be any problems related to me being twice in the system?19:26
*** rubbersheep has joined #melange19:26
madrazrd33tah: what type of problem?19:26
madrazrd33tah: if you create another profile using another account, you will always have to identify yourselves with that account19:27
madrazrd33tah: or wait19:27
madrazrsend me an email right now19:27
madrazrsince I am holding up your profile entity19:27
madrazrI can just delete it now19:27
madrazrd33tah: but please CC Carol19:27
*** pchaigno has joined #melange19:27
madrazrd33tah: mention your Melange username in the email19:27
rubbersheepI made a mistake while signing in. I singed in as a mentor and now i cannot see the enrolment form section. How do i change my profile to a student?19:28
d33tahmadrazr: could you give me the e-mail address?19:28
*** nikhatzi has left #melange19:28
d33tahi mean, yours19:28
madrazrd33tah: in the PM19:28
madrazrd33tah: please CC carol19:29
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madrazrrubbersheep: read the logs of this channel just above :)19:29
madrazrrubbersheep: just what I said to d33tah :)19:29
rubbersheepcan you please share yours and carols emails ids in pm so that i can send you an email19:30
carols[email protected]19:30
madrazrrubbersheep: done19:31
d33tahokay, sent.19:32
rubbersheepmadrazr, carols thank you so much19:32
thegyromadrazr: Is the objective to replicate the code in app/soc/modules/gci/views/ for GSoC as well ?19:33
madrazrthegyro: please read the discussion that I linked you to19:35
madrazrthegyro: the second link19:35
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d33tahmadrazr: thanks, worked :)19:37
madrazrd33tah: cool!19:39
*** glenfe has left #melange19:39
ashishkmadrazr: please have a look at my proposal when you are free :p19:39
madrazrashishk: same answer :P19:40
pchaignomadrazr: I am in the same situation as d33tah and rubbersheep, could you PM me your email?19:41
madrazrOk well19:41
madrazr[email protected]19:41
madrazrno idea why I was resisting pasting it here19:42
madrazrpchaigno: ^19:42
pchaignoThanks :)19:42
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madrazrKolibriOS|yogev: did your student do this already? ^19:43
madrazrsending an email?19:43
KolibriOS|yogevmadrazr: I instructed him in PM and he told me that you asked him to just register with a different e-mail address.19:43
*** rvraghav93 has joined #melange19:43
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ashishkmadrazr:bye :)19:43
madrazrKolibriOS|yogev: that is one of the solutions correct19:44
*** ashishk has quit IRC19:44
madrazrKolibriOS|yogev: as I mentioned above19:44
madrazrKolibriOS|yogev: so all good?19:44
KolibriOS|yogevmadrazr: No.19:45
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downeyIs anyone else seeing massive drop-down lists (bigger than the data grid width) on
downeyfor status column and number of records to view19:49
madrazrdowney: yeah19:49
madrazrbug bug bug :)19:49
downeyshould i open a bug? :)19:49
rvraghav93ok what are important documents ? why is there an error when i click it?19:49
madrazrdowney: please? :)19:49
downeymadrazr: in process19:49
madrazrdowney: thanks!19:50
madrazrrvraghav93: where are you clicking? Or what are you clicking? And what is the target URL where you are seeing this error?19:50
*** rishy has joined #melange19:51
madrazrrvraghav93: what error do you see?19:51
rvraghav93oh and sorry ... saw an error .. not seeing now ... now that I have uploaded my enrolment form am I good to go ? or any more formalities ??19:51
tpb<> (at
thegyromadrazr: I read the entire discussion. I got a better idea of what we must do , but sorry to bother you again with this - I am still pretty clueless about where to start :(19:52
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madrazrrvraghav93: I think you are good to go19:54
raveeshwhile editing the profile, a student is provided two rows to write street address into.. but when the profile is viewed, only the data filled in first row is visible..19:54
raveeshwill the 2nd row be considered or not while shipment ?19:54
*** vivekjain has joined #melange19:54
madrazrdowney: Awesome! Thank you!19:55
downeymadrazr: no prob19:55
*** d33tah has joined #melange19:55
madrazrthegyro: the code that is linked is the place to start19:55
madrazrthegyro: refactoring that code to make it work for GSoC and GCI is the first step19:56
madrazrthegyro: everything to get started is in the discussion19:56
pchaignomadrazr: thanks!19:56
madrazrpchaigno: you are welcome19:57
madrazrraveesh: that's interesting19:57
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madrazrraveesh: if you don't see the second line in the edit form it is likely a bug and we are not storing that data19:57
madrazrraveesh: please file an issue at ?19:57
