Thursday, 2014-02-27

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ashishkmadrazr: also one more doubt,when i go to main dashboard->managed organization then select an organization ,a page appears with two options org profile and questionnaire when i click on questionnaire i got this ??02:57
tpbTitle: Environment: Request Method: GET Request URL: http://localhost:8090/gsoc/o - (at
madrazrashishk: have been asked several times here, on mailing list, etc. and we have answered several times :)02:58
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madrazrashishk: you have not created an organization application02:58
madrazrashishk: create one first :)02:58
ashishkmadrazr: so ,there should be access checker here also which will check whether user has submitted an org application or not right ??03:00
ashishkmadrazr: also after creating an org application , questionnaire tab just show submit button on the page like this
tpb<> (at
madrazrashishk: sure there should be an access check03:07
madrazrashishk: because you did not create any questions for the application?03:07
ashishkon which link a user creates a question for the application ??03:11
madrazrashishk: on the very same page where you created the org app03:17
madrazrashishk: by user you mean program admin right?03:17
madrazrashishk: /gsoc/org/application/edit/google/gsoc201403:17
ashishkmadrazr: yes03:17
madrazrashishk: ^03:18
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chitrankHello Melange developers03:20
ashishkmadrazr: i see ,but there should be two access checker on questionnaire page 1.)checks whether user has submitted an org application 2.)if there is no question then there should not be  a submit button right ??03:20
chitrankI am here to discuss my idea to participate in the Google Summer of Code program.03:21
madrazrashishk: 1. sure03:31
madrazrashishk: 2. Why will there be a submit button if there are no questions?03:31
madrazrchitrank: Hello03:32
madrazrchitrank: sure, how can we help you?03:32
ashishkmadrazr: but there is
tpb<> (at
madrazrashishk: what is this screenshot for?03:33
ashishkmadrazr: when i just created an org application without any question and then go to the questionnaire tab it appears like above03:34
chitrankHello madrazr: while using the Melange site I found some places where we can improve the user experience by reducing the page access or link access time03:34
madrazrashishk: yeah03:34
madrazrchitrank: great that someone cares about it!03:35
madrazrchitrank: coolness03:35
madrazrchitrank: I am all excited to hear about it, please tell us more03:35
chitrankThus I have commented on the Idea page as well, I need to discuss about using the REST services with Melange site.03:36
ashishkmadrazr: but only submit button is not user friendly so there should be a message for it like "no question for this application" ??03:36
madrazrchitrank: REST services?03:36
madrazrashishk: I see your point now03:36
madrazrashishk: fair enough03:36
madrazrashishk: and doable too03:36
madrazrashishk: go straight ahead03:37
madrazrashishk: into fixing that03:37
ashishkmadrazr: btw i have reported an issue ,will solve it after the class03:37
tpb<> (at
chitrankmadrazr: as per the Architectural Properties listed for REST see wikipedia link: , we need to take care about these properties.03:38
tpb<$0s$> (at
madrazrashishk: Ok cool!03:38
madrazrashishk: Thanks!03:38
ashishkmadrazr: please have a look at my solution for 1930 issue  when you have time ,bye ..03:39
madrazrashishk: sure03:39
madrazrashishk: see you03:39
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chitrankmadrazr: performance, scalability of component interactions, simplicity of interfaces, Portability of Component, Reliability03:39
madrazrchitrank: let me be a bit pretentious now :P03:40
madrazrchitrank: I come from a school where REST was created. I walked the same hallways which the REST creators walked03:40
madrazrchitrank: quote from wikipedia - "The term representational state transfer was introduced and defined in 2000 by Roy Fielding in his doctoral dissertation at UC Irvine.[1][3]"03:41
madrazrchitrank: I know about REST architecture03:41
madrazrchitrank: well03:41
madrazrchitrank: however, I am curious how we can use it to make Melange faster or reduce the access times03:42
madrazr*I am curious about03:42
chitrankmadrazr: alright, I can see there are lots of places where we need to wait for an action, some require page loads like the this page:
tpb<> (at
chitrankwhen we select the program the page loads up03:43
madrazrchitrank: correct03:44
chitrankOne more stuff, Profile edit and data editing can be improved using JavaScript (jquery template jquery-tmpl.js) where the page does not change but the container changes the view from (view profile to edit profile)03:45
chitrankAlso I had created the profile in last GSOC 2013 but I still see there is a button to create profile, The user need to create profile again, so it really irritates the user to fill in data again and again, Rather importing the Data from Google or Linkedin or Just one time Profile creation should be there, Afterwards user can edit the profile as per requirements03:47
chitrankone more stuff is about the hazard while submitting the application , When I submit the application I need to copy and paste the content (as I did last time) but there should data importing option from DOC or PDF or rather DOC or PDF should be taken for submission, because People lose the formatting done in the application after pasting the application in the Application description content area03:50
