Friday, 2014-02-21

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shikhermadrazr: For the program admins page, would you like me to use list.render and pass all the program admins to the list? This list would be searchable also like all other lists.01:28
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madrazrwe had several net splits today?01:32
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madrazrshikher: you should only use our lists on all the pages unless you have a very compelling case not to01:52
shikhermadrazr: ok01:52
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ashishknathanielmanista: hi07:50
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ashishkmadrazr: hi09:03
madrazrashishk: Hi09:10
madrazrashishk: one other thing I forgot to mention in your patch09:10
madrazrI don't think your patch is complete09:10
madrazrashishk: it still does not make the students able to submit the enrollment form even if they do not have projects?09:11
madrazrI think the current enrollment form page only works if they are selected for GSoC and have projects assigned to them09:11
ashishkmadrazr:till now i have checked the condition whether student have filled an enrollment form or not on the proposal submission page09:14
ashishkmadrazr: for enrollment form page , what should i do ??09:15
ashishkmadrazr: also that html rendering in exception.Forbidden is not working ,i couldn't find the solution ??09:16
madrazrashishk: I will have to look into the last part09:21
madrazrashishk: remind me tomorrow at about this time, I will look into that part09:22
madrazrin the meantime, please work on other things09:22
madrazrashishk: figuring out how to add tests and things09:22
madrazrashishk: your hands are full for now right?09:22
madrazryou are not blocked on me finding the HTML thing out for you?09:22
ashishkmadrazr: yeah,sure i will try to add tests09:23
madrazrashishk: for enrollment you need to find the similar access check function and modify it so as to allow that page to be accessed by all the students09:23
madrazrinstead of only those with projects assigned09:23
ashishkmadrazr: ok09:24
ashishkmadrazr: i just found an access checker isStudentWithProject which checks if student do not have  number of projects>0 then raise the exception otherwise allow him to fill the form09:26
ashishkmadrazr: i think i should remove this condition ,is it correct ??09:26
ashishkmadrazr: i think there is no need of this checker i should not call this checker in enrollment form as ,from now we want to show  enrollment form to all the student, there is no condition with projects of student09:30
madrazrashishk: just make sure you still need to check if the user is a student09:40
madrazrbut not the project part09:40
madrazras long as you ensure that yes09:40
madrazryou are on the right track09:40
ashishkmadrazr: yeah sure in this checker another checker is referenced self.isActiveStudent() which checks whether a user is an student or not ....09:43
madrazrashishk: so you should call that directly instead09:46
ashishkmadrazr: yeah,i will09:46
ashishkmadrazr: thanks09:47
madrazrashishk: np09:48
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jasvirmadrazr: hello madrazr. I am looking at soc/templates/modules/gsoc/base.html and found something like {{ header.render }}, {{ mainmenu.ender }}. I am not able to understand from what is the source of these mainmenu, header. I think they are context but not able to find there source. Please help10:37
jasvirmadrazr: mainmenu.render*10:39
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madrazrjasvir: that needs some explanation10:54
madrazrand which needs some typing out things10:55
madrazrmy brain is not even functioning now, I am badly in need of sleep10:55
madrazrit is already 2:55AM here10:55
jasvirmadrazr: ok10:55
madrazrjasvir: let us take this up in next 8 hours or so?10:55
madrazrwhen I am back in office?10:55
jasvirmadrazr: when you will be available?10:55
madrazrjasvir: cool!10:55
jasvirmadrazr: It's fine :)10:56
madrazrjasvir: thanks!10:56
madrazrsee you10:56
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RaulTHow can I submit a proposal on my local instance ?12:14
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RaulThello. How can i submit a proposal for a project (as a student) on my local instance ?18:41
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ayushknathanielmanista: Lennie I think there is a line written on Create organization profile page - ' Here is some content.' It doesn't seem right.19:31
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ayushkmadrazr: I think there is a line written on Create organization profile page - ' Here is some content.' It doesn't seem right.19:46
madrazrayushk: screenshot please?19:47
ayushkmadrazr: link - .19:51
madrazrI see19:51
ayushkmadrazr: I searched for it and is where this line is  present.19:52
madrazrayushk: it is doing the right thing19:54
madrazrI just checked19:54
madrazrayushk: the content thing is supposed to appear there19:55
madrazrayushk: and since seed_db is seeding that content19:55
madrazrayushk: It is correct to have that string there19:55
RaulThow can a student submit a proposal (in my local instance) ?19:55
ayushkmadrazr: ok.19:55
madrazrRaulT: by signing in as a student?19:56
madrazrRaulT: you should be able to see a submit proposal link on the GSoC home page19:56
