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madrazrharlan: it is very unlikely as small as that01:25
madrazrmy guess is 512 characters01:25
madrazrbut let me double check01:25
harlanthanks madrazr  - I'm at a loss as to why I'm getting that message.01:33
harlanThat's the only "red" item in the form.01:33
madrazrharlan: checking our validator's behavior01:33
madrazrharlan: whoa!01:36
madrazrcall this dumb (I admit it)01:36
madrazrour validators only validate for lowercase letters01:36
harlan:) I am *such* a luckuy guy!01:37
harlanand some days I can ecven type!01:37
madrazrI have no clue why, I have been around this project (ever since it started - 8 months) but this still predates me01:38
madrazrharlan: ha ha01:38
madrazrharlan: I am afraid to touch that part of the code right now during active program since a lot of other code depends on it01:38
harlanI like to think that getting my keyboard fixed will help, but I'm not so sure...01:39
madrazrharlan: my suggestion is to use lower case letters01:39
madrazrharlan: why?01:39
harlanI wonder if the typing problems might be PEBKAC01:39
harlanlower case worked - thanks!01:40
madrazranyway, here is our Regex validator if you care '^[a-z][0-9a-z_]*$'01:40
madrazrharlan: NP01:40
harlanI can understand your reluctance to add the appropriate A-Z entries - I would be worried they'd break something too, even though that seems impossible :)01:41
harlanproduction is a mercurial beast.01:41
madrazrharlan: indeed, well said02:04
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maths22seed_db seems to generate a very broken db02:47
maths22A signifigant number of pages (including the home page) don't work02:48
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maths22seed_db seems to generate a very broken db04:41
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NiharikaAnybody having the link to this year´s GSoC ideas page?05:14
madrazrNiharika: org applications are not up yet05:19
madrazrNiharika: so Melange does not know about it yet (well not publicly at least)05:19
madrazrNiharika: however, you can ask your organization directly05:19
Niharikamadrazr: I know. I was asking if Melange(the organization) has mainatined an Ideas page, for students this year, like it did last year.05:20
madrazrNiharika: Ah Ok05:20
madrazrNiharika: we haven't prepared a public list yet05:20
Niharikamadrazr: Oh, okay.05:20
madrazrwe wrote a doc (shared among the developers)05:20
NiharikaNo problem. I´ll wait till you guys come out with it.05:21
madrazrNiharika: but now that you ask, I think it is a good time to push that forward05:21
madrazresp. given that org applications are due soon05:21
madrazrNiharika: sure05:21
Niharikamadrazr: Excellent. :D05:21
madrazrwatch out our wiki05:21
NiharikaSure thing.05:21
madrazrNiharika: we plan to post it there05:21
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jasvirHello all18:17
jasvirlast time the discussion was left in between.18:17
jasvirtopic was related to problem i faced during compiling Melange18:18
jasvirQuestion I had raised was, "why it is neccessary to login before going to /seed_db"18:19
jasvirand if it is neccessary, then why it is not listed in "getting started"?18:19
madrazrjasvir: seed_db is in a state of flux18:20
madrazrjasvir: it was not even working (rather completely broken) until very recently18:21
madrazras recently as 3 weeks ago18:21
jasvirdidn't get you18:21
madrazrone of our super-devs fixed this to get it working first18:21
jasvirit works fine with me after login18:21
madrazrwe are still working on fixing and improving it18:21
madrazrjasvir: correct18:22
madrazrit was made to work like 3 weeks ago18:22
madrazrwith login at least18:22
madrazrjasvir: if you want to make it work without login, patches welcome18:22
madrazrbut IMHO, it should never ever work without login18:22
jasvirthen why it is not listed in "getting started"18:22
madrazrit is too dangerous if some one deploys seed_db on a production instance18:22
madrazrjasvir: as I said, it is still a work in progress18:23
madrazrjasvir: it is likely to change soo18:23
jasvirbut you have listed there seed_db18:23
madrazrjasvir: however, that does not mean that it shouldn't be documented as it is now18:23
madrazrjasvir: you can feel free to update the wiki18:23
madrazrjasvir: Melange is an open source project18:24
jasviryes I cam. But I want to confirm first.18:24
madrazrpatches welcome for all the things (code, documentation, wiki, etc etc_18:24
madrazrjasvir: yeah?18:24
jasvirbecause I am new to this community18:24
madrazrjasvir: understandable18:25
madrazrthat's a good thing too, to talk to other devs before making changes18:25
jasvirthanks for your humble reply. :)18:26
madrazrjasvir: NP18:27
jasvirAs a fresher, what type of issues should I pick? Medium priority, low or optional?18:30
madrazrjasvir: there is no rule or guideline as such18:40
madrazrjasvir: but generally issues of high or critical priority will be urgent18:41
madrazrif you can meet the time requirement on those issues you can choose them as well18:41
madrazrbut otherwise there is no such guideline as such18:41
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jasvirI am very excited to work with Melange.18:47
madrazrjasvir: awesome!18:48
madrazrthat is important!18:48
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jasvirnow it's time to go to bed18:51
jasvirgood bye18:51
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s1991hello, anyone from mentor org.20:52
s1991nathanielmanista: hi20:53
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bitgeekyhi I am trying to deploy melange locally , I am behind a proxy(which i think is not authenticated) so while running the command "bin/buildout" I get this error  ,what's best way to install the dependencies ?23:40
tpbTitle: Develop: '/var/www/html/soc/.' Installing install_appengine. Downloading http: - (at

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