chitrankmadrazr: This all I had noticed but can be made better you know it better, I need your advice that Do you see this to be a GSOC project?03:58
madrazrchitrank: give me 10 mins03:59
madrazrI am being pulled into a discussion04:00
chitrankmadrazr: alright04:02
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madrazrchitrank: about profile edit, how does jquery-tmpl.js improve that page?04:35
madrazrchitrank: profiles are per program, by design04:36
madrazrit is a requirement!04:36
madrazrwe want it to be that way04:36
madrazrchitrank: however, data importing is an option or a path we have tried before04:36
madrazrwe would like to bring it back04:36
madrazrso patches welcome for sure04:36
madrazrchitrank: about doc/pdf submissions this may be something that we may want to evaluate04:36
madrazrwe have had projects by GSoC students before who did import/exports from Google Docs04:37
madrazrchitrank: but were abandoned04:37
madrazrchitrank: but we are certainly open for discussions about it04:37
chitrankmadrazr: thanks for detailed view of my issue, Well profile editing can be done by jquery-tmpl , as in and also here in the KnockoutJS tutorial at nettuts here:
tpb<> (at
madrazrchitrank: I am not sure I understand what you are trying to indicate with that links?04:41
madrazrin all fairness I don't know what about you are indicating04:41
chitrankshould I send you one sample over mail04:41
madrazrand the knockout.js tutorial04:41
chitrankalright, let me send you one demo file that could do the deal04:42
madrazrchitrank: please CC the mailing list04:42
madrazrchitrank: also add more context to your mail, so that other developers can take a look as well04:42
chitrankmadrazr: alright04:43
madrazrchitrank: also, I am still curious about the REST thing04:43
madrazrand how it can make Melange faster04:43
chitrankmadrazr: I am putting my Issue on the mailing list with details , and yes I take care about mentioning all the important points that I would be proposing04:44
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RAHUL_Hello everyone05:08
RAHUL_I was looking at the melang's Idea page.05:09
RAHUL_and I am interested in "Responsive Layout" idea05:09
RAHUL_I have made responsive website before, using the frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap.05:10
RAHUL_So my doubt is can we use libraries? or we will have to code it from scratch?05:12
madrazrRAHUL_: you can use CSS frameworks05:15
madrazrRAHUL_: in fact that is my recommendation05:15
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RAHUL_ok, thanks.05:18
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shikhermadrazr: hi05:35
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madrazrshikher: hello05:40
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shikhermadrazr: have a look at Issue 205205:43
shikhermadrazr: I found a similar bug on a link which will require a similar access checker. I can give you the details.05:44
shikher1.My dashboard05:46
shikher2.then click on managed organization05:46 an organization from the list05:46
shikher4. you will see two tabs profile and questionnaire.05:46
madrazrshikher: where else did you find it?05:47
shikherThere is an error message saying Please remember the registration process will be completed only if organization application is submitted before Feb. 26, 2015, 10:36 p.m..05:47
shikher6 Click on organization application and it will give the same type error.05:47
madrazrshikher: I am confused05:48
madrazrI followed until step 4 which is from issue 205205:49
madrazrand then?05:49
shikher5. There is an error message saying Please remember the registration process will be completed only if organization application is submitted before Feb. 26, 2015, 10:36 p.m..05:49
shikher6 6 Click on organization application link in the message and it will give the same type error.05:49
madrazrshikher: it is same as issue 205205:50
madrazryou are reaching that questionnaire page in different way that's all05:50
shikhermadrazr: Yes exactly.05:50
madrazrshikher: Ok05:51
madrazrshikher: so not something different this is05:51
shikhermadrazr: It will require that same access checker, anyways. No need to report it then.05:52
madrazrshikher: yes!05:53
shikhermadrazr: here's one more.05:54
shikher1. Go to my dashboard05:54
shikher2. Click on Proposals submitted to my organizations05:55
shikher3. Select Proposal 'test proposal'05:55
shikher4. click on unaccept05:55
shikher5. status is still = accepted05:56
madrazrshikher: what is the stack trace?05:56
randomaxshikher, yep i think i fixed that.. :)05:56
shikhermadrazr: there is no stack trace, its just not doing what it was supposed to. Well, randomax fixed it05:57
shikherrandomax: i do not see any issue related to this05:58
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madrazrshikher: you can file one if you don't see one filed already05:59
tpb<> (at
randomaxshikher, madrazr ohh sorry i think mine is a bit different06:00
madrazrrandomax: are they related? Your withdraw issue and shikher's accept/unaccept issue?06:00
madrazralso shikher says he does not see a stack trace06:00
randomaxmadrazr, yep they are different i guess..06:01
madrazrrandomax: Ok06:01