RaulTmadrazr: i have created a student accound19:57
RaulTcreated a profile19:57
RaulTand i can't find the link19:58
madrazrRaulT: have you set your timeline correctly to be in the proposal submission phase now?19:58
RaulTmadrazr: Yes. The 'Students start submitting their forms'  field is in 201320:00
RaulTmadrazr: And 'Accepted students announced deadline' is on 23-02-201420:00
madrazrRaulT: students start submitting their forms is a field for when students can start submitting their student proof enrollment forms20:03
madrazrRaulT: what needs to be set correctly are20:03
madrazrAccepted organizations announced deadline in the past20:03
madrazrStudent signup start date in the past20:03
madrazrStudent signup end date in the future20:03
madrazrand note that all the fields which are before the fields in the past should be in the past20:03
madrazrand all the remaining fields should be in the future20:03
madrazrunfortunately we do not do good job at timeline sanitization20:04
ayushkmadrazr: The lookup profile for GCI and GSOC search using email and username respectively. Why is that different for the two?20:04
madrazrayushk: what do you mean by different?20:05
ayushkmadrazr: GCI has search by email and GSOC has search by username.20:06
madrazrayushk: I am not too sure if GCI's search by email works though20:06
ayushkmadrazr: which is better, search by email or username?20:06
madrazrayushk: however, the goal is to move towards a much much better search20:06
tpb<> (at
madrazrayushk: we should be fixing that at the least20:07
madrazrand more20:07
madrazrman am I embarrassed that I work for a search company20:07
madrazrayushk: ideally the search box should be omnibox sort of20:08
madrazrayushk: we should be able to search by username and/or email ID20:08
madrazrayushk: and in case of ambiguity we should show all the matches20:08
madrazrrather potential matches20:08
RaulTmadrazr: Is there any reason I shoul get very high latency as soon as I have an accepted organization in the program.20:11
RaulTmadrazr: the problem is I get that latency only when trying to load the homepage. Everything else works well.20:11
ayushkmadrazr: . Have a look at this image. It has two contact information sections which can be merged into one. Also, DOB, tshirt style etc should not be part of contact information.20:27
ayushkmadrazr: Also, if we could make the sidebar menu floating, it will be a real help because melange has a lot of pages with lists. We often have to srcoll to top to click on any option on the menu.20:38
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madrazrRaulT: yes, it schedules tasks in the background and scheduling all those tasks take a while20:39
madrazresp. on local dev instance20:40
madrazrRaulT: latency while loading the homepage? I don't think that is related though20:40
madrazrayushk: intereasting20:41
madrazrthe problem is not that there are 2 contact information sections20:41
madrazrI think it is most likely somebody's copy paste fail20:41
madrazrthey copied the code from contact information part which was already there before20:41
madrazrand forgot to change the string or something like that20:42
RaulTmadrazr: The homepage is the only page that does not load (is remains in the 'connecting' phaze). All other pages load.20:42
madrazrlikely, but may not be too20:42
madrazrayushk: definitely needs a fix20:42
ayushkmadrazr: what should be the title of that section?20:42
madrazrayushk: please file an issue on our issue tracker20:42
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madrazrayushk: the same heading as the one one profile edit page20:44
madrazrayushk: "Other Information" I think?20:44
ayushkmadrazr: Oh yes "Other Information". I will file the issue.20:45
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madrazrayushk: also it should be a very easy fix if you look around20:48
madrazrayushk: a patch is welcome:)20:48
ayushkmadrazr: happy to help. Also about the side menu bar, if we can make that floating, it will be very  helpful for scrolling and stuff.20:50
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RaulTmadrazr: This is how my homepage looks It does not show any 'Submit proposal' button :(21:01
tpbTitle: View image: Screenshot from 2014 02 21 22 56 31 (at
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shikhermadrazr: Need some debugging help. While rendering lists getting error saying: Error retrieving data. How can I figure out why this error is occuring. Print commands - how to use them?21:03
RaulTshikher: I have encountered that problem to and solved it by watching the terminal21:05
RaulTshikher: It lists there some debug info that could be usefull21:05
RaulTshikher: also it provides a link regarding the exact request where you can get more datailed info.21:06
RaulTshikher: hope it helps21:06
shikherRaulT: Thanks. Got it.21:07
RaulTshikher: You're welcome21:14
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shikhermadrazr: How do i find out which program(gsoc) is currenly running using a request data object?22:41
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madrazrshikher: there are many ways22:43
madrazrshikher: most of the times looking at the URL is sufficient22:44
shikhermadrazr: U mean parsing the url?22:44
madrazrshikher: what parse? You can just see it?22:45
madrazrshikher: it really depends on what you are trying to do22:45