raveeshi dont see the 2nd line while viewing the profile..19:58
raveeshwhile editing its there..19:58
madrazrraveesh: what about edit?19:58
madrazrraveesh: Ok, then the data is there19:58
madrazrwe are going to consider it19:58
*** shikher has joined #melange19:58
madrazrraveesh: but it is still not a bad idea to file an issue19:58
madrazrraveesh: that will help us make it viewable on the "view" page too19:59
raveeshhmm.. that's all i wanted to know. ty madrazr19:59
raveeshokay will file an issue19:59
madrazrraveesh: thanks!19:59
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viccuadhi, I'm trying to submit my application to gsoc, and it rejects this URL: . I know is not a big deal :P, but isn't it a valid URL? why is it rejecting the URL?20:05
tpbTitle: Facultad de Informática. Universidad Complutense de Madrid (at
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rigelkhi #melange ; as said on #gsoc, i'm having trouble sending my enrollment form ; are there size limits, name requirements or something ?20:25
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tootis_Hey guys, I have a problem, I can't submit a proposal !!!20:37
rigelktootis_: could you further explain you problem ?20:38
tootis_I can't find any interance to submission region20:39
tootis_I only see the mentors and adminstartors region20:39
rigelkare you logged in with your google account ?20:40
gevaertstootis_: are you sure you registered as a student and not as a mentor?20:40
tootis_yes I am sure , I have experience from last year20:41
* rigelk has solved his own problem.20:43
juarezI can't submit a proposal too. I have found a link to submit the enrolment form only, but I don't know what it should be :)20:45
rvraghav93 i submited my enrollment form once ... later when I checked my profile . its gone ...20:46
*** SK302 has joined #melange20:47
rvraghav93madrazr: any reasons why?20:53
tootis_I don't find a place to upload my proof of enrollment20:59
tootis_please help20:59
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shikhertootis_: what happens when you go this link:
tpb<> (at
tootis_it says : You are not allowed to upload forms.21:01
RaulTHow do I change the status of a proposal from PENDING ? (Regarging this issue :
tpb<> (at
shikhertootis_: I know gaeverts has told you this already, but it is highly likely that this is because your profile is of that of a mentor and not a student21:04
tootis_then what should I do ??21:05
RaulTtootis_: You can check by going here : If the last thing is not Enrollment form you most likely have a mentor profile21:06
tootis_Yes I don't find enrollment form section ,, what should I do ?21:07
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*** viccuad has joined #melange21:10
RaulTtootis_: You can ask somone here for help!forum/melange-soc-dev21:10
tpb<> (at
RaulTtootis_: Or you can follow this thread!topic/melange-soc/I_F4scgevXg21:11
tpb<> (at
tootis_ok thanks21:14
RaulTtootis_: No problem21:18
*** tootis_ has quit IRC21:18
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RaulTmadrazr: Can you help me with that ?21:25
RaulT* How do I change the status of a proposal from PENDING ? (Regarging this issue :
tpb<> (at
*** meflin has joined #melange21:26
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madrazrrigelk: what was the problem? The file size limit is 32MB21:36
madrazrand the file name cannot contain non-ascii characters21:37
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange21:38
rigelkmadrazr: it was a browser capability problem, certainly. Though not precisely identified, using a recent version of firefox bypassed it.21:42
*** meflin has left #melange21:42
madrazrOk cool21:42
shikhermadrazr: hi21:43
*** juarez has quit IRC21:43
*** revzin has joined #melange21:43
madrazrRaulT: go to admin dashboard and accept the proposals :)21:44
shikhermadrazr: I am thinking of integrating google drive into proposals. what say?21:45
madrazrrvraghav93: can you please give more context?21:45
madrazrshikher: sure21:45
madrazrshikher: also, were you the one to whom I gave link to the previous GSoC project21:45
madrazrthat tried doing this?21:45
RaulTmadrazr: Oh... There is a problem because the data seeder creates some proposals that don't meet the requirements and there are some errors.21:45
shikhermadrazr: I believe not.21:45
RaulTmadrazr: Is there any way I can get past this ?21:45
madrazrRaulT: as you may have already seen, we just outdated the seeder with the new NDB based proposals21:46
revzinHi. I'm trying to embed an image from dropbox in my proposal, but it doesn't show up21:46
madrazrRaulT: it may as well needs to be fixed21:46
madrazrRaulT: post to ML, CC Daniel21:47
RaulTmadrazr: I will do a pull then try again :D21:47
madrazrRaulT: btw, even if you pull be aware that seeder is obsolete as far as proposals is concerned21:49