madrazrshikher: then you can still file the issue06:01
madrazrand may be even look into fixing it06:01
shikhermadrazr:  sure.06:02
randomaxmadrazr, in admin dashboard ---> program settings06:02
randomaxmadrazr, if i click on "create a program"06:02
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randomaxmadrazr, it gives an AttributeError06:03
shikherrandomax: Issue 2028, i believe06:03
madrazrshikher: whoa! really!06:04
madrazrshikher: I was still trying to recollect the issue number!06:04
randomaxshikher, ok.. :)06:05
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shikhermadrazr: Found one more, i think.06:12
shikher1. On that same Proposals submitted to my organizations page, click on proposal06:13
shikher2. you will see description of test proposal, where assigned mentor = None06:13
shikher3. However, if you go back to Proposals submitted to my organizations page and add Assignment mentor column to list. It says test, as assigned mentor06:14
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madrazrshikher: feel free to file issues06:20
madrazrkeep'em coming!06:20
madrazrI got to run now06:20
shikhermadrazr: k. bye06:21
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piyush_buildbot_beta: hello06:29
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piyush_buildbot_beta: hello06:31
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jasvirnathanielmanista: hello07:36
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jasvirpiyush_: hello.07:49
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piyush_jasvir: hello !07:53
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jasvirpiyush_: I am having a confusion regarding a variable. In melange/content/html/melange/base.html, there is context templ. I am not able to find the source of this context. I have used grep to find source but didn't succeeded.07:59
jasvirpiyush_: Actualy this name 'templ' is making confusion.07:59
jasvirpiyush_: when I searched for 'templ', it shows result for 'templates'.08:00
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piyush_buildbot_beta: force build runtests08:07
buildbot_betaThe build has been queued, I'll give a shout when it starts08:07
piyush_you can grep using ^templ$08:07
piyush_That should search just for templ and not for template08:08
buildbot_betabuild #132 forced08:08
buildbot_betaI'll give a shout when the build finishes08:08
jasvirpiyush_: Still there is no result.08:10
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vivekjainmadrazr: Hi08:39
madrazrvivekjain: Hi08:39
vivekjainmadrazr: When i try to submit a proposal it shows me the following ticket BadValueError at /gsoc/proposal/submit/google/gsoc2014/org_0  link must not be empty.
tpbTitle: ERROR 2014-02-27 08:38:45,792] Exception in request: Traceb - (at
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prthCould anyone help me get started?08:45
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ashishkprth: this would be helpful
tpb<> (at
prthI m interested in improving both students & mentors site flow08:47
prthtpb: what was the first link about?08:49
jasvirmadrazr: hello08:50
prthtpb: & does tpb means the pirate bay?08:50
madrazrprth: No, Tax Practitioners Board08:54
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madrazrprth: just kidding08:54
madrazrprth: it is the name of the bot, Thousand Parsec Bot08:54
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madrazrprth: run by awesome folks who run Thousand Parsec project08:54
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NiharikaAnybody setup melange on a Windows here?08:56
madrazrNiharika: Windows?08:56
madrazrwhat's that?08:56
NiharikaSigh. I need Ubuntu.08:57
madrazrNiharika: our guideline on setting up Melange is very straight forward and simple08:57
madrazrNiharika: if it works on our reference machine, it works08:57
NiharikaIt is straightforward and simple if I get the packages listed, on the Getting started page.08:57
madrazrNiharika: and I am trying to see if we have defined our reference platform somewhere08:57
madrazrNiharika: probably08:58
madrazrNiharika: however note that getting all the packages listed is not that trivial08:58
Niharikamadrazr: Came to know that the hard way.08:59
madrazrNiharika: how do you get libxml2-dev working on Windows?08:59
madrazrNiharika: I don't even know if the equivalents exist08:59
madrazrvivekjain: oops, sorry. I totally forgot you had a question09:00
madrazrvivekjain: it looks like a bug09:00
madrazrplease file an issue09:00
madrazralso patches welcome09:00
Niharikamadrazr: I found some binaries for it. So it does exist. But I´m get a truckload of errors during the installation.09:00
madrazrjasvir: Hello09:00
vivekjainmadrazr: ok, i will file a issue and submit a patch soon .09:00
madrazrvivekjain: cool!09:00
jasvirmadrazr: I am having a confusion regarding a variable. In melange/content/html/melange/base.html, there is context templ. I am not able to find the source of this context. I have used grep to find source but didn't succeeded.09:01
madrazrOk I am going to make a rule here09:01
madrazreverybody pointing to a file, should point the URL in our source control on Google Code09:01
madrazrit saves me sometime so I can answer more questions09:02
madrazrreview more code09:02
madrazrjasvir: link to the file and exact line in Google Code's source browser please?09:02
tpb<> (at
vivekjainmadrazr: I have filed a issue.Here is the link.
