Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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asmeurer_All the comments on 2012 proposals are gone!14:58
asmeurer_Any way those could be restored? We've got a few students reapplying, and I'd like to see what they did last year.14:59
Lennieasmeurer_, link me to one of them?15:01
Lennienm, reproduced15:05
LennieI'll get this on someone's radar15:05
asmeurer_great thanks15:05
Lenniewould you like to be cc'ed on the bug?15:06
asmeurer_yes please15:07
asmeurer_or just tell me what it is and I'll star it15:07
Lenniecan you give me an email address?15:07
Lenniethat will work too15:07
tpb<> (at
asmeurer_that exactly describes what I'm seeing too15:09
Lennieasmeurer_, next time feel free to highlight me in IRC ^_^15:11
LennieI just happened to browse by this channel15:11
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snizzohey, do you accept students as an org?15:48
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Lenniesnizzo, if we get accepted yes....16:21
snizzook, thank you :)16:21
gevaertsLennie: surely you can introduce a "bug" that guarantees that? ;)16:25
LennieIt wouldn't make sense not to accept students if we get accepted :P16:25
LennieThat's kind of the point of GSoC right?16:25
Lennieand secondly, I could do that :)16:26
LennieTime for lunch16:26
LennieApparently Indian food is on the menu today :)16:27
tpbTitle: Hemispheres Café (at
Lenniemadrazr, :p16:28
Lenniemadrazr, it's veggie indian food16:28
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madrazrLennie: *cough* *cough*17:30
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madrazrLennie: that was for tempting about veggie Indian food :P17:37
Lenniemadrazr, it isn't bigtable :P17:37
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