Sunday, 2013-01-13

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dag10 If a task is CLAIMREQUESTED past the cutoff in nine minutes from now, is it still valid?16:52
dag10Or must a task be CLAIMED past 17:00 for it to still be valid?16:52
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DarrelHello, I'm having issues with melange website17:05
Darrelthe tasks list weren't loading17:05
Darrellet me check again..17:06
Darrelyeah, I from 15 minutes I can't open a task, and I was hoping to claim one last task before the deadline :(17:07
Darrelit just doesn't load17:07
Darrelinternet connection is ok17:07
DarrelI had issues all year long, actually, but now everything was even more pronounced17:08
Darrelis it possible to have this task claimed?
tpb<> (at
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