tpb<> (at
madrazrvivekjain: great! thanks!09:11
madrazrjasvir: looking09:11
madrazrvivekjain and others, I am curious09:12
madrazrwhere do you guys get the word ticket from for the Django's error debug page?09:12
madrazrI have been using Django from about 6 years now09:12
madrazrhave never heard of that term09:12
madrazrI find a little funny09:12
madrazrand odd09:12
*** shweta_ has quit IRC09:13
madrazris that a real thing at all that I have missed?09:13
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah. I never use this term. It sounds like something to get entry as movie ticket, bus ticket :P09:13
madrazrjasvir: well09:14
madrazrjasvir: in all seriousness, ticket is used for a tracking system in this context09:14
madrazrbut error debug page is not really a tracking system09:14
vivekjainmadrazr: I used web2py before .In that whenver error comes shows you ticket. That is the reason i called that a ticket .09:14
madrazrvivekjain: interesting09:15
madrazrvivekjain: I wonder why they do that09:15
madrazrit sounds funny to me09:15
vivekjainmadrazr: May be that's the reason they called that a ticket as it sounds funny :P09:15
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*** suranga_ has joined #melange09:18
ashishkmadrazr: hi09:23
*** sebastian has quit IRC09:26
ashishkmadrazr: i already have submitted a patch for issue 2030 in which i have added an access checker which checks if org application exists or not ,i think for this issue 2052 same checker will solve the issue ..09:27
madrazrashishk: Hi09:32
madrazrshikher: Oh ok09:32
madrazrI don't even know why I said shikher09:32
madrazrmay be I really need to get sleep now09:32
madrazrashishk: Ok09:32
madrazrthat's fair09:32
madrazrashishk: if I think that is not sufficient when I look at the patch09:32
madrazrI will point it out09:33
ashishkmadrazr: yeah sure09:33
shikhermadrazr: Good timing. have a look at 2053 also. I have committed tht change under an assumption. link :
tpbTitle: Issue 2053 - soc - Unaccepting proposal does not change proposal status - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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madrazrjasvir: Oh, I totally forgot09:43
madrazrreminded me when I opened that code tab09:43
madrazrjasvir: sorry, what about templ?09:43
madrazrshikher: I will take a look at the code later, I have so many things in my queue09:44
*** NightFury13 has joined #melange09:44
*** RAHUL_ has quit IRC09:44
madrazrand my brain won't let me do a critical review right now, it just needs some rest :)09:44
shikhermadrazr: Something quick then. Error: transactions on multiple entity groups only allowed with the High Replication datastore. any ideas on what this error is? I get this when submitting org applicaiton.09:44
madrazrI am only here to take higher level questions right now09:45
*** monkegjinni has joined #melange09:45
jasvirmadrazr: It's ok. Actually problem is again the source of "templ". Last time, we had discussion on another context 'mainmenu' and in that case, grep helps me to find source. But this time, grep is not working. I need some hint09:45
madrazrwasn't someone else getting this same problem today morning?09:45
madrazrashishk: was it you?09:45
madrazror was it vivekjain?09:45
shikhermadrazr: no problem. :)09:45
madrazrshikher: are you also using
*** shrihari_ has joined #melange09:46
shikhermadrazr: yes. otherwise i get a 403.09:46
madrazrshikher: please don't use please09:46
madrazrshikher: Melange is working fine on the current one09:46
madrazrshikher: if you are getting 403 on that09:46
madrazrwe can look into that09:46
jasvirmadrazr: hint regarding source of "templ"09:47
madrazrjasvir: ACK, give me a min09:47
madrazrtrying to recollect09:47
jasvirmadrazr: ok09:48
*** devang has joined #melange09:48
*** larryxiao has joined #melange09:50
madrazrjasvir: it is weird09:50
madrazrI don't know if we use this anywhere at all09:51
madrazrit is more or less like a place holder09:51
madrazrjasvir: that's how it looks to me09:52
madrazrjasvir: I am not able to recollect any place where we define that09:52
randomaxshikher, even i get a 403 on but as soon as i unset proxy, it starts working fine..09:52
*** shrihari_ has quit IRC09:53
jasvirmadrazr: So, what do to now?09:54
madrazrjasvir: as in?09:54
madrazrjasvir: what did you want to do with that variable anyway?09:54
jasvirmadrazr: As I want to know, how landing page of melange get rendered.09:55
*** monkegjinni has quit IRC09:56
jasvirmadrazr: I am working on issue :
tpb<> (at
jasvirmadrazr: So I need to understand the source.09:57
shikherrandomax: madrazr: Got that 403 fixed for good. No need to unset proxy. Just comment the line 'opener.add_handler(fancy_urllib.FancyProxyHandler())' in thirdparty/google_appengine/google/appengine/tools/appengine_rpc.py09:58
*** larryxiao has quit IRC09:59
devanghi, I wanted to discuss responsive layout project for gsoc201410:03
