Saturday, 2013-04-20

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roonyHHi :piyushbansal I got my tests running :)02:50
piyushbansalCool :D02:51
piyushbansalWhat was the issue btw ?02:51
roonyHbut I need some help with testing my view02:51
roonyHI reinstalled02:51
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roonyHare you available? won't take a minite02:51
piyushbansalOkay, but I have an exam at 9, so we don't have much time02:52
roonyHok i ll be quick02:52
roonyHi have a view at gci/subscribed_tasks/google/gci2009/student02:53
roonyHto test it this is how i create the url02:53
roonyHself.url = "gci/subscribed_tasks/%s/%s" % (02:53
roonyH        self.program.key().name(),02:53
roonyH        self.student.link_id02:53
roonyH    )02:53
roonyHis this ok?02:54
roonyHbut when i test it in this way....02:54
roonyHresponse = self.get(self.url)02:54
roonyH    self.assertResponseOK(response)02:54
roonyHthis test fails02:54
piyushbansalWhat is the error ?02:55
roonyHAssertionError: 200 != 40402:55
roonyH-------------------- >> begin captured stdout << ---------------------02:55
roonyH--------------------- >> end captured stdout << ----------------------02:55
piyushbansalRight, so the issue is that you're not passing the right params02:55
roonyHthats a wrong one02:56
piyushbansalOh, okay02:56
roonyHAssertionError: 200 != 40402:56
roonyH-------------------- >> begin captured stdout << ---------------------02:56
roonyH--------------------- >> end captured stdout << ----------------------02:56
roonyHthis is what I get02:56
piyushbansalright, so what I would guess is that your url seems ill formed02:57
roonyHwhat do you mean?02:57
roonyHI can see my view from the browser02:57
piyushbansalIf you look at it, I would guess that the student id and program.key().name aren't the correct params to pass/ or aren't being passed.02:58
piyushbansalWould you print both of the params and verify if that is what you wish to pass02:58
roonyHarent those printed above?02:58
piyushbansalthen got to the url mapping(reverse urls) and make sure that there is some route for that url pattern02:58
piyushbansalYeah, that's what I am saying.02:59
piyushbansalAre you sure they are the correct params that you intend to pass02:59
roonyHthat I am not sure02:59
roonyHthis is the url gci/subscribed_tasks/google/gci2009/student03:00
roonyHso I guess those are the params03:00
piyushbansalThen just check the url mapping and see if a controller exists for the url pattern03:00
piyushbansalOkay I got to go, I guess I haven't been able to help much03:00
roonyHbut I can browse the page from the browser03:01
roonyHdoesnt that mean a controller exists03:01
roonyHoh right its ok03:01
roonyHgood luck with exam03:01
piyushbansalIt means , then we're sure that the params being passed are incorrect03:01
roonyHok right03:01
piyushbansalIf you're able to access it via browser, then the method for handling route exists03:02
roonyHi ll check03:02
piyushbansalJust cross check03:02
piyushbansalokay , great03:02
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bumbuI have such a feeling that all the students are sending the same temlate email: Hello, I'm an Xth year student from Y. I want to contribute to your great organization to the greatest idea Z. I have some experience with Lisp, so it will be easy for me to do a project in Clojure/Prolog. I do not want to read, just say what I should do to get accepted.12:26
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roonyHHi, I am trying to test a page that I have created20:41
roonyHI have a assertResponseOK(response) test20:42
roonyHi can browse this page from my web browser20:42
roonyHbut the test always fails20:42
roonyHgives AssertionError: 200 != 40420:43
roonyHis there something I should do before testing a view I added20:43
roonyHlike registering the view for tests or something20:43
piyushbansalHi roonyH20:44
piyushbansalNo nothing like registering a view in my opinion20:44
piyushbansalWould you share a pastebin of your code piece ?20:45
tpbTitle: [Python] """Tests for lists of SubscribedTasksPage view.""" from tests.test_utils impo - (at
roonyHthis is the test code20:47
tpbTitle: [Python] class SubscribedTasksPage(GCIRequestHandler): """View for the list of the tas - (at
roonyHthis is the page I am trying to test20:49
piyushbansalI believe that in the morning you're having issues with a different test method ?20:55
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piyushbansalIs it the same ?20:55
roonyHnope the same20:56
roonyHall day long20:56
piyushbansalAlso, as far as I have guessed, the url /gci/subscribed_tests/x/y doesn't have a reverse url mapping for it20:56
roonyHI have created that mapping20:57
piyushbansalcan you point me to the controller function that handles this subscription thing in the codebase ?20:57
roonyHno I can't20:57
roonyHbecause it is only in my local code20:58
roonyHthis is a view that i have created20:58
piyushbansalplease do a pastebin for that as well20:59
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piyushbansalbtw, roonyH what project are you interested in ?21:01
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roonyHI have done a pastebin above21:06
roonyHjust below the testing code21:06
roonyHI am hoping to try for Messaging System21:07
roonyHthis is my first year, so it will be a good experience for the next year even if I do not get in21:07
piyushbansalThe only thing I am not sure of is, if you have added anything in your ?21:15
piyushbansal^ sorry, wrong window21:15
roonyHyes I added the view in callback.py21:17
roonyHi can browse this page from the browser manually21:17
piyushbansaland have you also modified the ?21:19
piyushbansalIf you have actually done, all that you;re saying, I don;t think I can think of anything else21:19
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TheMonsterMerio, hello are you available?21:20
piyushbansalroonyH ?21:21
roonyHits ok21:21
piyushbansaldid you modify the url_names as well ?21:21
roonyHthanks for trying to help21:21
roonyHyes I did21:21
piyushbansalbtw, where is SubscribedTasksList declared ?21:24
roonyHin a new module21:24
roonyHnew module named subscribed_tasks in the gci/views directory21:26
piyushbansalIf you're sure that you have done that part correctly, there's not much that's coming to my mind right now.21:28
roonyHits ok21:28
roonyHthank you very much21:28
piyushbansalnp :)21:31
MerioTheMonster: hi :)21:35
TheMonsterhello :)21:35
TheMonsterso , I took a look trhough the list of ideas for GSoC21:36
TheMonsterand I have Javascript,Python, HTML and CSS knowledge21:37
TheMonsterI wanted to know what steps should I take to join the Javascript List Enhancements21:38
TheMonsterI mean like, could you send me something like an assignment to work on for now before making my proposal21:40
TheMonsterto decide whether I can do it or not ?21:40
MerioTheMonster: there is a thread on going with another student about that project, so you might want to read it and participate
tpb<> (at
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TheMonsterMerio, ok thanks for that. Can I also ask you for the name of Daniel Hans here ?21:45
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MerioTheMonster: no problem, what do you mean for the name of Daniel Hans?21:46
TheMonsterI mean his name here on IRC21:47
TheMonsterI can't seem to find a name that looks like him here21:47
TheMonsteror any other possible mean of contact :)21:47
MerioTheMonster: he's not on IRC, the best way to get in touch with him is the mailing list21:50
TheMonsterok, Thanks21:50
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MerioTheMonster: yw :)21:53
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