Sunday, 2014-02-02

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jasvirhello. I have installed melange successfully on laptop.10:01
jasvirPlease tell me, what i'll do further.10:01
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jasviri can see "welcome to melange" "Sorry, there are no active programs at this time" at localhost:808010:02
madrazrjasvir: sure10:14
madrazrjasvir: to help further, what are you trying to do with Melange?10:14
jasviri want to make it look like google-melange.10:17
madrazrjasvir: please elaborate?10:22
madrazrjasvir: it already looks like
madrazrjasvir: just that has its own data10:22
jasvirwhen i vist localhost:8080, there just single page with "Sorry, there are no active programs at this time".10:24
jasvirhow to add active programs?10:26
madrazrjasvir: Ah10:32
madrazrjasvir: you should be able to do that by going to /gsoc/program/create10:33
jasvirbut it gives error : page not found (404).10:34
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madrazrjasvir: let me check, wait10:44
madrazrjasvir: Oh, here is a tricky problem10:45
madrazrthe eternal problem of bootstrapping10:45
madrazrjasvir: you need a sponsor to create a program10:45
madrazrjasvir: and there is no "web way" for creating a sponsor on Melange10:46
madrazrjasvir: what you need to do is, open up a remote api console10:46
madrazrand create a sponsor entity from the console10:46
madrazrto open the console, in your shell go to the melange source's top directory10:47
madrazrtype ./scripts/ <YOUR-APP-ID> localhost:808010:47
madrazryou should a Python interactive console10:47
madrazrthere you can create a sponsor entity10:47
jasvirmy app id is dev~jasvirapp. I got it from http://localhost:56117/10:51
jasvirafter using above command with this app id. I was prompted to enter username and password.10:52
jasvirNothing was specified, which username and password it is.10:53
jasvirI entered there my gmail id and password.10:53
jasvirbut it gives error10:54
jasvirurllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 200: OK10:54
madrazrjasvir: try using [email protected] as the username10:54
madrazrjasvir: and no password10:54
madrazrjust hit enter for password10:54
jasviryeah now i got it.10:55
madrazrjasvir: also when you paste errors, please paste the full console log into a paste bin and paste the link here10:55
madrazrjasvir: it is almost impossible to diagnose with last error line10:55
jasvirdon't you think it is quit difficult to employe melange for noobs like me.10:56
jasvirok sorry for that :(10:56
jasvirbut it is quite interesting. Because this is first time i am taking help on IRC. Prior to this, i was on mailings lists only.10:57
jasvirmadrazer: now i am in Python console. Now what to do?10:59
madrazrjasvir: It is11:20
madrazrjasvir: but bootstrapping is a very hard problem11:21
madrazrjasvir: it is as hard as the chicken and the egg problem11:21
madrazrjasvir: and I personally don't see value in spending time to make that easier11:21
madrazrjasvir: that reminds me11:21
madrazrjasvir: we have one of our developers fix seed_db recently. I don't know if it is merged to master yet11:22
madrazrjasvir: but anyway, in your browser you can try visiting /seed_db11:22
madrazrif that works, then you are good11:22
madrazryou don't have to do anything in the console11:22
jasvirit gives error11:27
jasvirException Type: BadValueError11:28
jasvirException Value:11:28
jasvirEntity has uninitialized properties: account_id11:28
jasviryeah! Now it works11:30
jasvirfirst i visited /login11:30
jasvirafter that i logged in using [email protected]11:30
jasvirand then i visi /seed_db11:31
jasvirit says Done11:31
madrazrjasvir: cool11:32
madrazryour home page now should be somewhat similar to google-melange.com11:33
madrazrwow, time to go to bed11:35
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jasviri think these steps must be in getting started. I wish to edit Getting started page11:35
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RoonyHjasvir: instruction to run seed_db should already be in GettingStarted.11:45
RoonyHmaybe you missed it?11:45
jasvirRoonyH: yeah! It is there. But it is nowhere specified that you have to login before visitin /seed_db11:49
RoonyHoh. right. I can't remember it being necessary to run seed_db. but it was refactored and changed recently.11:51
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jasvirMay I change it?11:52
RoonyHso I'll take look11:52
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jasvirok :)11:53
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RoonyHjasvir: don't think we should change the wiki page because this could be something temporary.11:57
RoonyHseed_db is still being improved, so this error you saw will be taken care of probably11:58
jasvirwhy temporary?11:58
RoonyHnow that you have a development environment setup try some coding :)11:58
jasviryou means seed_db should work without login?11:59
jasviryeah! I love that part :D11:59
RoonyHi am not sure11:59
jasvirsee. I my django applications, whenever i send any request that required login, it redirects me to login page, if I am not.12:00
jasvir*In my ...12:00
jasvircommonly I use "user.is_active" to do so12:02
jasvirunder if condition12:02
jasvirand if it is not logged in, then it redirects it to /login.12:02
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yashsexygoHello everyone!16:06
yashsexygoi am student developer. and i want to take part in this year's gsoc2014 working for melange.16:07
yashsexygoAnyone online?16:18
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Niharika|afkHello. Where can I find the ideas list for this year´s GSoC?16:30
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asmeurerthe 2009 gsoc page gives a 500 error21:17
asmeurerif it's not supposed to be there you should probably just remove it from the popup21:17
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