madrazrjasvir: for landing page you need to look at
tpb<> (at
madrazrjasvir: those variables are correctly defined10:04
*** monkegjinni has joined #melange10:04
jasvirmadrazr: where?10:06
madrazrshikher: wait!10:06
madrazrshikher: don't comment the line in App Engine source code!10:06
madrazrdo you really have to do that?10:06
madrazrshikher: you don't have any other option at all?10:07
madrazrdevang: what do you want to discuss?10:07
madrazrdevang: how can we help you?10:07
shikhermadrazr: yes. it's working now. Well, i can unset the proxy. If i am running things locally, i don't need proxy10:07
madrazrjasvir: what where?10:07
madrazrshikher: my trouble with editing App Engine SDK is that. We mostly recommend everyone (including the team) to do a fresh build of Melange after every pull of master10:09
devangmadrazr: Is that project asking to develop a completely new UI or just improvise the existing one10:09
madrazrshikher: a fresh build involves removing all the built/downloaded assets from the previous build10:09
madrazrshikher: which includes getting rid of the thirdparty directory and hence the App Engine SDK10:09
jasvirmadrazr: Where variables are defined?10:09
madrazrshikher: and fetching it again10:09
madrazrjasvir: in landing page views10:09
madrazrshikher: so you will have to keep applying this "comment change" every time you fresh-build10:10
madrazrshikher: that's painful10:10
shikhermadrazr: Well, should I add this comment permanently to build paver10:10
madrazrshikher: Oh no!10:10
madrazrshikher: please don't bring in the toy internet specific changes to the source code10:11
madrazrthe real world runs on the real internet10:11
madrazronly a few networks run on the toy internet10:11
jasvirmadrazr: Confusion.10:11
madrazrand I don't want Melange to be that system which sets an example that appease to the people who run the toy internet10:11
shikhermadrazr: but running locally should not be affected whether it is toy or real. This change will work for all internet.10:12
jasvirmadrazr: Landing page is due to this template:
tpb<> (at
shikhermadrazr: gae build will need this line however10:13
madrazrshikher: that argument is probably correct10:13
jasvirmadrazr: Am I right?10:13
madrazrshikher: what do you mean?10:13
madrazrshikher: why will GAE build ever need commenting out a line in its own source code?10:14
*** jigar1 has joined #melange10:14
shikhermadrazr: gae build will need that line, we cannot comment it.10:14
madrazrshikher: Ok10:14
*** jigar1 has left #melange10:15
*** suranga_ has quit IRC10:15
madrazrjasvir: yes, that's what I said too. See my link above :) That's correct. That is the landing page template10:15
shikhermadrazr: aren't the two builds different.10:15
shikherlocal: bin/paver build10:15
shikhergae: bin/gae_develop build10:15
*** coderbrahmin has joined #melange10:16
shikhermadrazr: hence we can make corresponding changes to paver build but not to gae build?10:16
madrazrdevang: improve the existing one (improve as opposed to improvise)10:17
*** mwilkes|away is now known as MatthewWilkes10:17
jasvirmadrazr: And this templates extends base.html :
tpb<> (at
jasvirmadrazr: And this line makes confusion :
tpb<> (at
madrazrshikher: I am totally confused now10:22
madrazrshikher: why did you come to the conclusion that bin/paver build is local10:23
madrazrand bin/gae_develop build is for GAE?10:23
madrazrin fact we don't build GAE code for deployment at all10:23
madrazrshikher: real Google App Engine's runtime binary is not anywhere in the SDK10:23
madrazrSDK merely mimics the functionality of the real App Engine runtime10:24
madrazrwhat bin/paver build, builds is for everything10:24
madrazrfor local development10:24
madrazrand for App Engine deployment10:24
shikhermadrazr: what I meant is, during the paver build we can add the change for thirdparty/GAE code10:24
madrazrin fact one of the important steps of our release/deployment process is to run bin/paver build10:25
madrazrshikher: No!10:25
*** larryxiao has joined #melange10:25
devangmadrazr: Is there a prototype to get an idea about hte changes expected10:25
madrazrwe generally don't want to be making changes to App Engine SDK10:25
madrazrI would say I will agree for some exceptions10:26
madrazrbut this is definitely not the case for that exception10:26
shikhermadrazr: oh! I see. in that case. a manual comment is the only option.10:26
shikhermadrazr: atleast, so it seems.10:26
madrazrshikher: if we have a problem with App Engine SDK not working on some network, we should ping or file an issue for App Engine folks10:27
madrazrshikher: if you really want to do that ping me separately10:27
shikhermadrazr: sure. I will.10:27
madrazrshikher: Oh Hi btw, I work on Google Cloud Platforms10:27
madrazras my full time job10:27
madrazrdevang: nope10:28
madrazrdevang: there isn't a prototy[e10:29
