Friday, 2014-01-31

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bitgeekyhey team , the list is not loading , can someone look into this ?15:38
tpb<> (at
bitgeekyError retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again15:39
bitgeekyI have filed a bug in this regard , please comment if any changes are to be made  thanks15:53
tpb<> (at
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bitgeekyOh man ! None of the org project list is loading , seems to be a Database Connectivity Error
tpb<> (at
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jasvirhello dere. I am following steps specified here: Everything was going very fine till I have used this command: bin/paver build17:33
jasvirThis command results in : Build failed running PyLint finished with a non-zero exit code: 217:34
jasvirPlease help me to get out of this.17:34
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madrazrjasvir: when did you clone melange?18:34
madrazrand when was the last time you git pulled?18:34
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jasvirjust half an hour ago18:59
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madrazrjasvir: Oh, master is broken again19:12
madrazrnow I see19:12
madrazrthank goodness19:12
madrazrthat you noticed19:12
madrazrjasvir: thanks!19:12
madrazrjasvir: give me a moment, I will see if I can fix this or will ping other devs to see if they are already on it19:13
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madrazrjasvir: seems like a known problem19:21
tpb<> (at
madrazrjasvir: see nathanielmanist1 has already -1'ed the change that introduced the problem19:21
jasvirwhat should I do now?19:25
madrazrjasvir: as a very very temporary workaround, you can run paver build with --skip-pylint as command line flag19:26
madrazrjasvir: bin/paver build --skip-pylint19:27
madrazrjasvir: only for now though. But keep in mind, this should never be done again!19:27
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jasvirthis time it runs smoothly and done without error."---> pavement.build_docs"19:36
jasvirThere is some error : "Error: Error during parsing: invalid syntax (/home/jass/melange/soc/app/melange/views/, line 44) -- Bad argument -- expected name or tuple"19:37
jasvirAnd same is for in line 137619:38
madrazrjasvir: can you paste your console log to a a pastebin and give the link here?19:39
jasvirhere is link:
tpbTitle: console.log (at
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madrazrjasvir: ah, it looks like doc-build failure19:55
madrazrthat's Ok19:55
madrazryou can ignore it for now19:55
madrazrit looks like melange built for you19:55
jasvirthanks for your help @madrazr19:55
madrazrjasvir: no problem19:56
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