Sunday, 2013-11-17

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spectiehey all21:02
spectiei just tried to upload a load of tasks21:02
spectiethrough the bulk upload feature21:02
spectiebut got a 50021:02
spectieis there a limit to how many lines i can copy in ?21:02
spectiei was copying ~190021:02
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spectiedoes mélange automatically resolve identical tasks21:26
spectiealso, how does one put links in hhe description21:27
spectieconsidering that " is not a valid chharacter21:27
MatthewWilkesspectie: '? :)21:31
spectiehey MatthewWilkes !21:31
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firespeakerspectie: did you report here?21:37
firespeakerwhat did they say?21:37
spectieok, i'll try \21:37
firespeakeroh :\21:37
firespeakertry \21:37
spectiei wonder if it'll make dupicate tasks21:38
firespeakeryou mean if you reimport the same ones?21:38
firespeakeror just the failed ones?21:38
spectiewell, it's hard to know which have failed21:39
firespeakerdoesn't it fail for the whole pool you try to upload?21:39
spectiei don't think so21:40
firespeakeroh, that's unfortunate21:40
spectieit didn't work21:40
spectieThe task in row 11 contains the following errors.21:40
spectieNo valid time to completion found, given was: but if there's no grammatical information and no way to guess at it.21:40
spectiesome flat machine-readable format is fine. " is not a mentor.21:40
spectie72 is not a valid task type.21:40
spectieline 11:21:41
spectie"scrape a freely available dictionary using tesseract (Mongolian and Kazakh) [0]"," Use tesseract to scrape a freely available dictionary that exists in some image format (pdf, djvu, etc.).  Be sure to scrape grammatical information if available, as well stems (e.g., some dictionaries might provide entries like АЗНА·Х, where the stem is азна), and all possible translations.  Ideally it should dump into something resembling <a href=\"http://21:41\" title=\"Bidix\" class=\"mw-redirect\">bidix</a> format, but if there's no grammatical information and no way to guess at it, some flat machine-readable format is fine. ","72","jnw,ftyers","Outreach/Research","ocr, scraping, dictionaries,mongolian,kazakh"21:41
firespeakerescape the , ?21:42
firespeakeror the /s21:42
spectieno, the " will escape that21:42
spectiei think we should ask them to remove the tasks and try and add tem again21:42
spectiebut in any case we've got around 1800 tasks21:43
spectieactually 190521:44
firespeakerspectie: sounds like there are dups21:44
spectiewhich means there are duplicates21:44
firespeakerso we need the all removed21:45
tpb<> (at
spectietake a look and see if you can spot any missing that you really want in21:45
spectiejust in case they don't manage to clear before tomorrow21:45
firespeakerspectie: I'm not doing that21:45
firespeakerI'm not sorting through 1905 tasks to see if I can find MISSING ones =(21:46
firespeakerwe need to reimport21:48
firespeakerwho would we normally ask about it?21:48
firespeakerspectie: we can't just delete the tasks en masse?21:55
spectiewe would ask mélange devs22:03
spectieno, there doesn't seem to be an option to delete tasks22:03
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