madrazrjasvir: how much of Django templates do you know? More specifically inheriting templates in Django?10:31
madrazrI would suggest spending some time reading it up10:31
*** Niharika has quit IRC10:31
madrazrjasvir: in this particular case, as you said landing_page.html extends from base.html10:31
madrazrthat's correct10:31
shikhermadrazr: cool! I will PM you for the discussion, mostly tomorrow as you won't have time for this ryt now.10:31
*** shrihari has joined #melange10:31
madrazrjasvir: but also see that landing_page.html completely overrides the {% block page_content %} block10:32
madrazrjasvir: effectively not using {{ templ.render }} from the original base.html at all10:32
madrazrshikher: sure10:32
jasvirmadrazr: I have worked on django templates, but never seen case like this.10:33
madrazrjasvir: this is the heart of Django templates :)10:33
madrazrjasvir: Template inheritance is a feature that Django template proudly advertises10:34
madrazrjasvir: you should learn about Django template inheritance for sure if you want to work on Melange10:34
madrazrjasvir: we use that extensively10:34
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. You said {{ templ.render }} is not being used as it get overrides by landing_page.hmtl. Then what is purpose of {{ templ.render }} ?10:36
*** larryxiao has quit IRC10:37
madrazrjasvir: actually I have the same question too :)10:38
madrazrjasvir: I am looking at who wrote that code and who reviewed it10:38
*** shweta has joined #melange10:38
madrazrjasvir: the page_content block in base.html should have been an empty block10:38
madrazrwith no content in it10:38
madrazrjasvir: I would say send a patch to the mailing list and CC Daniel10:39
Lenniemadhu shouldn't you be getting some sleep :)?10:39
jasvirmadrazr: That what I was trying to say, from starting but got confused in this traffic at #melange :( Everyone is on high alert now.10:41
*** raghunayyar has joined #melange10:41
madrazrLennie: thanks for reminding10:41
jasvirmadrazr: ok.10:41
madrazrLennie: seriously!10:41
Lenniemadrazr, go to bed buddy10:41
madrazrLennie: I should have gone to bed like hours before10:41
LennieThe code will be here in the morning :)10:41
madrazrLennie: going, going, thanks!10:41
madrazrLennie: ha ha ha!10:42
Lennienot sure if that's a good thing10:42
madrazrLennie: alright, me goes10:42
Lenniebut it will be here :P10:42
jasvirmadrazr: Seriously.10:42
madrazrjasvir: let's talk tomorrow (later today for you)10:42
madrazralright, see you everyone, have a great day10:42
madrazrLennie: ^10:42
jasvirmadrazr: In mean time, I'll report and issue and send a patch.10:42
madrazrjasvir: sure10:42
*** madrazr has quit IRC10:43
*** ashishk has quit IRC10:44
*** shikher has quit IRC10:44
*** coderbrahmin has quit IRC10:47
*** RAHUL has joined #melange10:48
*** RAHUL is now known as Guest4644710:49
*** Guest46447 has quit IRC10:49
*** devang has quit IRC10:52
jasvirLennie: Hello10:52
*** vivekjain has joined #melange10:56
*** shrihari has quit IRC10:56
Lenniejasvir, ello10:58
jasvirLennie: we have to use git bundels to submit patch or format patc ?11:00
jasvirLennie: patch*11:00
*** coderbrahmin has joined #melange11:01
*** MatthewWilkes is now known as mwilkes|away11:06
shwetaI have set up melange and deployed it on app-engine but when I visit, it shows no program running11:07
*** shweta has quit IRC11:11
*** vivekjain has quit IRC11:21
*** devang has joined #melange11:22
*** larryxiao has joined #melange11:33
Lenniejasvir, git format-patch should be fine11:36
Lenniethere's some discussion on this topic and i don't think a decision has been made yet11:36
*** devang has quit IRC11:38
*** rocker has joined #melange11:38
*** larryxiao has quit IRC11:42
jasvirLennie: Ok. Thanks11:43
Lenniejasvir, have you signed the CLA?11:43
jasvirLennie: Yeah. I had submitted a patch before this discussion.11:44
Lenniejasvir, great. I can't keep track of all the names/irc handles/email address/patches :)11:44
jasvirLennie: Yeah I know that :)11:45
*** skathpalia has joined #melange11:48
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*** shrihari_ has quit IRC12:16
LennieIf you have a patch in for an issue and that issue has not been marked as patch received please let me know :)12:24
jasvirLennie: It is marked as patch received.12:25
LennieThen I don't need to know about it :D12:26
jasvirLennie: ok :)12:26
*** NightFury13 has quit IRC12:27
*** jasvir has left #melange12:29
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*** rocker has joined #melange14:29
*** rahul_ has joined #melange14:29
rahul_Hello, Devs14:30
rahul_I was configuring prequisite of the melange14:31
rahul_and documentation said that we must have python 2.714:32
*** larryxiao has joined #melange14:33
*** shweta has quit IRC14:33
rahul_I have python 3.2 installed on my ubuntu system14:33
rahul_So python 3.2 is will work or not? or should I switch to python 2.7?14:34