shikhermadrazr: I am talking about a requestdata object inside a view file, not on my browser.22:46
madrazrshikher: sure, I get that22:47
madrazrshikher: what I mean is, it depends on what you are going to do with program information or why you want that22:47
madrazrshikher: if it is only for curiosity and to know, URL gives that information to you most of the times22:48
madrazrshikher: if you are debugging something and if you suspect that the problem is because of wrong program that is being read22:48
shikhermadrazr: Actually, I was trying to get the sponsor for the current program from which I can get all program admins.22:48
madrazrthen there may be one of several things you need to do depending on what page you are debugging22:49
madrazrshikher: data.sponsor should give that to you already22:49
madrazrshikher: let me know if it doesn't22:49
madrazrthis is why I keep telling our students to ask more explicit questions22:49
shikhermadrazr: I printed it. and the browser is showing nothing.22:50
madrazrthan trying to ask something totally different and trying to scratch the head trying to infer things from that22:50
madrazrall round about22:50
madrazrshikher: print is not the way to debug in Melange22:50
madrazrshikher: look at the Melange logs of yesterday or day before22:50
madrazrI explaining to some one (vivekjain I think) about how to debug things in Melange22:51
madrazrand log the debug information22:51
madrazrshikher: I gave a very long lecture here yesterday about it22:51
madrazrshikher: look at the channel logs22:51
shikhermadrazr: tht was another question i had. Debugging. Thanks. I will look at both the logs.  Thanks :)22:52
tpbTitle: Thursday, 2014-02-20 (at
shikhermadrazr: Thanks for getting that for me, saved me time.22:53
madrazrshikher: np22:53
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shikhermadrazr: Sponsor is a subclass of group. host_for property only says list of program owners. It does not say how it stores these program owners(sponsors) i.e. either using name or short_name which are declared fields in Group class.23:08
madrazrshikher: it does!23:09
madrazrbut somewhat subtle though23:09
madrazryou should understand how App Engine's datastore works23:10
madrazrshikher: paste me the host_for property definition here, I will explain how it works23:10
shikhermadrazr: Here you go23:12
shikherhost_for = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Key, default=[])23:12
madrazrshikher: what code are you looking at? You are looking at deprecated code23:13
madrazrI think app/soc/models/
shikhermadrazr: yes23:13
madrazrshikher: that code is deprecated23:13
madrazrshikher: we don't use that User model anymore23:14
madrazrthe new User model is built on NDB API23:14
madrazrshikher: and is in app/melange/models/user.py23:14
shikhermadrazr: oh. yes I forgot about that. oohh.23:14
shikhermadrazr: Ok so it stores the key of the Sponsor Entity?23:18
madrazrshikher: give me a moment, there seems to be something strange here23:19
madrazrthat might have passed me without me noticing it during the NDB migration23:19
madrazrshikher: give me a few mins23:19
shikhermadrazr: Sure23:20
madrazrshikher: oops23:22
madrazras I suspected23:22
madrazrlook for my email on the mailing list23:23
madrazrin a few minutes23:23
shikhermadrazr: ok23:25
madrazrshikher: sent23:31
shikhermadrazr: So should i wait until that point has been cleared, or should I work with the assumption that host_for property holds all the programs that the user is admin for?23:36
madrazrshikher: latter23:37
madrazrshikher: don't block yourself as we discuss things on ML23:37
madrazrshikher: you had your experience with forms class attribute23:38
madrazrshikher: we disagree for a lot of things and disagree in a healthy way23:38
madrazrwhich is good23:38
madrazrfor progress of Melange that we are thinking through all these23:38
madrazrshikher: but unfortunately there is time overhead with it as we tug for our sides of the argument23:39
nathanielmanistaRumor has it that I'm the boss, but I hope you'll far more often see me persuading the rest of the team rather than commanding them. :-)23:39
madrazrnathanielmanista: ha ha, although somewhat appropriate, that suddenly reminded me of "Like a boss!" :D23:39
madrazr*somewhat inappropriate23:40
madrazrshikher: so yeah, that is the summary. Don't see discussions as blockers and in this very specific case the change from program keys to sponsor keys should be somewhat minimal23:42
madrazrshikher: since our data right now holds program keys, let's be conservative and build the rest of the feature assuming that will be the case23:42
shikhermadrazr: ok.23:42
madrazrshikher: Oh btw, did that answer your original question? About what we store exactly in host_for property?23:43
madrazrshikher: as the property definition says "host_for = ndb.KeyProperty(repeated=True)"23:43
madrazrhost_for is a KeyProperty and it can hold repeated values23:44
madrazrthat means it holds a list of entity keys and in this case it is program entity keys23:44
shikhermadrazr: yes I got that. Thanks.23:47
madrazrshikher: wait23:48
madrazrshikher: or well, never mind23:48
shikhermadrazr: I believe sponsor entity is still a db property, not an ndb ?23:57
madrazrshikher: correct23:58
madrazrshikher: we haven't done that migration23:58
shikhermadrazr: ok23:59

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