shikhermadrazr: can u give me tht link to tht previous project?21:50
RaulTmadrazr: Ok. I will try and hope it works. If not i will dig into the issue and try to fix it.21:50
*** revzin has left #melange21:51
*** davidfetter_disq has joined #melange21:52
davidfetter_disqi mentored last year for the PostgreSQL project, would like to make sure i'm signed up on time this year. now that i've registered on melange, how do i associate myself with same?21:52
tpb<> (at
madrazrshikher: Orcun's project is what you are looking for21:53
RaulTmadrazr: The data seeder does not work :(21:54
madrazrRaulT: what did I just tell you?21:54
madrazr(02:49:20 PM) madrazr: RaulT: btw, even if you pull be aware that seeder is obsolete as far as proposals is concerned21:54
madrazrfrom 5 mins ago21:54
RaulTmadrazr: I was hoping that maybe something changed :)21:55
madrazrRaulT: yes! That something changing was obsoleting the seeder :P21:55
madrazrRaulT: Oh, if you mean in the last 5 mins, we are not that fast yet :)21:55
madrazrRaulT: we are still trying to optimize the speed of light :P21:55
carolsmadrazr: davidfetter_disq was asking for you too :-)21:56
davidfetter_disqcarols, ?21:56
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: Hi. How can I help you? Did I miss a question here?21:56
davidfetter_disqi mentored last year for the PostgreSQL project, would like to make sure i'm signed up on time this year. now that i've registered on melange, how do i associate myself with same?21:56
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: carols meant you needed Melange related help21:56
shikhermadrazr: how unsuccessful was Orcun in doing this?21:56
davidfetter_disqgot it21:56
madrazrshikher: define successful21:57
madrazrshikher: as you see, he got to upload the project. So at the least, we passed him in the final evaluation of GSoC 201121:57
shikhermadrazr: for me, successful would be making it into the release code.21:57
madrazrshikher: however Docs API changed quite a bit over time and we changed quite a bit too21:58
madrazrand Orcun got busy with his life21:58
madrazrto bring everything up to speed21:58
madrazrshikher: the shipment tracking part however got merged to master in January though21:58
madrazrshikher: after several years (2.5 to be specific) of effort from both Sverre and me21:59
madrazrshikher: Sverre did bulk of that work though and he merged that to master this January21:59
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: if you have signed in with the same Google account as last year to create this year's profile then the data from last year is automatically associated22:00
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: if you signed in with a different Google account, they are not associated22:00
madrazrand cannot be22:00
davidfetter_disqmadrazr, i'm pretty sure i signed in with the same account22:01
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: it is like having [email protected] and [email protected] and they are separate22:01
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: well emails have IMAP based sync etc. but we are not that sophisticated yet22:01
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: then it is already associated22:01
davidfetter_disqi have exactly one personal one, and the one i got for work last year was long after i got involved22:01
davidfetter_disqhow do i see?22:01
madrazrdavidfetter_disq: changing the year to 2013 in the URL?22:02
davidfetter_disqmadrazr, got it. now pestering people involved...22:04
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*** rvraghav93 has quit IRC22:06
*** rvraghav93 has joined #melange22:07
shikhermadrazr: how beneficial would be google docs for building proposals over tinyMCE and using blobstore for saving proposals?22:12
shikhergoogle docs + drive vs. tinyMCE + blobstore ?22:13
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC22:15
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*** monkegjinni has joined #melange22:26
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*** SinnerShanky has quit IRC22:38
madrazrshikher: sure, as long as you render this on Melange22:39
madrazrshikher: I would also recommend to go and read this channel's logs from Saturday/Sunday22:39
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange22:40
madrazrabout how I do not want to hear any solutions that does not render the proposal inline22:40
shikhermadrazr: I was there. the pdf rendering, right?22:40
madrazrshikher: correct22:41
madrazroops, I hit enter too early :P22:41
shikhermadrazr: I will keep tht in mind. btw wat I posed was a question. :)22:41
madrazrshikher: also, anything that forces users to navigate away from Melange is a bad idea22:41
