Friday, 2014-02-07

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RoonyHNiharika: hello!13:29
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jasvirhello everyone. After doing git pull, a typeError is introduced. Here is the error: and here is traceback:
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1590885: TypeError at /gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2014, by Django (at
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jasvirhello everyone. After doing git pull, an error has been introduced in melange running locally in my system. Here is the error: and here is traceback:
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1590885: TypeError at /gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2014, by Django (at
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nikam08Hi! I am learning python and django. I also know html and css. I would love to contribute and apply my skills. Where can I start as a begginer? I have gone through .18:06
tpbTitle: MelangeIntro - soc - An introduction to Melange - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrnikam08: best thing to do is to go to our issue tracker and see if there is anything that interests you for you to work on18:08
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrpracticing by doing the real work is one of the best ways to go18:09
jasvirhello everyone. After doing git pull, an error has been introduced in melange running locally in my system. Here is the error: and here is traceback:
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1590885: TypeError at /gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2014, by Django (at
jasvirplease help me to solve it18:09
madrazrjasvir: how much of homework have you already done?18:10
madrazr(asking to understand where to start, so that I don't have to repeat things you already know)18:11
nikam08madrazr: Thanks:) I'll set up the environment and start with some easy ones.18:13
madrazrnikam08: sure18:13
jasvirI was reading documentation and trying to understand listed issues at Then I do git pull to get latest code.18:14
jasvirand this error introduced.18:14
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madrazrjasvir: Ok18:14
madrazrjasvir: as an exercise, can I ask you to look at the stack trace and try to figure out where the error is happening?18:15
madrazrstack trace gives you a very useful information18:15
jasvirerror is at line 63 in soc/build/summerofcode/logic/timeline.py18:17
madrazrjasvir: awesome18:17
madrazropen that file in your test editor and look at that line of code?18:17
jasvirin function createTimelineDict18:17
jasviri already had a look at this line18:18
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jasvirerror is due to addition of two variable. But I am not getting how to remove this. In my django apps, this error occurs when I try to add and object and some variable.18:19
jasvirbut not getting how to tackle this one18:20
madrazrjasvir: correct18:20
madrazras you see from the error message18:20
madrazrthe error is due to timeline_helper.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline being none18:20
madrazrjasvir: now you need to backtrack to see why  timeline_helper.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline is None18:21
madrazrjasvir: I can tell you the answer right away18:21
madrazrjasvir: but what's the fun in that18:21
madrazrjasvir: we want our GSoC students to learn18:21
madrazrunderstand our code base18:21
jasvirlet me to do that.18:21
madrazrjasvir: coool18:21
madrazrjasvir: ask questions, I will be around the whole day18:21
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bearquestion - I'm filling out this year's questionnaire and I want to view our past year's answers - the web app is giving me this error:  "This page is inactive before 2012-02-27 19:00:00 and after 2012-03-09 23:00:00"18:36
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bearthis is for GSoC18:36
madrazrbear: which questionnaire?18:37
madrazrbear: Oh you mean organization application?18:39
bearI was able to view the past application, but there is also a questionairre that goes along with it18:40
bearand that I cannot view from prior years18:40
madrazrbear: not sure what is the difference between application and questionnaire according to you18:40
madrazrbear: but that read-only page is broken18:41
jasvirI think timeline_helper is holding NULL value which is coming from soc.modules.gsoc.views.helper.request_data.TimelineHelper. Am I right?18:41
madrazrbear: if you need to access last year's data18:41
bearwhen you visit the page for past orgs, it has 3 tabs on top18:41
bearone is application, one is questionaire and the other I forget18:41
madrazrbear: please email our mailing list18:41
madrazrbear: I can pull the data out for you18:41
bearwhat is the mailing list18:41
madrazrbear: [email protected] or [email protected]18:42
bearit seems someone else has already posted the same question18:43
madrazrbear: yes, it is known to be broken18:43
madrazrbear: and we are working on fixing it18:44
beark, let me get my org id and link and post to that thread18:44
madrazrbear: if you follow those posts, you will see that we have sent them the data offline18:44
bearyep, catching up on that now18:44
madrazrbear: cool!18:44
bearmadrazr - ok, reply posted to that top thread "Can't access organization questionnaire from previous years"18:47
bearthanks again18:47
madrazrbear: awesome, I see the post, working on it18:49
* bear hugs madrazr 18:49
* bear will be AFK for a short bit18:50
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jasvirmadrazr: I think timeline_helper is holding NULL value which is coming from soc.modules.gsoc.views.helper.request_data.TimelineHelper. Am I right?19:05
madrazrjasvir: perfect19:07
madrazrjasvir: backtrack more19:07
madrazrjasvir: that is still not the source of the problem19:08
madrazrbear: I need more information from you (check email)19:10
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madrazrbear: ah nevermind19:10
madrazrI see the reply now19:10
madrazrgood timing :D19:11
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jasvirmadrazr: timeline19:35
jasviroops sorry. Pressed enter by mistake.19:35
jasvirmadrazr: timeline_helper is holding two values, next_deadline and current_timeline.19:36
jasvirnext_dealine contains ('Org Application Starts', None) adn current_timeline contains 'offseason'19:37