*** shweta has joined #melange14:35
rahul_sorry for typos14:35
*** manugupt1 has quit IRC14:37
Niharikarahul_: Checkout the Getting Started guide.14:38
*** manugupt1 has joined #melange14:38
*** manugupt1 has joined #melange14:38
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*** hifilander has joined #melange14:49
rahul_Do I still need  to install 2.7 version of python? or python 3.2 will work fine?14:49
*** denysbutenko has quit IRC14:52
*** shweta has joined #melange14:54
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*** dougdastew1 has joined #melange15:02
dougdastew1How can I change my login user name????15:02
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC15:02
rahul_dougdastex1, on IRC?15:03
dougdastew1No On GSoC15:04
dougdastew1on melange15:04
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dougdastew1How can I change my login user name for melange???15:36
*** devang has joined #melange15:37
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denysbutenkoWhen madrazr be back?16:01
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*** shalini1992 has joined #melange17:47
shalini1992hello i am new to melange, had some questions about patches and tickets, i was not able to understand the status codes..17:53
*** rihbyne has joined #melange17:56
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puhoshvillehello! i registered as a KolibriOS mentor by mistake, but i'm student. can anyone help me?18:37
*** rbyne has joined #melange18:38
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr19:17
shalini479hello all i am facing problems with installation19:17
shalini479i am a gsoc aspirant n need help19:18
ashishkmadrazr: hi19:18
*** Guest83441 has quit IRC19:19
madrazrashishk: Hi19:20
madrazrshalini479: how can we help you?19:20
*** tierra has left #melange19:20
ashishkmadrazr:can we work on issues which have status 'Accepted' ??19:21
*** manugupt1_ has joined #melange19:21
madrazrashishk: yes!19:21
*** asmeurer__ has quit IRC19:21
madrazrAccepted and Acknowledged both mean the same except that for Accepted we have a clear owner19:21
madrazr*clearly assigned owner19:21
madrazrwell, we clearly know who the owner is :P19:22
ashishkmadrazr: ok,thanks19:22
shalini479madrazr: there is this command bin/buildout19:24
ashishkmadrazr: also i found various print commands in i think it is unnecessary19:25
shalini479madrazr:nevermind, solved. thank yuo :)19:25
ashishksorry,there was a single print command which is unnecessary19:26
ashishkmadrazr: here ,i have removed it
tpb<$BQ> (at
denysbutenkohi madrazr19:27
ashishkmadrazr: is it still open
*** RaulT_ has joined #melange19:28
*** shweta has quit IRC19:29
*** RaulT has quit IRC19:30
madrazrshalini479: you are welcome :)19:35
madrazrashishk: send patch please19:36
ashishkmadrazr: i will send it asap,i want to know if i can start working on it  :)19:37
madrazrashishk: you don't have to take permissions/commands to start working on things :)19:37
madrazrashishk: well, unless it is a big change that needs some thought19:38
madrazrashishk: these changes are trivial19:38
ashishkmadrazr: sorry,i am talking about issue 199519:38
madrazrashishk: Oh, I see19:39
madrazrashishk: yes, please19:39
madrazrashishk: I haven't started any work on that19:39
madrazrashishk: go ahead!19:39
ashishkmadrazr: thnks :)19:39
madrazrdenysbutenko: Hello19:39
ashishkmadrazr: do i need to send git-format patch for this
tpb<$BQ> (at
*** MatthewWilkes is now known as mwilkes|away19:42
*** ashishk has quit IRC19:49
*** NightFury13 has joined #melange19:50
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*** nil1511 has joined #melange19:54
puhoshvillemadrazr: hello, could u fix me? i registered as a KolibriOS mentor by mistake...19:54
*** ashishk has joined #melange19:55
*** shweta has joined #melange19:56
dougdastew1How can I change my login user name for melange???19:59
*** vivekjain has joined #melange20:01
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange20:13
madrazrpuhoshville: fix you? :)20:14
madrazrdougdastew1: you can't20:15
madrazrdougdastew1: well, what do you mean by "login" username?20:15
madrazrdougdastew1: do you mean the Google account you login with?20:15
madrazrdougdastew1: or the username you entered on Melange?20:15
dougdastew1ok i see that it is my google account   thanks20:17
madrazrdougdastew1: np20:19
*** dougdastew1 has left #melange20:19
shwetamadrazr: what does "bienvenue" label mean wrt bugs??20:20
madrazrshweta: it means new contributors are welcome to work on that issue20:21
madrazrshweta: generally all contributors are welcome to work on any issue, but these are the ones that we think are reasonable enough for those who are new to the project20:22
puhoshvillemadrazr: fix my account=)20:22
madrazrpuhoshville: heh20:23
shwetamadrazr: one more thing in this comment - - daniel mentioned that server won't accept clashing dates but I am able to save incorrect dates20:23