madrazrshikher: if you expect every user to go to Google Docs, you are going to piss off a lot of people22:42
shikhermadrazr: yes22:42
madrazrshikher: I gave you, your answer22:42
madrazrif you want to replace tinyMCE with Google Docs as the inline editor on the proposal page22:43
madrazryou are very welcome to do that22:43
shikhermadrazr: I just wanted to know how beneficial tht would be to Melange?22:43
madrazrshikher: if you are going to say that every user will be sent to Google Docs no matter what, then no. A big "NO"!22:44
madrazrshikher: it would be very useful if it truly integrates with Google Docs with Melange22:44
madrazras in, if students can get the comments/annotations/reviews on their proposals on Google Docs22:44
madrazrand just give the proposal content with formatting to us22:45
madrazrthen that would be a win-win22:45
shikherI have not seen google docs being used like this before, so I might have to do some research. but I will definitely consider as part of my proposal.22:46
madrazrif you don't give the advantages of using Google Docs such as comments/reviews, looking at revision history etc. but just use it as a replacement for tinyMCE then not so much22:46
*** monkegjinni has joined #melange22:46
madrazrshikher: I am a little skeptical about what I am asking though22:47
madrazrkeep that in mind22:47
madrazrshikher: I do not think GDocs allows editor embedding22:47
*** SinnerShanky has quit IRC22:47
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madrazrshikher: but I will be really happy if I am proven wrong here22:47
madrazrother thing to keep in mind is22:48
madrazrJavascript has advanced a lot in the last couple of years22:48
madrazrthere has been an ongoing Javascript explosion22:48
madrazrand things people have accomplished with JS in the past 2-3 years has been just unbelievable22:49
madrazrI have seen some very good Javascript based text editors for the browsers.22:49
madrazrI am not able to recollect the names though22:49
madrazrso may be, you may even want to look in that direction to see if there is already someone who has been working on an editor22:50
madrazrthat is embeddable22:50
*** antrik_ is now known as antrik22:50
madrazrand syncs with GDocs22:50
shikhermadrazr: well my second question was for the same approach . i.e. lets we have some text editor, would u prefer using google drive or bloblstore?22:50
*** pchaigno has left #melange22:50
shikherdrive / gdocs or blobstore?22:51
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange22:58
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*** MateuszPG has joined #melange23:14
MateuszPGI can’t start connection as student, I created by accident Mentor account. Can I switch this ?23:16
*** edk_kdh has joined #melange23:17
*** edk_ has joined #melange23:17
*** monkegjinni has joined #melange23:18
MateuszPGI have problem with my account  on can anybody help me ?23:21
*** mang0 has quit IRC23:22
*** rigelk has quit IRC23:22
MateuszPG I have problem with my account  on can anybody help me ?23:32
ollyMateuszPG: be patient, no need to ask repeatedly23:33
ollyyou have 12 days to get it sorted after all23:33
*** carols has quit IRC23:39
madrazrshikher: why either of them?23:42
madrazrshikher: why not datastore?23:42
madrazrolly: thanks :)23:42
madrazrMateuszPG: also, no offense, if there is anyone here who could help you we would have :)23:43
madrazrI had urgent things to do for my full time work, sorry23:43
madrazrMateuszPG: action item for you to do is to send me an email about your problem with your username in Melange23:44
madrazrrequesting to delete your mentor profile23:44
madrazrand please CC carol too23:44
madrazrMateuszPG: [email protected] is my email ID23:45
MateuszPGmadrazr: Thx :) and I understand that you have more urgent things to do23:47
madrazrMateuszPG: don't forget to CC carol23:47
madrazrjust as Fault Tolerance :)23:48
MateuszPGyes sure :), can you send me a carol emial ?23:49
madrazrMateuszPG: [email protected]23:49
RaulTMateuszPG: This is a thread that might help you!topic/melange-soc/I_F4scgevXg23:49
tpb<> (at
madrazrRaulT: no need for that now :)23:50
RaulTmadrazr: Sorry, delayed response :)23:50
madrazrMateuszPG knows what to do now :)23:50
madrazrRaulT: np :)23:50
RaulTmadrazr: Is this the location for the data seeder (soc/tests/utils) ?23:51
madrazrRaulT: no?23:51
madrazrRaulT: well, s/?//23:51
RaulTmadrazr: Where can I find it ?23:53
madrazrRaulT: find what?23:53
RaulTmadrazr: The code for the data seeder23:54
madrazrRaulT: which seeder are you referring to?23:55
RaulTmadrazr: Yes23:55
madrazrRaulT: or for the seeder project idea for GSoC23:55
tpb<> (at
RaulTmadrazr: Oh...I should not have missed that . Sorry23:56
*** larryxiao1 has joined #melange23:59

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