madrazrjasvir: what line are you looking at?19:39
madrazralso what file (full path)? There are multiple modules in which timeline_helper exists19:40
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jasvirmadrazr: I am looking at file soc.modules.gsoc.views.helper.request_data19:45
jasvirmadrazr: I am not getting why timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline is holding None value. :(19:59
madrazrjasvir: you know that the problem is, accepted_students_announced_deadline is None20:06
madrazrjasvir: you need to figure out where that is coming from20:06
madrazrjasvir: you know that timeline_helper.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline is None20:07
jasvirmadrazr: but I am not getting from where the value is coming.20:07
madrazrjasvir: and now you know that the variable timeline_helper in that line is an instance of class TimelineHelper that you are looking at now20:07
jasvirI know that it is None20:07
madrazrwhich has an instance attribute called timeline20:07
madrazrtimeline_helper is not None?20:07
jasvirno. timeline_helper.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline is None20:08
madrazrjasvir: correct20:08
madrazrand you know TimelineHelper class should have a class member/attribute called timeline, correct?20:08
madrazrbecause there is an access to timeline_helper.timeline20:08
madrazrjasvir: what is that value?20:09
madrazrjasvir: what is it defined as?20:09
madrazrjasvir: and where is that defined?20:09
jasvirin request_data.py20:09
madrazrjasvir: hint - think about class inheritance20:09
madrazrjasvir: you need to be more specific when you mention the file name or class name20:10
jasvirsorry for that20:10
madrazrbecause we use the convention of using the same name across different modules20:10
madrazrbear: sigh! sigh for ourselves!20:10
madrazrbear: this is so broken20:11
madrazrbear: what years have you submitted your applications before?20:11
madrazr2010, 2011 and 2012 I am guessing20:11
jasvirtimeline is defined in soc/modules/gsoc/views/helper/request_data.py20:11
jasvirmadrazr: I think I am not able to convey what I am trying to say.20:19
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madrazrjasvir: and what is timeline defined as, may be paste that line of code here?20:44
madrazrjasvir: more hints, the timeline attribute of TimelineHelper is not defined in soc/modules/gsoc/views/helper/'s TimelineHelper class20:45
jasvirmadrazr: here is the timeline:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
madrazrbut in its parent class20:45
madrazrwhich is  soc.views.helper.request_data.TimelineHelper20:46
madrazrif you look at the _ _init_ _ method of that parent class you will see where timeline gets defined20:46
madrazrjasvir: but anyway20:47
madrazrultimately timline points to a timeline entity in our datastore which in this case is defined by the model soc.modules.gsoc.models.timeline.Timeline20:47
madrazrjasvir: the problem you are seeing is because this Timeline entity for GSoC 2014 in your instance is not filled20:48
madrazrjasvir: if you visit /gsoc/timeline/google/gsoc2014 in your web app20:48
madrazryou will see a form with values20:48
madrazrfill in all the values20:48
madrazryou should see this problem go away20:48
jasvirmadrazr: thanks for your help. Error has gone and best part is a new error is introduced: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'isoformat'20:53
jasvirmadrazr: Now I am going to remove this one20:53
bearmadrazr I believe that is correct20:54
jasvirand hope that, this time I'll solve it by my own. :)20:54
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madrazrjasvir: where are you seeing that error?21:05
madrazrbear: figured that out, you have my email I guess?21:06
madrazrwith the data you were looking for?21:06
madrazrbear: great!21:06
madrazrbear: no problem21:07
jasvirmadrazr: here is the error: and here is traceback:
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1591403: AttributeError at /gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc2014, by Django (at
madrazrjasvir: what do you take screenshots with?21:10
madrazrjasvir: are you using something like awesomescreenshot?21:10
madrazrjasvir: if not highly recommended and when you, capture whole page instead of only visible part21:11
madrazrit is much easier to debug21:11
madrazrjasvir: that was just a protip21:11
madrazrjasvir: Oh I see (this error)21:11
jasvirNo. I am using just default functionality.21:12
jasviroh, from next time I'll use this awesomescreenshot.21:12
madrazrjasvir: Oh you should definitely use something like awesomescreenshot then21:12
madrazrabout the error21:12
madrazrsee the recent discussion on Melange mailing list about this21:12
madrazrthis is because org  app does not exist21:12
madrazrjasvir: dcrodman submitted a patch to seed_db today to fix this21:13
madrazrjasvir: see this
tpb<> (at
madrazrjasvir: just pull latest Melange21:14
madrazrjasvir: build it21:14
madrazrand run seed_db again21:14
madrazrjasvir: along with setting timeline again21:14
madrazrjasvir: you should be able to see this error go away21:14
madrazrjasvir: also one good patch/opportunity for you to contribute to Melange right away is21:15
madrazryou can update seed_db to include the timeline values for all those fields you set manually in the form now21:15
madrazrjasvir: you can do this since you just saw how that works21:16
jasvirok. I'll start working on it just after building it.21:17
jasvirIs it ok?21:18
madrazrjasvir: of course, at your own pace21:19
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jasvirI have prepared a patch for seed_db. As It is not seedig values for GSoCTimeline() which is extension of basic timeline.23:22
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jasvirShould I send a mail on mailing list or report an issue and attach patch file?23:33
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jasvirI got disconnected due to some network problem.23:40
jasvirSo I was asking, should I send a mail on mailing list or use issue tracker?23:41
carolsjasvir: if you have a question, send it to the mailing list. if you know this is a bug, file an issue.23:41
jasvircarols: Actualy I have made an patch for enhancing functionality in seed_db.23:44
carolsjasvir: great, then it goes in the issue tracker.23:44
jasvircarols: Ok. Thanks23:45
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jasvirI have added issue: Issue 202123:58

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