tpb<$EU> (at
shwetamadrazr: and I don't see any error20:24
madrazrpuhoshville: what fix do you want? I see that you said you registered to KolibriOS by mistake20:24
madrazrshweta: I was talking to KolibriOS org admin here yesterday20:24
madrazroops puhoshville I mean ^20:24
carolsKolibriOS|yogev is still in here somewhere...20:24
madrazrcarols: yeah, we talked about this case yesterday20:25
madrazrpuhoshville: we also noticed that your request to become the mentor for KolibriOS was not accepted20:26
madrazrpuhoshville: so you are still not a mentor for KolibriOS20:26
SinnerShankyI'm interested in writing the tests for JavaScript used in melange. Where can I start?20:26
carolsSinnerShanky: #melange20:26
carolsoh, sorry20:26
carolsmy bad20:26
carolsSinnerShanky: with madrazr :-)20:26
*** coderbrahmin is now known as coderbrahmin|awa20:26
madrazrshweta: Daniel's comment is exactly what you asked in the PM20:28
madrazrshweta: he means that is what we should do20:28
madrazrshweta: not that it is already done20:28
madrazrshweta: he says that we should build the server side logic in such a way that it won't accept clashing dates20:28
madrazrshweta: however, it is not built yet20:28
SinnerShanky@madrazr: Could you help me out with where I start at if I wanna take up writing tests as my GSoC project?20:29
madrazrSinnerShanky: have you cloned our repository?20:29
madrazrSinnerShanky: built Melange and have you run our test suite?20:29
denysbutenkomadrazr: gsoc logo has 924px, if I use twitter bootstrap width of container 1200px, what can I do with logo for better display him?20:31
madrazrdenysbutenko: one of our hopes is to get image assets in SVG format20:32
madrazrdenysbutenko: so you should just ignore about the banner for now20:33
puhoshvillemadrazr: i know, but KolibriOS|yogev said that i've lost opportunity to register like a student... or it's wrong?20:34
ollycarols: you were technically correct - the best sort of correct20:35
madrazrdenysbutenko: whoa!20:35
madrazrdenysbutenko: whoa! what a timing!20:35
tpbTitle: Chromium Blog: Chrome 34: Responsive Images and Unprefixed Web Audio (at
madrazrdenysbutenko: Chromium announced that today20:35
*** mohit019 has joined #melange20:36
denysbutenkoI saw, but only Chromium20:36
madrazrdenysbutenko: somebody has to start :)20:36
madrazrdenysbutenko: and I am glad that Chromium/Chrome is taking the lead in pushing the web forward in all the fronts20:37
madrazrdenysbutenko: SPDY wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Chrome20:37
madrazrdenysbutenko: WebRTC was also very unlikely to have happened without Chrome20:38
madrazrpuhoshville: that is correct20:39
SinnerShanky@madrazr: checked out the repo already. Now building both local and an appengine instance to get familiar with it.20:39
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madrazrpuhoshville: however, we can help you with it this one time as an exception20:40
madrazrpuhoshville: I can delete your mentor profile so that you can go and create another profile for a student when student registrations open20:40
denysbutenkomadrazr: Anyway, i like and use only chrome ;)20:40
madrazrSinnerShanky: you can postpone the App Engine part, not required at the moment. But you definitely need to get Melange running locally20:41
madrazralong with running the test suite20:41
SinnerShanky@madrazr: Okay. I'll do it and ask further.20:42
madrazrSinnerShanky: sure20:42
puhoshvillemadrazr: okay, thank you20:42
SinnerShankyAlso, since we are discussing about chrome. Why is it that the browser consumes so much memory? It sometimes makes my laptop unresponsive because of using too much memory.20:43
madrazrSinnerShanky: I am not a Chrome developer. I am just an excited Chrome user (I am also an excited Firefox user) :)20:44
madrazrSinnerShanky: So I don't know20:45
madrazrSinnerShanky: you should however file an issue for Chromium project if you are having Chrome memory usage issues20:45
ashishkmadrazr:on http://localhost:8090/gsoc/org/application/list/google/gsoc2014,what is the use of save button in the list20:45
madrazrashishk: on some browsers it can supposedly batch the status changes, not sure which browser though :)20:47
madrazrashishk: also I am not even sure if that is the case anymore20:47
SinnerShanky@madrazr: I prefer chrome over firefox since its smoother and faster though. But the memory usage is a killer. :P20:48
denysbutenkoSinnerShanky: Don't know. I do not ever close and he works fine.20:48
ashishkmadrazr: i think it used to save the status in the list,but it is not working .20:49
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denysbutenkomadrazr: Oh, my mistake. I forgot meta tag with viewport in root layout. Try to open page again.21:25
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randomaxmadrazr, Hi23:56
madrazrrandomax: Hello23:59

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